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The Golden Knights came out firing after an incredible opening ceremony to kick off the playoffs. A Shea Theodore goal about four minutes into the game kept the crowd going and gave the Golden Knights the start they wanted. A penalty ridden rest of the first ended 1-0 Vegas. The 2nd and 3rd, for the most part, were a game of Vegas trying to control play and stay fairly conservative in their own end. They dominated possession and barely allowed much by the way of shots let alone chances for about a 35 minute stretch. In the final four minutes, the Kings poured it on a bit more, but Vegas withstood it without any problem. Massive win for the Golden Knights to take the lead in the series.

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Los Angeles Kings in Game 1 of Round 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Photo gallery of Game 1 from Brandon Andreasen
  • A deeper look into how the Kings are choosing to matchup with the Golden Knights
  • Should Drew Doughty be suspended for the headshot to Carrier?
  • Probably more

Three Stars
*** Jonathan Quick
** James Neal
* Marc-Andre Fleury


Golden Knights Playoff Hype Video


Golden Knights vs. Los Angeles Kings: Game 1 – Photo Gallery – April 11th, 2018


  1. Vic Telesino

    Only 15 more wins, and the rest of the league will be eliminated. Tonight’s first star is Carrier who was everywhere, and the Kings had no idea what to do with him (except for headhunter Doughty who was trying to out-headhunter Clifford). Gotta go as my Knights flag is going to fly away from the front of my house in the wind.

  2. Joe

    Looks like I was completely wrong after one game concerning the top lines going toe to toe. Through two periods, the Karlsson line was in high 60s in CF% while playing mainly against Kopitar. They came back down to earth in the third, but still a good result.
    I thought the hit on Carrier was a penalty in real time. I’ll be shocked if there is any further action taken from the NHL wheel-o-punishment.
    The first and third stars were a given, and correct. How Theodore did not get the second is beyond me.
    Halfway through the first it became pretty obvious what the Kings gameplan was: dump it in, forecheck like crazy, and try to get turnovers. It’s a good plan against a team that has been sloppy the last month. Need to keep that pedal down and force them to catch you. And don’t retaliate. Let them take penalties.
    It is a game one win at home. It is a little more being the first ever, but this series is far from over. Need to hold serve in game two.

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