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Despite controlling play for a majority of the 1st period the Golden Knights made a pair of errors and ended up falling behind 2-0. In the 2nd, New Jersey came out firing and scored a pair of early games which chased Marc-Andre Fleury from the game. Vegas fired back with a pair of their own, but it got ugly in the 3rd.

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. New Jersey Devils at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Three Stars for the year. Who has been featured most often this season?

Three Stars
*** Taylor Hall
** Keith Kinkaid
* Blake Coleman


Golden Knights Injury Updates; James Neal, Reilly Smith, Malcolm Subban, Luca Sbisa, William Carrier, Oscar Lindberg


Three Star Tally


  1. thecommish

    It’s actually Keith Kinkaid and he is the player the Golden Knights should have selected in the expansion draft instead of Jon Merrill from the Devils. Odd game tonight, New Jersey was the guy at the blackjack table that was getting 12-16s and kept getting the card they needed to score. It happens, but thankfully not too often. I expect an angry team to take the home ice on Friday.

    • I’ll admit, my effort on this post was about as poor as the team’s on the ice. Heart was in the right place, execution just wasn’t there.

  2. Mark

    Some good news after last nights debacle- Dallas having a rough East Coast trip is knocking them down to the 8 seed.

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