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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to stay hot with a victory over the visiting Pittsburgh Penguins. Vegas was awarded two power play opportunities in the opening twenty minutes but failed to get on the scoreboard. Goaltender Logan Thompson held the game scoreless having to save only six shots on net.

Vegas came out strong in the middle frame limiting Pittsburgh’s chances on net. The Penguins heated up in the second half of the period scoring twice in five minutes. After 40 minutes the visiting team clutched a 2-0 advantage.

Jonathan Marchessault gave Vegas life early in the final frame. The sniper recorded his 20th goal of the season to trim Pittsburgh’s lead in half. Less than two minutes later Pavel Dorofeyev evened the score roofing a loose rebound into the Penguins net. Vegas took the lead with their third straight goal courtesy of rookie Brendan Brisson. The first-round draft pick gave Vegas a 3-2 lead with his first career goal.

The Golden Knights record improves to 27-14-5 defeating the Penguins 3-2 from T-Mobile Arena. Next, Vegas will hit the road for a four-game Eastern Conference trip beginning in New Jersey on Monday. Puck drop against the Devils is scheduled for 4 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: After a poor 2nd period, the Golden Knights turned on the jets in the 3rd. They were all over the front of the goal and found a pair of goals to get themselves back in it. Then, Brendan Brisson buried his first career NHL goal to win it. Great comeback win before the road trip. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Pittsburgh Penguins at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Podcast (likely after Monday’s game)

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Pavel Dorofeyev
** Jonathan Marchessault
* Brendan Brisson



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Golden Knights Going To The Best Area To Score Goals, Fueling 3 Game Win Streak


  1. Emmanuel

    Barbashev all of a sudden is a scorer….

    Marchessault is sniping…..

    Congrats to BB…..

    All is well.

    Even with the drizzling it was hard finding a sportsbar/ grill that wasnt packed tonight.

    • Pistol Pete

      Don’t forget my man Pav! Another four shots game and finds the back of the net to tie it and get back to half a point for the season.

      • Teams win hockey games – Pav he is just lucky to be part of it. Nothing more has to be said. On to Monday.

        • Pistol Pete

          And so was Reilly Smith I guess is your point. Might as well extend your “team first” point to Eichel etc. I agree just think individual contributions matter by themselves too and the more Pav can score or set up goals on the Stephenson-Stone line the better. I know you know that offense dries up sometimes.

          • ThG

            missing the point as usual, if it wasn’t for IB great pass to noo. 19 with game winning goal, or no 20 great play to no. 16 “your boy” ‘s goal wouldn’t have met much. IT’s a team game, and this team showed guts against a dirty Pen team coming back to win it after showing hardly anything for two periods.
            the program

  2. Tim

    Jack Who? Just kidding kids are hanging in there.

  3. Pistol Pete

    And congrats to BB who who knows could become another Marchy! Now listed at 6’0” 191 he’s actually a bigger body than Jonathan.

  4. Impressive victory given they were behind 2 Zip going into third period – great way to start off their upcoming road trip starting Monday.

  5. David T

    I was working, Ubering, listening to the NFL Playoffs. I got home and checked in the Knighrs score and they were down 2-0. I’ll admit, I thought they were going to screw the pooch, but just like that, they tied it at 2. Than BB came up with the winning goal. The VGK showed some resilience and stubbornness. Now they have 4 hard road games. Hope they take this 3 game win streak with them. Confidence can go a long way.

  6. DeezNutz

    Team is playing their best of the season with our top 2 C, our best D and starting Cup caliber injury prone goaltender out lol If they keep this up I might even start believing again. I dint care who gets healthy you dint bring them back until we hit another skid. Don’t mess up the chemistry the depth players are learning how to play hockey again and it will come in handy for the playoffs if we get there.

    Sean Strickland was robbed tonight those commie Canadian judges had to make a statement shit was rigged.

    • knights fan in minny

      pipe down little nutz

    • Jose

      In addition to being the most whiny bitch poster on this forum, you’re also a cunt who says things that aren’t even true.

      Calling those judges for the Strickland fight commie Canadian judges is a lie. Just you talking out of your ass like usual.

      The judges were Derek Cleary and Eric Colon who scored the bout 48-47 in favor of Du Plessis, and Sal D’Amato who scored the bout 48-47 for DuPlessis.

      Derrick Cleary is an American from Missouri. He is in fact a terrible judge, but not Canadian.

      Eric Colon is American from Dayton, Ohio.

      Sal D’Amato is another American from Nevada.

      Deez Nuts, you are a whiny Cunt, who provides nothing but complaining incessantly when the Golden Knights lose.

      • ThG

        anyone with a brain knows Canada is a socialist pOS nation and in Southern border with have leftist Marxist elitist Mexico in which the 1% control the whole control.

        pitiful how people go through life without knowing what is going on in the real world

        • Sorvino

          THG. I wasn’t saying Canada wasn’t you dumb asshole. I was saying that the three judges were not Canadian as DeezNutz stated. Take about an extra 10 seconds and actually read rather than react angrily like usual.

          FYI…. Please post some Pastor Melissa Scott stuff so I can rub one out again.

          • ThG

            my post was in response to Jose, so mind your own business, moron.

          • ThG

            it looks like Jose and Sorvino are same person ? Another Alex in our midst ?

            BUSTED- you screwed up !

          • ThG

            did i mention judges anywhere in my post ?


            you are one that needs to learn how to read !! Get with the program, they have special needs and special education programs for people like you. Get with the program, sign up !

    • This is a hockey site – please stick to the subject. Bringing other stuff in only perpetuates all the B S which unfortunately provides the opportunity to demonstrate just how stupid everyone can become for no reason

      • ThG

        what part of hockey is politics is not clear to some people here?
        they wear their “hockey inclusive day” sweaters that they buy on “special” hockey “woke” days and they go around with their head up their smelly butts saying there is no politics in hockey. Clueless wonders that they. Clueless.

  7. JB

    I wasn’t real hopeful going into the third ….. but, what a comeback. Our boys came out flying around and playing hard. This is a BIG win going into this tuff four game roady on east coast. Four out of eight points seems doable on this trip! Great job boys!

  8. JB

    The friggin Oilers now 12 or 13 in a row! Now up to third. Vancouver and LA also won tonight. This is going to be a battle for the pacific.

  9. knights fan in minny

    damm i missed the 3rd period congrats to brisson first nhl goal more important did cloudy play the 3rd period

  10. Richie-Rich

    Game 46 Analysis VGK 3, PIT 2
    There are 26 games left in the season, 4 road games until the All-Star Break.

    The VGK are tied for 5th in the league on points with the Dallas Stars with 59 total points. All of the teams in front of them won last night with Boston on a 4 game winning streak and league leading Canucks on a 2 game streak. The Canucks lead the league in points with 66.

    Vancouver is not a fluke this year. They more than double the points differential and lead the league with +57. The Golden Knights are +25.

    The good news is the VGK has turned their season around despite numerous key top 6 injuries to forwards and the long term injury of Shea Theodore. Despite all of these injuries, the VGK continues to be solidly competing for a playoff spot. Contending for the Division will depend on how soon players return from the binnacle list.

    I guess it is time for the Thompson bashers to just STFU. Right? Every goaltender goes through periods of difficulty. Hill is about to return! The timing is just right with two back-to-back games coming up. But, who on this list wouldn’t like to see Saville get his first NHL start in net? Saville has played 26 games in net for Henderson and 33 for the Ghost Pirates in Savannah and has had very good success. If, Hill isn’t ready then maybe we will see Saville?

    Game 46 victory was a result of getting to the dirty parts of the ice in front of the net and battling for the puck. Credit Marchy and Dorofeyev. Brisson also was able to snipe from the middle of the ice.

    Just think, if Cotter somehow someway can find the part of the game that is missing! Finishing and scoring points. He’s got all of the other parts of the game. If not, he might be a trade piece. I am expecting to see something more from him these next 4 games.

    • RR – just a quick observation – better check your math concerning the number of games remaining before and after the break. Great win last night after being down two. Difficult road trip starting Monday.

  11. ThG

    game analyst , short version,
    we won game in period three with nice come back

    pens are dirty team
    and the officiating was terrible, many missed calls.

    Case Closed.

  12. Jose

    Jose, aka Sorvino, aka Arnold Rothstein aka Daryl from last year is signing off.


    I love Donald Trump

    • knights fan in minny

      love it jose

      • ThG

        jose sorvino OUTED big time !

        boy did he screw up !

        hard to keep all his aliases straight !

        Arnold is in other cubicle laughing his face off !

  13. knights fan in minny

    come on back ts we need you

  14. Pistol Pete

    Anybody who discounts the significance of individual scoring is beyond help! Of course it’s the team (including 5 man defense) but without goaltending and scoring nobody wins the Cup. All teams need guys like Pav who do not have to be coached to be in front of the net. Is that so complicated? Did you hear what Cassidy had to say when one of the journalists asked about him. Would you rather take Cassidy’s word or that of fans who have never even played the game in high school let alone coach at the NHL level?

    • Richie-Rich

      Pistol Pete is Spot on. Cassidy is high on Pav and that means that some tough decisions will have to be made once the team gets healthy after the break. Finishing and putting points on the board is something that is key to every Cup contending team. If Cotter can somehow elevate his game then the future is bright with Pav and BB.

      Unless Cotter can elevate his game, he will be bottom 6 muscle.

      • Pistol Pete

        Spot on R-R!

        • Pistol Pete

          If Pav keeps producing on the Stone line, Cotter will have to produce on the Howden line, otherwise when Eichel, Karlsson and Carrier are all back I don’t see Cassidy scratching Pav for Cotter. I think there is more pressure on Cotter to prove he can stay in the top nine because it will be Carrier-Roy-Kolesar on the 4th. If Pav stays around a half a point I don’t see Cotter catching up anytime soon. Having said all this Pav could run cold and Cotter could get hot. We’ll see.

  15. Henderson Knights

    Big win, when all seemed hopeless. the bounces are starting to go our way.

    Marchy seemed to ignite the team with his hard work, net front battle goal, and the kids delivered the next 2 goals.

    btw, why was William Karlsson recently moved from IR to LTIR?

    when he first got injured, the team said he would likely miss only 2 games. Then it was week to week, and now it is LTIR status.. Setback? or cap space reasons?

    it seems very plausible that it is to gain cap space for deadline trades.
    The Vgk deadline cap space went from 1.9M to 5.5M after Wild Bill was put on LTIR. …………source=Capfriendly

    • knights fan in minny

      i read on flea flicker fantasy wild bill would be back at the all star break

  16. Pistol Pete

    Lesson of the day:

    For all matters concerning NHL hockey e.g., the significance of individual scoring, don’t listen to Bruce Cassidy, listen to ThG lol.

    • Pistol Pete

      “Net front presence” is what this discussion is. Very important part of teamwork and scoring. Greasy goals. Pav I have noticed can sometimes be more sure footed when he gets his net front opportunities. Even stronger on the puck. As Cassidy mentioned he’ll get stronger and harder to handle.

  17. knights fan in minny

    OILERS sign perry

  18. Walt (expert handwriting analyst)

    Me thinks Pistol Pete and Richie-Rich are one and the same.

  19. JB

    The worm will help them.

  20. Pistol Pete

    This road trip is brutal. A B2B two days off and another one. Brutal. Seems almost as though the NHL schedulers have been extra tough on the champs.

  21. Pistol Pete

    Remember when 26 year-old Russian Andrei Kuzmenko came over restricted by a first year entry level contract a number of teams including Vegas were reportedly interested but he chose the Canucks? He scored 39 goals and 35 assists and got signed for two years @ $5.5m. Now under Tocchet he dropped way down to just under half a point a game and The Athletic recently had him as a possible trade deadline target though he is signed through next season. Not sure why under Tocchet his play falls way off except that he has him down in the bottom six. Not sure the coaching is ideal for Kuzmenko in this instance.

  22. Jim

    according to Covers sports site,

    Hill returns in early Feb
    Theodore and Karlsson return in mid Feb
    and Eichel returns in late Feb

  23. Yea i admit it….tv went off after the second period…saw there was very little hope of scoring a goal let alone 2…then i checked Sinbin and saw we were back in the game and won it…i expect resiliency when we are full throttle and healthy but not from the current lineup…leave it the ‘The Fuc**** ‘ MVP to get the team believing again…important 2 points before this difficult road trip….devils will be in a pissy mood after dallas thrashed them yesterday…and then onto the islanders who will play hard i expect for their new coach…lets get to the all star break and the return of some of out guys just in time to face the oilers who very likely will be riding a 16 game winning streak on 2/6 at the Fortess…will be a nice reminder to them who the Stanley Cup champs are by ending that streak!!!

  24. Walt

    Pistol Pete = Richie-Rich

    • Richie-Rich

      Ummmm, no. I have met Pistol Pete at the Fortress and can confirm that he is not me. LOL.

    • ThG

      Walt no they are not.

      Rich Richie is good guy, popgun pedro is one track pony that gets stuck
      on the same track going around and around, in the wrong direction. Rich R. has a twitter account, and you can see what he looks like. Assuming that is his photo that he posted there. He follows sinbin on twitter account.

      RR is a conservative, a veteran, worked in nuke industry. And thanks
      for his service to the country. As they say “freedom isn’t free”.

      PP is a brain washed liberal that always trash talking his fellow co worker conservatives, calling them stupid. When he / she himself is the brain washed ones. PP seems like Tim, in posting the same ole posts over and over and over again. Big difference is when Tim falls asleep at helm, he has sense of humor about it. PP seems to get stuck in same rut all the time, when he gets called out for it , he gets all defensive about it. DOH !

      That is what I glean from reading their many posts.

      Anyway it’s MANIC MONDAY and the team is on east cost, will they shake their road trip blues. Will Thompson be able to stay the course, the coach has been going to the LT well a lot recently. Will back up get a start, to spell the goalie ? In strat they have a fatigue ratings, and LT has already played more games than the fatigue rating. Upcoming Islanders have a new coach, in Patrick wahhhh (that is Roy for French speaking folks).

      PS it’s Jan 24 and genocide Joe is still the worst pResident of WH in last forty years. “never under estimate the propensity of Joe Biden to screw things up”- Barrack ‘the Kenyan” Obama.

      • knights fan in minny

        aka bath house barry

      • Pistol Pete

        ThG once and for all this is supposed to be a hockey forum first and foremost. Believe me if this site had an ignore feature I would not be the only one to use it on you pushing your cliche rhetoric as you do ad nauseum (btw you are not as clever as you think cuz you sure have said a lot of dumb things!) You are right about me though in the sense I have been “stuck” on Eichel and Pav and oh supporting McCrimmon and McPhee when posters, you among them, were trashing those guys because they are unable to grasp the difference between running an NHL organization and the corner convenience store. Guess me and the others were bright enough to know potential Cup-winning competence when we saw it!

      • Richie-Rich

        Pistol Pete is a good guy as well. I wouldn’t call him liberal. Like most folks on both sides of the aisle they only know what they hear from their own inner circles or the news outlets that they listen to.

        I am a libertarian leaning conservative who left the Republican Party in 2008 after two disastrous Bush presidencies as well as the failed military and foreign policies of Clinton. I was sickened at the prospect of a Warmongering McCain presidency in 2008, and the idea of a President Mitt Romney made my stomach turn. Don’t get me wrong, Obama was no better. He simply divided the nation even more and made the world a much more dangerous place. The past 24 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan are a disgrace, and Bush 43 and Obama are to blame for it. Yes, I supported Trump. And for 4 years there were no no wars and the prospect for middle eastern peace with the Abraham Accords that he brokered. Trump’s no saint, I give you that. And the deficits grew under his administration as well. But, the world was safer, economic growth was good, justice reform enacted, lowest unemployment for minorities and women… I could go on but the list of accomplishments was quite significant.

        Again, I am a Ron Paul/Rand Paul libertarian small government conservative. I am that way from personal experience in my 30 years of experience in the DOD Navy (active duty) as well as program management within DOD inside the Beltway working on Defense Budgets. If you all knew what I know about government “budgeting” it would make you sick to your stomach. The nation is 33 Trillion in debt with a long term debt obligation of more than $100 Trillion over the next 50 to 75 years. That is an economic death sentence. I have to be honest. Pistol Pete called me out for predicting an apocalypse. No one who hasn’t been involved in the federal department budgeting process understands just how bad our economic situation is.

        Our nation’s budgeting process is broken and badly need of reforms. Every single department and agency works on a fiscal year by fiscal year funding basis. This short term thinking is not good for the country. It allows for too much corruption. Corporate political lobbyists is a cancer. The entire system is rigged to favor corporations and political class at the sacrifice of our middle class who pay the lion’s share of the taxes. The lower income citizens pay little or no taxes and it benefits them, within this rigged system, to continue to vote for whatever little the elites allow to “trickle” down to them.

        It’s an apocalyptic situation. It cannot be fixed by anyone. The lie that you are told is that raising taxes on the rich and corporations is going to fix anything is a total lie. But yet, many still believe it. Tax increases never benefit the people, they only serve to make government bigger or corporations richer.

        Wake up people.
        Change is needed.
        But change is impossible for America.
        This country is not only in decline, but it is a mere decade or two away from total collapse.

        Apocalypse Pistol Pete.
        I called it. Write it down.

        Democrats cannot fix it.
        Republicans cannot fix it.
        It needs to collapse, only then can future generations start to rebuild.

        In the meantime.
        Enjoy hockey.
        End rant.

        • Pistol Pete

          Nice talking with you today Richard and thanks for propping me up after that beat down from ThG! You know I am going to actually print out that very good post you just posted. I don’t agree with all of it that is for sure (tend to be more optimistic by nature) but you make numerous valid points and I intend to go back over it all and try to sort it out. Thank you for that effort!

  25. Alex

    Walt = Thg

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