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Recap: The Golden Knights welcomed the LA Kings for their third preseason game. It was the World Champions first home game since defeating the Florida Panthers in the Stanley Cup Final. Youngster Brendan Brisson began the night with a goal and an assist in the opening period.

Leading 2-0, the 2nd period was marred with late hits, sucker punches and a half dozen roughing penalties. Eventually, the game resumed and LA cut Vegas’ lead in half. Minutes later Ben Hutton regained the Golden Knights’ two-goal advantage.

The Kings stormed back with a pair of 3rd period goals to send the game to OT.

Los Angeles potted a goal with a few seconds left in overtime as the Golden Knights lost their third straight to open the preseason. The Stanley Cup champs will next hit the ice on Friday to face the Arizona Coyotes. Puck drop is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Jack Eichel decided to try for a shift and basically forced Brisson to score a goal. Then VGK’s power play looked like when they play NHL 24 on rookie mode. Then a dude hit Mark Stone way too late for a preseason game and everyone got super mad. Then VGK blew a two goal lead and lost in OT. As for as a preseason game goes, it was actually kind of eventful. (Recap by Ken)

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Mark Stone
** Jack Eichel
* Ben Hutton


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  1. Richie-Rich

    #57 Hodgson’s hit had intent to injure on it. Other than that, the VGK controlled this game for the first 53 minutes. Deja Vu! The Golden Knights give up a 2 goal lead and lose the game in OT to a bunch of AHL’ers.

    Adin Hill’s play was actually pretty decent considering the 3 goals given up. Every single one of those goals was a defensive breakdown in front of him. That’s not too unusual given that it was a preseason game.

    I believe the Kings had 3 power plays and scored on the last one. The team played great defense on the 1st power play, which was in the first period.

    Pissing me off was the increase in cost for the 51/49! I guess that’s the price you pay for being the Stanley Cup Champions.

    Lastly, Eichel, Stephenson and Eichel and others all had numerous chances to win this game in OT. Rondjberg has a penalty shot and Stephenson missed a clear easy goal.

    Rusty rusty rusty.

    So, the VGK remains winless in preseason and lost all of the rookie contests as well. I get the fact that the coaching staff are evaluating prospects, but you have to wonder if losing all of these games is going to begin to become a mental issue.

    It was nice to see Martinez go right after Hogsdon. I was very disappointed that the VGK didn’t get a power play as a result of that cheap shot. I don’t give shit who threw the first punch. That hit was intent to injure and put Stone out of action. One has to wonder if that wasn’t the plan all along. It surely looked like it as he came in well after the puck was away with Stone looking the other way. Complete dog shit play and the NHL took take a close look at it. There should be a hefty fine and suspension for that one. Stone is very lucky he wasn’t seriously hurt.

    *** Stone
    ** Brisson
    * Marchy

    Sure Eichel plays well, but he made a couple of seriously dumb pass attempts in this game. Not his best effort despite the points. Very sloppy overall, but not unexpected after a layoff.

    Brisson. He looked awful in the rookie games, but played extremely well in the game tonight.

    Bottom line.
    Sucks to lose, especially when you had the skate on their necks at the 13 minute mark of period 3.

  2. Richie-Rich

    Doesn’t sound like Bruce was too high on Brisson’s play in the D-zone. Mentioned he will learn how to in Henderson!

    • THE hockey GOD

      19 and 40 are still too small and too young, they need to eat their spinach and get stronger on puck, and on opponents. Boys playing against men, it is now.

      i like how marchy is taking 19 under his wing, they sit side by side on bench.

  3. Richie-Rich

    I give a special star to Alec Martinez for immediately jumping in to defend his Captain!

  4. TS

    Shoulda won this one , until they lost in OT. Notice ALL the fans at the home game, compared to San Jose’s non- existent crowd..

    • TheKeenster

      Yes. Obviously way more people at a game in Vegas watching a team that just won the Cup versus a team in San Jose that’s going through a rebuild. Duh.

  5. Jailbird

    Howden also jumped right in defending the captain! The only thing to be concerned of after 3 games,is Whitey’s condition.

  6. THE hockey GOD

    howden was in on stone hit retribution, petro was clearly hacking and slashing that “dude” on the goal, maybe ref. had his hand up BEFORE the goal. But I didn’t see it.
    Too bad we didn’t have any real enforcers out there to take out “that dude”.

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  7. THE hockey GOD


    take R out of cRom

  8. Vic

    No need to over analyze as the real games begin soon. Star of the game for our side….Ben Hutton. The guys is always ready no matter what. Sure he makes a few mistakes but he’s very dependable to step right back in at any time.

    Not happy seeing Eichel on the PK. Too much risk of losing the most valuable chess piece to a slap shot. Other guys can handle the PK.

    • Richie-Rich

      I like Dorofeyev’s speed and think we’d be better off with him on the PK rather than Jack. How much offensive production is the VGK going to sacrifice with Jack playing 4 to 8 minutes more per game on the PK?

      No, we need someone else to take Smith’s spot. Who is it going to be?

  9. Tim

    Let’s be real L.A.’s goal that ricochet off of two or three people was a little lucky don’t you think.

  10. Bobby

    Need to keep at least one goon in Henderson for games like this. Probably won’t be the last time teams take shots at us this season.

    • TheKeenster

      Was Hodgson taking a shot? Or making a Hockey play? Looked like a Hockey play to me.

      • Looked like he had something very specific in mind, clean or not in a regular season game, you don’t do it in a preseason game.

        • Tyler Durden

          Still with this ridiculous take. If you don’t want to get hit, don’t play hockey.

          • THE hockey GOD

            Hayden Hodgson Roughing Mark Stone:

            yep you are right, it’s a hockey play, it’s called a penalty and it’s roughing.

            clueless Tyler still can’t read a box score.

      • Gary Dadey

        totally agree…preseason or not,it’s a hockey play..keep your head up…I did not hear a whistle..I do not believe it was late..Maybe it will wake up the team who looked like they didn’t want to be out there last night…especially Pietrangelo who was on the ice for all four goals.

        • THE hockey GOD

          “eep your head up…I did not hear a whistle..I do not believe it was late..”

          totally and completely ignorant comment by someone who clearly was not watching the game and has no understanding of the rules.

          Stone had his head up
          what does not hearing a whistle have to do with with this play ? NOTHING
          it was not late ? It clearly was LATE. the puck touched another player and this dude was out by hash marks of face off circle and did a full charge into Stone.

          Hayden Hodgson Roughing Mark Stone:

          yep you are right, it’s a hockey play, it’s called a penalty and it’s roughing.

          GET A CLUE before you post garbage on internet.


          • Tyler Durden

            Your hockey knowledge is about as bad your conspiracy bull you post. Both equally stupid. You would think you guys would get smarter in year 7

          • THE hockey GOD

            tyler dumpster

            clueless as usual

            “If you don’t want to get hit, don’t play hockey.”

            says it all, low hockey acumen; going through life driving a
            garbage truck 24/7 is about the best you will ever do.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ keenster and Dudley

        yes it’s a hockey play, it’s called “head hunting” aka as Quinn taking out Bobby Orr along the board ten minutes after the puck leaves his stick. Clearly
        a charge and attempt to injure, the “dude” even swung his skates around when he was pummeling Stone into boards trying to take out his knees. Clearly a “hockey play” with intent to injure.

        I see no reason for coach to play his top players so early in preseason games against loser teams who don’t dress their top players. It’s like a pitcher in baseball who can throw a ball at player’s head, yet they don’t get to hit at plate for other team to throw at their head.

        Crazies coming to board , yet again, today. Did someone plant a nut tree in this forum ??

  11. knights fan in minny

    i just saw the hit here nhl network the kings guy should have had his clock cleaned a dangerous hit

  12. The most positive thing about the game last night was they didn’t have to take Stone of the ice on stretcher. While conversation from a number of people suggested it was a clean hit, I am not sure what game they were watching.

    • Richie-Rich

      The hit was not clean. If you look closely at it, Hodgson lifts his elbow toward Stone’s head in a clear attempt to injure. This was no ordinary clean hit to try and drive a player off of a puck. That’s the difference. Definitely a thug incident.

      • We certainly agree on that. Even without the elbow which was obvious No question attempt to injury unfortunately no one retaliated in the same manner of course two wrongs don’t make a right. I was thankful he got up it was an awkward fall to the ice especially for anyone who has or had back issues.

    • Richie-Rich

      So, how many top NHL Stars are going to be hit like that before the league takes steps like the NFL has done to protect QBs?

      Had Hogsdon not thrown an elbow on that hit then maybe it’s a clean hit. Regardless of whether or not the elbow made contact. The clear intent was there to bury a player with an intent to injure and not just simply a clean hit to drive Stone off the puck.

      What if this was McJesus himself? What if, McDavid was hit like this? The response by the league is probably going to be totally different both on the ice by the refs and the league.

      Anyone watching that hit can make a determination on their own. Was there zero intent to injure a player on that hit? or not? That’s going to become a league issue in the future if some of its top stars lose their careers.

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