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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to get back on track with an afternoon win over the reeling New Jersey Devils. The game remained scoreless through the first two periods but significantly picked up in the final frame.

New Jersey broke open the scoring 0:38 into the 3rd period. Two minutes later William Carrier recorded his first goal since December to even the score 1-1. Jack Eichel grabbed Vegas’ their first lead of the game deep into the period and the reigning champions didn’t let it go. With time winding down William Karlsson sealed the victory with an empty net score.

The Golden Knights record improves to 36-24-7 defeating the Devils 3-1. Vegas will next hit the ice on Tuesday night against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Puck drop against the Lightning is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis:  A sloppy game for the first 40 minutes, but the Golden Knights started to find their footing as the 2nd ended. An early goal gave the Devils the lead but VGK instantly pushed back very well to tie it and eventually take the lead. It wasn’t the best start to the period, but that’s the 3rd period they’ve been looking for. (Analysis by Ken)


Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. New Jersey Devils at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Assessing the defensive log jam

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Jack Eichel
** William Karlsson
* Noah Hanifin


Mark Stone “Had An Apparatus Attached To His Spine” In January 2023 Back Surgery


Back Pressure Against Devils Must Persist For VGK To Keep Winning


  1. DeezNutz

    A win is good but the fact that it was so close on the scoreboard is still concerning. NJ on a back to back and Allen is one of the worst goalies in the league. I’d let the 3 stooges Hill/Hague/Whitecloud sit for the next game Hutton is a much better skater and seems to want it more.

    • Rashaad

      Deez Nuts, you’re a bit odd! What great things have you accomplished in life that makes you justified in calling Stanley Cup Champion athletes stooges. You have the loyalty of a two dollar hooker.

    • TS

      Deez, i’m.betting Allen had the best game of his career today. We threw everything we had at him, but he was a wall for most of the game. LT also had a really sharp game.

      • DeezNutz

        Wolf also had the nest game of his career. We face Tampa Bay on Tuesday and Vasy has been having the worst season of his career so I’m sure he will look like Vezina Vasy when we face him. I hope I’m wrong.

    • ThG

      whitecloud and hague were plus/minus zero, they needed a maintenance day, they will be back.

      all of sudden marty is healthy ?

  2. Rashaad

    They did enough to win. The two points is the most important thing and they got them.

    Impressive win? Not really,

    Hopefully they keep getting better.

  3. JB

    Every game is a struggle, but, the two points is what matters! Benching Whitey and Hager sends a message. Hope I’m proved wrong, but I see nothing from Mantha right now.

    • knights fan in minny

      does the big oaf hit anybody at least cottar will use the body

      • DeezNutz

        Minny mouse the team needs players who can shoot like NHL players and Cotter can’t. Let Mantha get used to the system and his teammates and stop crying about him everyday he should be the least of your concerns you fucking wet wipe

    • ID 10 T

      Everything & I mean everything that I read about Mantha was that smarter people than me noted he was a lazy player … I don’t fully know what that means in the hockey world ,whether it’s practice , selflessness on the ice , taking care of himself off ice with training and diet -,- I don’t know.. but I always read that Bill Foli only wanted the staff to sign character guys who lived up to VGK ethics on and off the ice … I hope that’s true for Mantha with Vegas …

  4. knights fan in minny

    a well needed wi n allen was a stud logan did his job noah fits in nicely a minutes eater can anyone tell me what mantha does out there i do not see much

    • DeezNutz

      Hey minny mouse every goalie is a “stud” against VGK. Why don’t you and Rashaad go rent a room for the night and have sex with each other.

      • knights fan in minny

        why dont you fuck off pussy boy

      • TS

        Deez. Are you ALWAYS a dick, or do you save it for Sinbin? Come on, dude.

        • DeezNutz

          “Yeah that’s a room for 3…1 bed thanks”

          – TS circa March 2024

      • Rashaad

        Ha ha ha ha Deez Nuts, I just saw this now.

        What ever gay sex fantasy you are having is your business and I don’t judge but why talk it about it on a hockey site. I don’t know if it matters to you that I am straight but I am not going to do the gay fantasy sex scenario that you are suggesting. Also, I am sure you can find what you are looking for on a gay porn site. Good luck!


        • TS

          RASHAAD, good one! Idk what this guy’s, but he’s sure GRUMPY!

        • TS

          Rashaad, good one! IDK what this guy’s, but he sure is GRUMPY. Maybe a lousy sex life?? Lol

  5. Emmanuel

    Hanifin’s good…….real good…..

    • knights fan in minny

      yes he is

    • Rashaad

      Hanifin is great, but I am not going to get too excited until he signs an extension.

      • Pistol Pete

        Hanifin is good. You can be sure they’ll sign him. He’s a big piece of the now and the future.

        • Net29

          Bet they already have a deal done for Hanifin…gave up a nice piece of assets to get him. Just not announced yet.

          • Jeff

            Great to have Carrier back with his speed and hitting creating some chaos on offense. I agree with Jose’s lines, just curious what you think they will look like when Stone gets back for game 1 of the playoffs?

  6. Jose

    Agree on Mantha. Once Hertl draws in Mantha will have to start showing something or one of Howden or Cotter will take his spot.



    • Pistol Pete

      Jose that is exactly how I have it and agree on Mantha. He has got 21 goals on the year though and could be a sleeper with Hertl so we’ll just have to wait and see.

  7. Pistol Pete

    I was there. No lack of compete. Wasn’t the problem before. Isn’t now. There are issues but the lack of urgency is not among them. 9-6 gets to 97 pts almost for sure a WC berth.

    Had the pleasure of sitting next to Richie-Rich. Row D behind the net that shoots twice. Thanks again buddy!

  8. PP – did you happen to see the Devil’s goal – Vegas was waltzing around out there like they had a 5-goal lead – I believe that lack of urgency has something to do with that. In fact if you listen to interviews after the games they speak to that vey subject most of the time. I hope your right and they can put a few games back in the win column sooner rather than later. We all should be hoping those that are trailing loose. Winning the three at home this week would be a great start.

    • Richie-Rich

      That goal came early in the 3rd period. If I recall correctly, Petro fumbled the puck and was slow to get back. That led to the NJD goal. He made up for it with an assist later though.

    • Pistol Pete

      hdbiker if you want to think this team lacks the urgency to win and repeat you are entitled to that view but imo you tend to misinterpret making mistakes or not achieving results with lack of urgency. Apparently Petro was nonchalant in allowing that goal and magically his “urgency” returned minutes later with a shot that resulted in a goal.

  9. A better effort, not great by any means.

    A concerning game against a team that effectively had nothing to play for and on a back-to back.

    That said, a much improved defensive effort, which is our calling card and the way we need to play and win games now and moving forward.

    Ive said it before and yes I will say it again, SHOOT the puck Jack, only good things will happen if the puck is put on net!!

  10. Oh and yes, Logan should be back in goal on Tuesday!

  11. Bolts1

    very necessary win.

    the effort was better except for one guy, Theodore….he nearly lost the game for them with his lackadaisical loafing in the first period. he let guys like Meier and Bratt just skate right by him… that they have 8 dmen sit his ass next game and let him think it over…that is internal competition

  12. Richie-Rich

    Game 67 Analysis VGK 3 NJD 1

    It was fun attending this game with Pistol Pete in Section 11, Row D!

    VGK improves to 36-24-7, 79pts .590, +16 GF/GA

    The team remains 3 points behind the Predators for the 1st Wild Card spot with a game in hand, and is tied with the Kings for the 3rd playoff spot with 79pts. Apparently the Kings own the tiebreaker at this point.

    This game was pretty much a cluster phuck for 40 minutes. The VGK had numerous great chances but failed to score. For the 2nd game in a row Marchy looked less like a superhero. The fourth line looked excellent throughout the game. Missteps by both Pietrangelo and Marchy both almost ended up in a goal for the Devils. Thompson played well and Marchy had to take an interference call on a pass that got by his stick, which would have wound up a breakaway.

    There are 15 games left in the season. A 9-6 record gets the team to 97, 10-5 to 99. The Golden Knights are in control of their own destiny. Next game is at home vs the Lightning 36-25-6, 78pts, .582, +10 GF/GA and have won 3 straight. The Lightning are well coached and in the 1st Wild Card spot in the east. The Blues have won 4 straight games and now trail the VGK by just 4 pts for the 2nd wild card in the west. The Wild are 5 pts back of the VGK. The Golden Knights do have a game in hand on both the Blues and the Wild.

    SINCE ALL STAR BREAK *Playoff Team, **Wild Card Team (MW = must win game)

    26 2/22 H-TOR* LOSS 7-3 0-1-0
    25 2/24 A-OTT (MW) LOSS 4-3 OTL 0-1-1
    24 2/27 A-TOR* WIN 6-2 1-1-1
    23 2/29 A-BOS* LOSS 5-4 1-2-1
    22 3/02 A-BUF (MW) LOSS 2-7 1-3-1
    21 3/04 A-CBJ (MW) LOSS 3-6 1-4-1
    20 3/07 H-VAN* LOSS 1-3 1-5-1
    19 3/09 H-DET** WIN 4-3 2-5-1
    18 3/12 A-SEA (MW) WIN 5-4 OT 3-5-1
    17 3/14 A-CGY (MW) LOSS 1-4 3-6-1
    16 3/17 H-NJD (MW) WIN 3-1 4-6-1

    REMAINING GAMES 9-6 or 10-5 finish will likely get them into the post season 97 or 99pts.

    15 3/19 H-TBL**
    14 3/21 H-SEA (MW)
    13 3/23 H-CBJ (MW)
    12 3/25 A-STL**
    11 3/26 A-NSH**
    10 3/28 A-WPG*
    09 3/30 A-MIN***(MW)
    08 4/02 H-VAN*
    07 4/05 A-ARI (MW)
    06 4/08 A-VAN*
    05 4/10 A-EDM*
    04 4/12 H-MIN***(MW)
    03 4/14 H-COL*
    02 4/16 H-CHI (MW)
    01 4/18 H-ANA (MW)

    • Pistol Pete

      Blues need 10-4 for 95 pts

      Wild needs 11-3 for 96 pts

      VGK needs 9-6 for 97 pts

      VGK could still finish in 3rd and play EDM in the first round vs. playing VAN, WPG, COL or DAL.

  13. Earl the Replanted Transplant

    outshoot other team and good things usually happen.

  14. ThG

    they won, quit your whining you biden sniffer , sock stuffing, moes

  15. Alex

    Logan Thompson looked great – think there’s any chance he gets the start against Tampa?

  16. Tim

    RR & PP pretty cool you met at the game and I’m glad after two periods of goose eggs they took over in the third period. If you can’t score on Jake Allen who spent time in the AHL this year I said to myself even a shitty goaltender can shut us down For me after 2 periods knowing the Knights history I went to Netflix and enjoyed a movie. I looked at my phone and low and behold they actually won the game kudos to them. Now were on a one game win streak. Hertl can’t come fast enough for me hopefully he can add some firepower. Hannifin not signing yet is a little disturbing because he’s really good and I hope Kelly has a contact agreed to by both parties.Next years team will definitely be revamped as the saying goes speed kills and all these teams are out skating us. Let’s hope we make the playoffs and hopefully we can put an end to this miserable regular season and start off zero zero in the playoffs and regain our MoJo.

    • The hockey God

      real fans don’t “go to netflex” in middle of game

      did you hit your head falling out of your lazy boy again, TIMMAH !!

      and real fans get the game piped in, no matter what

  17. Pistol Pete

    According to Craig Berube (and he ought to know) Allen is a solid goalie, a back-up but solid. He sure was this game going 2 GA-34/36= .944. Anything but mediocre.

  18. Richie-Rich

    I don’t think we will ever see Paul Cotter on the ice again as a Golden Knight. He has all of the skills except has no nose at all for the goal. None.

    • The hockey God

      don’t be so hard on cotter, sophomore jinx is real thing for many nhl caliber players. He will be back and FO will be foolish to let him go knowing fully well about the sophomore jinx in NHL. I give him one more year with organization. Cassidy is not giving up with him as he spends extra time coaching cotter. He’s a good kid and deserves another year.

      • Rashaad

        I got no issue with Paul Cotter. He should definitely be sitting because they have better options at the moment, but he may not be a finished product and doesn’t really take up much in regards to salary cap. Progression is not always lineal. Maybe his trajectory is to take a little step back before rising again.

  19. RR, it is incredibly bizarre that has turned into the case, 3 years ago when we couldnt score under DeBoer, I was clamoring for them to call Cotter up as he had shown in his brief few games in the NHL he was a creator and shooter, sadly they never did.

    Ironically, I thought he played his best game last time he was in the lineup, made a couple of really good setups after actually maintaining the puck in the offensive zone!

    As most of our draft picks have been traded away, and with no pipeline from the AHL, save maybe for Brisson, Cotter actually may be a part of our future on the 3rd or 4th line.

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