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Recap: In the final game of 2022, the Golden Knights took on a tired Nashville Predators team coming off a back-to-back. Vegas started off well with multiple chances but couldn’t convert. The Preds did not have that problem as they scored twice to take a 2-0 lead. Vegas notched one before the break on a Keegan Kolesar tip-in.

The Golden Knights came out firing in the 2nd scoring less than two minutes into the fame. A beautiful tic-tac-toe play from Stephenson to Stone to Amadio leveled the score. Then, Reilly Smith buried one from right in front to give the Golden Knights the lead. Brayden McNabb took a 5-minute major and got ejected from the game, but VGK killed off the penalty with the help of two Nashville penalties along the way.

Chandler Stephenson lengthened the lead in the 3rd as the Golden Knights seemed to be coasting towards a victory. But, then things turned and Filip Foseberg took his turn at taking over the game. He scored twice including his hat trick goal to tie the game with just a few seconds left in regulation.

A post and a delayed penalty told the story in overtime as the Golden Knights dodged Forsberg’s 4th goal and then got a Nic Hague bomb on the delayed penalty to seal the win.

The Golden Knights’ record improves to 25-12-2 after beating the Predators 5-4 in overtime. Vegas will head to Colorado next to take on the defending champions. Puck drop against the Avalanche is scheduled for 6 PM. (Recap by Ken)

Analysis: It was a game with a bunch of wild swings on the scoreboard but not as much so on the ice. VGK played the game they want to play for most of the afternoon despite going down 2-0 early. They stuck with it through a great 2nd period and then kept the foot on the pedal in the 3rd. Then… they seemed to run out of gas, which is scary considering they were the team with 2 days off playing one on a back-to-back. Thompson’s OT magic continues as he’s still never allowed a goal in the extra frame. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Nashville Predators at T-Mobile Arena.

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Keegan Kolesar
** Chandler Stephenson
* Mark Stone



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  1. TS

    Now THAT is the ROCKET SHOT I’ve seen in Hague at practice!! He finally showed his potential today! Good game for all, esp. given our player deficits. Penalties are obviously excessive. Tied us with 3 seconds left, not pretty. Mcnabb’s hit was unintentional, hope no big penalties ensue for him. A home win is BIG right now. HAPPY SAFE, HEALTHY, PEACEFUL NEW YEAR TO THE WORLD!!

  2. Jvar2

    Happy New Year

  3. THE hockey GOD

    no 1 star hague
    no 2 star hague
    no 3 star hague
    he played a great overall game, stepped up when two d men went down
    then when you thought all was lost

    HRMB !!

    BOOM !

    PS cotton, more cotton

  4. knights fan in minny

    good way to end the year logan won that game would like to see some rockets from hague the squad really needs some bodies back see what 2023 brings

    • TS

      Kfim, So far, so good…may your new year resolution bring you happiness and peace for ALL on SINBIN!!

  5. Jailbird

    Exciting win after giving up that goal with seconds left. Happy New Year to all you true Knights fans!

  6. vgk21

    Gutsy win. Great effort by the dmen. kudos to Hague, who is improving and learning with the added ice time and responsibility.

    2023 hopefully brings VGK a healthy team and a playoff run.

  7. Mark

    Blood and Guts, we have to give our guys credit, like Reggie Dunlop said about Ned Braden’s wife, “their just scraping”.

    • knights fan in minny

      get the foil

    • Mark

      Even that Chief punk Tim McKraken would be proud. I don’t want to end up in the clink, but $100 bounties need to start being issued, Dave “killer” Carlson needs to be reinvented ! Don’t ever get me started on Hanrahan’s wife !!

  8. Roberto

    There are secondary assists, primary assists and then Mark Stone assists.

    Confident I could get a point a game being on the same line as Stone. Dude does everything except swing the stick for you.

    Fun game.

    Happy New Year to everyone. Let’s all resolve to tune down the noise, and enjoy the ride more.

  9. Jailbird

    IF we get all our boys back and STAY healthy, then I believe we ARE a legitiment Cup contender! Like said above, let’s tone down the complaining and enjoy our team!

  10. Pistol Pete

    Happy New Year y’all!!! What an uplifting win to end 2022 and the Kings were not as fortunate losing to the Flyers at home.

    Avs away Monday, 8 game home stand followed by 6 on the road. It’s going to be interesting and hopefully with a mostly healthy roster!

  11. THE hockey GOD

    no 2
    no 9
    no 81
    no 43
    no 27
    no 21

    Paging Dr Howard, Dr Fine, Dr Howard

    to the ER now.

    Paging Dr Howard, DR Fine, Dr HOWARD, to the ER now.

    Meanwhile, somewhere in basement of a dark , dank,
    nondescript building in the slums of Gotham City

    “come on, baby, daddy needs a new pair of shoes”
    “hey moe , Hey larry, pass the dice”.
    “stop hogging all the table you lame brain”
    nyuk , nyuk, nyuk.”
    “we better get back to the ER”
    “they may be paging us”
    “one more roll, come on”
    “let’s go, we need to stop at the commissary
    we need to get cotton”.
    “more cotton” !!

  12. Tim

    Another shorthanded win take them when you can. Colorado and then a 7 game home stand should be interesting.

  13. knights fan in minny

    martini to the ir

  14. JV

    Wondering when Brossiot gets called up. Can’t keep expecting to win giving up 3 + goals a game, injuries or not. Plus, Brossiot is used to playing behind a lot of these guys. His last start GAA 1.00 sv% .960. Showcase for a trade maybe?

    • knights fan in minny

      can he play defense

    • Henderson's Finest

      So who are you sending down? And there are salary cap restrictions you need to deal with. Brossiot has been good with a depleted HSK defense in front of him but there is no room at the Inn.

  15. Tim

    52 points which we hope is half way home. I figure 104 points would be a reasonable goal. Winning a few more games at home wouldn’t hurt. On our walking wounded all lower body except Paul Cotter undisclosed has anyone else wondered why undisclosed?

  16. Jailbird

    Tuff one with the AVs tonight. McKinnon back for them, we’re still down 7 regulars. Hoping for a win, will take one point.

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