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Recap: The Golden Knights were hoping to get back on the winning track hosting the Nashville Predators to a Monday matinee. Captain Mark Stone opened the scoring 15:25 in the opening period to give Vegas a 1-0 going into the first intermission.

Stone didn’t take long in the middle frame to score his second of the game. Late in the period the Predators cut Vegas’ lead in half but Stone wasn’t finished. Less than :30 left in the period VGK’s Captain completed a hat trick. The home team lead 3-1 after 40 minutes of action.

Nashville had chances to get closer but with seconds remaining Jonathan Marchessault sealed the game with an empty net goal.

The Golden Knights record improves to 25-14-5 defeating the Predators 4-1 from T-Mobile Arena. Vegas will continue their homestand on Thursday night against the New York Rangers. Puck drop against the Rangers is scheduled for 7PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: It was a bit of a slow start as it took nearly the entire 1st period to record a shot on goal, but once they did the captain took over. Logan Thompson was excellent as well. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Nashville Predators at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Photo gallery from photographer Brandon Andreasen

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Mark Stone
** Logan Thompson
* Mark Stone


“We Have To Find A Way To Score Some Goals”


Golden Knights vs. Nashville Predators Photo Gallery – January 15th, 2024


  1. vgk21

    take me to your leader,

    Captain Mark Stone.

    Great team effort. That was the best that 20 and 10 played in a long time. 16 fits in nicely on that Stone line.

    LT 97% save percentage

    Petro had a good game.

    Let’s hope they also can do it vs the NYRangers

    • Pistol Pete

      It’ll be a real accomplishment if this depleted roster can beat the Rangers.

  2. Pistol Pete

    Injuries have set in and the remaining roster could be playing better overall. Shades of last year when they went into the All-Star break 29-18-4 after suffering injuries and a general malaise. After the break they came out and played their best hockey of the since the 13-2 start and bear in mind did it without Stone. Let’s hope for a repeat of that. Last 30 games after the AS break is the time to cement that “hard to play against” identity heading into the playoffs.

    Better game though this afternoon and Pav is back at a half a point a game. Looking good up there with Stephenson and Stone. Stepping up.

  3. DeezNutz

    Hopefully we can get a Mark Stone hatty every game moving forward until Eichel is back because he’s now their only player to rely on for offense. LT had a great game and

    PAVEL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> COTTER

    • VGK fan

      Agreed maybe every other game as long as LT has shut outs in between those non hat trick games lol. Just til Eichel or #71 gets back.

  4. JB

    Great win ….. period! Great PK, great goalie, great effort!

  5. Richie-Rich

    Game 44 Analysis VGK 4, NSH 1

    Richie’s Stars:
    3rd goes to Logan Thompson
    2nd goes to Stephenson
    1st goes to the Captain Mark Stone with the Hatty

    The Predators held the Knights at bay for nearly 13 minutes without a shot on goal in the 1st period. The defense played great and Thompson was outstanding in goal throughout the game. The same cannot be said for Saros who gave up the hat trick to Captain Mark Stone!

    Everyone was wondering who was going to step up tonight and it’s the Captain! Mighty Marchy ices it with an empty netter in his 600th NHL game. Pretty good for an undrafted player!

    Brendan Brisson #19 (yes he asked Smith for it) played in his first NHL game and made a few passes on his own during warmups. He played well, looked a little star struck at times and nearly had a goal this evening from about 10 feet in front of the crease. He was just a tad slow on the shot, welcome to the NFL B-squared! I hope no one is wanting to label him with the C+! Don’t do it.

    Is it just me or whenever Cotter takes the puck around the net in the OZ he gets stripped and turns it over?

    Every game is important. These two points keep us in the hunt behind the Division leader Canucks who are 9 points ahead in the standings! Don’t look in the rear view. Edmonton was on a 10 game win streak and the Kraken was on a 9 game streak. I believe the Kraken dropped their game today though.

    The Rangers fly in to Sin City on Thursday for a tilt. We will be without Eichel again for this one. I’m beginning to wonder what is keep Hill sidelined. I suspect a bad groin pull. Those are difficult to recover from and can take up to 6 months. If that’s the case then I am surprised he isn’t on LTIR.

    Someone on X(formerly twitter) was saying that Eichel may have a torn Achilles. Let’s hope not.

    • RR – regarding Eichel – I am not a doctor but an old EMT – based on my experience I would seriously question if in fact Eichel has a torn Achilles tendon he would never have been able to come back the other night after hitting the dressing room. It’s highly improbably that is the situation. Like you stated we all hope that he will return sooner than later. Concerning Cotter, it’s almost like he forgets what’s next taking the puck around the net and easily turns it over or stripped as you stated. Given he gets around with it as much as he does, he just appears to question himself as to what I do now with it and lets up. He can be strong on the puck. Good needed win this afternoon – on to Thursday and see what can be done to repeat.

      • Pistol Pete

        He sure looked 100% when he returned from the tunnel in the Boston game (I was at the game). I would expect an Achilles injury to be immediately disabling but just a guess.

    • DocDG


      On Cotter, no it isn’t just you, but it’s not every time, it just seems that way. Despite that obvious flaw I am still very high on Cotter, he does have a lot of skill. Transitioning it into success at the NHL level is taking a while.
      The team had an ENORMUS amount of patience with Kolesar, it took almost 3 years of misery among the fan base to get him to become a respectable 4th line player who is not ever going to be counted on for scoring.
      Cotter has way more potential than that. He now has 106 NHL games ,about 1 1/4 full seasons in total. In the next 2 seasons we will either see him grow into a very good NHL 2nd or 3rd line player or the team will have to move on. I still believe he has the potential and should be given the ice time and coaching to get there.

      • Emmanuel

        If you look at his career stats Cotter seems to improve in his 3rd year ar every level. NEXT season will be make or break for him.

        • Pistol Pete

          Cotter has two more seasons after this one at an entry level contract. Dorofeyev would only sign this season for $825k ($50k more than Cotter). That is why Cassidy has scratched Dorofeyev for Cotter; to give Cotter as much runway as possible to develop him as a longer term entry level prospect. That may be about to change though based on Dorofeyev’s performance. It’s looking less likely he would scratch Dorofeyev for Cotter, although with Karlsson and Carrier out he won’t have to worry about it near term.

          • Pistol Pete

            It is true Eichel along with Karlsson are out injured but Carrier is the Dorofeyev/Cotter wild card. With him out both play and I’m guessing he’s out longer than the other two.

  6. Tim

    I was proud of the effort tonight and I think the kids did a good job. Baptism by fire. If Eichel tore his achilles tendon he’s done for the year and maybe longer.

  7. Pistol Pete

    Numbers don’t lie nor does Cassidy when consistently playing Dorofeyev higher when both are playing.


    Dorofeyev: 12 G/9 A (+8)–21 pts (44 games) = .48 pts/game
    Cotter: 20 G/15 A (-8)–35 pts (106 games) = .33 pts/game

    I do though agree with the sentiment expressed above that Cotter has talent. Imo it is just taking longer for him to develop his skill and hockey IQ. Dorofeyev is more a “natural” as far as poise, balance and IQ. He’s also so far less a defensive liability as indicated by his +/-.

    • Pistol Pete

      Would it not be something if Dorofeyev can keep up with Reilly Smith? So far after 44 games Dorofeyev has 21 pts to Smith’s 12. Smith however when traded to Boston after his first 40 games with Dallas broke out with a 51 point season. Pav has some work to do to match that (60 pts in 112 games) though he’s close to on pace to do it. For either Dorofeyev or Cotter to fully replace Smith long term it is not just offensive production one will have to become a complete special teams player.

  8. ThG

    i see the wagon jumper posters cpmments today have them removing “foot from mouth”

    nice effort by leaders

    cotter has sophomore jinx, yes jinx’s exist, and this is one of the most prevalent ones.

    in all of sports

    meanwhile in Charleston SC , a democrat stronghold, genocide JOE was booed yesterday, by his own party members. Consisting mostly of his own neoNazi wing. His poll numbers nationally are around 15% and his main rival just trounced
    all his nearest rivals in Iowa caucus. Can Nov 2024 come any sooner?

    • Mark

      Agree about scumvag Joe, he’s such a disgusting disgrace !! A poster boy for term limits !!

  9. Tim

    Logan Thompson was thrown in the fire and has done a nice job. His record is deceiving many of his loses he’s held the opponent to 3 goals or less it’s not his fault we can’t score. I can’t figure out what’s taking Theadore so long to get back he had a hand or wrist fracture but it’s been months and we really need him back. Karlsson the same way a smart player who like Theadore is really missed. I want a trade or two but I’m worried what we will have to give up. Dorofeyev, Cotter, Cormier, Korczak, I think are keepers with a bright future.

  10. Canada

    Great to see Stone get Three , Stevenson played better but i wish he would stick his nose in it instead flying by with a little poke check . Cotter continues to disappoint and will until he gets therapy. LT is the most improved player over the last 10 games really impressed with his overall focus, im excited i think we can win with him . Different topic but if any one from the Knights reads any of this dribble maybe they could get a message to the promo people who decide what to put on the expensive big glossy handouts that litter the floors . Maybe they could spend a little time on the hockey fans. How about when we come in they have a 8×12 piece of white paper with some good information on it . Who is actually in the line up a little about the new players where they came from stats,( the one they provide is missing players) add tonight’s lineups, injury reports ,scratch’s ect. Hockey fans want information, give us a small piece of paper we can fold and keep in our hand , also maybe announce over the loudspeakers at each periods end that it is courtesy to not get up and leave when the puck is in play . Vegas is still a new NHL town and every game there are new people that think they are at a football game . Hockey is a very fluid game and its not ok to just get up whenever they please, it ruins it for the fans behind them . Educate the fans and continue to do so please. Here is a thought maybe a goal could be to have the most educated Hockey fans and the rest of the NHL would start giving Vegas the respect we deserve The ushers are very good at holding them back until play stops but can not stop someone from getting up , put it on the address system educate them please!

    • ThG

      if you go to the game you get a poster when you first enter, if you know where to look for it.

      If you watch the game on TV you will find the announcers telling you stats on all players and both teams for most of the game, which is annoying to most of us veteran fans who want to know who is on the ice (which they rarely tell you which shift is on the ice).

    • Pistol Pete

      I thought Dorofeyev had maybe his best overall NHL game. Think Ken should have given him at least one star setting up the first two Stone goals as he did. Can he keep it up? Me thinks he can!

    • Jim

      Tv announcers—–Gaucher is a pain, he constantly rattles off his prepared “Streak stats”, i.e. how many games so and so has scored, or how many games x team has lost in a row etc., instead of doing the damn job he is paid for, PLAY by PLAY.

      fans do NOT want to hear stats regurgitated while important action is occurring.

    • VGK fan

      I’m a season ticket holder since year 2 and just signed a 3 year extension. It would have been nice if the VGK didn’t take away the one free water or one free pop for the designated drivers.

    • niggles

      My wife and I missed Stones first goal bc of a fily coming into the game late, blocked our view squeezing by us. Annoying!

  11. Canada

    I’m talking about the poster its useless to a hockey fan . The little kids may like it for the picture that’s it. They can do better.

  12. Pistol Pete

    Eichel had lower body surgery “week to week”. Not good. He’ll miss the All-Star game but hopefully ready for the playoffs assuming they get that far without him. What a chance for Pav to step up and play with Stephenson and Stone. Hopefully Karlsson back sooner.

    • Pistol Pete

      My assumption he misses the AS game.

      • Pistol Pete

        What a piece of foul luck. A loose skate blade causing the injury looks like.

        • Richie-Rich

          Any report on the actual injury and surgical procedure? If it was his achilles that’s definitely a long term recovery. Even with the surgical repair the chances of rein jury are super high. Yes, I think this is Dorofeyev’s golden chance. I’d like to see more of BB as well. They say he has a great snapshot. Wouldn’t that be nice! Eichel’s still young, hope he comes back 100%.

          • Pistol Pete

            I would hope the fact he was able to look 100% when he came back from the dressing room precludes an Achilles injury. I was there. It was like Jack was completely recovered skating at full speed.

  13. knights fan in minny

    the captain said enough is enough chands was good logan was solid you guys are right about pav to step up did have a nice game we will see what the boys are mad of with out jack

  14. LVsc

    Tough sledding is ahead UNLESS the Vgk are able to pull a Winnipeg.

    What that means is that Winnipeg actually did better, 12-2-2, after their star scorer Kyle Connor went out long term with a knee injury.

    BUT, it has to be done with DEFENSIVE emphasis, like the Jets did it. It has to be done like the game vs Nashville. They CANNOT outscore the other team on a regular basis. They will have to win 2-1 games to succeed and remain in a playoff spot.

    However, it also must be noted that the Jets did not have Scheifele and Morrissey out as well at the same time as Connor. The Vgk also have Karlsson and Theodore out along with Eichel. Thus it will be far more difficult to remain afloat like Winnipeg did.

    • LVsc

      also, Winnipeg had Hellebuyck healthy and in goal during Connor’s absence…the Vgk do not have Hill healthy, to go along with Eichel, Karlsson, Theodore, Carrier etc

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