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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to bounce back from their 5-2 defeat to the Buffalo Sabres with a victory over the visiting Ottawa Senators. Jack Eichel wasted no time getting Vegas on the board with his 14th goal of the season 1:37 into the contest. Ottawa went on the score the next two goals but Jonathan Marchessault evened the score 2-2 before the first intermission.

The Golden Knights exploded in the middle frame. First Nic Roy scored on the power play and moments later Chandler Stephenson followed it up with a shorthanded goal. With 0:12 seconds left Ivan Barbashev extended Vegas’ lead to 5-2.

William Karlsson joined the scoring party in the final period giving the reigning champions a commanding 6-2 lead. Ottawa would tally one late.

The Golden Knights record improves to 21-6-5 defeating the Senators 6-3. Vegas will hit the road for a four game, coast to coast trip. Puck drop on Tuesday vs. the Carolina Hurricanes is scheduled for 4 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: This one was all about the dominance in the back half of the 2nd period. VGK flipped the switch and started to control every aspect of the game. Just completely leaned on a team that isn’t anywhere near the same level as the Golden Knights. It’s also the 9th consecutive win against the Senators. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Ottawa Senators at T-Mobile Arena.

  • The troubling trend of goalie injuries

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Ivan Barbashev
** Jack Eichel
* Mark Stone


Injuries Affecting Golden Knights Defensive Continuity


Golden Knights Used Film Study To Score Tiebreaking Goal Against Ottawa


  1. DeezNutz

    Where is PissHole Pete and Alex the Libtard at?

    • Pistol Pete

      Here and gloating.

    • ThG

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        • knights fan in minny

          the stinky beans are out of the can is that a old family saying

          • TS

            Minny, as a matter of fact, it is! The family was once potato dad and 7 siblings were quite a hoot. I acquired one or two sayings, sure to getcha thinking!!

  2. Emmanuel

    The Sens has one of the worst blue lines….
    We didnt get much from the bottom 6 at even stregth.

  3. Frank

    Solid effort.. first goal on hill never goes in if he’s 100%…. Makes one wonder why they rushed him back out… Thompson getting hurt too does not bode well for goaltending situation…. Saw a robin lehner meme this evening…. Please God, no!!!!!!

  4. knights fan in minny

    good win but how costly was it they might want to look for some 3rd string goalie help is subban still playing logan came in cold but slammed the door he is laboring barbi staying hot nice pp goal from roy best 4th line center in the nhl cross your fingers for healthy goalies

  5. JB

    Good win, but sour taste in the mouth. Hilly out again, probably for quite some time now. LT hurt , stuck it out but looked miserable . Will he be out too? Just very worried.

  6. Sorvino

    Next man up is Jiri Patera. If Logan Thompson is hurt, then who will back up Patera? Isaiah Saville? Jesper Vikman? Trade for Antii Raanta?

    • knights fan in minny

      with ranta in the minors vegas should not have to give up to high of a pick maybe a fifth if they need to

  7. Pistol Pete

    Pretty sure Vikman is injured unfortunately.

  8. Richie-Rich

    Game 32 Analysis

    – It became clearly evident that they rushed Hill back out to fast. Making matters worse, Thompson injured himself as well at around the10 minute mark of the 3rd period. He had some difficulty getting back up on his feet and looked to be hurting for the rest of the game. We will have to see what, if anything, is going to come of these new injuries.

    -Besides the potential goaltending injuries, the VGK got totally dominated in the 1st period but the Snipers, Eichel & Marchessault, were able to beat a very bad Korpisalo to keep the score even.

    -I was very impressed with the Ottawa top lines. There forechecking was dominant in that first period. The 4th goal by the VGK deflated the Senators and they never really recovered from it. They obviously have issues on defense and in goal that they need to work on before they can contend for a playoff spot.

    – Besides the injuries to Hill & Thompson, Cotter took a shot late in the 3rd period that put him flat out on the ice. He had to be helped to the bench where he slammed his stick in frustration. We will have to see if Cotter is going to lose some time from this. I have been a huge Cotter fan, and I am wearing his jersey, but he has yet to take his game to a higher level. He has all the skills except scoring sense. Hoping that will come, but if he hasn’t shown it by now he is likely going to be a bottom 6 Center.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Pistol Pete at the game this evening. He stopped by our seats in Section 11 Row M this evening and we had a nice chat.

    Next game, 33:
    19 Dec (Tue) CAR away, 14th in the NHL with 35 points
    Team Link:
    Aho (12G,15A) Jarvis(10G,12A & Necas(9G,14A) are threats. Necas is -11.
    Kochetkov (2.78gaa) and Raanta (3.77gaa) split time in goal. Both have 6 wins.

    Next 4 games
    21 Dec (Thu) TBL away, 18th in the NHL with 33 points
    23 Dec (Sat) FLA away, 10th in the NHL with 38 points
    27 Dec (Wed) ANA away, 30th in the NHL with 22 points
    28 Dec (Thu) LAK home, 6th in the NHL with 38 points

    • Pistol Pete

      R-R, it was a pleasure meeting you. Good that we have our phone numbers so we can text one another in real time during the games lol. Looking forward to it! Btw keen observation on LT. Your were absolutely correct, he did get injured. On Cotter I am more convinced than ever Cassidy keeps him in because McCrimmon wants to make a bottom nine forward out of him so he can exploit that entry level contract ($775k) that runs through 2025-26. Dorofeyev would only sign this year for $825k. Clearly, they scratch Cotter for Dorofeyev and it could be the beginning of giving up on Cotter which they are not ready to do yet. I think a number of us see Dorofeyev and think he’s more skilled than Cotter but Cotter may get there. For now we probably need an injury to see Dorofeyev again, Cotter’s play really going south notwithstanding.

  9. TS

    Hilly’s BACK!!… no, wait…Hilly’s OUT!! Well, NUTS!!
    But, LT is good…oops, maybe not so much..what the heck is going on here??

  10. Tim

    Bring back The Flower!!

    • TS

      Hey, has MAF ever been hurt? I can’t recall him ever being on IR…

      • Ice Warrior

        Season 1, MAF suffered a concussion. Not sure how it happened but he was out for about a month. I believe we were down to Oscar Dansk and Dylan Ferguson as Tenders.

        • Ts

          Ice, I forgot about that. Thnx!

          • JV

            Danske got hurt too. Max Lagace took the loss in relief, then started the next 12 games. 6-6-1 in 13 games. Ferguson got to play one period. He was on emergency loan from Juniors.

  11. ThG

    hey hey hey only seven days until, in meanwhile let’s rock around the tree !!

  12. Pistol Pete

    Consider how good Eichel really was offensively in Buffalo. He came over here just 20 points under a point a game, though none of his coaches moved to develop his 200 ft. game. In Vegas he’s just 6 points under a point a game and has become a complete two way player helping the team win the Cup.

    Buffalo: 355 pts/375 games = .95 pts/game
    Vegas: 127 pts/133 games = .95 pts/game

    26 pt deficit to get to career point a game.

    We’ll see if he can break his personal best 18 game point streak from 2019. He’s currently at 10 which is the VGK record.

  13. Unfortunately… the fact Logan did not wait for the end of game congratiulory head slaps… nor waited along with Martinez as the boys left the ice.. and headed straight down the tunnel speaks volumes as to an injury that needed to be treated right away or in worse case X-rayed!!

  14. Special teams were ‘interesting’ last night… Sens PP had been horrible and VGK PK had been stellar…yet Sens PP looked fantastic on their 2 goals…it all starts with winning the faceoffs and setting up shop.. VGK PP looked horrible early on.. and why?…couldn’t win a face off and set up shop.. Roy scoring on a PP was simply a fantastic pass from Stephenson leading to a breakaway…speaking of fantastic VGK PK was just that later in the game.. certainly had enough practice with it as we kept committing avoidable penalties!

    • TS

      Imagine, the boys are figuring out the PP at last! The PK has been stellar, glad the PP is finally paying off!

  15. knights fan in minny

    does vegas lead the nhl in delay of game penalties.the last 5 years they seem to get a lot of them they are frustrating

  16. Richie-Rich

    Enjoy this Kelly Clarkson Christmas Official Video “Underneath the Tree”

  17. JB

    Can’t we ever enjoy a win, with comments just about hockey? Amazing!

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  18. knights fan in minny

    the boys helped get Ottawa’s coach fired

  19. vgk21

    Vgk called up Patera and Rondberg, and put Korczak on IR.

    Kolesar is ailing, so that is why Rondberg is called up.

    No word on the condition of Hill or LT yet, or whether they flew on the plane east.

  20. Richie-Rich

    Mathieu Cataford (#VegasBorn 2023 3rd round) now leads the QMJHL in scoring with a casual 51 points (22g, 29a) in 33 games.

  21. Sorvino

    Logan Thompson will start tonight. Confirmed by Bruce Cassidy.

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