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Recap: The Golden Knights and Florida Panthers faced off for a crucial Game 4 in Sunrise, FL. Vegas came out firing, forcing scoring chances from the opening minute. Chandler Stephenson gave the visiting team an early lead 1:39 into the game with his ninth goal of the postseason. Goaltender Adin Hill made several key saves in the period to preserve a one-goal lead heading into the first intermission.

Vegas continued to pressure Florida’s zone and 7:28 into the middle frame Stephenson scored his second goal of the night to give his team a 2-0 advantage. A few shifts later William Karlsson buried a rebound to stretch VGK’s lead to 3-0. Towards the end of the period the Panthers got some luck and deflected a puck of two Golden Knights to earn their first goal of the game.

Florida got within one 3:49 into the final frame to make it a 3-2 Vegas lead. The Panthers had more scoring chances throughout the period, but the Golden Knights defended well down the stretch.

The Golden Knights take a 3-1 series lead and will have a chance to end the series with a win in Game 5 on Tuesday. Puck drop is scheduled for 5 PM from T-Mobile Arena. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights won this game by playing exactly how they set out to play in the 2nd period. They were all over the Panthers the entire frame and it led to waves of pressure. VGK’s forecheck was by far the more consistent forcing tons of turnovers in the FLA end. Defensively, the Golden Knights have continued to do what they have done much of this season, make it impossible to get to the front of the goal. Florida had no way in and they ended up resorting to chucking pucks from the point. Vegas blocked most of them and even blocked the one that went in twice. A brilliant performance on the road has the Golden Knights coming back to Vegas with a chance to win the Stanley Cup on Tuesday. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs Florida Panthers Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final at FLA Live Arena.

  • The colossal shift in 2nd period performance

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Mark Stone
** William Karlsson
* Chandler Stephenson


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  1. David Thew

    Too close for comfort…

  2. Richard Evans

    That penalty with 9 sec left drove me to drink. Literally.

  3. TS

    HELL YEAH!!!! ….WHEW…..

  4. DMR

    Panther “fans” show their true colors by throwing garbage on the ice as the pos Panther players show their lack of character by continuing the dirty cheap shots.

  5. knights fan in minny

    th e delay of game you cant make that up chands with the speed game the wall did a good job that last save was a heartbreaker step on their throats tuesday

    • Howard

      Except that “last save” if it went in would not have counted. Clearly the clock was 0 before the puck hit Hill’s pad.

  6. Bobby


  7. Sorvino


  8. Tiki Owl

    Again failing to win faceoffs with the other goalie pulled drives me crazy.

  9. David Thew

    Well, they ARE undermanned in that situation, sooooo……

  10. Jailbird

    Coming home to win it ALL! Yea baby!

  11. Emmanuel

    Despite the score the game wasnt that close……

  12. vgk21

    whew…….BIG win !!

    great saves by Hill at the buzzer, and I love the way he fights back when they crash his crease.

    the Stone- Stevie line came thru big tonight after a rough night in game 3.

    I predicted the Vgk in 5, and let’s hope it happens on Tuesday.

    15 wins down, and just one more to go.

    cheapshot Panthers as usual at game’s end.

    • TS

      Vgk, and how about those “CLASSY FANS” at the end, throwing stuff on the ice. Fans also BOOED every play that didn’t end up a VGK penalty.
      From players to fans, Florida shows their LACK of CLASS. The fans were also BOOING every play that didn’t end u. We are better than that!

  13. David Thew

    Agreed. Panthers once again, lost their composure. Too bad it wasn’t earlier in the game.

  14. DL

    Gotta Love Adin Hill!!!!

  15. David Thew

    Playing with heart and focus.

  16. Henderson One

    NHL Network team said that Petro committed a no no by leaving the penalty box and joining the fray. Any chance he could be suspended?

    • Howard

      No; as per usual, former hockey players are ignorant of the rules (deliberately?) of their own game – once the game is over all penalties cancel. Everyone is allowed on the ice.

      Petro was on the ice because the bolt automatically opens. NHL guys know this and are likely just trying to “stir the pot” for better ratings would be my guess.

  17. Pistol Pete

    Fifteen down and one to go…GKG!!!!

    Brilliant second period.

    Brilliant Adin Hill.

  18. Pistol Pete

    Very happy with the TNT team. Four of the five are “former players” and they know a lot. They also understand good ownership, management and coaching (all areas Vegas excels in).

  19. Jailbird

    When that scrum started at end of game, we were down two players. Petro had to get on the ice to help the others . Just glad Hill didn’t get anything out of it. He went ape shit on KaFuck! That was great!

    • TS

      Jb, IT WAS AWESOME!! Hill is such a weapon for us, isn’t he?? All the net skills PLUS he’s a scrappy fighter!!
      He’s every coach’s Dream Goalie, and he’s OURS!! ( VGK better find some $$$ to pay him…)

      • TS

        Watched the replay of the post- game fight a few times..seemed Karlsson was sucker- punched in the face FIRST, then the melee ensued.
        My main takeaway from that game: DO NOT POKE THE BEAR( Hill). He fights with NO MERCY. A mauling. I pity the guy on the receiving end! And he got into it with TWO Panthers!
        Hill was stellar! What a silver lining the whole goalie thing gifted the VGK– It gave us the MOUNTAIN!

        WE WANT THE CUP!!!!!!!

    • knights fan in minny

      wildbill man handled his guy behind the net which is not his style

  20. David Thew

    And we thought Dallas was dirty. Compared to the Panthers, the Stars are Saints.

    • knights fan in minny

      all 3 western conf series they tried to rough up the boys not working

      • David Thew

        Nope. VGK knows that they have unfinished business after Season 1. They are playing with a chip on their shoulder. On a side note, being originally from Colorado, I am also excited for my Denver Nuggets. Will be watching closely as to how my Broncos do this season.

  21. Jim

    penalties at end of game were—

    Tkachuk got roughing, slashing, and misconduct, 14 mins

    Montour got charging, and misconduct, 12 mins

    and our great battling goalie got just 2 for roughing

    so, the refs got it right

    • TS

      Jim, excellent news!! I didn’t know post game penalties existed. That doesn’t carry over to Game 5, does it?

      • Jim

        no, it is just penalties recorded at the 20:00 minute mark of the 3rd period. there is no carryover, unless that game had gone into overtime, then it would have carried over to OT.

  22. Richie-Rich

    Marchy, in a twitter moment said “Get Ready Vegas, we’re coming home and we will be playing our best hockey on Tuesday.”!!!!

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