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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to make two straight home wins with an out-of-conference win over the New York Rangers. At the 11:35 mark of the opening period, Jonathan Marchessault notched his 19th goal of the season, giving his team a 1-0 advantage. A few minutes later Ivan Barbashev was awarded a good goal after a lengthy review to determine if he kicked the puck in the net. Through 20 minutes the home team led 2-0.

Barbashev extended the lead late in the middle frame on the power play. The winger tapped in his second of the night courtesy of Mark Stone’s feed in front of the Rangers net. Moments later Keegan Kolesar tipped in VGK’s fourth goal of the evening.

The Rangers scored a power play goal to open up the 3rd period but Vegas went on to score an empty-net goal and pick up their second win in a row.

The Golden Knights record improves to 26-14-5 defeating the Rangers 5-1. Vegas will wrap up their homestand on Saturday night against the visiting Pittsburgh Penguins. Puck drop against the Penguins is scheduled for 7 PM.  (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Rangers controlled the first 10 minutes or so of the game but they couldn’t break through as the Golden Knights held most of the shots to the outside. Then a few transition chances sparked VGK and they scored a pair. From there, they frustrated the Rangers in the 2nd and took a commanding lead. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. New York Rangers at T-Mobile Arena.

  • VGK smashing Eastern Conference teams making their only appearance in Vegas

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Mark Stone
** Jonathan Marchessault
* Ivan Barbashev


“The Biggest Part Of Team Defense” Has Been Stepping Up Recently


Golden Knights Are Smoking Eastern Conference Teams At Home, But Struggling On The Road


  1. DeezNutz

    It looks like Eichel being might end up being a blessing in disguise to get our depth players and Barbashev scoring again. Hopefully they can keep this up until we get more players back but it’s not going to be easy. Thompson with another fantastic game. Let’s keep this rolling. LET’S GO BRANDON (FJB)

  2. Cedric

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  3. Pistol Pete

    LT (29/30) continues his outstanding difference-making play. Nice to see Barbs net a couple. Dorofeyev remains overdue to score with his roster-leading four shots. Important gutsy roster-depleted win against one of the league’s leading teams.

  4. Niggles

    VGK coming up big against the Rangers. Thompson playing lights out and Captain leading his team on the charge. Players stepping up! Captain let Howden take the empty net. The great Captain Stone will have a statue built for him outside T-Mobile when all is said & done. Go Knights!

  5. Emmanuel

    I was impressed with the defensive play, thats the key.

  6. Richie-Rich

    Game 45 Analysis VGK 5, NYR 1

    Stars? I am giving 4 out:
    3rd Stars go to Stone and Marchy
    2nd Star goes to Barbashev
    1st Star goes to Thompson

    Let’s also give some asteroids and moons to the Henderson Patches!

    Cotter is looking worse and worse every game. He enters the zone well and then has no clue as to what to do with the puck. More often than not he’s making the wrong decision. He needs an intervention. Maybe sit him for a game or two to get his head straight.

    While we are reveling in this win the Oilers just won their 12th straight and we are now 7 points behind league leading Vancouver. Up next, game 46 against the Penguins and the return of Reilly Smith.

    Pittsburgh is 21-15-6 and 18th in the league with a plus/minus of +16. They are always tough to beat. Let’s welcome Reilly back, but we do not want him earning any points.

    • RR – I think Reily is out week to week so may not see him tomorrow evening – upper body injury as I recall- read it somewhere – might be false news like most. I noticed you have the same thoghts on Cotter as I posted in response to your observation last time about carrying the puck then forgetting or not knowing what to do next. It’s a shame as he does have size, grit and potential. Another test coming up Saturday night, enjoy the game and hopefully a win.

  7. Gary Dadey

    Reilly got hurt last week and probably will not travel with the team

  8. JB

    If Smitty is not here that sucks. I’m sure the Knights have a great tribute ready for him. Anyway, a gutsy win for our boys. I said yesterday I thought we could beat them if LT stayed hot. Boy did he! If we can finish with three in a row before leaving on the four game roady, that will be huge.

  9. Tim

    Win or lose when your scoring 4 goals it makes the game interesting win or lose. That zero to two goal bullshit has got to go. Kids are doing O.K. growing pains for sure but getting that experience that they would never get if everyone was healthy is a good thing. Logan Thompson another good game win or lose since he’s been the main man he’s done a great job his record doesn’t do him justice when our popcorn offense can’t score. Lot’s of games left to catch Vancouver just need patience and play consistent hockey.


    • JB

      Let me ask you Tim: Are you saying you would be happier if we lost a game 5-4, instead of winning a game 1-0 or 2-1?

      • ThG

        he says one thing one day, and another thing another day

        what the hell is [[[[[{{{{{{{ ?

        Tim you ok ? Should we call 9 1 1 , looks like he fell off his lazyboy, with key board stuck on one key. TIM WAKE UP !

        • Tim

          Funny you should say that THG, that’s exactly what happened I dosed off while writing and I deleted most of the scribble but obviously not all of it. I got up way to early.

      • Tim

        What I’m saying if both teams are playing well and we lose 5-4 in an exciting game I’m good with that. Now losing as we have scoring zero goals at least 6 times this year plus numerous games of 2 points or less you can look at that as entertaining but I can’t. Of coarse winning games one or two to nothing or 2-1 also make me crazy but a win is a win just not fun 60 minutes of hockey and 2 intermissions and we win 1-zip boring sorry. Why do you think all the hockey radio shows constantly look and scoring and when it’s up they’ll same points per game are 6.2 or whatever. The reason being hockey is a great sport except the most important thing that keeps the average fan not the diehard from converting to hockeyism is scoring. JB that’s just a fact. My wife and I watch but middle of second period no score bye it’s movie time.

        • JB

          Then bbviously Tim, you are not a real hockey fan. Just latching onto a winner. To me a 1-0 game can be as exciting as a 5-4 game. Lots of stuff going on in a game besides scoring!

          • JB – most of what goes on in a game unfortunately is away from the cameras which of course you see being present at the game. That’s one of the drawbacks of TV – they follow the puck the best they can but often that is not where all the action is. To Tim’s point it’s understandable about scoring a number of goals being more entertaining watching on TV. Having been around hockey a lifetime even where you sit at the arena can make a difference, and of course you get caught up in the crowd as it should be. Enjoy game tomorrow – hopefully a performance that will provide a win at best and secondly great entertainment for one and all.

          • Tim

            Not latching on to a winner enjoying our home town team doing well. Everyone knows baseball is and always has been my first love. We won the College Championship in 1990 and the Stanley Cup in 2023 not bad for our small desert town. When my wife moved here in 1958 there were 58 thousand in the valley and when I came in 1965 after my tour of duty there were less then 200 thousand in the valley so yeah we support our local teams. How about you JB how long you been in the valley?

  10. knights fan in minny

    wow a hell of a game for the patch work line up good game all around logan stood tall i hope their were no injuries i could not take another one another delay of game call how many is that

  11. Walt

    let’s say good 55 minutes. That first 5 mins was terrible. LT kept them in it, and then they went on to win it.

    Right now the Winnipeg effect is taking over. Pull together after your top player goes down.

    Can they keep it up? Can they win games on the road? To be determined.

  12. First 10 minutes scary.. the way rangers cycled and recycled…great defensive effort overall.. kept most shots to outside the whole game…except when Pavel and then later Thompson made horrible turnovers which Logan made great saves on.. is Ken losing his eyesight not to make Logan number one star!!…as far as this ridiculous schedule… we play pens at 7pm tomorrow and then given 1 day of travel for a 4pm eastern start against the devils followed by the islanders on Tuesday.. WTF????

    • ThG

      the Devils-Islanders-Rangers are part of NYC general metro area, shouldn’t be a big deal, since Chris Chrissy is busy at the donut shop cleaning them out with his buddy Obama buying him some Kenyan coffee.

  13. Vic

    I tried keeping the sound on last night, but Dave G is getting worse with the stats. He can’t go more than 30-40 seconds without providing stat after stat regardless of the situation. He must have the statistician sitting under his desk, or perhaps his salary is based on how many stats he can provide in two and a half hours.

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