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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to get back on track with a win against the visiting Florida Panthers. Vegas’ Pavel Dorofeyev scored his 4th goal of the season 3:59 into the game. The Golden Knights committed two penalties in the 1st period which the Panthers took advantage of. Florida evened the score on the powerplay after William Carrier was called for a tripping penalty.

Tied up 1-1, the Golden Knights continued to take costly penalties in the middle frame. Zach Whitecloud was called for an elbowing infraction which Florida jumped on. The Panthers took a 2-1 lead, scoring both goals on a man advantage. With under two minutes remaining in the period, Florida extended their lead to 3-1.

Florida added their third power play goal five minutes into the final frame. Vegas gave up their sixth power play of the night which made the difference in the contest. The reigning Stanley Cup champions lost 4-1 to last season’s runner up.

The Golden Knights record drops to 22-12-5 losing to the Panthers 4-2 at T-Mobile Arena. Vegas will remain home to host the New York Islanders on Saturday night. Puck drop against the Islanders is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Vegas put in some of their best hockey in quite some time to start this game as they were all over the Panthers with a goal and a bunch of early chances. It evened out a bit until VGK got a 5-on-3 for two full minutes. They hit a post and had one other good look, but it wasn’t good enough. From that moment on they were simply outplayed in just about every aspect. Special teams were a major downfall but the 5-on-5 went downhill after that failed PP. (Analysis by Ken)

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Pavel Dorofeyev
** Mark Stone
* Brayden McNabb


Stanley Cup Headed To West Point


Undisciplined Golden Knights Better “Get Our Friggin Heads Out Of Our…”


  1. Jim

    outworked, outhuscled, outmuscled, outplayed and out of luck.

    They lacked passion, intensity, and work ethic.

    the PP and PK are pathetic, amateurish.

    the next step is obvious….let the TRADES begin

    If they think that Henderson AHL players are going to turn this around, they are dreaming.

    LET the TRADES Begin !!!!

  2. DeezNutz

    This team sucks. The goalie sucks, the defense sucks, the offense sucks, the PP and PK both suck. There is literally nothing good about this team right now and they have been mediocre to just plain garbage since November. They will not win another cup with this squad and quite frankly they were lucky to win the last one because absolutely nobody predicted them to win because their advanced stats all sucked. That magical run will not happen again with these players. We need guys who can actually score goals because Eichel can’t do it all himself and he’s the only offensively talented player on the entire roster. The team is also too slow especially Pietrangelo, Martinez, Stone and Marchy. Their ages are all showing now and unfortunately for us we are stuck with those Stone and Petro contracts for the next several years. If the GM wants this team to win another cup while we still have Eichel they need to get rid of as many slow and old players as possible and look for speed and players who can finish scoring chances like actual NHL players. Just an overall embarrassing stretch of games and I can see this garbage play continuing until the GM does a re-tooling starting with the slow, old and busted players. I’ve seen enough.

  3. I’ve said it once.. and I will say it again… pietrangelo is an absolute waste on the power play…no creativity and can’t hit the broad side of a barn from absolutely anywhere!!!… stated at 12:29 of the second period!!

  4. Another shit show after the first 10 minutes. There where multi times they couldn’t even get the [puck out of their zone. Actually a pretty sad performance from one and all. Petro has turned into a liability on the PP – of course he has a lot of company as the Panthers gave, the VGK opportunities to shine to no avail. I don’t recall them even having a shot on goal with two-man advantage. Obviously, the Panthers scored almost at will on their PP opportunities. Well, they have a chance to redeem themselves come Saturday but given their last 50 minutes tonight I can’t say I am optimistic. What is particularly troublesome is they are a much better team than they are demonstrating lately.

  5. Pistol Pete

    Canucks lose to Blues 2-1 and Kings blow a 2-0 lead to lose to Detroit in a SO. Top of the Pacific has been slumping it seems.

  6. Henderson Knights

    It looks like Brisson, Sapovaliv, Edstrom, Cormier, several VGK players, and a few draft picks may soon be on their way to another organization in a sequence of trades…..unless a miracle turns this around beforehand.

  7. Richie-Rich

    Game 39 Summary.

    My wife and I departed as soon as Whitecloud got the penalty in the 3rd period around the 15 minute mark. There wasn’t much to see. In the first 5 minutes the VGK had 1 shot on goal and a total of about 10 seconds of offensive zone time. The Panthers dominated the VGK in every single category of hockey from about the 10 minute mark of the 1st period on.

    Frustrated is just the feeling that permeated through T-Mobile stands. Watching this team implode out there is very difficult to watch. The power play was mechanical with very little skating, passing around the perimeter very similar to years past. Beaten to pucks, turnovers, and untimely penalties. There’s not much else to say about this beat down. It wasn’t a hockey game, it was an embarrassment for a World Champion team to put forth that sort of effort.

    I am ready to see Theodore back in the lineup. Pietrangelo has been playing a ton of minutes, but his performance is no better than McNabb who is a stay-at-home D.

    Bob was so much better than Thompson tonight. Bob weathered the first 10 minutes where the VGK outshot the Panthers by 10-1. Bob had at least 3 unbelievable saves. Pietrangelo missed the net at least 4 times. Does he need to get his eyes checked?

    The Golden Knights played about 10 minutes of outstanding hockey and then went into hibernation mode.

    It is accountability time. What will Cassidy do?

  8. vgk21

    They had a great season and a great playoff last year. and they started this season 11-0-1.

    Then the wheels came off for some unexplainable reason. Probably stanley cup hangover set in, and after Hill went out with injury, and then Theodore, it just snowballed from there.

    The leadership on this team right now looks baffled as to how to stop the bleeding. This team has gone from the penthouse to the outhouse in 2 months.

    I don’t see the magic of last season returning without some kind of key trades to spark the team.

  9. Tim

    I know your all arm chair quarterbacks as the saying goes but have no fear were close to having a good team. I know your all into sports and everyone has an opinion but as I’ve said were one player that can generate points be it sniping or just a good old country slap shot away from righting the ship. Believe I’ve played and coached all my life and sometimes new blood is infectious and it spreads among all the players and it’s a different team. Karlsson, Hill and Theadore out are big losses so getting them back and someone that can put the puck in the net and we’ll be fine. I agree right now the Knights are unwatchable unless you enjoy watching grass grow because getting goals isn’t on the menu and to play like this anytime but especially at home is unacceptable.

  10. Pistol Pete

    I liked Dorofeyev-Stephenson-Stone that game. Personally I believe Dorofeyev has more upside than Howden on that line. (I realize it is just one game so far). When Karlsson and Kolesar return Cassidy will remain between a rock and a hard place as far as potentially scratching Cotter for Dorofeyev. Sorry Cotter fans but Dorofeyev is more skilled, closer to top six material.

  11. Pistol Pete

    Bob was excelllent that game. Made it very tough on the VGK to find the back of the net, period one especially. As I see it the Panthers are a decent team and they were long overdue to win a game at T-Mobile.

    • Richie-Rich

      We saw the Championship caliber team the first ten minutes of this game.

      Do you think they tanked or was it some change in game strategy by the Panthers that completely shut the Knights down? It’s hard to believe that they would completely go into a tank on home ice after this poor stretch of games going back to late November. So, if they haven’t tanked, then teams have found a way to shut the Knights down. I’d like to think that we’re tanking, but either way it’s not looking good at this point in the season.

      Other factors include the injuries and the penalties. The penalty on Densinko didn’t end up in a goal for the Panthers, but it did give the Panthers a power play at an inopportune time. Nearly two minutes of 5 on 3 with no goal was definitely a factor. I didn’t see too many cross ice passing attempts, nor did I see anyone trying to close the gap or players in front of the net.

      I wonder if practice will be closed today? There needs to be some accountability applied by Cassidy. It’s a good thing Cassidy isn’t the All-Star Coach or he might find himself on the unemployment line.

      I like Cotter, but he isn’t a finisher. He does get a lot of chances. I need to take a look at his shot percentage. It’s got to be really poor. On the other hand, I agree, Dorofeyev looked excellent on the line with Stone.

      Both Amadio and Pietrangelo looked awful out there last night. I am thinking that #7 may need a rest. I’d like to see him get some rest. I would also start platooning Patera and resting Thompson. Give Thompson a night off and let Saville back up Patera for a few games.

      Lots of talk on VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS KEEPING IT REAL on Facebook, people calling for Lehner or Subban! Also, many whining about not keeping Quick and trading Thompson.

      I think that accountability looks like sitting some of the players who are not performing and producing.

  12. TS

    Another tough one to watch. And seeing all those empty seats was also tough. The only thing that didn’t happen was fans booing. At least fans kept their heads, as they made for the exits. Seems the entire team is imploding
    .come on Cassidy, do some magic here!!

  13. Pistol Pete

    Us fans can become pretty disenchanted and sometimes irrational during these inevitable regular season slumps. The regular season is one thing, the postseason is another.

  14. Pistol Pete

    VGK losses (not incl. OTL) per season:

    2017-18: 24
    2018-19: 32
    2019-20: 24 (71 game season)
    2020-21: 14 (56 game season)
    2021-22: 31
    2022-23: 22

    Note: Made the playoffs every season except 2021-22 including 2018-19 with one more loss than 2021-22.

    2023-24 (through 39 games): 12

    We could use a run for sure to stay with VAN and LA to win the division and get that top divisional seed.

    • TS

      Pp, your stats should make me feel a little better, but, nope. Feel bad for the team, they know they’re in a black hole right now. Just hope turnaround comes before fans stop going to games, stop watching. Vegas is a fickle lady, as we know.

  15. Pistol Pete

    As I mentioned above, one game of Dorofeyev-Stephenson-Stone is not enough to draw any real conclusions but my sense is that Dorofeyev will make that a better line than Howden, however it did work very well with Howden in the playoffs. Howden was an excellent passenger on that line.. Howden is a bit bigger, more physical and battle tested than Dorofeyev but just look at their 2023-24 numbers and tell me who is the more offensively skilled and less a defensive liability.

    Dorofeyev: 4 G/5 A (+1) 9 pts/19 games = .47 pts/game
    Howden: 4 G/6 A (-5) 10 pts/37 games = .27 pts/game

    During the first intermission when asked about Dorofeyev, Stone described him as being strong on the puck and something to the effect that he’s willing to go to the net. It will be interesting to see if Cassidy keeps him in the lineup and gives him more time on the Stone line. With a fully healthy roster that will require scratching Cotter or Howden.

    • Richie-Rich

      Dorofeyev was a lot stronger on the puck in this game. I have seen an improvement in this area. Earlier on he was easily pushed around. He must be working hard on that part of his game. Don’t get me wrong, he’s no Carrier or Kolesar, but he is beginning to hold his own for a potential top 6 regular.

      Dorofeyev should be given a chance to shine. I would like to see it.

  16. ThG

    when coach calls a time out (which he rarely does), and draw up a play on white board – which he never does; and players do not execute. Then TV “analyst” interviews him, and he calls out his players. The coach has lost players. Enough said, until he does the ship is rudderless.

    And genocide Joe is also rudderless, the parallels are unending here.

    • TS

      …and so is your CRAP— unending. And sickening.

    • Richie-Rich

      Come on man! Joe isn’t genocidal. He and his family are simply corrupt and using his name to sell his office to foreign countries like China, Ukraine, Russia and Venezuela. Genocidal? No. He is a Christian don’t you know?

      • ThG

        LOL Richie , the college students across the land started calling him that after he started another proxy war ! He started one with Putin, and his funding of HAMAS led to next proxy war. They know the score on Biden. Genocide JOE is what they pinned on him. He owns this.

        One thing for sure is that the “other guy” wouldn’t have set the world on fire like Genocide Joe has done.

        COME ON MAN !

        • TS

          I ask: Did Biden pay Putin to invade Ukraine and kill thousands, leveling cities and villages?? You FORGET who the REAL Genocidist is here! PUTIN is the SOB Murderer! NOT Biden!!
          Did Biden make a deal with HAMAS to attack, kidnap, rape and behead babies?? Did Biden decide to make innocent Israelis suffer? Did Biden start this?? Did he sanction this?? NO, NO
          NO, and NO.
          Your continued Biden- blaming/ blasting is not only FALSE, but it’s dangerous! It’s the reason Trump is STILL in the game, despite his being the most corrupt POTUS in history!! The lies, conspiracies and constant projection are the clear danger to Democrasy!! Amazing how Repubs constantly blame Dems for the very things Repubs themselves do!! Madness!!

      • TS

        Rr, I think the Biden comments may be more appropriate for Trump, as you may recall how many times Trump ignored the nation’s Emolument Clause, and he instead enriched himself and his family again and again when he was in the WH. His family made MILLIONS from their own personal enrichment. The Trump hotel in the heart of D.C. was a foreign agent’s conduit to the ” Pay- to- Play” game. His son-in- law Kushner cashed in HUGELY in Saudi Deals. Trump effectively told the FED to POUND SAND!
        Yet, the Repubs are complaining about Biden NOW?? So where were the Protests when Trump was lining HIS pockets??

  17. JB

    It was men against boys. We are a hot mess right now. Not much else to say!

  18. Tim

    After our 12 game start were actually playing under 500 hockey and as the old saying goes you are what your record is. Accept it and move on and fix it simple. I’m confident George and Kelly will make the tough choices. On the chopping block you start with Alex Martinez 5.2 million,

    • Richie-Rich

      Watching the games, Martinez has actually been solid on D along with Whitecloud. Hague hasn’t impressed me during this stretch and #7 (I hate typing out his full name, and when I try to short it to Petro auto spell check changes it), #7 looks exhausted.

      #7 has 1 goal and 15 assists plus/minus -6
      #3 has 2 goals and 14 assists plus/minus +10

      If you weren’t a fan of this team you’d be shocked at who is getting $8 million per year.

  19. Canada

    I walked out at the 10 minute mark , very hard to watch i actually almost left in the 2nd after the 5 on 3 pp . Watching a team have a 6 minute one man advantage and a 3 minute two man advantage consecutively with that effort was painful. If Cassidy could have left i think he would have as well ,that being said when he puts this team back together and they focus on the big prize they will emerge, in the mean time it sucks bad. Between watching the Raiders and the Knights pick your poison.

    • TS

      OH CANADA! the truth hurts— OUCH! IDK what the Vgk can do to turn it around…just hope Coach has some ideas..

  20. ThG

    VGK is in same place
    it was two years ago with massive injuries impacting several key players

    did FO panic then, like fans are panicking now ??

    I don’t expect any cleaning of house , unless the injured players
    are done for good. Which is unlikely. KK will be back, Kolesar will be back,
    Theo will be back, Hill will be back.

    Too many fickle wagon jumpers.

    • Richie-Rich

      I actually agree with you on this post, except #7 has become more of a liability than an asset in terms of offense and defense. His offensive numbers are way off and his defense is as well. McNabb is actually outperforming him and is making about $6 million less.

      Congratulations on avoiding political spin! A rarity for sure.

      • ThG

        RR political filler is above

        no 7 is laboring , as well as others , that is obvious.

        more cotton!!

  21. Besides all the everything revolving around VGK the scheduling overlords have done us no favors.. and continue to do us no favors as we have 3…THREE back to backs in the next 3…THREE weeks… including a visit to the Avs on Thursday and back home against the bruins on Friday!!

    • Richie-Rich

      Time to see what Patera and Saville can do. Rest Hill and Thompson and get them and this team healthy. I hate to say it but #7 needs to sit for a while as a scratch, or put him on IR.

      • RR – Petro has turned into a real liability out there. While he had moments of goodness previously, they seem to have evaporated. I did see something about him being away to reduce the cap but simply dismissed that as false info which there is plenty of but his play of late suggests there could be some truth in it. There are a number of passengers out there at the present who know better so it’s time for ALL to step up and be the team they are capable of. Saturday could prove if they learned anything from last night. Can’t play 10 minutes of a 60-minute game and expect to win. It’s one thing to lose when you play well enough to win which hasn’t been the case as of late so the results speak for themselves. They can turn it around – no excuses are acceptable, it’s a tuff physical and mental sport

    • Larry – you might be right – but I am not convinced they don’t perform better under pressure. Yes, they talk about how demanding it is but seem to navigate the rough water pretty well. Scheduling 82 games for 32 teams, given facilities are in many cases multi use and season length is limited, teams are going to be faced with scheduling challenges, it’s the nature of the beast. All teams are faced with the same challenge, so it evens out.

  22. LVsc

    Here is what I see happening. The opposing teams have figured out how to counteract the Vgk systems.

    By using a neutral zone trap, and clogging up the neutral zone, it negates the Vgk offense because of the poor puck management, i.e. poor passing in their d zone exits. and the Vgk dmen are not fast skaters or puck carriers like Makar etc, so they are very vulnerable to turnovers and 2 on 1 goals against.

    Then, the Vgk defensive system, which is a passive rope a dope defense, depends on making the opponent come 200 feet to score. But turning the puck over in the neutral zone defeats the whole purpose of the rope a dope.

    and, also, the rope a dope does not work in PK situations, and it does not work, as we have clearly seen, in 5 on 6 at end of game trying to protect a lead.

    Sure, they will be better when Hill, Theodore, and Karlsson return, but the underlying problem remains. The Vgk coaches will likely tweak and readjust their systems to adjust to the changes by the opponents. But without better puck mgmt and passing in the d zone and neutral zone, and better forechecking and cycling deep in the offensive zone, it will be difficult to get back to the “old Vgk” of last year.

    Trades for a couple of speedier puck carriers would help. and so would a more aggressive system that pressures opponents, not hang back passively and let them dictate the game.

    • Pistol Pete

      That analysis paints in broad sweeping strokes and is not specific enough claim by claim to debate them without more information. Did you play in high school or college by any chance?

      • Richie-Rich

        I actually think that LVsc’s analysis is quite good. VGK defense and PK thrives on setting up and clogging up the middle of the ice. They thrive on blocked shots and stripping players if they try to penetrate.

        This strategy completely falls apart when they are turning over the puck in the OZ or NZ because they are completely out of position defensively. We saw that when #7 almost fell over backwards on a turnover resulting in a score. Players like #7 and #3 are not the fastest on the ice and they depend on the Forwards making good decisions and passes.

        The lack of team support on breakouts, good decisions to take off the pressure is resulting in turnovers and the team unable to set up defensively. Teams have figured out that pressuring the Golden Knights is the key to beating them.

        What I saw last night was a lack of response to pressure. Most teams will pass the puck back and relieve that pressure, make the team that is pressuring (akin to blitzing in football) skate more and wear them down. What we are seeing is a tendency of the Knights falling right into that trap by trying to push the puck through 2 and 3 opposing players in the NZ and losing those battles.

        As soon as the Panthers put the pressure on in the first period the Golden Knights completely tanked. It was like watching a knockout punch in boxing. This is the major issue with the team and Cassidy has to figure out how to counter it. They did a much better job of it in the playoffs last year, relieve the pressure and open up the ice by doing so and making the opponent skate harder to try and apply that pressure.

        • Pistol Pete

          Maybe then you guys are assuming the VGK opponents have figured them out. I don’t buy that. They are the same team as last year minus Smith. Even without Smith it they play well they are still tough play against even with the best coached opponents implementing countermeasures. The team has just not being playing close to optimal nearly as much as they need to to win another Cup. LA they played well. I don’t blame fans for sweating the slumps. We mostly all do to one extent or another. This is the same roster minus Smith.

        • Pistol Pete

          Your assumptions are all well and good R-R but they apply to a VGK team playing poorly vs. playing well. Fans need to realize teams go through stretches where they don’t play near enough peak to win close games. This has been a bad stretch though. I want them to play well through as much of the regular season as possible just not burn out like the Bruins did last year. I’m confident this team will play well in the playoffs. Will need health as much as anything.

          • Pistol Pete

            I mean the Bruins went up 3-1 and lost three straight to the #16 seed. So much for playing great the entire regular season.

      • Richie-Rich

        The Knights strategy to pressure in the NZ has been the “dump and chase”. That hasn’t been working either. The D, Hague, McNabb, Martines, and #7 are not getting into position quickly enough at the Blue Line and opponents are playing them man-to-man while allowing their D to pressure and win the puck battles in their own zone.

        Our top 6 team forwards are losing those dump and chase battles. Barbashev is likely the only exception to that. The 4th line is much better on dump and chase because they can physically challenge most defensemen in the league.

        I would like to see Whitecloud and Theodore (much faster) supporting the top 6 forwards. Thoughts?

        • Pistol Pete

          Thus far this is all part of not playing well, not systemic issues imo, meaning personnel and the on-ice strategies, coaching. Obviously it can become systemic somehow if it drags on and on and they fall out of the top three in the division. Would help to get Hill and Theo back though they should be able to get by without them for the time being.

  23. JB

    As you might remember, we went thru tuff stretch , last year, before the all star break. Had the same comments then as we are hearing now. It never changes. Is it frustrating as a fan the last few weeks,yes of course. But I will remind you, once again, this is a grind of a season. The injuries we have are major players. Hilly was leading the NHL when he got hurt. Theo is the driver of our PP. we must hand in there as fans. All we need is to be healthy and playing well going into the playoffs. Have faith thru this tuff time!

  24. JV

    It seemed like Cassidy almost threw Thompson under the bus, before falling back on ” Those are conversations between Logan and Sean” I get Cassidy’s frustration, but it makes you wonder what’s going on behind closed doors especially after Logan’s “….or if I’ll even be a Golden Knight…..” comment recently.

  25. Im perplexed and concerned about Thompson…last year he oozed confidence and i was a 100% a backer of his with Hill as the clear backup….when Hill was healthy this year Thompson was also playing effectively and obviously we stormed out of the gate…then both got hurt and our season has fallen by the wayside…albeit i figure if we can can somehow muddle thru this homestand and the trip back east by accumulating 60%+ of the points available….the all star break will be just the tonic to recharge our batteries and get healthy and play our best hockey…at least thats the hope and plan!

  26. Sorvino

    Lukas Cormier will play tonight and he will be on the first power-play unit. As per head coach, Bruce Cassidy.

  27. Sorvino… scary thought on so many levels involving Cormier offensively and defensively protecting the front of our net..however I have been advocating for some time that pietrangelo simply has to be removed from the first unit PP due to his total ineffectiveness!!

  28. Gaetano

    Heaps of crazy psychopaths here.

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