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Recap: The Golden Knights hosted division rivals Seattle Kraken for their final home game of the regular season. Michael Amadio opened the scoring five minutes into the game, recording his 15th goal of the season. Minutes later the Kraken evened the score at 1-1.

Quickly into the middle frame Amadio netted another goal to make it 2-1 Golden Knights. The forward almost had a hat trick but Reilly Smith took advantage of an offensive rush and extended Vegas’ lead. After 40 minutes the home team held a 3-1 edge. 

Jonathan Marchessault gave Vegas a commanding 4-1 with a third period power play goal. Vegas fought off a Seattle man-advantage to preserve their three goal lead. 

The Golden Knights record improves to 50-22-9 defeating the Kraken 4-1. Vegas will travel up to Seattle for their series finale on Thursday night. The rematch against the Kraken is scheduled for 7:30 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The game was fairly open in the 1st period which played a little more into Seattle’s hands. But, in the 2nd, VGK had seen enough of that and the speed was all going one way. The Golden Knights did what they’ve done to the Kraken many times by smothering them in the neutral zone and utilizing transition to generate tons of chances. Unfortunately, Edmonton won so the division (and conference) crown will have to wait until Thursday. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Seattle Kraken at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Goalie Interference

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** William Karlsson
** Reilly Smith
* Michael Amadio



Last Chance To Beat Up On A Tired Opponent


Appreciating Michael Amadio


  1. Rashaad

    Good win

  2. A former season ticket holder

    2nd period was awesome

    • Frank

      Outside of a few plays in the first, that’s about as dominant of a win as you’ll want to see in a hockey game. Props to the karlsson, smith, amadio line. And lb was solid. Great team win.

  3. Sorvino

    I predict that Adin Hill stars on Thursday.
    Laurent Brossoit starts game 1 of the playoffs. If Hill looks decent enough then he will back up.

  4. Pistol Pete

    I’d like a third division title in six years but with that comes the Jets compared to the Kings. Jets have been playing better recently.

    • Sorvino

      Pistol Pete, i’m just glad we avoided Edmonton for now. If they win the division and Western Conference then, so be it but I don’t really care. I think next game has to be about preparing for the playoffs. If that means starting Adin Hill then let’s do it. I would prefer Hill to be the second option after Brossoit rather than Jonathan Quick.

  5. Jailbird

    I knew we would get this win. Now, 1 point thur = pac Div title. 2 points = west conf crown! Let’s get them both! Way to go boys!

  6. Jailbird

    Actually, I think just ONE point clinches them both. Isn’t that correct?

  7. DocDG

    Are the Misfits back in time for the playoffs?? Smith 1 Goal 2 Assists. Karlson 2 Assists. Marchessault 1 Goal. Total 3 Goals 4 Assists. I really can’t remember that group having anything like that in a very long time. Hope they are planning to keep it up.
    (And yes I do know that Marchessaul was not on the same line with the other 2 tonight)

    • THE hockey GOD

      no 22 is new misfit

      no. 81 hasn’t been on this line for a long time

      • DocDG

        To me the misfits were never a single line, they were everybody who was with us the first year, 22 will never qualify. In later seasons, after the first year team was broken up 71, 19 & 81 were known as the “misfit line” which is why I added the last line of my post.

        • THE hockey GOD

          there’s no rule that says misfits have only to be first year Knights. NONE.

          • DocDG

            I disagree, the whole concept came from the attitude that the original team had about being treated like discards by the rest of the league. Nobody has applied the misfit name to Stone, Eichel, Pettrangelo or any of the other hundred or so players that have come later. Playing on a line with a couple of the originals does not send a player back in time to join that special group.

  8. Sorvino

    Karlsson in particular has had a strong bounce back season.

    • TS

      Sorvino, Karlsson reminds me of Stone this season. He sees the entire ice, looks to set up his mates to score. He isn’t scoring a bunch, but his contributions are great. He seemed frustrated early this season, but has found his stride and place on the team. SMART PLAYER, FOR SURE.

  9. Jailbird

    I think the team DOES care about winning the Div & Conf. Getting home ice for all the western games is a big deal.

  10. vegas fan in

    good win a team win the sak line was fantastic lb did his job he was not tested to much meaning the blue line six was good the krak had nothing

  11. Jailbird

    It looks like both Hill and LT are close to coming back. Barring anymore injuries, I think Quick is done. I guess LB has earned shot at first start inPOs? But LT was our #1 before getting hurt and in the one game back he saved 37/39 shots. Hill also played well. It’s going to be tuff to pick who plays as POs get going.

  12. THE hockey GOD

    nice win by good guys, as oilers keep pace with OT win over Avs.

    Comparing this year to last year, when both teams when through a spat of injuries: I attribute the winning this year to both coaching staff and FO. The organization’s near term depth has emerged, as well as some key pickups by FO. Finally the prayers and handing a prayer song , as well as other classic rock songs are kicking in.

    Looking forward to exciting playoff run. This team is best so far, THE BEST JERRY. THE BEST we’ve seen.

    sez me

    • THE hockey GOD

      “Whoa, we’re half way there
      Whoa oh, livin’ on a prayer
      Take my hand, we’ll make it, I swear
      Whoa oh, livin’ on a prayer”

  13. Pistol Pete

    Damn good team considering they are missing Stone, Eichel and Theodore as headliners and Whitecloud, Cartier. I am bullish on Dorofeyev on the top line but he is a rookie with 19 NHL games. Not exactly playoff tested but with a top line center (not Roy) I believe he can get the job done. He’s playing for a contract.

  14. Tim

    Unlike some I think Thursday’s game against Seattle is a big deal. I want to see the Western division champs and Pacific division champs flags hanging from the rafters. As you may recall two years ago we tied Colorado for the Presidents cup but lost out. I don’t want to tie Edmonton and lose out again.

    • TS

      Tim, I do too. We are SOOO close. Got room in the rafters for another banner or two! They earned it this season!

  15. Richie-Rich

    The Krak-Heads are not a serious contender. However, the VGK are limping into the final game of the season with Pachal on defense and quite a few walking wounded injured (Carrier, Whitecloud, Eichel, Hill, Thompson, Theodore).

    Pachal took a bad penalty in the home game last night. The VGK has to limit opportunities with both Whitecloud and Theodore out. That’s going to also limit how aggressive they can be on offense.

    Do we really care if Edmonton takes the Conference and Division Crown, or do we risk putting Quick in goal and saving Brossoit for the playoffs?

    Credit Cassidy and the players for a great season. This was a season of over achievement. I really don’t expect the VGK to go very far in the playoffs. With that said, winning the Conference and Division is a very nice feather in the cap for Cassidy, the players, the fans and even McCrimmon.

    Put the best goaltender on the ice in the final game.

    • frank

      Dunno. the VGK have shown a penchant for having A. a tough defense. B. solid goaltending (most nights) and C. the ability to win the close games. These traits add up to a playoff winner. I expect them based on this to go pretty deep in the playoffs. Perhaps not winning it all, but coming close.

    • THE hockey GOD

      as I recall you had them finishing fifth
      last Dec/ January

  16. Jailbird

    Still doubt? They dominated last night and I believe they will on Thursday as well. We will be getting some key players back and will roll into the POs in good shape. I’m not sure how the schedule lines up after the first round, but after we win the west, I think we only would meet the AVs or Oilers in the western championship game. We can do this but some doubters just can’t grip success ?

    • Pistol Pete

      If they make it to the second round is where they will probably face the Oilers. Second round is usually inter-division in the NHL playoff system unless a wild card team is involved. Conference Final would be COL, DAL or MIN. It’s gonna be tough and I’ll be cheering them on the whole way!

  17. Tim

    I look at Quick on the bench and its sad to see a great goalie coming to the end of his career but time stops for no one. Were not winning the Stanley Cup so a few crumbs would be nice. Western division champs has a nice ring to it. Here we are fighting for our lives and think back to losses to Anaheim, San Jose, and Vancouver all bottom feeders and we wouldn’t be in a last game do or die situation.

  18. Todd Little

    Any chance Eichel plays Thursday?

    • Looking likely as he just told Pat McAfee he’s going to be shooting everything tomorrow night.

      • Todd Little

        Thanks Ken – trying to pull off a comeback in my fantasy league final
        will keep JE on my roster

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