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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking for their second straight win by hosting the New Jersey Devils. Vegas jumped on the board first after Jonathan Marchessault scored an acrobatic goal for his 18th of the season. The Devils took advantage of a Brett Howden penalty and evened the score later in the period. In the closing minute of the opening period, New Jersey grabbed the lead and took a 2-1 advantage into the 1st intermission.

Marchessault added his second of the game 12:50 into the middle frame to tie the game. The game was locked at 2-2 after 40 minutes of action.

Early in the third period, Jack Eichel gave Vegas the lead by slipping the puck through Akira Schmid’s pads. New Jersey found the equalizer late in the period forcing overtime. The Devils took all nine shots in overtime, but goalie Adin Hill stood on his head frustrating New Jersey. Shea Theodore ended the game in the fourth round of shootout, giving Vegas two more points.

The Golden Knights’ record improves to 37-19-6 defeating the Devils 4-3. Vegas will conclude their homestand on Sunday as they welcome in the Montreal Canadiens. Puck drop against the Canadiens is scheduled for 3 PM.(Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights were not the better team on this night. They got outskated by a wide margin in the 1st period and fortunately exited down just one. They played much better in the 2nd and a bit better in the 3rd, but then overtime was an abomination. In the end, sometimes all that matters in the game of hockey is the guy between the pipes. Adin Hill put in an absolute masterclass and stole two points for the Golden Knights. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. New Jersey Devils at T-Mobile Arena.

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars

Honorable mention – Jonathan Marchessault
*** Adin Hill
** Adin Hill
* Adin Hill


VGK Have Plenty Of Younger Players, But Most Of Their Offense Comes From Players North Of 30


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  1. Pistol Pete

    13-7-0 = 106 points

    Thank you Adin Hill (46/49) including being unreal in OT and the SO.

    Barbashev (2 A)-Eichel (1 G/1 A)- Marchessault (2 G/1 A)

    Barbashev: 3 A in 3 games. Consider: Last season he did 26 G/36 A.

  2. Roberto

    What an OT and SO by Hill.

  3. JV

    Wow, didn’t think Hill had a game like that in him.
    “What a performance, D’Artagnan, what a performance!”

  4. Frank

    Hill absolutely the reason why the VGK won this game. Altho, great too to see Marchessault get off the schneid…… Good win, now have racked up two wins against two of the best teams in the east… No letdown Sunday!!! Let’s keep it rolling!

  5. Jailbird

    Hill … Hill … HILL … ! Nuff said! Amazing game!

  6. TS

    And Marchy is the master of the net!! The smallest guy seems to have the BIGGEST presence on the ice, every game. Any thoughts of trading him is ABSURD!!

    • Sorvino

      Nice to see Marchessault score. In the 20 games before last night he only scored in one of those 20 games which was a 2 goal game against Tampa. So in the last 21 games, he did not score in 19 of them. That is ABSURDLY terrible production for someone who plays on the top line with Jack Eichel, and is on the first power play.

      Reilly Smith has 2 goals in 23 games.

      William Karlsson hasn’t scored a goal in his last 13 games, hasn’t scored since January but he does other things to help the team.

      Combined goals by the misfits in the last 23 games is just 9 goals in 69 games.


      Thank God, the fans just sit in the seats and the management runs the team because if it was up to the fans the misfits would be given lifetime contracts and Marc Andre Fluery would still be here.

      Last 23 games…..

      Reilly Smith 2 goals
      Jonathan Marchessault 4 goals
      William Karlsson 3 goals

      TS, do you think that it is acceptable that these three players have a combined 9 goals in their last 69 games? They make a combined 15.9 million which is 19% of the salary cap.

      In that same time period Michael Amadio and William Carrier have a combined 9 goals.

      Every player is going to go on slumps, but it seems that the misfits in the past two years have been going on these prolonged scoring slumps much more often. William Karlsson has been doing other things to help the team with his great defense, but the other two need to step up much more.

      TS, everyone gets old, and father time has never been defeated. If Marchessault before last night scoring in only one of his previous 19 games is enough for you, then who am I to argue with that but it’s not enough for me as a fan and not enough for the team to progress in the playoffs.

      I like these three players, but they need to be more productive.

      At some point the roster is going to be turned over a bit for newer younger players to come in. Don’t be shocked if Marchessault doesn’t even end his current contract as a Golden Knight. Management has a knack for moving players at the right time.

      It has always been fascinating and baffling to me how some fans just can’t let go of 2017-18. That was a long time ago. Three years before Covid. You don’t get a lifetime membership to stay on the team because you played on the 2017-28 team.

      Jack Eichel represents the nee face of the franchise. He has been carrying this team and will into the future. But if he goes on even a five game slump, the fans want to execute him, but the same fans think it is completely absurd to have any issue with the misfits who have been on a decline.

      I like the misfits and want them on this team and never suggested that any of them be traded this year, but but I did say that next year the roster will have to start turning over and getting younger, and Jonathan Marchessault, being the oldest forward on the team under contract next year could be the logical choice.

      • TS

        Sorvino, I agree that the misfits need to score more. But Marchy brings more to the VGK than points. Drive, energy, passion, grit.. this team needs leaders like him to inspire their own games. Smith is doing OK. I am concerned about Karlson’s slump this season. But, veteran guys like Marchy are worth their salaries if they lead, inspire and push the younger guys.

        • Ts

          Btw: Carrier is the WARRIOR on the team. There has been chatter of trading him, as well…BIG MISTAKE.

        • Sorvino

          In a hard cap system tough decisions will need to be made

        • Sorvino

          Drive, passion, energy, grit are all nice but he is paid to produce. He doesn’t need to inspire other peoples games. That’s like the old stupid narrative that Marc Andre Fluery would inspire with his smile. William Carrier has been great and it has nothing to do with inspiration from Marchessault. These are professionals that are paid to produce. Again, not trying to get rid of him but in a hard cap system tough decisions need to be made. If you think I am crazy then ask Ken who the team would be getting rid of next year if they had traded for Timo Meier and gave him a 10,000,000 qualifying offer.

          I am almost sure his answer would be Alec Martinez followed by Jonathan Marchessault.

          • Ts

            NOOOOOOO!!! Guess I’m more an emotional being, not so much a practical one. .. sigh….

        • THE hockey GOD

          tuna salad sandwich

  7. Sorvino

    The VGK have 12 forwards, 7 defencemen and 2 goalies under contract next year. For this exercise I have added Brett Howden as I believe they retain him at a 1.4 cap hit. The total cap hit of these players is 80.633 million. The salary cap next year is 83.5 million.

    Jack Eichel 10.0
    Mark Stone 9.5
    William Karlsson 5.9
    Jonathan Marchessault 5.0
    Reilly Smith 5.0
    Nic Roy 3.0
    Chandler Stephenson 2.75
    William Carrier 1.4
    Keegan Kolesar 1.4
    Brett Howden 1.4
    Michael Amadio 0.7625
    Paul Cotter 0.760

    Alex Pietrangelo 8.8
    Alec Martinez 5.25
    Shea Theodore 5.2
    Brayden McNabb 2.85
    Zach Whitecloud 2.75
    Nic Hague 2.29415
    Ben Hutton 0.85

    Robin Lehner 5.0
    Logan Thompson 0.76667

    TOTAL 80.6333 million

    EXPIRING CONTRACTS (this years cap hit)
    Ivan Barbashev 2.25
    Teddy Blueger 2.2
    Phil Kessel 1.5
    Adin Hill 2.175
    Laurent Brossoit 2.325
    Jonathan Quick 5.8

    • TS

      Carrier is the best value … May be the most underpaid player on the team.

  8. Sorvino

    Before everyone freaks out about Lehner, there is the option that they can buy him out and his cap hit for the next four years will be….

    2023-24 $750,000
    2024-25 $2,250,000
    2025-26 $1,750,000
    2026-26 $1,750,000

    Whatever number they could resign Hill or Brossoit to plus the $750,000 cap hit a Lehner buyout would be will still likely be under $5,000,000 which is Lehner’s cap hit next year if he is not bought out.

    They will have about three million to spend next year as it is right now. They could explore re-signing Ivan Barbashev. Anything more like going after a Timo Meier or any other potential UFA would mean subtracting from the roster starting with Alec Martinez and Jonathan Marchessault.

  9. knights fan in minny

    one hell of a game hill was absolutely outstanding. marchy has the look back ivan got his feet wet with a couple of helpers does quick make his vegas debut against the habs we cant afford to lose carrier for to long

  10. Sorvino

    Ken, You were against the Jack Eichel trade because of the total acquisition cost which would include more then Alex Tuch and Payton Krebs. Max Pacioretty ended up being another casualty along with draft pick capital to move Dadonov. I agreed with you but now have no choice but to embrace what Jack Eichel brings.

    I don’t know if you were against or for bringing in Timo Meier but if they had been successful in acquiring him and gave him his 10,000,000 qualifying offer which players do you believe would have to be moved to accommodate fitting in Timo Meier.

  11. THE hockey GOD

    along with HILL !!
    incredible lights out!

    The last pk kill was what put them into OT,

    Two down, two more to go.

    The experience gained from last year’s massive injury toll is incalculable , driving this team now. Plus the coach is turning into a push button pete with his line juggling. No. 49 had a great game too. Freddy Kruger was hot and cold.


  12. stats

    Vgk found their thrill on Blueberry Hill.

    Theodore redeemed himself somewhat with the shootout winner, but he played the worst game on D he has played in a long time. he was absolutely horrendous in the first period, and it was 27’s blunders and giveaways that caused Hill to have to stand on his head most of the night.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ stats
      no 27 was hot and cold, cold early, hot later.

      I think it was the double dose of Tull that put this team over the edge this past week.

      ‘In the shuffling madness
      Of the locomotive breath
      Runs the all-time loser
      Headlong to his death
      Oh, he feels the piston scraping
      Steam breaking on his brow
      Old Charlie stole the handle
      And the train it won’t stop
      Oh no way to slow down”

  13. Jailbird

    Like I said earlier, if out goaltending holds up, we can beat anyone! Even when we play a horrendous period like the first. Hill stole that game. Maybe give him a rest and let Quick get in there Sunday?

  14. Vic

    Incredible to steal 2 points when the VGK couldn’t win a face off for what seemed like most of the third period, the entire PK and the entire OT. Hill stole it, and the good news is the back up goalies are becoming more valuable for future deals. Nice problem to have to determine who exactly are the backups. Amadio almost screwed the pooch with his 3rd period mistakes. Put Kolesar on the bench and plug in Cotter. Karlsson has not been the same Wild Bill since he scored the between the legs goal versus the Sharks years back. He looks tentative, a bit slower and a bit off. Still a defensive plus, but he is in decline. He needed to put the game away in the 3rd period, but again failed. The Jersey kids in OT provided a glaring example that the VGK are not young and fast anymore…..5 minutes of agony.

  15. It is amazing how some think they have all the answers with long winded BS – yes you know who I am referring to in case in doubt the name starts with “S”. Why worry about Timo Meier he is not coming to Vegas? You worry and write about 15 mi for three guys when there are three others at almost 30 mill, are you suggesting that is 30 mil well spent? If that is the case you need to do something about your math skills and understand ROI. They luckily won last night and all of them should be embarrassed especially by the OT lack of performance. Hill was outstanding – not sure that is always in the cards nor should be expected but he put in a winning performance for sure last night. Hopefully the “A” team shows up Sunday.

    • THE hockey GOD

      payback is a bitch, isn’t it biker? So many times VGK was on opposite side of this same equation.

      the odds even out in long run

      just like OT is just a crap shoot (notice how Devils coach didn’t put out two of his, younger, better skilled shooters in the shoot out line up ? )

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