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Recap: The Golden Knights hosted the Montreal Canadiens looking to stay undefeated in regulation. Both teams traded scoring chances early in the period but the period shifted after Vegas drew the first penalty of the game. Paul Cotter gave the Golden Knights the opening lead with a fluttering power play goal. After twenty minutes the Stanley Cup champions held a 1-0 edge.

The 2nd period was full of penalties committed by both teams. The Canadiens evened the score with a shorthanded goal 5:38 into the frame. With minutes winding down the Golden Knights forward William Carrier regained their lead.

Vegas held their one-goal advantage for more than 15 minutes into the final period but Montreal struck again. The game finished 2-2 in regulation and required an overtime period. Two minutes into OT Jack Eichel was awarded a penalty shot but couldn’t convert a game-winning goal. Shea Theodore and Jonathan Marchessault scored in shootouts to pick up another win for Vegas.

The Golden Knights remain unblemished in regulation and bump their record to 9-0-1 after defeating the Canadiens 3-2 in shootout. Vegas will hit home ice again on Thursday against Winnipeg. Puck drop vs. the Jets is scheduled for 7 PM.(Recap by Jason)

Analysis: It was quite a peculiar game as both teams scored their first goal in a weird way. Eventually, the Golden Knights started to jam up everything the Canadiens were trying to do in the offensive zone. Montreal did find a nice goal late and forced OT, but the Golden Knights win another one beyond regulation. Not the cleanest, not the most impressive, but a win is always a win. (Analysis by Ken)

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Adin Hill
** Jack Eichel
* Chandler Stephenson


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“At Worst, We Give Ourselves A Chance To Win Every Game”


  1. Pistol Pete

    We forgive that god awful gaffe Adin. You ended up going 37/39. Nice work.

  2. Richie-Rich

    Wow, what can be said about this game? Not a helluva lot. Credit Hill for everything but the blunder.

    I think that it is now fair to say that the top line is officially in a slump now. The frustration is beginning to show on the faces of Marchy and Eichel. Barbashev has looked rather pedestrian out there. That line simply isn’t clicking. I think that this slump is the major reason why the VGK is failing to blow teams away.

    Cotter & Carrier impressive.
    Goal tending outstanding.
    Defense has been excellent.

    Maybe time to give the top line a couple of days off from practice and chill out.

    • TS

      Rr, Stone was clearly concerned about the letdown in play by some. ( post- game interview)He knows the guys will step up, we’ll be OK. Amazing that they’ve managed to win the sub- par games, huh?? A bit of LUCK, maybe? Better to get the kinks out early in the season!

      • Richie-Rich

        A letdown for sure, but there’s no way that top line is going to remain in a slump for much longer. Then watch out!

        • TS

          Yup, Cassidy will throw down the gauntlet— the boys will rise to the challenge. So early in the season, could be a bit of a hangover from last season, but this, too, shall pass!

      • Fortunately sometimes it is better to be lucky than good – that was on full display last night. There were way to many times the knights couldn’t even get out of their end. Onward and upward a win is a win

  3. Sorvino

    This team is amazing. They’re not running on all cylinders right now and still they win games. I agree with Richie Rich on the “first line” comments but I think Marchessault and Barbashev have been letting Eichel down a bit. I put “first line” in quotations because I don’t even know if we should be referring to the lines by numbers. William Karlsson is a better player than Chandler Stephensen, yet we refer to Karlsson’s line as the third line probably because Stone plays with Stephenson. Nic Roy would not be a “4th line” player on virtually every other team in the league. Every time I watch a game on the out of town feed they refer to the Roy – Carrier – Kolesar line as the best fourth line in the NHL but I think that’s unfair to other teams because Vegas does not have a fourth line. lol

    William Karlsson has been their best forward this year in my opinion. I just can’t call him a third line center. He’s too good for that.

    And now a well-deserved rest after playing three games in four nights.

    • Pistol Pete

      It’s a close call between Karlssonand Eichel don’t you think? Karlsson’s +/- is way higher (3 G/8 A +7) than Eichel’s (3 G/7 A +1) but their scoring is nearly identical. One area Eichel has a big edge is shooting (45 shots vs. 18 for Karlsson). Is not Eichel though making as large a contribution on the PK as Karlsson? What has made Eichel such a differnce maker is his 200 ft. game improving last season and now Cassidy is playing him on the PK regularly…top unit, right? I agree Barbashev and even Marchy are letting Jack down on that line, Barbashev especially (14 shots in 10 games is pretty anemic). Marchy has 33 shots in 10 games including 5 this game. Eichel could easily have 6 goals not 3 in which case we might feel better about his line. Cassidy can try rotating Cotter and Dorofeyev on Eichel’s line and move Barbashev down to the Karlsson line. Anything to get him going. He seems to be the biggest issue with the Eichel line right now.

      Here’s the shots for Cotter and Dorofeyev. I realize shots landed can be misleading because it does not include shots attempted which is an important metric as well.

      Cotter: 12 (10 games)
      Dorofeyev: 10 (5 games)

      • Richie-Rich

        Paul Cotter is leading the team in goals, power play goals, hits and shot percentage?

      • Richie-Rich

        Yeah PP, I think trying Dorofeyev on the Eichel line might be the trick. Leave Cotter where he is currently producing. You know Cassidy is reading SinBin!

  4. Jailbird

    Don’t know what else to say. Boys just find a way to win, even when getting outplayed. Tuff mistake by Hilly, but played great after that. Jacks shots just not going in right now. That will change, then lookout. 9-0-1. Just amazing!

    • Pistol Pete

      Jailbird I like to think Cassidy and Eichel are working on Jack’s shooting. He’s got a quick release hard shot. It could be a mental thing it could be something else. Cassidy was so skilled when it can to developing his 200 ft. game. Hopefully like that was, getting more pucks in the net is a work in progress. He’s making him into a top flight penalty killer too. Eichel has so much physical ability and he’s a smart player. Cassidy is really good at getting the most out of each of his players. Look what he’s doing with Cotter. Hope he can get Dorofeyev over the hump.

  5. Tim

    Never forget we’ve got a target on our backs and will get the best effort from our opponents night in and night out. My wife and I would like to see a blowout once in a while instead of a nail biter every night. Don’t forget were missing Roy and Whitecloud both very good players but the guys we’ve brought up have done a nice job. Our depth especially on Defense is a key to our win streak.

  6. Richie-Rich

    From a points perspective a case can be made that Korczak is ahead of Pachal early on in the season with 4. He’s currently 3rd as a defenseman in points.

  7. THE hockey GOD

    best thing i can say about this game is
    the the
    HOME SWEATERS that were unveiled WERE AWESOME

    better than steel gray and puke yellow,
    faux gold sweaters.

    Away uniforms are GOAT !

    sez me

  8. THE hockey GOD

    Now is good time to compare the 2017 -18 d men strat o matic stats to last year Stanley Cup champs. Whitecloud was injured for some part of the season so d men with most stats got carded. When I get the computer version he will show up.
    The players on left are from 2017-18, if that is not obvious to some.

    For definition of ratings see prior post from over a week ago. The ratings
    are from left to right for each player (intimidation, offense/defense, (pk) -if changed from defense, and pass assist rating)

    Schmidt (3 2/4 (3) 4) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Petro (7 4/4 (3) 5)
    Engelland (7 2/3 2),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Marty (7 1/3 1)

    McNabb ….. (11 2/3 1),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,McNabb (10 2/4 (3) 2)
    Theo ……(1 4/2 (1) 3),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Theo ( 1 4/2 (1) 5)

    Miller (8 4/2 3),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hague (5 2/2 (1) 2)

    Intimidation 30 to 29
    offense 14 to 13
    defense 14 to 15
    pk 11 and 11
    pass assist 13 to 15
    overall pass assist rating edge to Stanley Cup team.

    To date, from prior post, the intimidation factor from the forward lines
    was most drastic change favoring the Stanley Cup team.

    Last post on this subject matter will compare the goalies !
    Then a summary statement of findings.

    same bat time, same bat channel.

    Meanwhile the clown in WH continues to embarrass everyone. The world is on fire. Inflation is out of control, Families are barely getting by , taking on multiple jobs, families taking on more and more costs trying to pay for inflated items. Unions on strike everywhere, driving up prices of everything (if you want more money, just quit and get a better job; rational people do this instead of lining the pockets of union bosses and political party reps (who have their hands out taking from unions , we know which party does this)). And can 2024 come soon enough se we can vote out the clown party and their failed policies ?

  9. knights fan in minny

    good win hilly was good except for his blunder it was kind of funny he looked like a fish out of water trying to get back to make a save shit happens the ot was great cotts with a great move to the net swet no look backhand pass from chands to william c

    • TS

      Minny, shades of Lehner, seeing him ” flounder”, lol! He’s quicker than Lehner, fortunately, and rarely gets stuck on his back, as Lehner did( turtle!)

  10. Vic

    Cotter one of the stars. His drive to the net and hitting iron was the sort of move that will keep him in the lineup (in addition to hits and everything else he does). Not much mention that the Habs played their asses off. It seemed like they were on a 40-minute power play keeping the puck on a string while the VGK looked gassed. Amazing to get 2 points out of that one. Penalty to Jack was weak as he was shoved into the goalie and cross-checked in the back. Funny how people want to change the lineup for for a team with a 9-0-1 record after winning it all. Let’s at least wait until they lose 3 or 4 in a row. Quit worrying about goal and assist totals. Be happy as we’re only 10 games in with 19 points. Health, chemistry and peaking at the right time is what is needed.

  11. Danny Gallivan

    Hill was the star of that game, despite the gaffe.
    call that a “Fleury”, as it was also done vs Mtl

    the emphasis from the coaching staff has to be shoot, shoot, shoot , as they are way too often overpassing, and giving up prime scoring opportunities….a shot on goal off the pads creates rebounds and o zone time. a pass that does not click creates a transition game for the opponent.

    the most unselfish thing you can do is to shoot, because it might go in, and that helps your teammates more than anything. case in point, the Cotter goal. just shoot, and you never know what will happen.

    teams are now clogging up the exit passes by the Vgk so more hoisting the puck to the far blue line stretch passes might be needed by the Vgk dmen to move the opponents back and create more space coming out of the d zone.

  12. THE hockey GOD

    great posts by Vic and Danny Gallivan, where’s Dick Irvin?

    the Democratic party is officially changing it’s name
    to the DemoPEDO Hamas sympathizing party. The true scumbags
    that they are.

    sez me

  13. Jailbird

    I mentioned yesterday how relentless the Habs are. Like last night they play hard 60 minutes a game. You could tell we just didn’t have our legs last night, but still found away to win again. A sign of a really good/great team. We have won 4-5 games by one goal, OT/SO in some. So go easy if/when we hit a stretch when we don’t. Should be rested for the jets, then emotionally up for Saturday nite and the “hated” AVs! The game most likely to be the most trouble will be going to play the ducks on Sunday after the AVs game?

  14. Pistol Pete

    I like the gold sweaters the most now. TV does not them justice. They really are gold. Won the Cup in them.

  15. Sorvino

    Jailbird, I was thinking the same thing. The Anaheim game. Another three games in four nights scenario.

  16. Pistol Pete

    Theo is a good defender btw. D who are good offensively are not +71 if they allow too many goals against. Want to see D who can score and have horrible career +/- check out Tyson Barrie and Shayne Gostisbehere. Sure some of that is poor 5 man defensive support but most of it is poor D defending.

    • THE hockey GOD

      you are confusing OFFENSE with DEFENSE

      Theo is not a good defender. Strat stats rate his defensive ability as a 2 , same as years back. He hasn’t improved at all. And on PK he is a one.

      Wrap your head around the facts.

  17. Sorvino

    Pistol Pete, I have said this before, but some of the ultra skilled, ultra talented players, will often have lots of giveaways because they are so creative that once in a while, that creativity will lead to some giveaways. Jaromir Jagr routinely led the league in giveaways.

    Shea Theodore, Jack Eichel and Mark Stone make so many outstanding plays and think the game on another level and they will have giveaways as well due to that creativity. Sometimes it might look ugly if it leads to a goal, but much more often they are creating offense. Shea Theodore, in particular has had a knack for coming up big in the dying moments of games.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ SORV
      strat rates Petro as 4/4 offense and defense which pretty much
      throws “I have said this before, but some of the ultra skilled, ultra talented players, will often have lots of giveaways ” idea. Bobby Orr was a 5/5 , a very rare rating, in his hey day. Orr never gave away the puck at his prime.

      So that pretty much throws that idea under the bus. So was Lindstrom of the REd Wings. Highly skilled both on defense and offense do not have lots of giveaways.

      the ratings to not lie

      • Sorvino

        I would never compare anybody on the VGK to Nicklas Lidstrom or Bobby Orr.

        • THE hockey GOD

          i think you did when you used the term “ultra talented players”

          Unless you are saying Orr and Lidstrom weren’t “ultra talented” ??

          uber talented ?
          super duper scooper pooper talented ?
          GOAT talented ?

  18. It wasn’t so much we played poorly last night.. it was more to the point the Habs played really really well which in turn forced vgk to many failed clearing attempts.. second chances etc… oh did I mention it seemed.. maybe cause it was… that every center man lost every face off regardless of what zone they were in.. save for the face off win to start overtime!

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