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Recap: The Golden Knights and LA Kings met up for the final time this season in an important divisional matchup. After a goal was taken back from LA, the home team took the lead seconds later. After Phil Kessel gave VGK a 1-0 advantage, a minute later Ivan Barbashev doubled the lead. Chandler Stephenson took advantage of a collision in front of LA’s net and made it 3-0 Golden Knights. On an ensuing power play, Nic Roy scored his 14th to open up a commanding four-goal lead.

Vegas added to their lead 1:02 into the middle frame. Jonathan Marchessault tallied his 27th goal of the season by roofing the puck into LA’s net. The Kings drew a penalty towards the end of the period which they took advantage of. Three minutes later the Kings stunned the Golden Knights with a shorthanded goal. After 40 minutes the Golden Knights possessed a 5-2 lead.

The game tightened up in the 3rd period as Vegas protected their three-goal advantage. The Golden Knights skated out the period and held onto a 5-2 lead in an impressive divisional victory.

The Golden Knights’ record improves to 49-22-8 defeating the Kings 5-2. The Golden Knights will fly to Dallas for one game on Saturday afternoon. Puck drop against the Stars is scheduled for 12:30 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights came out and laid a smackdown on the Kings in the first 12 minutes of the game. They forced the Kings to turn the puck over and took advantage of a wide-open neutral zone to build a quick 3-0 lead. Then, the Kings resorted to loser hockey and Vegas started to stretch the lead. There was some pushback, but nothing concerning from a VGK standpoint. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Los Angeles Kings at T-Mobile Arena.

  • A view from the other side of this beatdown

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Phil Kessel
** Ivan Barbashev
* Chandler Stephenson


Golden Knights “Lack Power Play Shooter”


Kings Humbled By Golden Knights 1st Period Domination


  1. D

    Ken, still wrong on record and points.

  2. Pistol Pete

    2-1-0 = record 110 pts/win the division/#1 seed in the conference
    3-0-0 = all the above (add 2 pts to record pts) and record 52 wins

    Statement win. Nice to see Barbashev-Stephenson-Kessel do so well after moving Barbashev down. Could be a difference making third line for the playoffs. Dorofeyev on top line apparently a work in progress though I have not yet watched the game to assess his shifts. He was on the ice for the SHG against however. Hopefully the chemistry builds on that line down the final stretch.

    • Frank

      Shorthanded goal was on Eichel, tried to make a move on zone entry and coughed up the puck, pietrangelo was caught flat footed… Dorofeyev was not even in play. Like Doro better with smith and karlsson. Barbashev, Stevenson and Kessel were dynamic all game long. All in all, very solid win.

      • Pistol Pete

        Frank, though I was not watching the game at the time, I saw Dorofeyev was +1 from the Marchessault goal and was on the ice for the PP ahead of the SHG. When he went form +1 to 0 I assumed he was on the ice for the SHG however watching the replay I could not tell for sure. I would give him time with Eichel and Marchessault. Though I have watched just the first two periods I thought he looked excellent on that line. What needs to be considered is moving Barbashev down to the third line. That makes a lot of sense because Barbashev brings depth to a bottom six line centered by Stephenson. In doing so Cassidy has no choice but to bring Dorofeyev up (eben though he was doing well with Smith and Karlsson). Besides that by coming up and scoring 7 goals in 12 games, he’s earned the right to skate with Eichel. These last three games will provide more time for Dorofeyev to develop chemistry with Eichel and Marchessault.

        Cassidy appears to have found his final lineup heading into the playoffs. Looks like Cotter and Bleuger will remaing scratched unless he tries Cotter with Smith and Karlsson. If Stone makes it back I see two options for the top six:




        The second option may be the best if Marchessault continues to be productive on the top line.

        • Pistol Pete

          If Stone comes back there will be three extra forwards (assuming no injuries). Not sure how that will play out, if someone gets waived. I doubt it would be Cotter. He’s young and homegrown.

        • SMH

          I could be wrong, but I would not count on a Stone return anytime soon. Last I heard (about a week ago), he had only resumed “light skating” as part of his rehab. Maybe if VGK makes a deep playoff run, he can return at some point, but I’m really just hoping for a healthy Stone to start next season. In the meantime, a first line of Dorofeyev/Eichel/Marchy really scares me with regards to defense. Like the poster Frank, I would prefer seeing Pavel play with Karlsson & Smith, who really take the pressure off of him defensively, especially as a rookie going into his first playoffs hockey, which is a whole other level of intensity and pressure. I trust Barbashev to be a more all-around dependable first line option at this point.

          • Pistol Pete

            SMH, my guess is that despite Barbashev’s much deeper NHL experience compared to Dorofeyev, Cassidy is comfortable with what he sees so far in Dorofeyev’s ability to defend, that he was able to perform better than just a two way “passenger” when playing with Smith and Karlsson. More than once in postgames he’s had positive things to say about it. It’s probably a stretch to say Dorofeyev is as good a defender as Barbashev and I can’t even say how good a two way player Barbashev really is. He won a Cup so for sure he’s had to defend at a high level and with some success presumably vs. Dorofeyev who’s
            played a mere 17 NHL games. Agreed it’s a tenuous situation as far as Dorofeyev’s expanding two way game holding up in the playoffs. It’s definitely a tricky situation and an interesting call for Cassidy to move Barbashev down to form a potential super third line replacing him with a player with so little experience. Apparently 7 goals in 12 games plus a breathtaking SO goal under pressure speaks volumes. Let’s see how it goes against the high scoring Stars. Another potential test for Dorofeyev’s two way game.

          • Frank

            Agreed – Stone needs patience with the back injuries. The back is a tricky thing and can be reaggrivated very easily. I too would like to see him hold off and try to return at 100% next season. Although Stone is terrific, I would hate to see him come in and get re-injured.

      • TS

        Frank, yes it was. Eichel literally took his eye off the puck, easy pick by LA to score that goal.

      • THE hockey GOD

        actually no. 7 was awkward on his skates getting back to defend

    • Pistol Pete

      Honorable mention: Laurent Brossoit (30/32)

      Hopefully Thompson back in time as I am not bullish on Quick. With somne fairness he did very nearly score a 2 GA performance against NSH because the OT goal was not his fault. Still the guy is past his prime and struggles to get games under 3 GA.

  3. Jailbird

    Solid win. Played well all night. Four points to go!

  4. Rashaad

    It would be my hope, that Logan Thompson or Adin Hill, or both will be ready for the playoffs. I’ve got Quick 4th on my depth chart. I don’t trust him in the playoffs.

    • TS

      Agreed, Rashaad. Quick is anything BUT quick, allows stoppable goals. He’s a filler goalie, a temporary fix to our goalie deficit.

      • Jose

        Good morning TS. I agree with Rashid and yourself about Jonathan Quick.

  5. TS

    1st period TSUNAMI!! The Kings were absolutely stunned! So satisfying to watch their crushing defeat! THAT was a VGK Statement: they are ready to compete for the Cup!!
    Stephenson is such an observant, smart player– not always looking to score himself, but so crafty in his ability to find the open teammate and open space for goals.
    How about Hague?? He has gone from a low- key, rather passive player to the Team Defender! Something has lit his FIRE, and he’s NOT gonna let our opponents RUN US OVER ANYMORE. Really encouraged by his physical play lately…we have needed that big guy to step up, and BOY, DID HE EVER!
    Keep it going, VGK!!

    • Ice Warrior

      Kings fans in front of us had a big banner which they unfolded and waved after their first called back goal. That banner went into hibernation for a long long time. They did buy a lot of beer tho….thanks for contributing to our tax coffers.

  6. THE hockey GOD

    VGK win on call back of off sides goal which changed the momentum of the game, something the LAK team could not recover from.

    Let’s examine this further, and see why teams actually HATE this reversal. The player was OBVIOUSLY off side by a long shot. The linesmen blew it. Back in the day , before replay that would have been called. Now we have lazy lines men who basically know their backs are covered. The NHL should GET RID of the replay, add more officials at each blue line, located in elevated boxes whose job is to monitor off sides immediately. They blow a horn or push a red light to signify stoppage in play immediately. This would cut down on the the on ice non calls, which slow up the game. Even if they are wrong, once in awhile so be it. Human error. Officials are wrong too.

    And how about HAGUE? One bomb after another he demolished that mac guy.

    Jimmy Foxx, LAK TV color commenter , who is normally one of the best in league, had an off nite. He was wrong about 1) boarding call in LAK player who got major (it was an obvious boarding call, leveling the player into the boards, who hit his head 2) about kessel pushing the net off the goal posts. He initially insisted that No. 8 of the VGK pushed the net off unimpeded. The replay showed he obviously was hooked and lost ability to stave off his momentum causing him to crash into the net. Despite the fact that he “grabbed the cross bar”. Sometime these color commenters go “homer” too much.

    If VGK play LAK in playoffs, the next game will likely go to LAK as a revenge game to make up for this embarrassing loss. In Bettman’s league no one team is allowed to win night after night after night, despite the fact that they are clearer better. IN other words, socialism exists, well we all know Canada is a socialist nation. Free “health care for all ” (be it of poorest quality), high taxes, no free speech (they have
    no bill of rights). What a nation. I wouldn’t want to live there, and I visited it many times.

    sez me

    • Richie-Rich

      Sometimes I wonder about you THEhG!

      Now you want to add linesmen and do away with replay. AND to top it off you are saying that what we are watching is a storybook fairytale, the ending of which is determined by Bettman night after night.

      I think you might have did a few extra lines before posting this one.

    • Richie-Rich

      The one thing I do agree on is that socialist leaders have no balance. Drunk with power and control they offer up so-called free shit (it’s not really free) to gain the votes of the masses.

      The problem with this unbalanced approach is that they eventually run out of other people’s money. Money, and the rich folk who have it, will always find the path of least resistance in a democracy. At some point the socialist dictatorships will go after the rich folk just like they did in 1917 in Russia.

      Until that happens, inflation soars, quality suffers, and the political elite class get fatter and fatter. Eventually they drive innovation into the ground and you get a Soviet Union type collapse.

      God forbid we ever actually truly fix health care. There’s no money to be made in curing patients, just treat the symptoms.

      • THE hockey GOD

        correct- i want to make the game better, so far it’s going backwards at a rapid pace.

        the insurance companies and the gooberment drive up health costs, and drive down quality care.

        care was so much better before the obummber not affordable health care “act” came along.

        as a matter of fact we were all much better off before the decisiveness of barry saotao obummer came along

  7. THE hockey GOD

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  8. THE hockey GOD

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    • TS

      Thg, I went to see the ‘ Jesus Christ Superstar’ production in Reno in the 70’s, as a teen– it was an amazing experience!

      • TS

        Btw… Olive Branch??

        • THE hockey GOD

          i thought people here didn’t read my posts??

          LIARS all of them

          Happy Good Friday every one
          and passover to the Jewish peeps
          and Jews for Jesus folks

    • Jose

      Oh, shut the fuck up you, god loving, tranny loving, sex change loving lunatic. We all enjoyed not hearing from you for a couple of days. If God exist T-shirt created an annoying creature like yourself.

  9. Tim

    I see nut job is back lucky us. My thought today is watching Quick on the bench last night was like watching a fallen star. He looked so sad and it happens to all athletes as the old saying goes if mother nature doesn’t get you father time will. With Thompson and Hill skating and Brossoit playing decent there’s no way I can see Quick making the playoff roster. Which unfortunately will be the end of a great career. Back to last nights game the Knights really came out smoking. I still can’t figure out with the magnitude of this game why Copley wasn’t in goal. This year first place vs second place is huge and they went with #2 go figure. Now the next challenge Pete DeBoer and the Dallas Stars. Do yo think old Pete wants to beat us to a pulp you bet. It’s ironic after 79 games with everything on the line it’s X coach vs new coach you can’t make this shit up.

    • TS

      Tim, Kings may very well have underestimated us, esp with our home losses.Nasty Surprise for them!
      Noticed same about Quick..he looked about ready to cry, felt bad for him.
      Re above poster, I’m relieved the Political stuff is absent. I’ll take this over the alternative ANY day of the week!

    • Jose

      Yea Tim, nut job is back! Ha ha ha.

      The VGK sure came through against the Kings. That was a statement. That was a statement to the entire league that we are the Western Conference regular season champions, and will carry home ice throughout the first three round of the playoffs at least.

      Question for y’all out there. If hypothetically, all four goalies were completely healthy, who do you trust the most and would be your game one starter?

      I honestly don’t think there’s any wrong answer unless someone picks Quick. Here is my list in order from most trustworthy to least trustworthy.

      1) Logan Thompson
      2) Laurent Brossoit
      3) Adin Hill
      4) Jonathan Quick

      Again, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the top three

      • TS

        Jose,, would LT be READY for top- spot duty, given his injury time away? IDK…

      • Richie-Rich

        Does anyone have any specifics on LT’s injury? Maybe they brought him back a bit too soon. Seems to me that it might be a groin or hamstring.

      • THE hockey GOD

        jose – ts alex – alex – obvious – fake knight fan from minnesota – fake hockey god- and all your other multiple personalities and sick , creepy, psycho stalker personalities embedded in your daily posts

        relishes in nut job posts, evil, and sick twisted agenda, never posts anything of value, shallow meaningless jibber jabber.

        From now on that is your new nick name creepy psycho stalker jibber jabber.

        get a life,
        get therapy
        creep psycho
        and take your old grandpa, TIM , with you

        • TS

          Um..TS here is the real deal. Nothing about me is fake, just so you know…Alex has moved on.

          • vegas fan in

            alex has not moved on he will be back he enjoys being a asshole

          • TS

            I meant moved on from me. Thankfully.

          • THE hockey GOD

            I said “TS ALEX”

            not TS.

            It’s the same creep, Jose is ALEX, he was busted a few weeks ago.

    • TS

      Stars game= the VGK Revenge Tour. Can’t wait for our Payback!!

  10. vegas fan in

    there were some on here who were worried about the kings and last nights game well guess what get over it this is a damm good vegas team what a sweet little dish from chands to barber for the goal phil looks like he has found the fountian of youth that line was fantastic lb did his job not to many tough saves hague with the clock cleaning of the kings guy the blue line six was good again pretty much the whole year i was shocked to see ef hutton to finish the game he got lit up on the hit face first in the boards no more injuries please

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