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Recap: The Golden Knights received good news before their game with the New York Islanders, as Alex Pietrangelo declared he was ready to return to the lineup. New York struck first in the opening period taking a 1-0 advantage into the 1st intermission.

Reilly Smith evened the score 1:11 into the middle frame with his 15th goal of 2022-23. The Islanders’ offense warmed up and netted the next two goals of the period. After 40 minutes of action the Golden Knights trailed 3-1. 

The Golden Knights got closer when Smith ripped in his second power play goal of the evening. The Islanders added two empty netters late to seal their victory.

The Golden Knights’ record drops to 22-10-1 losing 5-2 to the Islanders. Vegas will try to get back on track Monday night against the Buffalo Sabres. Puck drop against the Sabres is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights took a little while to get going in this game as both teams had a bit of a sleepy start. It picked up and VGK’s special teams were crucial in keeping them in the game. The push in the 3rd period definitely felt like it was going to be enough but the freak injury to Stone seemed to slow things down. The home woes have definitely started to creep into everyone’s heads. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. New York Islanders at T-Mobile Arena.

  • SinBin Podcast
  • Cassidy shares some theories on the issues at home

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Jonas Rondbjerg
** Jonathan Marchessault
* Reilly Smith



VGK Looking To Feast On Another Tired Opponent


Cassidy Weighs In On Why Golden Knights Are Struggling At Home


  1. Henderson's Finest

    Can we wear road whites for all remaining games, both home and away? Asking for a friend

  2. Herby

    LB has 2 SO in a row. He deserves a shot!

    No. 8 deserves to go to Henderson.

  3. Peter A Brown

    On the bright side special teams were exemplary: PP (2/3) PK (2/2).

    On the not so bright side, it did not appear to be LT’s best effort (23/26) and Petro was rusty being on the ice for all three goals ahead of the EN (-3) and picked up another -1 during the EN. He had three SOG and an A on one of Smith’s PP goals.

    Miro also had 3 SOG and was +/- 0 heading into the EN but picked up a -1 from one of the EN goals. Based on the 5 on 5 +/- 0 it would appear he was decent defensively.

    Isles goalies went 36/38 so apparently they did a stellar keeing them out. Not so for Thompson except for the third period.

    Would be nice to have Eichel and Theo back, hope Stoner is not too hurt.

    • Peter A Brown

      Oilers and Flames lost, Kings managed an SO win vs. the Sharks. Kraken play the Jets tomorrow, returning home from that tough lose 3 of 4 road trip.

  4. TS

    It’s official…the Raiders’ CURSE has struck the Knights. Come on, Knights, you guys are BETTER than that!!

    • SMH

      This post concerning the Raiders did not age well…

      • TS

        Smh, yeah, the Raiders had a Christmas miracle yesterday. They are either hot or cold. No consistency. Kinda like the Vgk…

  5. Sorvino

    Mark Stone injury update anyone?

  6. knights fan in minny

    no explanation for that loss bring on the next foe

  7. THE hockey GOD

    ring ring ring

    “pick up the phone”- Dr Moe Howard

    ring ring ring

    “pick up the phone, you lame brain” – Dr Moe Howard

    Dr C Howard, Dr L. Fine ..zzzzz ZZZZZ zzzzz whoop whoop whoop whoop

    ring ring ring

    Dr M Howard brains DR C Howard, “what you hit me for?”


    “why don’t you pick up the phone ?” – Dr MH

    Dr CH ” why don’t you pick up the phone ?

    “It’s closer to you, maybe we’re needed down at the UMC Trauma Center”.= DR Moe.

    DR Curly ” Hello, hello, hello (Dr fine “hello , hello, hello= Moe brains Larry). ”
    Dr Curly hangs up. “no one was there, maybe they will call back later.”

    “we better stop at the commissary on you way to work today and pick up some
    COTToN” , Dr Moe Howard.

  8. phantom major

    when the career minor leaguer Fasching just walked around standstill Petro and scored it was game over.

    He was understanably rusty and never should have been put into the lineup until he was ready and up to speed again.

    Petro minus 4
    Steph minus 4
    Karl, Smith, Stone minus 3
    8, 81, and 17 minus 2

    pathetic at home = miserable season no matter where they finish.

    • SMH

      “miserable season no matter where they finish”. I mean really, if the team brings you zero joy even when they are having an excellent season thus far with the 2nd most points in the entire NHL, it might be time to find another hobby. I thought sports were meant to be enjoyed and local teams were meant to be cheered on, but if all you can do is to wait for a poor performance (never mind that they played without 5 starters, had their best defenseman just coming back from a long absence, lost their captain to injury in the 3rd period, and essentially only lost by 1 goal before empty-netters) and then wail about how pathetic the team is, methinks you are a Gloomy Gus. My advice = turn that frown upside down, and go Knights go!

  9. Danny

    9 goals in the last 6 home games.

    4 at even-strength


    that says it all. does not matter who is in goal with that kind of lack of run support at home.

  10. Tim

    Ken I need some help here. This year from all teams I’d like to know when you pull your goalie the percentage you are successful in tying the score. On the other side I’d like to know the percentage that it fails and you give up an open net goal. I know every team follows like sheep down one two minutes to go pull your goalie. To me it’s like everyone is jumping off the bridge so lets do it to. Yesterday was a good example down one two minutes to go we were pushing hard they had to change in goalie I would have stayed 5 on 5 and take my chances. I like coaches who are individual thinkers not sheep. I coached my whole adult life until retiring in 1996 and I was always innovative and every situation calls for a different approach not just what the handbook tells you. My sport was baseball but it also applies to hockey I see dumb plays or decisions coaches make and I just shake my head.

    • TS

      Tim, I don’t think I’ve seen us score a single goal with our net. E MPTY. 6 players on ice has NEVER been productive! It forces the players to play D, instead of the intended extra offensive point. Other teams the same. WHY WHY WHY do teams DO THIS??

  11. vgk21

    Notice how the Vgk are a terrible 2nd period team. That is because of the long change to get to the bench…..and the Vgk lines, especially the older top 6 guys, play too long of a shift, thus getting scored on late in a shift when they are tired and overstayed their welcome.

    Shorter shifts, quicker line changes, and more dump ins to facilitate the line changes, and smarter forechecking to keep the puck 200 feet from the Vegas net are the remedies to 2nd period woes.

    • Bim Jurke

      An actual intelligent knowledgeable post on this board full of hockey idiots, err experts..,

  12. Jailbird

    Boys will be fine. They will comeback strong in these next 3 home games I believe. I worry more about further injuries, than pulling goalie trying to score late!

    • Tim

      Jailbird, you wouldn’t like to put a little money on our next 3 home games. How could the schedule be any better for the Knights home for the holidays with family. Chance to spend quality time with your kids and all you have to do is stroll down the road play a game and go home. It ‘s a cluster fuck at home and after 18 or so home games I don’t see it changing. I’ll bet the fans going to the game can’t wait for the next beat down.

      • TS

        Tim, true. But….OUCH! I guess I’m glad I don’t spend the $$$ to attend games.
        I went to UNLV Football games for 25 years. It was tough watching the team implode by halftime EVERY game. We all used to cheer a 1st down like it was a TD! That’s how bad they were.
        The VGK are still in it, just cannot grasp WHY they falter at home. Something will click soon…HOPE.

        • Tim

          TS, 25 years of watching that hapless team your a rookie. I’ve been here since the inception in 1968 and there have been very few bright spots in there history. Coaches we’ve had coaches galore and there here for a year or two and off they go. It has to be for what it was supposed to be the worse division one team in history. Who wants to play here when your not getting any TV exposure except for whatever rinky dink channel is carrying the game. It is a lost cause believe me.

          • TS

            Tim, agreed. Tarkanien was a rare success here in Vegas. Now THAT was fun to watch.
            Runnin’ Rebels, made the 3-point shot a legit game- changer. All in the past now.

        • Howard

          The answering is poor coaching – Cassidy and crew are not matching up correctly because they are not using their last change right.. Their line changes are poor and indecisive (see last night’s 2nd period). People/players might not have liked PDB on a personal basis, but on a technical basis, he is a much better coach than Cassidy.

          • Sorvino

            We should bring back DeBoer. Cassidy sucks

          • Sorvino

            After we bring back DeBoer we should keep him until we lose a couple of games. Then we should bring back Cassidy

  13. Arnold Rothstein

    that buffet at
    Bellagion was excellent “!
    best in town !

    the brain

  14. Jailbird

    Whatever you say Baseball Tim! You know it all.

  15. Frank

    To those who watched the game, this one was a tough loss. Played more than well enough to win, just a couple of leaky goals were the difference (especially the third goal by the isles – not great, a routine save that should have been made). At worst the game should have gone into OT. Oh well, you can’t win em all (as the Devils are proving with their losing streak after a hot start)… but the struggle at home is real.

  16. Jailbird

    We will win tonight! Hey baseball Tim, since you are so negative about them winning at home, you gonna give me 10-1 odds or what? Ha ha

    • Tim

      Jailbird your last statement says it all. As the saying goes even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while. Buffalo which as hard as they try to rebuild just can’t quite get over the hump but tonight with there youth and us shorthanded yes I can see another beatdown coming. The first two years we had the killer instinct since then and including the beatdown Dallas gave us in year three playoffs and our inexcusable loss to Montreal in year four playoffs it’s pretty to see as the saying goes always a bridesmaid never a bride. Let me give you a little advise a team and or the fan base that always makes excuses are losers plain and simple. When your playing with a 50% record at home after 18 home games you are what you are. We have 23 home games left for those poor fans who pay to watch this offensive juggernaut maybe score two goals on a good night better there money then mine.

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