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Recap: The Golden Knights only needed :22 seconds to take the early lead over the Minnesota Wild. Jonathan Marchessault added his 27th goal of 2023-24 on his first shift of the game. Midway through the period, the Golden Knights committed several penalties at once, giving a lengthy two-man advantage to the Wild. Minnesota promptly scored twice on the power play and took a 2-1 lead. Michael Amadio evened the score before the break on a late Golden Knights power play.

Both teams battled for possession in the middle frame with the Golden Knights having several opportunities to snap the 2-2 tie. Minnesota committed three penalties in the second period but Vegas couldn’t convert in any of them.

The scoring picked up in the final 20 minutes. Minnesota took the lead at the 6:28 mark of the frame and scored a minute later to make it a 4-2 advantage. Mark Stone gave Vegas life by cutting the score to 4-3 but the Wild tacked on an empty-net goal to finish off the reigning Stanley Cup champions.

The Golden Knights record drops to 31-16-6 losing the Wild 5-3. Vegas will have the next few days before they face off against the Carolina Hurricanes on Saturday. Puck drop is scheduled for 7:30 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights got themselves into a bit of trouble in the 1st by taking three straight penalties. They played well at 5-on-5 for most of the night but kind of fell apart at the start of the 3rd. The pushback was decent but they have got to sort out this 6-on-5 thing. They cannot give up the empty net goal every single time. (Analysis by Ken)

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Jonathan Marchessault
** Nic Roy
* Alex Pietrangelo



Cassidy Weighs In On The State Of VGK’s Blue Line, Including The Zach Whitecloud Healthy Scratch


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  1. Emmanuel

    Is every scumbag in the US in town for Superbowl weekend?

    Im walking into the local bar and grill for tonights game and some guy
    in a Cherry Red Tesla with Arizona plates is acting all shady inside his car, I give him the bigfoot look over the shoulder then a few feet from the door he shouts out to me “Mind your business”!

    Worst weekend of the year…..

  2. Richie-Rich

    Game 53 Analysis
    VGK 3, MIN 5

    My Stars of the Game:
    Pietrangelo’s family gets all 3 stars ***

    What to say about this game?

    1- The 3 penalties in the first period was the difference. A no look left jab by #3 McJabb was one major factor.
    2- But, the VGK still went into the 3rd period 2-2. Credit the Wild for completely clogging up the passing lanes and the NZ. The Golden Knights had no answer for the Wild defense.
    3- The Wild completely outplayed the VGK in that 3rd period.
    4- The VGK is known for boxing opponents out, but that didn’t happen tonight. I would have to look at the stats to see who was on the ice. Very poor defensive effort. Hague & Whitecloud were +2 for the night.
    5- Poor puck management
    6- Goaltending was not the issue in this loss.
    7- Marchy missed a wide open net just over the crossbar. It happens….

    2-Defense & Puck Management

    Vancouver gains 2 points the Vegas
    VAN 35-12-6 74 pts +56
    VGK 31-16-6 68 pts +26

    Lost an opportunity to put 2 points up on Edmonton who lost their last game. They have 61 points but also have 5 games in hand.

    Next up are the Carolina Hurricanes, a battle of 2nd place teams. The Hurricanes trail the Rangers in the Met Division by 6 pts with 2 games in hand
    CAR 30-16-5 65 pts +22 and have won 2 in a row

    Aho is their top player with 19G 38A 57pts but their top 6 are very very good (Jarvis, Necas, Teravainen, Bunting, Svechnikov, with Burns and Slavin solid on defense). Kochetkov is their top goaltender with 26 games in net and a .903 save pct.

  3. Vegas lacked the intensity necessary in the third until it was too late. Their 6 on 5 empty net situation is a sure loss as they can’t keep the puck in the o zone. I can’t recall when they have pulled the goalie that they ever land up tying it up. Bottom line unfortunately is simple they did not play well enough to win and intensity was missing until too late. A number of stupid penalties didn’t help and the Wild gave them opportunity after opportunity to put game away with the PP but as usual their PP is not necessarily a plus. Saturday they will have their hands full – hopefully they will get their shit together by then.

  4. JB

    Way to much activity in front of our net. Clearing out of the defensive zone still a problem.

    • Richie-Rich

      Cassidy should use this game’s film and study how the Wild kept us boxed out in the 3rd period. They played it perfectly.

      I’ve seen enough of Miromanov for a while. Theodore is almost ready.

  5. ThG

    seen enough of miramonv

    time to put in a real d man, they sent the wrong man down to AHL.

    • ThG

      he did a good job defending that right goal post, with puck bouncing off him into net

  6. ThG

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  7. Canada

    Crappy game , they went back to not finishing their checks and no contact , then they tried to get it going later in the game to little to late . Didn’t like 62 the new big russian he was playing like the ruskies of old circling back trying to do fancy crap. Surprised to see him out there on the final push which was his best shift but maybe Cassidy was making his mind up Mehh. bring back Korczak. We got screwed with no call on ptero in final minute but it was over by then.

  8. Jose

    I like what I have seen from Miromanov so far. More upside than Ben Hutton as a 6/7 guy.

  9. Jose

    Korczak is better than Miromanov but Korczak is waiver eligible so he can get sent down to Henderson without having to clear waivers. Miromanov would have to be put on waivers and like Brayden Pachal he would get claimed. Asset Management 101

    In time Kaeden Korczak will be back and here to stay.

  10. ThG

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  11. Bobby

    Great start wasted by 3, uh, not-so-good penalties. Flipped the momentum, rest of the game chasing it back. At least the missed open net didn’t cost us 2 banners this time.

    • Earl the Replanted Transplant

      Nabber should have to put some cash in the jar for such a stupid undisciplined penalty, and whomever jumped too soon. Maybe Butch should have a “Sin Bin” jar in the locker room, take a stupid penalty put some cash, like a grand, in the jar.

  12. JB

    The biggest problem I see right now is defending in our own end. Unfortunately Theo won’t help in that regard as he is not physical at all. If we don’t start hitting people in our end we will have problems clearing the puck. We don’t have to be goonish, but we need to start checking with our bodies not just using sticks. We have no physicality right now and the other teams see that. Whitecloud and Nabber need to start punishing in front of the net, and we need some wingers to do the same on the boards!

  13. NAM

    VGK played great against EDM and played like crap in AZ, but got a win. Now got beat by a bottom dwelling MIN team. Collectively not a great feeling overall.

    I am not a fan of 2024 Miromanov. He is supposed to be a temp replacement for Theo, but he looks lethargic out there on the PP and his overall defense is a liability. If offense is a top priority for this temp insert I though Cormier was head and shoulders about Miro. Cormier’s overall passing skills are better than any of the D, in my opinion, and his PP quarterbacking was very good.

    Regardless, I am ok with trying Miro to see where he is at, but that experiment needs to end soon.

  14. ThG

    Mayor tells loser A’s to stay in Oakland. Vegas should get a new franchise team here, not baggage from loser A’s. Vegas is NOT Oakweed’s dumping ground. SAY IT

    The mayor of Las Vegas believes the A’s need to go back to The Bay.

    Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman said the Athletics need to stay in Oakland instead of leaving for Sin City.

    “I personally think they’ve gotta figure out a way to stay in Oakland and make their dream come true,” Goodman said on the “Front Office Sports Today” podcast.

    The Athletics leaving for Las Vegas has been widely panned, especially by their faithful fans in Oakland, but it’s odd for an official from the city welcoming them to push back.

    Continue reading
    But she has her reservations about the A’s, who are slated to move to Las Vegas in 2028, although it is not guaranteed.

    The A’s stadium lease is up after this upcoming season.

    “I thought, this does not make sense, and so why is it happening?” Goodman said. “And then I thought, well, because they really want to stay in Oakland, they want to be on the water, they have that magnificent dream. Yet, they can’t get it done.”

    After the comments went viral, Goodman clarified what she said in a statement.

    “I mentioned the passionate fans of Oakland who often visit our city to cheer on the Raiders,” she wrote. “My points included that it is my belief that in their perfect world, the ownership of the A’s would like to have a new ballpark on the water in Oakland and that the ownership and government there should listen to their great fans and try to make that dream come true.

    “Should that fail, Las Vegas has shown that it is a spectacular market for major league sports franchises.”

    This town is not big enough to sustain another loser franchise, like the RAIDERS.

    sez me

    • THg – they should stay in Oakland, unless they are willing to foot the bill for a new stadium here. There is ZERO reason the taxpayers should have any money in the thing period. The football stadium was bad enough. Goodman is only peeved at location as she wanted it elsewhere. Why cities keep lining the pockets of these billionaire owners is unbelievable. Great for them but an absolute waste of money for the cities. Good old Vegas send us your sick and worthless we will take care of them – unbelievable!!!
      Sorry L broke the rule I expound on all the time – this is a HOCKEY site. Never again I assure you all.

      • ThG

        Mayor Goodman is peaved because the stadium isn’t in her city, it is just outside the boundary according to a piece I read. If it was inside her area she would be probably playing a different tune. Correct me if I am wrong.

        There is no rule on this site for posting decorum. Get with the program.

  15. JB i totally agree with the lack of physicality…it could be one of several things…its the regular season and they dont want to put their body thru too much too soon…player safety rules…player fraternization which comes with only playing your rivals 4 times a season…Barbashev is a perfect example of being a different regular season and playoff guy…we dont want him running around crazy…but come playoff time we want him unleashed…but you are right about the defensemen…again i dont know what specific rules were put in…besides crosschecking a guy in front of the net…but there is little or no passion in removing an offender from in front of our goalies…we certainly have the size to aggressively move opponents…its simply a matte of desire and want…id love to see Hague use his size in a physical way…and for all VGK to finish their checks…not slam them into tomorrow but take the body and impede progress up the ice.

    • Larry – Not sure why you believe VGK has to be soft when other teams are beating them to death. Just watch other team net presence O & D zone they are all over our goalies and protect their own pretty well. Vegas scores when they are in the dirty area the only problem is not often enough. For the most part they have the size but appear to lack the heart. If they check anyone it is usually a mistake on their part apparently. Why they allow opponents to cruise down the boards where a body check is in order to slow the guy down is frustrating to watch. I can’t image Cassidy is all for that.

  16. Larry i agree with you about the lack of physical play, i attribute a lot of it to the regular season and hope come mid-March they start ramping up towards the playoffs.

  17. HD im not sure you actually read my post…i was stating the same things you are…i was simply fishing for reasons for it!!

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