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Recap: The Golden Knights hosted the Philadelphia Flyers trying to get back on track after their 5-1 loss on Wednesday. Vegas jumped on the board first midway through the period. William Carrier scored his 9th goal of the season unassisted, giving the Golden Knights a 1-0 lead after the opening 20 minutes.

Philadelphia took advantage of an early turnover by Vegas goaltender Adin Hill. Hill got lost behind his net and inadvertently passed the puck to a wide-open Flyer for the game-tying goal. The Golden Knights had an opportunity to take the lead on a man advantage, but Philadelphia killed off the only penalty of the game. The game was locked in a 1-1 tie after two periods of action.

The final period was tight and neither team gave up many quality chances on net. Vegas drew a late power play but couldn’t convert the opportunity into a game-winning goal. After 60 minutes in regulation, the game needed overtime to decide a victor. Jonathan Marchessault eventually ended the game with his 12th goal of the season

The Golden Knights record improves to 20-8-1 defeating the Flyers 2-1 in OT. Vegas will next take the ice on Sunday evening for the second and final game of the Cassidy Cup. Puck drop against the Boston Bruins is scheduled for 5P PT at T-Mobile Arena. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: A listless game that included two weird goals headed to OT where the Golden Knights needed someone to be a hero and Marchessault stepped up. VGK’s forecheck felt ineffective but they were good enough in the D zone and despite the error, Hill was strong enough to keep it to just the one goal. Not exactly the type of game VGK want to be playing, but they found a way to two points. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Philadelphia Flyers at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Taking care of business

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Jonathan Marchessault
** Jack Eichel
* William Carrier


Both Flyers And Tortorella Have Been Tough On VGK


Bum Slaying: VGK Gladly Collecting Points From League’s Worst


  1. Pistol Pete

    Oddly enough the only game my wife and I attended that amazing inaugural season was the Flyers and we lost. As I recall, over the first two years each team won away and it really never got any easier for the VGK in the head-to-head. Take the win tonight. Two points is two points.

    Kraken started a real tough road trip with a lopsided loss vs. the Caps. Flames lose again and Coyotes beat the Bruins. We’re going Sunday—should be interesting.

    Nice to see the RR jerseys come through!

  2. Tim

    To all posters does anyone besides me think watching a Knights game is like watching grass grow. Did I hear right tonight when they announced we were 30th in the league scoring points at home. Easy to believe watching not only 60 minutes of hockey and two 20 minute intermissions and once again we rack up one goal in regulation now that’s brutal. If anyone thinks that’s fun to watch your a better person then me. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad we have a team but man oh man it’s so fucking boring they need a fight every so often just to wake up the fans. You tell me how by any stretch of the imagination ranked 30th in goals at home you have any chance of even getting close to smell the Cup. That PP sure isn’t going to be a game changer but 41 points that’s all that counts I get it but from an entertainment point watching two cockroaches in a race would be more exciting. I just can’t emphasis how boring these games with this personal are. How many goals you think we’ll score against the Bruins in our next game. My wife is a much bigger hockey fan then I am and she conceded tonight were shit and the scary thing is it ain’t changing. We won’t get into our PP or coming home after a road trip it’s hard to win that first game. This is all nonsense the truth is the goalies are to big and to good so scoring is difficult.

    • Pistol Pete

      A good season you lose upwards of 40%. Get used to the losses. They are inevitable. Comes down to the postseason where margins for error are thin.

      • Tim

        Pistol Pete, I respect you and your comments whether I agree all the time or not your a solid poster. Yes you do lose like you said 40% of your games but don’t you think the entertaining part of the game counts as you know we are the entertaining capitol of the world. Like I said when were 30th in the league in goal average at home is that OK with everyone? I just wonder how long people will continue going to games live and pay that kind of money for that product even though I realize it’s a social event. I think Dave let the cat out of the bag when he said we were 30th I’m sure that was something management wouldn’t like revealed. I realize it’s all about the points but look deeper into it and with our team and supposed talent how can we have such a mediocre offense and a PP that is iffy at best.

        • Pistol Pete

          Thanks Tim I appreciate your kind consideration. I just feel every team that’s having a good season will go through say a 10 game stretch where they struggle to go .500. Bruins and Devils are likely to see it. For stretches teams no matter how good they are play maginally. Can the coach strive to correct the deficiencies? Of course, but no matter they will occur in some scale. You’re right though there are causes for concern. We can only hope they don’t amount to not making the postseason or result in an early exit.

      • PJT

        You guys are the problem. You want an entertaining game AND you want to win. I would be happy with just a win. We play like crap at home because the players think we need to be entertained to please the likes of you guys. So they make complicated set plays that generally may look cool but usually end up not being anything productive towards putting the puck in the net. When they play away, they score more goals and play better why?? Because they keep it simple and worry about scoring rather than trying to entertain the crowd. We didn’t make it boring last night. Philly was playing neutral zone trap all night because Tort knows it frustrates the home crowd and make them lose interest in the game. That’s his strategy. We gotta play smarter, not harder.
        Also you gotta admit that Philly goalie Hart was pretty good.

    • TS

      Tim, I tend to agree that the Big Goalie DOES fill the net, making it hard to score goals; however, the big goalies are AlSO somewhat slower and more clumsy than others…and when they go down, it is tough getting up into position again. Goals CAN be scored, but opposing players have to catch ( or force) the BIG GUY out of position. Much harder doing it than saying it, I know, but it CAN be done, just not gonna see high scores in the games. SLOW SLOG, BUT A WIN!

  3. Pistol Pete

    But yeah thank you Coyotes for humbling the Bruins a little coming in here. With a 20-3 start a slump is definitely in the cards. Same for the Devils who also lost tonight.

    20-8-1 starting 5-1 at home, the recent home slump is not specific to playing at home imo. The normal needed improvements such as the special teams notwithstanding, it’s basically a coincidence I have decided.

  4. Pistol Pete

    That was a bad goal allowed by Hill. Second time this season bad behind the net puck handing cost the him.

  5. Pistol Pete


  6. Pistol Pete

    Did Carter Hart keep that game from being a blowout?

  7. knights fan in minny

    marchy saved their bacon that game should not have been that close they should have stomped the flyers

  8. THE hockey GOD

    Hill had a good game, keeping VGK in game, despite pulling a MAF like gaffe behind the net.

    All forwards had more than 10 minutes of ice time, which is what the coach wants.

    Good effort all around. Nice bounce back win after the red hot rangers defeat the other night. Rangers are on a roll now. They seem to be streaky team.

    LINE !

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