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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to sweep their back-to-back situation with a victory over the visiting Nashville Predators. The Predators got on the scoreboard first 5:35 into the opening period. Minutes later the Golden Knights drew a hooking penalty and had several chances on the early power play. Vegas wouldn’t score but later set up veteran defenseman Alex Pietrangelo’s third goal of the season. With under a minute left in the opening 20 minutes Nashville jumped ahead 2-1. 

Nashville took a two-goal edge deep into the middle frame and later added to their lead. After 40 minutes of action visitors held a 4-1 advantage. 

After missing some time in the 2nd period William Karlsson came back to score his 18th goal on the power play. With under three minutes remaining Michael Amadio got Vegas within one. Moments later Nashville scored an empty net to spoil the home team’s night. 

The Golden Knights record drops to 32-18-6 losing to the Predators 5-3. Vegas will next face the Toronto Maple Leads on Thursday night. Puck drop against the Leafs is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Was not Adin Hill’s night which put the Golden Knights in a pretty deep hole. Nashville came in with a plan on playing a physical brand of hockey and Vegas did not respond very well. It was a valiant effort trying to get back into it in the 3rd but they came up short. Plus, Mark Stone leaving in the 2nd period leaves plenty of room for concern. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Nashville Predators at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Digging into the Karlsson, Stone, Stephenson line

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Paul Cotter
** Alex Pietrangelo
* William Karlsson



A Look Back At The 11 Players To Score In Their First VGK Game


VGK Crumbled Under Nashville’s Physical Brand Of Hockey


  1. DeezNutz

    This team puts me to sleep they are so boring to watch. Not talented enough for a half decent powerplay, our defense is slow and old, Hill has come crashing back down to earth and their only reliable goal scorers are Jack Eichel and sometimes Marcchessault. Jot to mention Eichel is a really good play maker who has no one to pass to when he’s healthy. I (ove Wild Bill too but the fact that we rely on him to defend the best of the best and carry the offense at the same time is laughable. Barbashev was a beyond terrible contract signing. Good luck out scoring the Leafs. Matthews has more offensive talent than our entire roster combined.

    • TS

      Deez, , Awwww, come on— tell us what you REALLY think!! Don’t hold back!!

    • Bobby

      You hit the nail on the head… I’m slightly less critical on Barbashev, but we need a couple of trade deadline moves at the least.

  2. Richie-Rich

    You know it is a weird night when Cotter gets a Star from SinBin after a complete shitshow. Cotter couldn’t find the net at all tonight. In fact, he’s regressed so badly that he needs to be a healthy scratch. That missed puck with his foot in the first period resulted in a Nashville goal.

    How the F*CK could you give Cotter a Star? Okay, I guess after the worst game in Golden Knight history you had to give it to someone, …. I guess.

    Here is my analysis….
    Game 56 Analysis NSH 5 VGK 3

    What is there to analyze about this game? For nearly 55 minutes, it is the worst game the Golden Knights have played since year 1. What is worse than the Stanley Cup Champions losing 3 straight games at home.

    They got outplayed by Nashville in every single aspect of hockey. I can’t point to a single hockey statistic, not one.

    Awful, not looking even close to a championship caliber team.

    Country Club Atmosphere

    Cotter has regressed – big time. I wear his jersey, but believe me it is going into retirement after his shit show tonight. Cotter flies around the ice, tries to skate through 1, 2, 3, 4, and sometimes even 5 opposing players without a thought of passing the puck. How many more times are we going to watch him circle around the net only to be stripped of the puck? I have seen enough of Paul Cotter, and Pistol Pete will tell you … I have been hoping beyond hope that he’d take his game to another level. He hasn’t and it’s only gotten worse.

    At this point, I am hoping that the VGK can at least get into the playoffs as a Wild Card, because they are not even close to playing well.

    Next up, Toronto at home on Thursday

    My Stars:

    • ThG

      agree on cotter

      he consistently misses the puck

      there is no evidence for country club bull shit comment, none.

      injuries yes country club no – more like too many AHL players, patches hypocrite of all time, brings team to all his New York eateries , he was cause of “country club” bull spit, his agent also sucks big time.

  3. Hill not the entire reason for loss but didn’t help much either. I know the rational for pulling the goals but l also know in vegas’ case it never works out as they can’t keep the pressure on to stay in o zone. The pp another failure besides the one wild bill scored on. Cotter can’t buy a goal for the life of him as he had a number of chances again tonight. Thursday Will be a huge test.

  4. ct500lt1

    Cassidy needs to change something. The play on the wall and getting trapped in the corner is not working. They all looked sleepy tonight. Thursday should be another shit show..

  5. Zak Zwilling

    I’m not sure what is wrong with this team and I’m no expert but it appears some nights only a few guys stand out and appear to really want to win and look like it….the rest look like they are waiting for someone else to do something. Not to mention that our power play stinks and it’s embarrassing watching it. Could it be that our boys are bored with regular season games and want to fast forward to the playoffs? We seem to be back in that same old rut of not being able to score 5 on 5 and on the power play. Poor Aiden looked shell shocked and pissed during one of the breaks. He can’t be expected to overcome a shitty effort by our best players. (BTW, I can’t believe they let Cody Glass come back and kick our asses…pathetic)

  6. Niggles

    At least we beat San Jose

  7. Rashaad

    It was a bad game. They are slumping a bit. It happens. I don’t think it’s their worst game since year one as Richie Rich says, I think that’s a gross over exaggeration. If it is then we truly are blessed as a fan base because on Saturday Tampa lost 9-2 to Florida and Anaheim lost 9-2 to Toronto. That’s about as recent as you can get. Minnesota just beat the 1st place team in the League in Vancouver 10-7 and scored 7 third period goals.

    Again gross over exaggeration.

    All they have to do is just get into the playoffs. I’m probably one of the younger people who post here, so I’m surprised I have to say this, but you all have to understand that adversity is a good thing. Boston breezed through the standings last year with no adversity and they lost in the first round. Edmonton does not win 16 in a row and look as great as they do now if they didn’t lose so badly at the beginning of the season. They lost games to Chicago and San Jose and they were fully healthy. That terrible start by Edmonton helped carve out what they are now.

    As for Paul Cotter, the regular season is the time to find out what a player is. If Dorofeyev were healthy, Cotter would be on the bench.

    • TS

      Rashard, RIGHT ON!! Realistic, but not scathing– good to have a little optimism in this slump. I’m disappointed, but not ready to panic. YET.

  8. JB

    Right on schedule, it seems, Stoney hurt, now out! If he and Jack are going to be out for some time, then I think management will make some moves in next two weeks? A crucial three weeks now, just to MAKE the playoffs. I still believe, but with injuries and Hill not sharp, it’s going to take a total effort from the team.

  9. ThG

    the parallel to two years ago is uncanny, injuries mount
    and schedule is not good; meaning that hockey like baseball is very similar. Both require constant playing . In order to keep your timing. Both involve hitting an object, and stopping an object going over 80 mph. When you don’t play you lose your timing.

    let’s hope they don’t fade as much as they did two years ago

    or cassidy will be out of job, like deboar was.

  10. Tim

    JB at least we beat San Jose 3 home loses in a row with Toronto coming to town. I’m sure management will get creative depending if Stone and Eichel are out long term. Were going to make the playoffs but it could be the forth seat in the Pacific the way were playing. Thank god baseball is starting it eases the pain of the Knights mediocracy.

  11. anand

    knights fan in minny. You are funny. Your comments kill me sometimes. LOL

  12. Richie-Rich

    There are 26 games remaining in the regular season.

    The VGK is currently in 2nd place in the Pacific, 10 points behind Vancouver with 2 games currently in hand. Our playoff position is 2nd in the Pacific and currently the 5th seed overall. The VGK record since the all star break is 2-3 for a .400 winning percentage. That’s going to have to improve – significantly.

    1-VAN 80 (24) .690 +54
    2-DAL 76 (25) .667 +38
    3-COL 74 (25) .649 +30
    4-WPG 73 (28) .676 +37
    5-VGK 70 (26) .625 +26
    6-EDM 67 (30) .644 +37

    Wild Cards
    7-LAK 66 (28) .611 +24
    8-STL 60 (27) .545 -10, NSH 60 (26) .536 -10

    REMAINING GAMES *Playoff Team, **Wild Card Team (MW = must win game)

    26 2/22 H-TOR*
    25 2/24 A-OTT (MW)
    24 2/27 A-TOR*
    23 2/29 A-BOS*
    22 3/02 A-BUF (MW)
    21 3/04 A-CBJ (MW)
    20 3/07 H-VAN*
    19 3/09 H-DET**
    18 3/12 A-SEA (MW)
    17 3/14 A-CGY (MW)
    16 3/17 H-NJD (MW)
    15 3/19 H-TBL**
    14 3/21 H-SEA (MW)
    13 3/23 H-CBJ (MW)
    12 3/25 A-STL**
    11 3/26 A-NSH**
    10 3/28 A-WPG*
    09 3/30 A-MIN***
    08 4/02 H-VAN*
    07 4/05 A-ARI (MW)
    06 4/08 A-VAN*
    05 4/10 A-EDM*
    04 4/12 H-MIN***
    03 4/14 H-COL*
    02 4/16 H-CHI (MW)
    01 4/18 H-ANA (MW)
    As of 21 February, 9 of the remaining 26 games are against top 6 playoff teams, 4 are against wild card teams. The Wild are on the bubble in the West, making two additional games against teams contending for the playoffs. There are others, including the Devils who are just 2 points out of a WC spot with 2 games in hand on the Lightning. The bottom line is that more than half of the remaining schedule will be against playoff teams or teams on the bubble.

    If the VGK maintain a 625 winning percentage they will win another 16.25 games. This will have them at 102 or 104 points at the end of the season.

    I have marked the schedule of must wins (MW) that will bring the total wins to 11 (22 points). Those games are against teams not currently in a playoff or wild card spot. If the VGK were to win just 11 of the remaining 26 games they would likely not make the playoffs with 92 points.

    The VGK will likely need a minimum of 100 points to guarantee a playoff spot, meaning that an additional 4 games need to be won out of the 26.

    The bottom line here is that the road ahead is not going to be easy. If the VGK wins 50% of the remaining games (13) they will end up with 96 points. In my opinion, that puts them into a position of possibly not making it in.

  13. The wife and I went to the game last night sitting in section 20 about 12 rows up from the glass behind the goal…terrible seats as cant see the action on other end and difficult to watch on the Tron too…can hear pucks missing the net and players crunched up along boards…mostly VGK players sadly…watched Hill letting in 2 waaaaaay softies….saw little offense at all…i will be diplomatic about that…and after 2 periods was part of the procession to leave T Mobile…trust me there were throngs of fans doing the same…when i saw denisenko skating in warmups i suspected a long night…we were behind the goal where VGK would be ‘attacking’ in the 2nd period but sadly we only saw glimpses of them in the offensive zone the whole time…and that was enough to hit the door as this presently constitued lineup is not the kind the overcome a 3 goal deficit…even though gamely they did try…at least Thompson wont have to face matthews attemtping to score his 50th as the leafsare at the yotes tonight and he could very well have his 3rd hat trick of the week!

  14. Danny Gallivan

    outshot 29-9 (shots attempted) in the first period at home by a bubble team. Guess they simply do not want it bad enough.

    Takeaway from this game is the physical punishing by Nashville of the suddenly soft tarnished Knights, and the complete lack of pushback from the Vgk. First they took out Karlsson, then they took out Stone, and I guess they would have next taken out Jack too if he was not already taken out by another opponent.

    No scrums, no fights, nothing but lame attempts by a clumsy Hague to throw a check, and then fell down while his man tipped the puck into the net.

    I guess the V in Vgk stands for victims now, cuz the Knights are getting their top players bullied, and doing nothing about it.

    This team needs more grit, more toughness, more board battlers, and a lot more Conn Smythe, and a lot less Lady Byng.

    the current bunch is playing like a bunch of pokechecking pansies.

    What happened to the McNabb hip checks? what happened to the Kolesar check on Tkachuk? where is the payback to THEIR top guys?

    Even Cody effin 2 goals Glass was able to skate around at will in the Vegas zone.

    and the 6 on 5 Vgk effort? pathetic once again.

    let the trades begin, cuz this is more of a repeat of 2 years ago than a repeat of last year.

  15. Extremely well stated…and extremely well—concurred as i have often stated the same things as well before…hockey is waaaaay different from when i first started watching over 50 years ago…its partially the fraternization and partially the ‘safety rules’ mandated and imposed over the years…but…i notice a team in the other conference…a team that is steamrolling opponents over and over and take no prisoners…a team we are quite familiar with… the panthers….they play their style and dont really care what others think or consequences might be…we dont have to emulate all those shenanigans but for sure it gets in the heads of opponents and helps them alter thier game to compensate!

  16. This will sound terrible….but…it might be for the best…everyone else will have to work that much harder and be that more efficient in their approach to the game…tomorrow night will be a great first test…the really terrible part is quite frankly Stoney was not really very efficient or capable these last few weeks…his scoring and assisting have been way down…and his defensive acuity has not been up to his personal levels…so its possible he was already nursing some hidden ailments…as is the case for many over the long 82 game slog of a season…we paly the leafs twice in 5 days plus we play at ottawa who score lots of goals…its time to put our best feet forward with what the roster is !!

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