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Recap: The Golden Knights hosted the LA Kings in an attempt to break their four game losing streak. Vegas took the opening lead 7:38 on Jack Eichel’s 16th goal of the season. Eichel snapped a beautiful shot under the bar for a 1-0 Golden Knights edge. 

Vegas doubled their lead after Michael Amadio flipped one on the fly 2:27 into the middle frame. Los Angeles cut the score in half but a minute later William Karlsson made it a 3-1 Vegas advantage. 

The Kings had a goal taken back in the final period keeping the game a two goal Golden Knights lead. With their goal empty, LA found their second goal of the night. The Kings tried tying the game as time wound down but the Golden Knights turned away any quality chances. 

The Golden Knights record improves to 22-10-5 defeating the Kings 3-2. Vegas will next focus on Monday’s Winter Classic in Seattle. Puck drop is scheduled to start 12 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: A lot of the issues that have plagued the Golden Knights during the losing streak was righted in this game. They were so much better breaking the puck out of their own zone and the stick battle level raised to the level it needs to be at to beat a good team. The 3rd period got a little dicey, but in the end they needed a win and they got it. (Analysis by Ken)

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  • Big time division win to break the streak

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Jonathan Marchessault
** William Karlsson
* Michael Amadio


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  1. Emmanuel

    Pietrangelo hasnt been himself for the last month. He hasnt been terrible just kinda below average.

    • knights fan in minny

      he could be fatigued.with theo out he logs a lot of minutes i think it was back a couple weeks he had a thirty-minute game.

  2. DeezNutz

    LT responds with a great performance. I’m still pissed off that they let the Kings live in their zone for the entire 3rd period that’s not a recipe for winning their defensive structure allows other teams to hold possession on the outside for what feels like years they have to learn how to clear their own zone and maintain some sort of offensive zone time because that was brutal and could have easily cost them the game. With that said…good game boys maybe another goal next time and their 6 on 5 play both scenarios has been a historical embarrassment all year. I don’t care who wins the winter classic but this team tonight needs to show up on the 4th against Florida for some redemption. FJB LET’S GO BRANDON

  3. Great win but their inability to clear the puck when it’s 6 on 5 has to be corrected. This very well could have gone into OT.

  4. Pistol Pete

    Other than the 5 on 6 goal at the end, robbing LT of a well-earned and much-deserved 1 GA, that was about as good an outcome as we could have hoped for. LA comes in here with the best road record in the league (13-1-1) and the Canucks get crushed at home by the Flyers putting the VGK back in a tie for first. The Cotter/Dorofeyev derby continues with each getting a timely primary assist. What a way to end 2023! The way things were going I was prepared to resign myself to not winning the division and having a tough first round against LA or Vancouver. This win, though just one more in the long regular season, restores my faith in the team winning the Pacific yet again, though postseason seeding pales in comparison to just being healthy and playing their best in the playoffs.

    • Pistol Pete

      The absence of Hill and Theo for sure played a part in that four game losing streak. Would be nice to have them back (obviously).

    • Pistol Pete

      Come to think of it, if the Oilers are a wild card that could be a tough first round for a division winner but at this point in the season we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves!

  5. Frank

    Much better by LT and the VGK…. Stop playing down to inferior opponents!!!! Good team win tonight!

  6. Richie-Rich

    Game 37 Analysis VGK 3, LAK 2

    Tight game, much better speed, support and goaltending. This was a team win, which is the way the won the cup.

    The VGK started out on the PK in the 3rd period and never was able to significantly tilt the ice to their favor. The 5-6 and last 5 minutes of this game was a nail biter. Not aggressive enough to try and steal a pass of seal off an opponent in the defensive zone. The zone defense almost seems to be mechanical allowing the Kings to take shot after shot after shot after shot.

    You can tell that every player on the ice was completely spent at the buzzer. The relief on McNabb, Petro and Thompson said it all. If there was another 30 seconds left the Kings would have tied this one up.

    We definitely need Hill and Theo back on the ice. Lots of pressure on Thompson and I am not sure he’s been handling it well.

    Seattle has settled into a team that truly isn’t on the same level as the VGK. The outdoor arena is mostly an entertainment show. Should be fun, especially if we walk away with the 2 points.

    Happy New Year All!

    • RR – you said it all a TEAM wins – they have been suggesting that has not been as strong as it should be – When Team A shows up with the attitude essential to win, play the full 60 minutes they are capable of beating any team. TEAM wins the CUP as proven last year and each player needs to remember that which has not been the entire mind set on occasion.

  7. TS

    Whew! We got lucky on this one. L.A. played like WE like to play– fast- paced, tough D, crisp passing, great Goalie play…it was indeed like watching US, as Gary Lawless commented. Our zone was way too busy, with L.A. challenging all night, esp the 3rd period.
    They were hard to beat, but so relieved we squeaked out the W!

    • Pistol Pete

      I thought the VGK was the better team against one of the top four teams in the league. No luck at all imo! A very nice win and w/o Theo and LT was good.

  8. Pistol Pete

    If McCrimmon is able to shed Martinez at the trade deadline he would be able to swing a Nylander deal because he’d only have to pick up Nylander’s remaining 2023 salary (easily covered by Martinez), right?…however that would create an environment where Marchy would play out the season knowing he will not be re-signed, a bit awkward and unfortunate. Not sure why I bother thinking about this so early, it’s just that Nylander would make an absolutely dynamite replacement for an aging Marchy. Nylander I believe would make an excellent two way player and can you imagine him with Eichel?

    Fact is, McCrimmon and McPhee may simply not being willing to part ways with Marchy being what he means to the organization, however business is business and replacing aging players whose contracts are expiring is very very important business.

    • Emmanuel

      A 1st and one of Hague/Whitecloud? Thats still not enough.

      • Pistol Pete

        I know, it would cost but so did Eichel and look how that turned out!

      • Pistol Pete

        Rough draft:

        Post-trade deadline:


        Scratch pool: Pav, Cotter, Howden, Amadio

        2024-25 (assumes 2023-24 validation of Cotter and Pav with higher offensive ceiling than Howden):

        Cotter- Karlsson-Amadio

        Scratch pool: Howden, Pav, Cotter (note: may not have salary space for Amadio)

        • Sorvino

          Nylander will be signing an extension with Toronto by mid January. You can dream like you dreamed of Filip Forsberg, but it’s not happening. I’ve actually been doing the same thing and thinking of scenarios of Nylander on the team myself.

          A more realistic target would be Elias Lindholm.

          • Pistol Pete

            True, however the Preds had room to re-sign Forsberg but the Leafs don’t Nylander not unless they want around $45m tied up in four forwards. Leafs are not winning a Cup with that. Lindholm is an interesting possibility but can he play wing? He’s a center over there, right?

        • Pistol Pete


          Pav: 3 G/5 A (+1)18 games= .44 pts/game
          Cotter: 5 G/10 A (+0) 37 games = .41 pts/game
          Howden: 4 G/6 A (-4) 35 games = .29 pts/game

    • Richie-Rich

      Let’s not get the cart in front of the horse. Toronto has 40 points and is a playoff team. Nylander, at age 27, is a rock solid keeper for the Leafs. No way, zero chance, that Nylander is going to be moved. Okay, well to be real, let’s say it is a 1% chance. The Leafs are NOT going to simply trade Nylander straight up to the VGK for Marchy.

      Marchy is still playing at a very high level. He clearly has a year or two left in him. Will he still be worth the $5.5 he is getting? The VGK FO let Smith’s contract expire and allowed him to move on for nothing in return to the Penguins. I believe that is exactly what will happen after this year with Marchy, except that I hope they resign him to a 2 or 3 year deal for less money. Will Marchy want to continue to play as a Knight? If so, then he’ll settle for less.

      At some point the VGK have to look hard at Dorofeyev becoming an everyday player. He’s got the skill set.

      Nope, Marchy isn’t going anywhere. Toronto would have to completely implode, coaching staff and front office fired. Even if that were too occur, they would want top draft picks, prospects and Marchy to come along with such a deal. Won’t happen.

  9. JB

    Much needed win. Boys skated much better. Couple days to finally get a practice in. Should be fun game against the Kraken outside. Very happy LT came back with a strong game. Team needed to gain that confidence in him.

  10. Sorvino

    Another thing regarding Nylander. Even if the Maple leafs were 100% sure that they could not re-sign him in the off-season they would still keep him for the playoff run. At least with Filip Forsberg Nashville would have entertained trading him if they couldn’t re-sign him. There is literally a 0% chance that Nylander does not finish the year in Toronto.


  11. knights fan in minny

    are we done complaining the boys played well in the o-zone d-zone jack with a ripper in the first nice move by cotts on the wild bill goal hell of a power mov to the net by amadio even better pass from pav when carrier comes back time for howdy to grab some pine pav has been playing really well lately, he deserves a shot leave logan alone he is just fine hell of a save on Kopitar

  12. Sorvino

    Pistol Pete, I agree with you that logically signing Nylander would be putting too much money in four forwards, but the leafs are stupid. That’s what they do. They are quite simply stupid, and have only won one playoff round in two decades.

    Lindholm can also play the wing and does it very well. Lindholm can do everything well and is not the type of guy a team should ever look to trade, but he has publicly said that he does not want to stay in Calgary. Lindholm leads the Calgary Flames and ice time per game among forwards and is 13th in the league among forwards.

    Lindholm 20:57 per game

    He actually plays more minutes per game then Eichel, Stone or Nylander which shows that he has a well-rounded game, and that he has trust in his coaches.

    Whoever does end up acquiring Elias Lindholm is getting a really good player

    • knights fan in minny

      looked at some stats for lindholm not bad good size still in his late twenties. how much does he make the things i read a lot of guys want out of calgary

    • Pistol Pete

      Sorvino, going back to Forsberg, at the time McCrimmon agreed with my assessment of Forsberg as a 5 1/2 year younger version of Pacioretty but indicated to me he would be re-signed at the 11th hr. which turned out to be an accurate call. Not sure I agree it’s 100% certain Nylander finishes his season in Toronto. If the Leafs don’t deal him he can walk as a free agent and they could get zero for him. I’ve noticed some sentiment among hockey writers that it will be tough for Toronto to re-sign for what he is asking. I think he likes living there but suspect he’d like to win a Cup and he may feel he’ll never win one there. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. It would be a tough deal for the VGK to do and Nylander would have to agree to something less than what he wants in Toronto but players like it here, they are on a winning team with a great owner and no state income tax.

      • Richie-Rich

        The CAP is going up several million, but even with that increase the VGK would have to shed some expensive talent to bring in Nylander as a free agent. It won’t be Pietrangelo, Karlsson, or Eichel. Will Marchy sign for less money in the offseason or will the FO just let him walk to free up the $5.5? Is it $5 or $5.5, I cannot remember if it is Wild Bill or Marchy who get more?

        Certainly Martinez and Stephenson might be trade bait for draft picks/prospects to free up space in the offseason?

        I would expect Nylander to demand $10/year to come to Vegas. We’d begin to look like Edmonton, top heavy. We’ve seen the results of that scenario and it doesn’t win championships.

        • Pistol Pete

          R-R the key to being top heavy on salary is at least one has to be a D. With the cap going up, four $10m players becomes feasible. The key is a team that defends. That means the $10m forwards have to commit to playing the 200 ft. game like Eichel and Stone. EDM and TOR fall short because they don’t have the defend first structure and the buy-in required from the players. Eichel is a smart player. When Cassidy came to him demanding that he play 200 ft. hockey he was all over it knowing he might win a Cup doing it. Good move by Jack.

      • PP – you are a stitch -“going back to Forsberg, at the time McCrimmon agreed with my assessment”. Does this serve to qualify you as an expert on hockey personnel in your mind? There has been many posting on this site from individuals who had “the inside info” anonymously of course, who were full of BS. Rearranging the current lineup with outside “help” is little more than a waste of time and not sure what if any value it serves. Explain to the team how to fix the 6 on 5 – they can’t even ice the puck let alone put it in the empty net. That would be much more meaningful than all this wishful thinking. I am sure Cassidy and McCrimmon would love your input as they apparently don’t know the answer.

      • Sorvino

        Pistol Pete, I disagree 100% but I respect your opinion. There is absolutely no chance that Neander will be traded at the deadline.

  13. Jim

    whew, finally a win.

    But, even the coaches have gone off the rails. wtf was Karlsson doing on the bench in the last minute while 81 and 49 were out there in a defensive situation?

    they could not retrieve a puck and get it out of the zone.

    the first 2 periods were vintage Vgk, they played excellent, but the 3rd period was a microcosm of the bad last 24 games.

    I notice that LT was doing a lot more butterfly, and a lot less of the standup hybrid crap that causes the leaky goals. Sean Burke must have been talking to him.

    oh, and is there a worse team in the Nhl in the 5 on 6? they just play rope a dope, and that won’t work in that situation. Moore had all day in time and space to place that shot over LT’s shoulder, that was another passive 5 on 6 rope a dope disaster.

    Periods 1 and 2 were a small step in regaining some semblance of the Vgk magic, but period 3 showed that a LOT more must be done to get this team back to high-level normal.

  14. Sorvino

    I go as far to say is that he is one of the more underrated players in the league.

    It’s actually challenging to find something he doesn’t do well. Good penalty killer. Very good on the power play as well. Great on face offs, over 55%.

    The VGK actually don’t need him as he would be an embarrassment of riches. I just don’t want another rival to get him. Like Edmonton.

    • TS

      Sorvino, both 5 on 6, AND 6 on 5, are disasters for us. If we pull our goalie and go 6 on 5, our opponent scores. 5 on 6, our opponent scores. Coach has to stop pulling our G— it never works for US, but it sure pays off for THEM.

    • Pistol Pete

      Sorvino it’s all about extending Marchy and planning to replace him with an elite veteran.

  15. Sorvino

    Seems like a foregone conclusion that Elias Lindholm ends up Colorado. Perfect fit that makes too much sense.

    • knights fan in minny

      that is one of the teams i have heard and boston mcrimmy will have to work his magic to get lindholm if he is on there radar lets hope

  16. Thg

    VGK wake up from dog days of schedule.

    HEre are Flames players that strat rates with decent numbers
    Baklund 4/3 fo +1 great skater int 5
    coleman 4/3 great skater ! intimidator 6
    dube 3/2 good skater FO+1 great int 7
    hanifin 4/4 4 pk good skater int 6
    huberdeu 3/3
    kadre 4/2 (weak on d) int 5, very good skater
    FO +1
    lindholm 4/5 (!) excellent rare 5 on D, superior skater, F) +3,
    pk is 3 (big decrease from 5), int 5. No way VGK can afford this guy.
    Unless some massive SAL CAP shredding.
    tanev, strcitly d mean, 2/4 4 on pk, int 5
    Weager 4/4 sk 3, int 7, good skater

    these are some of under the radar flames players likely to go, if any
    goalies i did not rate

    And Marner is better bet than Nylander, but both of these
    just like Lindholm are pipe dreams. Nylander is a 4/2, a slouch
    on d, Marner is 4/5 another rare 5, only six in league last year.

    i’ts DEC 29th, and GENOCIDE JOE is still the worst
    president in last fifty years. He’s not running the country who is ? Jill ?
    Remember when Calvin Coolage had a stroke, nearly 100 years ago. His
    wife was running the show and wouldn’t let him even meet with his cabinet. Odds are 50/50 GJ won’t even get the nomination as his poll numbers are lower
    than a Republic Waste Disposal truck stinking up your neighborhood !

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