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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to bounce back from their loss on Tuesday with a victory over the Seattle Kraken. Vegas took the opening lead 8:14 into the game after Jack Eichel poked in a loose puck in front of Seattle’s net. The Golden Knights outshot the Kraken 12-6 and carried a 1-0 lead going into the first intermission.

Vegas continued to pepper Seattle with shots in the middle frame but couldn’t extend their lead. Both teams were awarded a 2nd period power play, but neither could find the back of the net. After 40 minutes the home team held a 1-0 edge.

The Golden Knights were forced to kill off multiple penalties in the final frame, and the Kraken took advantage and evened the score with 6:31 left in the game. With under two minutes remaining, Keegan Kolesar came up with the game-winning goal after a razor-sharp offside review that went VGK’s way. Chandler Stephenson added an empty net goal to seal the game.

The Golden Knights record improves to 37-25-7 defeating the Kraken 3-1. Vegas will next host the Columbus Blue Jackets on Saturday night from T-Mobile Arena. Puck drop is scheduled for 7:30 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Vegas controlled the shot counter in that game but they really did not dominate it the way you would prefer against a team spiraling down. Neutral zone remained fairly open for much of the game and the offense could not generate much in tight aside from the two goals, both of which were a bit goofy. Nonetheless, that’s a win they really really needed and it’s important they got it. (Analysis by Ken)

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Jack Eichel
** Logan Thompson
* Brett Howden



Cassidy Dives Deep On The Struggles Of The Power Play


Both VGK and Cassidy Have Historical Got The Job Done In The Final 13 Games Of The Year


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    • Anand

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    • knights fan in minny

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  2. Rashaad

    Yay. 2 points. Really needed that. Complete snoozefest. Still looking more consistent better efforts. Really nice goal by Howden. Still hoping for much more but happy for getting the result that they should have gotten against Tampa.

    • ThG

      hello dips hit, howden didn’t score a goal, learn to watch the game moron !!!

      towel getting in over your eyes ? Rasshit ?

  3. Rashaad

    Just focusing on the positives here but they seem to be taking the puck to the net more then they usually do. Power play generated some chances but no converts and thats what really matters in this results oriented business. Back to the drawing board on Saturday. Maybe another hero (Howden) will emerge on saturday.

  4. Pistol Pete

    Grubauer was the difference in that one. Waiting for Hertl to start skating. Last time down the stretch we did fine /great w/o Stone. Not this time.
    PP starving without him. Hertl may help.

  5. Anand

    Rashaad, when they are really rolling the ice time is evenly spread out among all the players but Cassidy is losing trust in some of the guys. Amadio in particular barely played. Jack was over 24:00 and if this game went into OT he probably would have played 27:00. Too much?

  6. PJT

    Now I can see the problem with VGK. The finishing touch is just not there. Sadly, this points to coaching. Digging deeper, I think the problem is ego. WTF? No hear me out. It’s not uncommon for a professional NHL team to just focus on practicing scrimmage and drills. What I think is lacking, and this is pure conjecture, is special coaching. I’m not talking about Cassidy or Dom or Joel Ward. These guys coach the strategy and the gameplay. I’m talking about who is missing from the coaching roster:

    Head Coach – Bruce Cassidy
    Assistant Coach – John Stevens
    Assistant Coach – Dominique Ducharme
    Assistant Coach – Joel Ward
    Director of Goaltending, NHL Goaltending Coach – Sean Burke
    Skills Development Coach – Sean Ferrell
    Video Coach – Dave Rogowski

    Obviously Sean Ferrell, the Skills guy needs to be looked at because the team is doing everything but putting the puck in the net. Better shooting skills, less whiffing, sharper passes, accuracy, protecting the puck is what is more needed.

    Next, where is the face off coach? Don’t have one? Well we need one because that’s something we suck at.

    Finally, we need a sports psychologist. Scoring and getting in the zone to score is more mental than anything else. Almost scoring is still not scoring. Shots on goal is a number for suckers. It doesn’t count in the end otherwise VGK will always be SOG champions every year.

    Sadly, there is no trophy for that.

    • TS

      PJT, a Sports Psych would be beneficial, absolutely. Gotta get their heads into WINNING again

    • ThG

      PJT you may be on to something, I remember that in 1993 The LA KINGS hired Tony Robbins as motivational speaker. He was a hoot !

  7. Richie-Rich

    Game 69 Analysis VGK 3, SEA 1

    VGK improves to 37-25-7, 81pts .587, +16 GF/GA

    The VGK (81pts) remains 4 points ahead of the Blues (77pts) with a game in hand, and 5 points ahead of the Wild (76pts) also with a game in hand. There are 13 games remaining in the season and the tension continues to build as it seems the Golden Knights are struggling every single game. From my seat it appeared that the Kraken were faster to the puck and more physical along the boards. The power play remains a mess, but the defense and goaltending were just good enough to hold off the Kraken, who are all but mathematically eliminated.

    slips 2 additional points behind the Predators (84pts) for the 1st Wild Card spot with a game in hand, and drops 2 points behind the Kings (81pts) for 3rd place in the Pacific. There are 14 games remaining in the season.

    1st Star – Kolesar with the game winner
    2nd Star – Eichel with the 1st goal
    3rd Star – McNabb with 2 assists

    There are 13 games left in the season. The VGK must now go 8-5 in order to reach 97 points. The Golden Knights remain in control of their own destiny. Next game is at home vs the Columbus Blue Jackets 23-34-12 (58pts) -48 GF/GA. There are only three teams in the NHL with records that are worse. The VGK were completely embarrassed by the Blue Jackets on March 4th by a score of 6-3. This cannot and must not happen again. This is a must win situation on home ice. The VGK have not looked like Stanley Cup Champions since early on in the season. The team has been hit with injuries up and down the line up, but the effort and performance this year has been less than stellar.

    After this Columbus home game, the Knights will be facing off against 5 very tough playoff or playoff hunting teams STL, NSH, WPG, MIN, and VAN. The STL and MIN games are going to be critical. At this point in the season, given the precarious situation, every game is a playoff game for the Golden Knights. The team is 4-6-0 in their last 10. A .400 winning percentage is not going to get the job done. 7-6 is doable, 95pts. The VGK are 5-8 in their last 13 and must find a way to win 7 or even 8 of the remaining 13 to ensure it will make the post-season.

    SINCE ALL STAR BREAK *Playoff Team, **Wild Card Team (MW = must win game)

    26 2/22 H-TOR* LOSS 7-3
    25 2/24 A-OTT (MW) LOSS 4-3 OTL
    24 2/27 A-TOR* WIN 6-2
    23 2/29 A-BOS* LOSS 5-4
    22 3/02 A-BUF (MW) LOSS 2-7
    21 3/04 A-CBJ (MW) LOSS 3-6
    20 3/07 H-VAN* LOSS 1-3
    19 3/09 H-DET** WIN 4-3
    18 3/12 A-SEA (MW) WIN 5-4 OT
    17 3/14 A-CGY (MW) LOSS 1-4
    16 3/17 H-NJD (MW) WIN 3-1
    15 3/19 H-TBL** LOSS 5-3
    14 3/21 H-SEA** WIN 3-1


    13 3/23 H-CBJ (MW)
    12 3/25 A-STL** (MW)
    11 3/26 A-NSH**
    10 3/28 A-WPG*
    09 3/30 A-MIN***(MW)
    08 4/02 H-VAN*
    07 4/05 A-ARI (MW)
    06 4/08 A-VAN*
    05 4/10 A-EDM*
    04 4/12 H-MIN***(MW)
    03 4/14 H-COL*
    02 4/16 H-CHI (MW)
    01 4/18 H-ANA (MW)

  8. Pistol Pete

    Trying to think if I have seen anything as stupid as the recent bashing of Theodore. Since returning from injury 15 pts in 14 games +1 and if the complaint is he should be more plus his partner McNabb who is +18 on the season is only + 2 for the same stretch. Lazy and flat-footed my ass. Freakin jackoffs. Why do I bother wasting my time in this stupid forum?

    • PJT

      I agree with you Pete. I think folks are just missing the old Theodore who would occasionally fire a bomb from the blue line and score. After his injury, we haven’t seen much of that. Same with Marty, he used to have that wicked slapshot from a distance but we haven’t seen much of that either. What about that Haguer Bomber who used to freely hammer that super hard shot from the blue line and score. It seems we’re not seeing many of these attempts anymore. Just more pumping and dumping. Nothing wrong with that but the fans are tired and grumpy. We just want some scoring like we used to.

    • Rashaad

      Pistol Pete, I can remember something as stupid as bashing SheaTheodore. Some
      idiot last year on this forum during the playoffs in the Winnipeg series suggested healthy scratching Jonathan Marchessault. Do you remember that? Ha ha ha.

    • ThG

      only jack off here is you Pete, Theo needs to turn things around. He almost let in another SH goal last nite.

      Turn off the porno channel and watch the games !! It’s pretty obvious he hasn’t been the same the last few weeks. Anyone with a pair of glasses can see that !

      WAKE UP


    • NAM

      Not everything is about individual points. Theo is a good puck carrier and good offensive defenseman. A good QB for the offensive for sure. His defense isn’t great though. Sadly, I actually thought he was playing pretty good defense before he got hurt, but since his return he hasn’t been stellar. Lately he keeps getting skated around when defending the rush. I have not talked about Theo at all recently so I am not the basher you talk about, but I don’t think all is candy and nuts with him either. I could say the same for just about everyone on the team that isn’t named Karlsson or Eichel. The team is giving up a shit load of goals a game since the break so calling out a player for shit defense isn’t really bashing, to be honest. Since Theo has been back from injury we have went 5-9 and only 4 of those game we held the opponent to *3 goals* or less. 4 goals once and the rest have been 5-7 goals a game. That is super shitty!! It’s time to stop sugar coating assists for good play. All will be forgiven if they can just make the playoffs and kick it into gear.

  9. Perro

    I have been to EVERY home game in person this year, and have traveled to 10 away games, and will be going to St. Lou Monday, and Nashville Tuesday. On top of that I have watched almost every single game on TV since day 1.
    I grew up in Cape Girardeau Mo and have been a Blues fan since I was maybe 10. I still have my Gretsky, and Brett Hull jerseys I bought when I just got out of high school and joined the Marine Corps.

    What does all this mean? Not posting this to brag. But, most people like to group Vegas fans as bandwagon new NHL fans who don’t really know and understsnd the game.

    One thing I can tell you with ZERO hesitation is that this team is NOT playing to a FRACTION of what it does when it wants to win, and you can make up all the excuses you want as to why. It doesn’t change the fact that nobody is playing like they can, or SHOULD.

    That personally pisses me off, and I’m gonna complain about it on this forum when I want to. If you don’t like that please go somewhere else where you can discuss how we ALMOST got into the post season this year if it wasn’t for this and that, and I hate to tell you this but Hertl can’t carry the rest of the team on his back if the rest don’t want to play.
    Look at Marchessault, he having best year of his life and he tries HARD every game. You can see it, on the ice, and on tv.
    Eichel trying hard, even with both of them they can’t carry the entire team on there backs and Hertl won’t be able to either.

    I’m gonna complain about the lack of effort cause I work HARD for my money and have spent more on tickets this year than I made in salary, and support the knights with merch sales, food and drinks at the game, parking. Travel to go watch them at other venues.
    For that level of effort on my end I EXPECT them to at least TRY.
    You don’t like that? Sorry, not gonna change me complaining about it.
    The fans DESERVE nothing less.

    • TS

      Perro, it’s OK
      to be frustrated at the team right now. I think we ALL are.

  10. JB

    Two points is all that matters. Had to have it and we got it! PERIOD! And I continue to look for Mantha. Is he even on the ice. He is doing nothing!

  11. Rashaad

    Pistol Pete, here’s the conversation from April 27, 2023 during the Winnipeg series. William Carrier was set to return to the lineup and Ken had written an article about who should come out for Carrier. Somebody named SALCOM MUBBAN suggested that the Conn Smythe winner Jonathan Marchessault should sit. Ha ha ha. And then THG who thinks that anybody who disagrees with him is a moron, also agreed with SALCOM MUBAN. You could look it up on the archives, but here it is.


    Never thought I would say this, but I would argue that Marchessault has been a tad less effective than Kessel in this series. Give him a rest day.

    Pistol Pete




    I can’t even find a proper word to describe that suggestion.

    I would like Salcolm Mubban to immediately schedule himself for a lobotomy and I will pay for it.

    THE hockey GOD

    SM welcome to jungle, I agree no. 81 is a ghost in playoffs. And he’s a hot head, leading to uncalled for “retaliation” penalties. But Butch won’t sit him.

    • ThG

      @Rashaad, you are moron. It’s pretty evident. You started this, you own this !!!

      Pray my friend, pray never ending! God is watching you. (O) (O)

      PS to back to commenting your team , the loser leafs.

  12. Rashaad

    So Pistol Pete, unfortunately, there has been something as stupid as bashing Shea Theodore. LOL. They are out there. I remember this one in particular because you are very polite person, and will only comment if someone says something as baffling as bashing Shea Theodore and sitting Jonathan Marchessault in the playoffs which probably outdid this. The hilarious part is the THG then supporting MALCOM SUBBAN’s comments. So happy that Ken has all this stuff available to view in the archives.

    • ThG

      rashaad, i come to my own conclusions, don’t watch Malcom Subban.

      So much for your silly post.

  13. Rashaad

    Thank you Ken for having this in the archives.

    Click and read the comments. Suggestion made that Jonathan Marchessault should be sat in the playoffs by someone and then THG agreeing. Then the THG also comments that coach Cassidy will never sit Kessel but then Kessel never plays again. It’s almost like Cassidy reads what the THG says and does the exact opposite. It worked and led them to a Stanley Cup. Thank you THG. Keep making more suggestions and tell us all that we are idiots if we don’t agree.

    I’m sorry that I am being a bit of dick here as everyone of us is not perfect and will say stupid things in life but it’s a bit annoying when people make proclamations about things and and stubbornly believe that everyone else is stupid for disagreeing.

    Have a great day everyone and Let’s Go Knigths.

    • ThG

      rashaad, at that point in time no.81 was playing like shit, so my post was spot on.

      • Rashaad

        THG, I just copied and pasted an article. I didn’t make you say the things that you did. Calm down or you’re going to have your blood pressure skyrocket. Think happy thoughts.

      • ThG

        and kessel was hurt at the time, too, he was laboring in practice sessions, so once again you are full of shit.

        My post mentioned Kessel being hurt.

        Tell the whole story, loser.

    • Pistol Pete

      Rashaad you are not being a dick at all in fact thanks for your DD and calling out ThG. Of course he denies it even when it’s in his own writing! The height of two-faced-ness!

  14. Rashaad

    Yes it is spelt Knigths and if anyone disagrees they are an idiot.

    • ThG

      only people I disagree with are idiots , like you, who can’t see what is happening on ice and make
      stupid comments, like you do.

      go back to your maple leafs, loser.

      • Rashaad

        Nothing more needed for me to say. Just copied and pasted an article. A lovely conversation piece. I’m not sure that you enjoyed it but I appreciate that it sparked your interest.

        • ThG

          more like spin, and you cherry pick and forgetting to mention the complete comments.

          spoken like a true l;ib tard, spinning and twisting, take your bull shit elsewhere you have been outed as a loser, spinner, twister, hater piece of bull shit.

  15. Vic

    *Uniforms a horror and distracting.
    *If ESPN had George the Animal Steele versus the Macho Man I might have preferred that instead of period one.
    *Sound turned off for the game broadcast as usual.
    *Eichel all over the ice and set up at least 8 scoring chances for others on a silver platter. Easily star #1.
    *Crashing the net works well. Let’s see more.

  16. knights fan in minny

    it was a decent game nothing special logan did his job grubauer was real good noah gets better each game the non off sides goal was a tough one to call it was on sides by a fraction

  17. Richie-Rich

    Golden Knights collapsed again in the 3rd period and got out muscled for most of the game. No one can argue that they are not playing like champions. This team has been very hard to watch this season. I think Cassidy’s assessment a few weeks ago was spot on. They expect to win but have not been willing to put in the effort. 4-6-0 over the last ten games. They haven’t played well since the season opening streak.

    As a fan, I am happy that they are at least for now the 8th seed. The teams chasing are not out of it yet. The next 6 games are going to likely decide whether or not the team is going to be in the post season or not.

    The CBJ game is going to be a HUGE TEST. If they lose again to one of the worst teams in the league then I am going to really start worrying about this season slipping away with no playoffs.

    • JB

      Giving up one goal is NOT collapsing! Come on! The Kraken are young and fast and hard to play against sometime. We had to win and we did! What’s with all the negative bullshit?

  18. ThG

    howden stock is up, playing well

    job biden on other hand polls are down

  19. Rashaad

    I don’t think they played as bad as everyone else seems to think. Defensively that’s three straight games that they have been very slowly improving. It’s a very slow progression. Baby steps. Power play struggling like it did for most of last year.

  20. Rashaad

    THG, you said that the Conn Smythe winner Jonathan Marchessault should sit in the playoffs and that Bruce Cassidy would never sit Phil Kessel. Both of those things didn’t happen thanks to Bruce Cassidy and those series of events helped result in a Stanley Cup championship. You can argue and justify your comments as much as you want and raise that blood pressure of yours and keep believing that any opinion differing from yours is wrong. That’s completely your choice. You could also just move on. It won’t affect my day, but sadly, it seems to be ruining your day.

  21. Rashaad

    Stop crying and put your big boy pants on and move on. Jonathan Marchessault sitting would have been a terrible idea. If Phil Kessel was a better option than William Carrier then Kessel would still be in the league. You sound like an idiot trying to justify your position.

    • ThG

      you are cherry picking my comments, as usual lib tard does

      i said kessel should be sat if he was hurt, and he was hurt in practice;
      and I said up to that point in time no 81 was playing like shit and if he continued to play like shit he should be out, he was like a ghost out there ! So tell the whole truth !

      stop the bull shit, and tell the whole story , you also said howden scored last nite when he did not.

  22. THE hockey God

    furthermore Rasshit

    who do you know which hockey god said what ? There were
    multiple hockey gods posting, loser !!

  23. Rashaad

    Fuck you’re stupid. There is no cherry picking you imbecile. I copied and pasted an article. You’ve basically admitted to saying all of that stuff because of your crazy madman rant trying to justify and defend it. If you didn’t say it, you wouldn’t try to defend it. Now in seeing how stupid you sound, you are trying one last futile attempt to rescind those comments by suggesting that it was potentially a different hockey God that posted it and there are multiple hockey gods.

    Enough already you mental midget. The quicker you realize that you are my bitch and that I own you the better off that you will be. Try to enjoy the rest of your day.

    • The hockey God

      complete cherry picking Ras shit
      what part of no. 81 is playing like shit is not clear to you?

      still waiting for response from rashit “howden, scored a nice goal”

      howden did NOT score a goal.

      furthermore in yourown link , there are mutliple hockey gods !!! posting. LOSER.

      how do you know which hockey god posted and which one didn’t post, read your own link !! Different icons, different hockey gods. Get a fucking clue, loser !

      • ThG



        • The hockey God

          See rashid another hockey God

          you don’t know what you are posting rasssshiiiiiidddddd

          busted again

      • Rashaad

        You really want a response? lol. Here I was thinking you were having a bad day but you actually want to fight with people. So what if Keegan Kolesar actually got the goal and was credited for it, Howden made the play and played really well. I like both of those players. Look idiot, you think Marchessault should have been a healthy scratch in the playoffs. You admitted you said it by trying to defend your position. Then after hearing how stupid you sounded, you tried to blame it on someone else using your username. I’m not going to respond to you anymore. I’ll let you have the last word, like you won some kind of argument. Bottom line is nobody likes you and everybody ignores you now which is what I should have just done. I just found it too tempting and hilarious to not bring up how stupid you are thinking that the Conn Smythe trophy winner should have been a healthy scratch in the playoffs. Pistol Pete thought that he had never heard something as dumb as the stuff being said about Shea Theodore. My entire point was that there was a much more moranic statement made and you made it. Go ahead and keep making your stupid case that you didn’t say it and some other hockey God said it even though you defended it all morning.

        You are really too stupid to be a human being.

        • Rashaad

          I’m wrong about things all the time. I’m a human and make mistakes. Might make a couple more mistakes today. You can’t admit to ever making one in your entire life. That’s what actually makes you an idiot. And then the bigger hole you dig the more you look like an idiot. Any normal human would say that the correct decision was made by the coach to not scratch Marchessault. But you defend your position even as asinine as it was to think that the Conn Smythe trophy winner should be a healthy scratch. You go from actually defending your position on such a stupid statement about the Conn Smythe winner to then suggesting that it was actually an imposter using your username that made the statement.

          And then, when all else fails, all of a sudden you come out and say things like God is going to get me. ROTFL. That’s usually your last resort.

          You are a severely damaged human being with mental issues, and my mistake was bringing out your stupidity when I should’ve just kept it to myself for my own amusement.

          You could spend the next month defending your position like you spent a couple of months trying to convince yourself that Pastor Melissa Scott was not a porn star.

          • TS

            Boys, boys…
            You both have gotten your punches in today…call it a DRAW, and move on..if I can move on, do can YOU!

          • ThG

            rashit head
            you don’t know difference between ThG and hockey god

            bha ha ha ha ha hah ha


  24. Frank

    Wow…. the struggle is real here! In any event, didn’t see the game the way most of you did. Thought we played well, battled hard and got the two points. This IMHO was much better than our last OT win vs Seattle. Need to go on a run here to secure the playoffs. No doubt we have the talent to do it… just need to stop fighting the puck and get our act together on the PP. Liked LT’s game – thought he was fairly sharp last night. Should be his net to lose now – no disrespect to Adin – but this time of year, have to go with the hotter goalie.

  25. ThG

    ”The coach for that (1979 WHA All Star) game, Jacques Demers came up and told me, ”You’re gonna center Gordie and Mark (Gordie’s son).” As we sat there on the bench, I said to Gordie, ”Boy, I’m really nervous about this game.” He kind of yawned, stretched and said, ”Yeah, so am I.” That cracked me up and calmed me down. Then he said, ”Look, when they drop the puck (at the opening face-off), get it back to the defenseman. He’ll give it back to you, then you dump it into my corner and get it in front of the net.” So that’s exactly what I did and we scored in about ten seconds. If I had played with Gordie Howe my whole life I’d have 3000 points by now.”
    – Wayne Gretzky.

    PS Rashid I am ThG not The hockey God, see the difference ??? Pot head stoner, loser ??

    • JB

      Thg, you posted under the other for years. At least when you are caught you could be honest about it!

  26. Rashaad

    I’m with you Frank. I have always preferred Adin Hill. Always preferred his style, his demeanor, and how he plays positionally. It’s surprising to me how both goalies are virtually the same size, but Adin Hill always looks so much bigger than the net. How can you not go with Logan Thompson right now. I can understand going with the hot goalie. Haven’t given up on Hill yet though.

  27. NAM

    Just going to throw this out there. I thought Mantha had a much improved game last night. Maybe things are starting to click. He didn’t score or get a point, but when I noticed him it was for something positive. A couple of nice defensive plays, a puck battle win, an excellent pass for a scoring attempt. Generally just seemed more in-place and less out of place, if that makes sense. As someone who was verbally doubting his fit on this team I am temporarily putting a wait and see tag on it.

  28. Rashaad

    Hey NAM, if the team was fully healthy (may never be) I think there could be five players fighting for two roster spots. (Mantha, Kolesar, Cotter, Amadio and Howden). It would be a good problem have. Hopefully Mantha keeps playing better. He will need to to stay in the lineup. He should be motivated and hungry since he is playing for a new contract.



    • NAM

      Like you said, a good problem to have. BUT Mantha needs to keep getting better and better in this system. Gel or whatever you want to call it. Barring injuries I don’t think we see Cotter again this NHL year. So it is completely interesting to see what happens after Hertl joins the team.

    • Pistol Pete

      Rashaad I like your lineup!!!

    • ThG

      rashit head
      mantha is not fighting for a position
      at this point in time

      neither is howden

      cotter is

      one on the line, try to get it right, ok ?

      can’t tell difference between a white guy and black guy

      kolesar scored , not howden

      get to the eye doctor NOW !!!
      can’t tell difference between ThG and other posters , either !! bha ha ha ha ha

  29. Rashaad

    Thank you sir.

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