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Recap: The Golden Knights hosted the Minnesota Wild hoping to snap their two-game losing skid. Minnesota jumped out to an early lead after a puck bounced off several players and into VGK’s net. Minutes later Ben Hutton scored in tight to even the score. Zach Whitecloud broke the tie to give Vegas a 2-1 advantage before the 1st intermission.

Vegas extended their lead 2:21 into the middle frame. Minnesota took 13 shots in the period but none of them were quality chances and couldn’t find the back of the net. After 40 minutes the home team led 3-1.

The 3rd period tightened up with neither team getting many dangerous chances on net. With 3:36 remaining the Wild pulled their goaltender for the extra attacker but it wouldn’t matter as Chandler Stephenson sealed the game with an ENG. Vegas took the first game of a home-and-home with Minnesota 4-1.

The Golden Knights’ record improves to 47-22-7 with their 4-1 win over the Wild. Vegas and Minnesota will play each other again on Monday night in Saint Paul. Puck drop is scheduled for 5 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights got back to their style of hockey, forechecking well, holding the puck in the O-Zone, and controlling the middle of the ice defensively. Despite going behind early, they were able to ride a wave of unlikely goal scorers to play one of their better games in a while. Do it again Monday and it’ll be quite the statement against another team near the top of the conference. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Minnesota Wild at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Podcast (finally)

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Zach Whitecloud
** Ivan Barbashev
* Laurent Brossoit


Eichel Desperately Needed To Get Vegas Out Of Pre-Postseason Funk

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  1. Rashaad


  2. Pistol Pete

    That was an important win. Brossoit was terrific. Eichel had four blocked shots; no doubt in my mind he’s committed to the two way game; using his speed to defend; always a threat offensively.

    Honorable mention: Ben Hutton

    4-1-1 = 110 pts (new record)
    5-1 = 52 wins (new record)

    • Pistol Pete

      I’m not bullish on Quick. Feel he’s the weak link in the chain as far as winning the number #1 seed and/or the division. This season he usually finds a way to allow three or more goals. Hopefully Thompson’s return is imminent.

      • SMH

        Agreed on Quick. But at least he’s looked a bit better than that crappy over-the-hill back-up goalie that Minnesota rolled out there tonight in a wheelchair – LOL!

  3. Pistol Pete

    Jack Eichel comes to Vegas and makes the playoffs for the first time. Was it meant to be any other way?

  4. Frank

    Solid game against a top western conference opponent. Need to keep it going. Excellent team game and brossoit was on point.

  5. Pistol Pete

    When Smith returns I’d like to see Smith-Karlsson-Dorofeyev again. Thought that line worked well. Anybody who reads me knows I like to think Pav is a diamond in the rough lol. Scratching him for Cotter will give him a little to think about. Never hurts to up the compete level though I think he’s has it. He needs to hit more and at 6’1″ 194 has the size for it. Cotter and Dorofeyev are very different players. Cotter is physical and competes very hard. Dorofeyev is a more natural goal scorer which should only continue to emerge as he gains more NHL experience. Cassidy sees the potential by using him on the PP and giving him time in the top six. Could be an impact player no later than next season. Pretty much any player who scores 27 goals in a 63 game AHL season is destined to become a full time NHL player.

    Another honorable mention this game: Brett Howden

    • Pistol Pete

      Because 27 goal AHL seasons are less noteworthy when accomplished by older career AHL players I should have noted that Dorofeyev’s was accomplished at the age of 20 and 21.

      He was drafted in 2019 at the age of 18 and played the 2019-20 season in Russia. Turning the minimum AHL are of 20 just after the 2020-21 season began he came over to the U.S. and Henderson in early 2021 scoring 9 goals and 4 assists in the last 24 games of the regular season. 9 goals in 24 games = 82 game pace of 31. He also scored 2 goals and 0 assists in 5 playoff games that season. He entered the 2021-22 season turning 21 a couple weeks after the season began. 27 goals and 25 assists in 63 regular season games = .83 pts/games and an 82 game goal scoring pace of 31. In the playoffs he scored 1 goal and 0 assists in 2 games.

      He probably will become more of a play maker and enabler of other players’ goals than he has been up to this point on North American ice. I expect this to come as he gains experience.

  6. Jailbird

    Great win as I predicted ! LB just fantastic. Will he get 3rd start in a row Monday night. Goals by guys that don’t get many was nice. Jack again all over the ice, setting up goals and playing D. Oilers and Kings keep winning as well. Wild will be desperate on Monday. Need to get at least a point in Minnesota ! I love this team!

    • Pistol Pete

      Probably have to play Quick vs. Preds. That’s two points we can really use though. Hopefully he’ll figure out a way to shut them out the way he did the Canes or keep it to one or two.

      • VGK fan

        Quick has given up 3 or more goals in all but one game and in that game he faced zero high chances.

        Is it possible for LB to go back to back?

    • Bobby

      Thanks for your positive energy! Great to be a VGK fan these days… Who would have thought Brossoit would rise from the ashes? I had em traded at the deadline… Hope Quick plays against the Kings though.. Keep the hockey talk coming!

  7. THE hockey GOD

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  9. THE hockey GOD

    Breaking News

    The wokester, aka WokeVERSITY crowd is calling for change in name for Wild. They prefer the Wildlings, named after the George RRR Martin popular Game of Thrones HBO production and series of novels that are still , to date, unfinished after ten years. The Author wrote the first book in mid 1990s. When asked why? The wokester crowd just responded in chants of HODOR HODOR HODOR HODOR.

    They are also calling for name change for the Minnesota Vikings, based upon unsubstantiated reports from Nordic trans groups, aka perverts. They are calling for name change to the ViQueens, ViQueers, or just plain Vikes. Someone want VikesOnIce referring to the northern cold clime. They are calling for change from purple uniforms to rainbow coalition with tassels and feathers on the helmets. They also want to ban tackling in NFL and change rules to touch football, where one only has to touch someone to designate a “:tackle”. They didn’t say where.

    The woke agenda is never ending, stay alert, peeps !!

  10. THE hockey GOD

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  11. THE hockey GOD

    no 17 ben hutton deserves a star

  12. Jailbird

    You must have a lonely life. Feel sorry for ya.

  13. Jailbird

    You must have a lonely life. Feel sorry for ya.

    • Sorvino

      I used to like him jailbird. I also feel sorry for him.

      • Tim

        Sorvino tell us once again how a couple of weeks ago you said THG was the best poster on the site. He’s one reason I read the posts but rarely post anymore because of that lunatic and he’s your Homey unbelievable. He constantly posts his nonsense and then he’ll call whoever some degrading name and has been doing that since unfortunately he’s come on the site. The power of hiding behind a computer really just shows you he’s one sick momma. I guess with freedom of speech Ken can’t 86 him or Ken thinks he helps the site and that would be a scary thought.

        • Sorvino

          Tim, it’s easy. I have changed my mind.
          Am I not allowed to do that? He used to actually talk about hockey. Now it’s all God crap and if anyone disagrees with him, he says they are satanic or a Democrat. I’m not trying to hide that which is why I posted to jailbird saying that I used to like hockey God.

          • Tim

            Sorvino first let me say your posts are about hockey and that’s a good thing and your very objective. We may not always agree but were talking hockey not craziness. First let me say I guarantee you I’m the oldest member of this site. I’ve seen many come and go and some of you may change your handle but I’ve been Tim since day one. Now back to fruitcake he’s been on this site maybe for a couple of years and your telling me you just realized he was insane. Shame on you if you’ve read his posts and thought he was warm and friendly. Since you’ve been on this site I have no answer that you just figured out he either likes to pull everyone’s chain or he is certifiably insane.

          • TS

            Sorvino, I used to enjoy his HOCKEY posts, too. I’ve been on this site for 3 yrs or so. His radicalization has been gradual. His rage and off- the- rails attacks on the group here have crossed the line of decency. I have blown my cool a LOT lately, especially when he spread his vile shit about me here. Calling me a baby- killer and a PEDO, when he is aware I’m a retired teacher, is more than offensive. It’s libelous to do it. His rants are essays in HATE, dominating all the space and conversations. He’s an equal- opportunity offender. I’ve reached the point when I ‘m losing interest in sinbin, and thinking to unplug. It is a real shame that ONE IDIOT can kill it for the REST of us, yet Ken just let’s it happen.

          • TS

            Sorvino, I get it. The CULT mentaliity has infested his mind. It’s the “Trump Effect”. No insult to others, here, just saying what I see. The rest if you are mature and reasonable enough to KEEP IT CIVIL. We’re VGK FANS, NOT ENEMIES!

          • Sorvino

            Tim, shame on me indeed. He is definitely a lunatic. I don’t give a shit that he likes transsexuals, I couldn’t care less. It’s the extremely long paragraphs on Bible thumping and the terrible things he says about people. A sad human being indeed.

  14. knights fan in minny

    big win for the squad vegas did not allow the wild to get there. forecheck going vegas was a step faster then minny most of the night lb with a solid effort sweet shot by howdy or his goal suprised roy came back after taking one square in the chin we will see how the rematch goes monday will be in attendance cant wait

    • TS

      Kfim, I want to thank you for keeping your cool here…I, however. Did NOT. I let the resident EVIL ONE get to me. Again. I let my pride get in the way, and I got really pissed when he started spreading vile things about me. He is a master of NASTY. I should have let it go, but if SOMEONE doesn’t stop this, it’ll just get worse. No one has the right to slander and libel others like he does. Sorry, kfim, I should have kept my cool. He poked me one too many times with his damn stick, and I snapped.

      • THE hockey GOD

        ignore the libel statement by the ranting KAREN, libels people on this board with every post

        what a MAROON !!

  15. Jdilbird

    I figure the Wild will be much more physical Monday.

  16. Jose

    Congratulations to the hockey god for absolutely destroying this website. Nobody even wants to comment on Vegas soundly beating Minnesota, a team that has only lost once in regulation in their past 24 games.

    And I know, blah, blah blah, I’m a Satanist, and it’s all my fault and not yours hockey god, blah blah blah and judgement day is coming to get me. All that crap but everybody knows that you destroyed this with all of your god crap.

    • THE hockey GOD

      The only crap here is what is filling your shoes right now, every day.

      TS ALEX, oblivious, alex NV, rashaad, fake hockey God, and all your other multiple personalities.

      You know it.

    • TS


    • TS

      on’t forget the constant POLITICAL attacks….

  17. THE hockey GOD

    to all !!


  18. Jailbird

    I don’t even read his posts anymore. But it still get annoying having to scroll past all those long whatever they are. And, it’s not about freedom of speech for Ken, it’s about making money, period. But his greed has allowed this blog to be a joke, posing as a hockey site. There’s still enough of us hockey fans here to engage in sane hockey talk!

    • THE hockey GOD

      haha ha

      the comments section doesn’t drive revenue, what a bunch of maroons !

      a bunch of free speech haters , can’t stand the fact that someone exists outside of their political comfort zone, nor can they accept the FACT that hockey is POLITICS. They are clueless when they go to identity politics games and then they don’t even realize where their money goes. To support the sick/twisted agenda.

      bunch of whiners here.

      then we have jose/ts /ts alex/obvious etc and his ten multiple accounts making a mockery of comment section.

  19. THE hockey GOD

    then we have TS who doesn’t understand english , and libels me. Puts words in my post that aren’t there. I make general statements about lib tards, and she / he / it takes it’s personally. TDS much ??

    Stupid people should stay away from making comments on internet because it exposes them for the idiots that they are.

    • TS

      Do you understand ” Personal attacks”, thg?? It’s when you SPECIFICALLY call me a ” baby- killer”, or a ” PEDO”( repeatedly, even including it in posts to OTHERS), ” SATAN- WORSHIPPER”, and others. And, , you D-I-D personally call me those libelous names.
      You can try to deny, deflect, backpeddle all you want, but the WRITTEN WORDS DON’T LIE. Check your archives. I know you do that. You constantly refer others to their past posts…I suggest you do the same. CRAZY, MUCH??
      Do you YET understand people are SICK of your SHIT?? READ THE ARCHIVES.

      • THE hockey GOD

        except I didn’t “specifically” call you anything; everything I write it in general terms. You accuse people of what YOU do yourself ! You even admitted to attacking me on purpose to try and make some twisted and sick point.

        LEARN to read english, and stop putting words into people’s mouths that aren’t there; what a moe.

  20. THE hockey GOD

    Speaking about the comment of week from poster XX
    who clearly stated “I -AM -A PEDO”

    Greene defends calling Democrats ‘pedophiles,’ eliciting eye-roll from 60 Minutes’ Stahl

    April 2, 2023 at 6:02 PM PDT·2 min read
    In this article: by Lauren Sforza

    American politician (born 1974)
    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) defended calling Democrats “pedophiles” in a new interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” Sunday, eliciting eye-rolls from correspondent Lesley Stahl.

    Stahl asked Greene about what she called “over-the-top” comments, such as saying that “Democrats are a party of pedophiles.”

    “I would definitely say so,” Greene responded. “They support grooming children.”

    “They are not pedophiles,” Stahl responded. “Why would you say that?”

    “Democrats support — even Joe Biden the president himself — supports children being sexualized, having transgender surgeries,” Greene responded. “Sexualizing children is what pedophiles do to children.”

    (and anyone who refuses to stand against this , like certain child abuse self acclaimed “reporters”, are part of the problem)

    I would ask the same question to the other side. Because all they’ve done is call me names and insult me nonstop since I’ve been here,**” Greene said.

    ** sounds like some of the idiots on this board

    “They call me racist. They call me anti-semitic, they call me a hater, which is not true. I’m not calling anyone names. I’m calling out the truth basically,” she added.

    She touched a nerve on both sides of the political aisle in February when she called for a national divorce, writing “From the sick and disgusting woke culture issues shoved down our throats to the Democrat’s traitorous America Last policies, we are done.”

    And she has peddled false claims about the 2020 election, COVID-19 vaccines and immigrants arriving at the southern border. Greene has also repeatedly taken aim at gender-affirming care for trans youth and introduced the “Protect Children’s Innocence Act,” a bill that would outlaw more than a dozen medical interventions for trans youth.

    The congresswoman said in late February that she was “attacked” by an “insane” woman at a restaurant, while she was working with her staff.

    “People used to respect others even if they had different views. But not anymore,” Greene added in her tweet at the time. “Our country is gone.”

    She’s 1000% right.

    • TS

      Thanks for the LAUGH, THG!!

      • Ts

        So hilarious, Looney Greene, talking about ” CIVILITY AND RESPECT”????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    • TS

      Yes she is. A Looney, Trump- sucker. And if course, she’s
      truthful— she’s a TRUMP- SUCKER!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

      • THE hockey GOD

        now with KINGS, OILERS, and VGK ALL making the playoffs I expect some of the teams to rest some players; don’t be surprised that some teams take their feet off the pedal.

      • THE hockey GOD

        “ohho oooh oohhhh
        this site is about Hockey, get the political crap out of here. I can’t stand it when people post their stupid, silly opinion that I don’t agree with on this site. Ken should do something about it waaa waa waa”

        the hypocrisy of some people on this site is boundless. It’s pretty obvious for all to see.

      • THE hockey GOD

        anyone standing up for the pedocrat party, like some posters on this board; and their pedo practices are part of the problem. Not part of the solution. They have been outed. They and their sick/twisted attack on our innocent, unassuming children. When called out , they lash out with insults, rants and raving. It’s here for all to see.

        Quoted from one of their posts.
        “I-AM-A PEDO”

        says it all, sickos and creeps are among us. BEWARE ! Shield and prepare your sons and daughters. Evil lurks behind every corner, in and every PUBLIC school.

        • TS

          Talking about yourself again , Thg?? I noticed you stopped using my ” name” when calling me a PEDO. HMMMM. Curious. You checked out the Slander and Libel Laws at my suggestion, didn’t you?? Nice attempt at backpeddling. Too bad the Archives tell the REAL story, huh??

        • TS


          • THE hockey GOD

            clueless ranter post^^^^ doesn’t know what’s going on in America these days. Teachers know what they are doing, it’s pretty clear. Who do you think are the ones pushing gender bender sex change operations ?

            boy talking about living in box, cult member, brain washed into far left liberal wokeVERSITY

            copied from TS’ post last week, noted as post of the day. Post of Month, and now continuing on to winning post of the year.

            “I-AM-A PEDO” you can’t deny it.

            As a matter of fact you have yet to DENY anything that the pedocrat, wokeVERSITY party has done. All you do is smoke and mirrors. Refusing to deny it SAYS VOLUMES about one’s belief system.

          • THE hockey GOD

            modified “Teachers know’ , PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS know.

            stating a FACT is not libel or slander, BTW. Talk about being clueless, it’s all on display here.

            sorry for confusion this leaving out the adjective PUBLIC may caused, public school system needs to be eliminated. It is no more than propaganda arm of the pedocrat party, aka Democrat party;. .

          • TS

            Thg, you are so SICK even your own doctor won’t go near you. I suggest you go straight to the PSYCH WARD. Take Looney Greene with you, PLEASE.

          • THE hockey GOD

            keep up with the libel
            and slanders

            you will be owing me so much money you will be working for the REST
            of your pathetic life !

  21. THE hockey GOD

    now with KINGS, OILERS, and VGK ALL making the playoffs I expect some of the teams to rest some players; don’t be surprised that some teams take their feet off the pedal.

  22. Jailbird

    All those teams want the top spot, to avoid having to play a 2 vs 3 matchup. I dont think anyone is going to let up. The Wild will come out strong and physical tonight. We must be ready. If we want the top spot we will play like it, otherwise we will be playing Kings or Oilers in first round. Go get them tonight boys!

    • Arnold Rothstein

      I thought you didn’t read ThG
      posts ??

      • Jailbird

        I glance at the short ones as I scroll and if hockey stuff jumps out, then yes. What concern is it of your anyway?

  23. THE hockey GOD

    in today’s paper

    LETTER: NHL players catch flak for not wearing ‘pride’ jerseys

    JK Las Vegas
    April 2, 2023 – 9:01 pm

    I thought liberals believed in “my body, my choice”? So why they all in an uproar because some NHL players refuse to be bullied into wearing “pride” jerseys? Oh, I guess that mantra applies only to killing innocent babies in the womb. My bad.

    <well said JK of Las Vegas, some people "get it". Others, not so much.

  24. VGK fan

    So what is the deal with the religious guy posting so much hate on this website.

    • TS

      Good question. We’re all asking the same thing. WHY WHY WHY??

      • THE hockey GOD

        only people asking that question, are clueless lib retards on this forum

        a bell ?

    • THE hockey GOD

      what hate ??

      only hate here is from the clueless left wingers

      • TS

        Really? Are you sure about that?? Go to the Archives, do your research. Then tell this site about YOUR HATE. again. We missed your other 3,000 HATE Posts,
        please refresh our memories, thg.

        • THE hockey GOD

          only hate here is from your ilk
          and libelous posts that you make very day here. At least five today alone.

          The stench of hate from lib tards who can’t even defend their own
          pedo sick and twisted agenda is very telling. All you guys do insult people here who tell the truth. You all stink up this forum with your spin and twist.

          You all have been exposed for the hypocrites you all are.

          You all own the hate, you know it. Can’t counter a thing posted here.

  25. Rashaad

    What a loser!! Bahahahahahahahaha

  26. Rashaad

    Much tougher game tonight in Minnesota with Filip Gustavsson starting for them.

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