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Recap: The Golden Knights hosted Pacific division rivals LA Kings for the first time in 2023-24. Both clubs had several chances in the opening period. Vegas outshot the Kings 11-9 in the opening period but neither team found the back of the net.

Midway through the middle frame the visiting team jumped on a loose rebound and batted the puck in past goaltender Adin Hill. Minutes later the Kings doubled their lead with a power play deflection. After 40 minutes the Golden Knights trailed 2-0.

The visitors stretched their lead early on in the final 20 minutes. Vegas came up short on their early power play and LA jumped on their opportunities. William Karlsson scored the lone goal for the Golden Knights.

The Golden Knights record drops to 11-2-1 after falling 4-1 to the Kings. Vegas will host the hapless Sharks on Friday night. Puck drop against San Jose is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: VGK was able to get through the neutral zone early in the game but they weren’t able to generate enough zone time to get consistent chances. Then, once they fell behind, they began shooting from everywhere and didn’t get good enough looks to beat Talbot. Been a long time since VGK have been out of a game in the 3rd period, but they were tonight. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Los Angeles Kings at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Goalies = Good

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Alex Pietrangelo
** William Carrier
* William Karlsson



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  1. Not much to say but unfortunately they couldn’t get it done tonight. Based on their previous performance expectation are high and wins expected. Onward and upward hopefully Friday will be different.

  2. Richie-Rich

    The team that destroyed Colorado was not on the ice this evening. All 3 goals by the Kings were not on Hill.

    My biggest takeaway from this game was that the Kings completely owned their end of the rink almost the entire night.

    Both teams hit pipe this evening, so that’s a wash.

    This was a bad game for the youngsters. All 3 played poorly; Cotter, Dorofeyev and Ronjberg all were owned on the ice by the opposition.

    That penalty on Stone was sketchy IMO.

    Marchy took the penalty after he was slashed on the hand. That was a missed call.

    The Kings not only dominated in their end, but they had quite a few extended OZ times during this game with the VGK chasing. Anyone have the OZ/DZ times for each team?

    Not much else to say about this one. If this is the worst game they play all season I can handle that. Looking forward to them bouncing back against the shittiest team in the NHL on Friday.

    • Pistol Pete

      R-R I try to take losses in stride as much as I can. There will probably be between 20-25 regulation ones this season. It’s up to the coach to guide the team through the rougher stretches. They are inevitable. Injuries, off nights, whatever. Through thick and thin this season this team needs to maintain their passion to repeat.

      • Richie-Rich

        Additional observations.

        The Kings forechecking, back checking was outstanding. Only our 4th line was able to push back on them. The Kings FO have done an outstanding job transitioning their team from old to new. More importantly for them, they have upgraded their goaltending.

        The Kings, Ducks, and Canucks are all improved this year and have made our Division a force to be reckoned with. Just 2 years ago the Central Division was considered the power in the West. That’s changed.

        Just a few weeks ago, when we were riding a wave of victories, we believed that we were deep enough to weather injuries to our top players. I am not sure what you were seeing last night, but I do not think that Cotter, Dorofeyev or Rondjberg were good enough last night against the Kings. I also do not like to see Dorofeyev and Rondjberg out there together on the ice. Not yet.

        Our goaltending remains strong and that actually gives us a chance to win games like last night when we are being totally dominated physically. Credit Hill.

        Having Roy and Stephenson was a factor. Amadio (Ammo) and Howden are not going to cut it against the better teams in the league. Pachal (Pickles) did not have a good game either.

        I think everyone might find this site interesting.

    • RR – refs missed a number of calls and also made some that should not have been calls. Unfortunately for the evening PP opportunities wouldn’t have made much difference to Vegas as LA pretty well shut them down. Except for karlsson goal it was an uneventful evening for our team. LA pretty well dominated in all zones. Vegas except for a couple of times couldn’t sustain the pressure when in the oz. They can’t keep depending on some way to win – that will eventually catch up with them. If l recall only the first line was all together the other three a mix and not a good match. They miss Stephenson and Roy along with White and Hauge

      • Pistol Pete

        I watched the whole game and would not say the VGK got dominated in all three zones. The shots were 38-30 VGK. I would listen to Cassidy in the post game. He is the better judge than any of us. He said the game was close 5 on 5. Where LA came out ahead he said was second effort in the special team situations. Kings are pretty good though, more like the VGK than most teams. They are four lines deep and most important they defend. Looking like a contender for sure.

  3. David T

    The VGK played very sloppy, undisciplined, hockey. Too many penalties. They need to clean up their game.

  4. Pistol Pete

    Still missing Roy, Whitecloud, Hague and now Stephenson so I was not real optimistic for a favorable outcome against one of the better teams in the conference especially missing two centers. Hill though was solid going 29/32 with two of the goals against the PP. Dorofeyev had a great start carrying the ouch in by himself landing the first shot of the game (or was it blocked?).

    Acoording to Cassidy 5 on 5 was prettey even the difference was better second effort by LA special teams.

    23 year-old 2018 #15 pick Grogoro Denisenko, shrewldy picked up on waivers, is now Henderson’s leading scorer, getting two tonight including the OT winner. He is now 7 G/6 A in 12 games compared to Brisson 4 G/3 A in 12 games. I have not seen him play but he is about the same size as Brisson and I believe faster with as good if not better hands. He has also played 26 NHL games for FLA (0 G/7 A).

    • Pistol Pete


      Dorofeyev had a great start carrying the PUCK in by himself landing the first shot of the game (or was it blocked?).

      Grigori Denisenko

      There are two things about this board I don’t like:

      1. No edit feature
      2. Have to submit email each post

  5. TS

    Snap. The Boys let the Kings rule. They KNOW they can play better. That should NOT happen again this season.

  6. KB

    Kopitar is so good. What scares me is the Kings might be the only team that can put fear into the boys. They force you to play the right way. Miss Reebok on nights like this.

  7. Jailbird

    The day WILL come when we have all our boys healthy and playing. I long for that day. In the meantime we will have games like this. It’s ok. We will bounce back!

    • TS

      We are really missing these key guys! Sure hope injuries don’t plague them all season…

  8. Tim

    No excuses but when your missing two Centers and two D-Men it does mess with the flow of the game. The test will be San Jose if they tank that game then we know we have a problem. Here’s my Xmass wish list early. Knowing how Kelly and George like that shinny new toy how about this. Edmonton is trying to shake things up and Leon D. may be on the trading block he’s look pretty good in Gold. With that extra first round pick plus ours and a couple of Silver Knights could we get it done stay tuned.

  9. THE hockey GOD





    Doc. Larry FINE “COTTON ,
    CURLEY ” Didn’t we just do this two years ago”
    MOE “why I oughta”

    back to the future, deja vu all over again.

  10. knights fan in minny

    the big take away was talbot was real good we were missing guys 2 losses no big deal the other night on nhl network they were doing power rankings and mark parrish had them first and his reason was the boys do not look satisfied with one cup i see that in a lot of there games a long way to go

  11. LVsc

    one thing is very noticeable in several recent games……the opponents have figured out the Vgk exit plays, and they are clogging up the boards and hemming the Vgk in their own zone way too often for a good team to allow.

    and one reason is the inability of Vgk dmen to carry the puck past defenders. Face it, other than Theodore, the Vgk dmen are not puck carriers…they too often just throw the puck around the wall and it gets clogged up, forechecked, pinched, and turned over… Martinez was guilty of giveaways several times leading up to the goal against.

    the positioning of the wingers, and the zone exit plays have to be addressed and tweaked and adjusted to counter the opponents current bottling up of the Vgk breakout plays. the more the opponent controls the puck or controls territorial play means that the Vgk offense will be muted, and more games like last night will occur.

    but I also acknowledge that without Roy and Stephenson to carry the puck, the Vgk forwards are overmatched on those lines. Howden is a failure at center, even Ammo played better at center than Howden.

    • LVsc – you plugged in and now the ‘rest of the story” for sure concerning line 2 and 4. Who was the guy who use to use that line all the time.

  12. Richie-Rich

    This table really digs down into the details, both Corsi and Fenwick, and can be sorted by special teams and 5v5. This one provides a game by game breakdown and can be sorted from the menu at the top.

  13. Frank

    Game was closer than the score indicated. They buried their chances and we did not. This game does show how much we miss stephenson and roy for some offensive balance. Cotter, Dorofeyev and Rondjberg did not have particularly great nights… credit the Kings for keeping most of the shots to the outside and really gumming up the neutral zone. Talbot also had a particularly good night in net….. Hill was really good too (Didn’t think any of the goals were his fault). VGK bound to lose a couple after the 11-0-1 start.

  14. Pistol Pete

    The Kings are pretty good this year. More like the VGK than many teams, they are four lines deep and defend. Though Talbot has been good the goaltending depth is suspect. I would say they look like a contender at this early stage.

  15. knights fan in minny

    long season boys and girls the squad will be fine

  16. Kings are road warriors thus far this year and play well against us regardless.. the rest of the nhl actually!…Talbot was reaaaaly good last night but I think goaltending will be a concern for them as the season unfolds….as far as last night.. all one had to do is look at tge starting lines to know it was potentially a long night…Roy is proving to be quite the valuable piece as the 4th line hasn’t been the same and he plays on the second PP unit as well.. hope Stevie returns tomorrow as our lineup will certainly look better.

  17. Pistol Pete

    Cassidy’s press conferences are really good…pregame, postgame, whatever, they are full of good information and he never ever sugarcoats. If they played bad he lays it all out in detail. If you want color on these last two losses I suggest going back and listening to the postgames. No BS.

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