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Recap: The Stanley Cup champions entered Tuesday night’s game 6-0-0 riding an historic unbeaten streak to start the season. Vegas’ Ivan Barbashev gave his team the early lead 6:54 into the contest. Later in the period, Philadelphia evened the score followed by the go-ahead goal at the 17:13 mark of the opening period.

Philadelphia heavily pressured Vegas in the first half of the period. Holding the Golden Knights without a for ten minutes. Jack Eichel had two great chances but goaltender Carey Hart preserved the Flyers 2-1 edge.

The Golden Knights had two man-advantages to start the final frame but the Flyers continued to frustrate the home team. Deep into the period Paul Cotter drove to the net and tied the game with a dazzling top-shelf shot. Shea Theodore scored the game-winning goal with :30 remaining in the game to keep VGK’s undefeated streak alive.

The Golden Knights record improves to 7-0-0 defeating the Flyers 3-2. Vegas will carry their unblemished record into Friday night’s game against the Chicago Blackhawks. Puck drop is scheduled for 3 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: It was a cagey affair with both teams battling hard for every inch of ice. There were plenty of scoring chances both ways but the puck just was not bouncing the right way for the Golden Knights. In the 3rd, they began one of their excellent pushes and put tons of pressure on the Flyers zone. Eventually, the dam cracked with a pair of goals and VGK continued the winning streak. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Philadelphia Flyers at T-Mobile Arena.

  • VGK owning the final period

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Ivan Barbashev
** Paul Cotter
* Shea Theodore


NHL Edge Data Shows VGK’s Hardest Shot, Fastest Skater, And Most Distance Travelled


“You Just Keep Pushing And You Believe You Are Going To Come Back”


  1. Richard

    Beginning to wonder which of the undefeated teams will be last to stay perfect – Boston, Colorado or VGK? Hoping for the Knights!

  2. Jailbird

    Oh baby, what a game. What an amazing goal from Cotter! We just never quit. Rolling along at 7-0!

  3. Pistol Pete

    Beautiful goal by Cotter to tie it. Looks like it will take an injury for Dorofeyev to get his next shot. LT 26/28 excellent. McCrimmon gets credit for discovering Thompson and nurturing him along and for finding Hill. Best FO in the league.

    • Richie-Rich

      Cassidy said that he went to 3 lines in the 2nd period and basically benched Cotter. I think that really triggered Cotter and he really stepped it up when he got the opportunity.

      I know you have a Dorofeyev crush PP. I did not expect to see the speed, skating, puck handling and excellent shot all wrapped up into a single play! You are right, it may take an injury or a fairly long drought by someone for Dorofeyev to get some ice time. I feel that Cotter is better along the boards and behind the net in the OZ, but he has been one of the fastest skaters this year (so far) playing 200ft. I still see him as a 3rd liner and Dorofeyev as the natural replacement for Smith in the future.

      If Cotter can up his game like that and becomes more aggressive it will solidify his spot.

      Let’s not forget that many of us were thinking that Torteralla might be in Vegas behind the bench. I think we got the better deal!

      • Pistol Pete

        I am more than happy for Cotter to play and for Dorofeyev to wait. I don’t suppose Cassidy would scratch Amadio. Nah…he’d really have to go south for that to happen. That would set the stage for Cotter-Karlsson-Dorofeyev (Pav is a natural RW). Unlikely unless Amadio is injured. Howden too is in to stay unless he goes big time south or is injured. Keep an eye on Brisson and Denisenko in Henderson! Rempal is doing great but he’s a bit older and on the smaller side…hate to say it but could be an AHL lifer.

  4. Frank

    Really should have been 3-1…… But little quibbles, a bad/lucky goal goes in sometimes…. This team refuses to lose!!!!!

  5. Bobby

    What heart, what character, always finding a way to win!!!

  6. Pistol Pete

    Not at all surprised to see Barbs come back and have a good game. I knew Cassidy would take care of that. That move by Cotter between his legs to beat the defender, that was elite. I like how Cassidy keeps pushing him.

  7. knights fan in minny

    nice comeback win logan was good except for the miscue.carter hart was real good.cotts with a thing of beauty. 14 points so far not bad

  8. TS

    Another 3rd period comeback—there’s no giving up! Their goalie was BIG and formidable, but we broke the code in the 3rd. ( thank Cassidy’s great insight)
    The team knows they can win ANY game, any team, anytime! LOVE the WINNING ATTITUDE!

  9. Emmanuel

    Flyers looking like a bubble team, a BIG improvement from last year. repulsive fanbase though.

  10. Jailbird

    Roy went down the tunnel with about 5 minutes left and didn’t come back. Hope he is ok?

  11. Tim

    Barbashev with a little tough love from Cassidy got the message. Flyers played a good game as we know everyone wants to take down the Jolly Green Giant. With a target on your back it makes the games even more exciting knowing your getting everyones best effort. 7 and counting Chicago next up and then a tough game in L.A.

  12. Henderson Knights

    Cotter should be playing RW, because that great move of his to his backhand around the dman, and then forehand finish to the upper left corner of the net is more suited to coming down the right side boards.

    Cotter and Amadio should switch sides.

    great comeback win.

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