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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to extend their winning streak to four games by hosting the San Jose Sharks. Vegas was awarded three power play opportunities in the 1st period but couldn’t find the back of the net. The Golden Knights outshot the Sharks 14-4 but the game was scoreless after the opening 20 minutes.

San Jose opened the scoring late in the middle frame. After a very tight period, the Sharks jumped on a rebound and took a 1-0 lead before the second intermission.

Vegas drew another power play in the opening minute of the final period but couldn’t take advantage of the opportunity. Minutes later Paul Cotter evened the score with his 11th goal of the season. With 0:16 remaining in the game, William Carrier scored the game-winner in front of the home crowd.

The Golden Knights’ record improves to 33-18-4 with their 2-1 victory over the Sharks. Next Vegas will face the Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday night. Puck drop from The Fortress is scheduled for 7:30 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights controlled a good portion of the game and put pressure on the Sharks most of the night, but the power play could not help convert an opportunity and it left the game in the balance. Eventually, a bounce went VGK’s way and Chandler Stephenson made an amazing play with it to find Carrier on the back door. Hard-fought win. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. San Jose Sharks at T-Mobile Arena.

  • We really need to talk about the power play

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Paul Cotter
** Adin Hill
* Chandler Stephenson


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  1. TS

    Wait…we DO have a PP! EXCEPT…our PP is designed to run time off the clock, right? Puck- and- time Management,maybe?? Geez… Anyway, a WIN, it is!

  2. THE hockey GOD

    so it’s clearly evident by now, any one with a brain can see, that PDB and Steve Spot were not the PP issue when they were with VGK !!!! Haters are going to hate.

  3. Sorvino

    What’s also evident is that winning is bad for business for a SinBin. If they lost last night there would be about 25 comments by now and about 60 by Saturday night.

  4. Frank

    Bad for SinBin or not… really solid game. Sharks goalie was really good. Could have easily been 4 or 5 – 1 for the VGK. Hill was solid if unspectacular… better rebound control is a must. Need to get more movement on PP. On to the next one.

  5. Roberto

    That was a sweet goal by Paul Cotter. Dude is pretty money on the break outs.

    Had to look it up ….

    Cotter was the 115th pick (4th round) in 2018. You have to go all the way up to CBJ’s Kirill Marchenko who was 49th pick (2nd round) with 14 goals to find a draft selection made before him who’s scored more goals Cotter’s career total 13 (11 this season).

    Cotter has more goals than 14 first round picks from his class. Only two guys in the second round have scored more than him (Ryan McLeod has 19).

    We get caught up in prospect rankings and draft slots/picks, and all that, but it’s nice to see Cotter turning out to be an excellent value pick (with all caveats applied, guys hurt, guys overseas, players still developing, etc.).

    ***There are two guys drafted after Cotter who have out-goaled him. Look those names up if you want, as my work is done here.

    • Sorvino

      Thank you for that Roberto. I appreciate the info. Unfortunately I think most people don’t care or give a shit about actual facts in regards to the front office. I’ve brought up stuff like that before and and nobody cares and just keep saying that the front office is terrible.

      • Roberto

        Thanks, Sorvino.

        When you take a few minutes (stick tap to the client who canceled a call freeing up some time), and look this stuff up, success on the margins proves perhaps tougher in hockey than any other sport. I, too, believe the front office does nice work in that space. In addition to Cotter, Logan, Nick Roy, Chandler, Whitecloud among others who were overlooked, undervalued and have outperformed expectations (looking at post-expansion moves).

        As one who didn’t grow up with hockey, other than notes on a sports sheet thing, I’ve really enjoyed having the VGK here to drive some quest for knowledge about the sport.

        Happy long weekend to one and all.

  6. knights fan in minny

    2 points in the bag that kappo kid in goal was pretty good

  7. Jailbird

    I really wasn’t impressed with Timo last night. We should spend our resources on a couple mid pay gritty aggressive guys with high motors.

    • Sorvino

      I somewhat agree. We got the star in Eichel already. Mark Stone’s cap hit could be spent on two very good players. A couple of players making a combined 10 million.

      Imagine Tyler Bertuzzi and Ivan Barbahev on the team. How sweet would that be? Or Ryan O’ Reilly and Ivan Barbashev in the same trade.



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