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Recap: The Golden Knights and Florida Panthers met up for the Stanley Cup Finals from T-Mobile Arena. Vegas was awarded two first period power plays which resulted in a goal by each team. Florida opened the scoring with a shorthanded wrap-around goal, but Jonathan Marchessault evened the score on the man-advantage. The game was locked in a 1-1 tie going into the first intermission.

Florida pushed the pace to start the middle frame, but Vegas’ Adin Hill made a sprawling paddle save to hold the game 1-1. Midway through the game, Shea Theodore danced the blueline and wristed in the go-ahead goal. After several close chances the Panthers scored the equalizer with :10 left in the second period.

The game tightened up early in the final frame with each team limiting the other’s offensive chances. Seven minutes into the period Vegas defenseman Zach Whitecloud jumped on a loose puck and gave the home team a 3-2 advantage. Late in the period Mark Stone knocked down an errant puck flip and ripped the puck into Florida’s net to make a two-goal game. Vegas took advantage of a double-minor power play to eat the remaining time and added an empty net goal.

The Golden Knights take a 1-0 series lead with their 5-2 victory over the Panthers. Both teams will return to the ice on Monday night for Game 2. Puck drop for Game 2 is scheduled for 5 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: It was a back-and-forth affair for a good portion of the night, but the Golden Knights got the better of the style of play for the better portion of the night. Sure, a few posts helped VGK along the way, but they stuck to the main game plan and made forechecking difficult on the Panthers while going in hard on the forecheck themselves. The 3rd period could have gone either way and it ended up going Vegas’ way with a great shot from Whitecloud and then an unbelievable goal by Mark Stone. The Golden Knights lead the Stanley Cup Final 1-0. Next up, improve on the last time around.  (Analysis by Ken)

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  • Blue line changing the game with offense

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Zach Whitecloud
** Shea Theodore
* Adin Hill



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  1. Former season ticket holder

    Love it…Florida has met its match.
    We dont back down

    • David Thew

      More than their match. We aren’t going to roll over for anybody.

      • TS

        Damn right!! The Eastern Beasts are NOT gonna manhandle us! WE WILL RISE ABOVE THE PANTHERS’ DIRTY PLAY AND WIN THE RIGHT WAY–WE’LL E-A-R-N IT!!

  2. David Thew

    Looks like the Knights and Panthers have set the tone for their lack of love for each other. The Knights stepped up their game in the 3rd Period. The Panthers got rattled and it caused them to lose their composure; hence, the penalties. Good win for Vegas. They need to come out on Monday night with intensity and not get drawn into any fights. The Panthers seem to want to do that; draw them in. It backfired on the Panthers tonight.

  3. knights fan in minny

    wow what a goal by shea hill the wall withthe save of the year 4th line was flying all night the boys take no crap good pk no quit in this team love it hague is always laughing when the rough stuff starts another series against cheap shoters

  4. Bobby


  5. Pistol Pete

    Can’t ask fore a much better start to the series than that. Hill awesome again (33/35 = .943) and the special teams were a pleasant surprise: PP 28.57% PK 100%.

    • Pistol Pete

      One down and three to go!!!

    • Pistol Pete

      Ok ok Smith’s PP goal was an empty netter but with this team’s PP we’ll take every one we can get. Furthermore as dismal as it’s been it is due to get hot!!!

      • TS

        Florida will be a slushfest, even worse than our ice, I think. Humidity plus heat…

  6. vgk21

    Great win !!

    one down, and 3 to go.

    the VGK are climbing the Hill to the top of the mountain.

    Panthers cheap shots after the whistle, Vgk just laugh as they self destruct. they still have never won a game in TMobile arena.

    • knights fan in minny

      hill a free agent next year he will get some offers same with barbashev

      • TS

        Vegas needs to keep both! Barbashev is a junior Carrier– love his play! HILL should double his salary after this season’s saves!( and THEN some!)

  7. Jailbird

    Like I said before the game. We would learn to build up some hate for these cheap shot assholes. We laugh in their faces! Amazing 4 th line tonight. Hill playing amazing! We’re on our way! Marchy isa warrior.

  8. George T

    Hague’s laughter is my spirit animal

    • TS

      George, great comment! His composure is now VGK legend!! Panthers are THUGS. And SORE LOSERS. They can bait us ALL they want, but our guys WON’T TAKE THE BAIT! I APPLAUD the team and also the Refs for calling it right!!
      We have the Panthers flustered already, and it’s only GAME 1! It’ll sure be fun watching their team.imode, their coach screaming obscenities at the refs!!

    • TS

      The way the Panthers went after Hague, I think they have put a target on his back. It shows that Panthers have real worries about him, and want to take him out of the game. GOOD. LET ‘EM TRY!

  9. John W

    VGK showing professionalism, by not rising to the provocations from Mathew “TkPunk”. So glad he got sent off – National Media can’t really apologize for him after seeing his punk like behavior.

    VGK also popped the big bubble of emotion around Bobrovsky, who proved himself to be human after all.

    Keep applying steady pressure in game 2, and they will break again.

  10. Pistol Pete

    Eichel btw is the VGK points leader this postseason with 20 (6 G/14 A) followed by Marchy with 18 (10 G/8 A). I recall him remarking not long after coming to Vegas that he’s a “setup guy”. Seems to be the case but he can be counted on to get at least 25 goals a season. He’s really due this series to net a couple or more than a couple. Although he did not score against Dallas he was highly impactful, driving play on both ends of the ice and logging six assists.

    • B-Rad

      #9 had an awesome play in the 3rd where Barkov was flying down to the left circle and Eichel swooped in and dispossessed him. What a play.

  11. Henderson One

    Florida is indeed a dirty team. Good to see VGK walk that fine line of responding without losing composure and getting penalties.

  12. Emmanuel

    Tkachick and Bob flopped…the run is over…….

  13. Seriously….do the talking heads and pundits actually realize the Golden Knights had the most points in the Western conference this year…they also won the Western Conference championship by winning 12 games and losing 3 to reach the Finals…they beat the ‘darlings’ of every pundit in the Oilers…and now lead 1-0 againt the Panthers…who deserve credit for reaching the Finals…let us not forget…they did beat a good….not great Bruins team….and then 2 highly flawed teams in the Leafs and Hurricanes…no disrespect to them they beat who was in front of them…but now….now….they are facing a totally complete team in our Golden Knights!!

  14. Gary J Potter

    Was a bit concerned the officials were going to lose control of the game early in the first when the Panthers wouldn’t stop with the whistle. That strategy backfired when VGK refused to take the bait, especially late in the third. Fun to see cool heads prevail.

    • TS

      We ALL have the same takeaway from Game 1: Panthers wanted a Brawl, we gave them a few laughs and MOCKED them, instead!
      That 1st period was a question mark, though, after Hill got pummeled, then he responded with a punch or two….could been huge for the game had it gotten out of control. Hill has a temper, who knew??Glad Refs got it right.

  15. Richie-Rich

    Great game throughout except for the brainfart wrap around shortie and the 2nd goal with 10 seconds left. Other than that the VGK pretty much owned the ice.

    Great game, great hustle on the forecheck. Eichel clearly can put it into a gear higher than anyone on the Panthers.

    The goal by Stone was okay, it was the catching of the puck that was amazing. Bob was shocked to stone!

  16. Pistol Pete

    Hill would want the wrap-around back because he moved himself out of the net to the right and could not get back in time. The Duclair shot off the face off changed direction significantly deflecting off Whitecloud’s skate. There was nothing Hill could do to stop it. A good bounce for Florida which Cassidy said they “earned” based on other efforts that period. You work hard for bounces and they can go your way.

  17. THE hockey GOD

    Just dragging in , making it home from the Strip here at 7 30 AM

    The crowd was intense, finally getting some semblance of it’s own identity; but still so self absorbed. At least the trim is picking itself up nicely.

    What is all the hype about ? We have all been here before. It’s one step at a time.
    VGK beat the CAPS in game 1 the last time around.

    The Panthers were clearly rusty, VGK was quicker. The cats hit the iron THREE times. That close, and Hill save was out of this solar system. VGK couldn’t win a draw if their lives depended upon it, they need to do better here. And up their PP, they had a critical PK also.

    All in all a good start. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

    BEST SC VGK quirky gaudy wear ? <<<< those gigantic , ahem, plastic GOLD CHAIN with hanging SC ICON. You can't miss it, it says HEY LOOK AT ME I AM A BIG KNIGHTS FAN. But $40 for plastic that is about $2 worth of starting material. A bit much. But hey, knock yourself out.

    Onto game 2, the cats will be ready to pounce, will VGK counter punch ?

  18. Dylan Barmmer

    The Panthers sure are a dirty, shitty team. Gudas thinks he is playing Roller Derby out there.

    Former VGK Cousins is trash. And looks and acts like a Fake Johnny Drama.

    Tkachuk, per usual, is The Absolute Worst Loser.

    Never seen anyone score so many big game-winners…yet still be a complete and utter loser.

    Fascinating versatility and dichotomy!

    • Pistol Pete

      Not sure how really bright Tkachuk is either

      • Pistol Pete

        Earlier in the playoffs on TNT Henrik Lundqvist who does strike me as a pretty bright guy remarked he was not sure how smart Tkachuk was lol. Thought he might get in trouble for that but he made it back on the air after being gone a while. The absence may have been/probably was unrelated. In fairness to Tkachuk he may just be not all that well spoken which is not necessarily a sign of “not being all that bright”. Judge for yourself lol.

  19. knights fan in minny

    limited barkov to 2 shots verhage was invisible good work by the boys

  20. THE hockey GOD

    on the hill save credit no. 7 and no23 for clearing the puck out of the danger zone

  21. Tim

    The wrap around shouldn’t of happened and the face-off goal with 12 seconds left in the period shouldn’t of happened but it did. The greatest shot of the game was Hague being man handled and just laughing at the Florida players that was classic shown on national hockey channels across the world. Florida that’s what you call getting punked. A well deserved moment to show what ass holes they really are. Three more it ain’t going to be easy but 1 zip beats 0-1 in my math calculator.

    • THE hockey GOD

      best comment on that from highlight reel showing Hague getting faced washed, and repeated slashed

      Feb 9, 2018
      Post Karma
      Comment Karma
      What is karma?

      11 hr. ago

      Panthers are so fcking dirty, they are actually getting us all to root for Vegas. Fck it, bring on the world ending meteor.

  22. THE hockey GOD

    players revolt against woke broke politics inserted into sports in their failed attempt to twist the unsuspecting and feeble minded fans of all ages who are clueless in what is really going on in today’s world

    Major League Baseball has caved after multiple players revolted against a Bud Light-like stunt for Pride month.

    MLB has responded by quietly removing the abcdefghijklmnop+ Pride logo from its Twitter account.

    Clay Travis said: “MLB players are revolting — some publicly, many privately — over the Dodgers honoring an anti-Catholic group.”

    As Slay News reported earlier, MLB stars Trevor Williams and Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Blake Treinen called out the league for inviting the anti-Catholic group, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, to an event.

    Treinen said, “I am disappointed to see the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence being honored as heroes at Dodger Stadium.

    “Many of their performances are blasphemous, and their work only displays hate and mockery of Catholics and the Christian faith.

    “I understand that playing baseball is a privilege and not a right.

    “My convictions in Jesus Christ will always come first.

    “Since I have been with the Dodgers they have been at the forefront of supporting a wide variety of groups.

    “However, inviting the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to perform disenfranchises a large community and promotes hate of Christians and people of faith.

    “This single event alienates the fans and supporters of the Dodgers, Major League Baseball, and professional sports.

    “People like baseball for its entertainment value and competition.

    Learn more about RevenueStripe…

    “The fans do not want propaganda or politics forced on them.

    “The debacle with Bud Light and Target should be a warning to companies and professional sports to stay true to their brand and leave the propaganda and politics off the field.

    “I believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins.

    “I believe the word of God is true, and in Galatians 6:7 it says, ‘Do not be deceived, God cannot be mocked; a man reaps what he sows.’

    “This group openly mocks Jesus Christ, the cornerstone of my faith, and I want to make it clear that I do not agree with nor support the decision of the Dodgers’ to ‘honor’ the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

    “This group openly mocks Jesus Christ, the cornerstone of my faith, and I want to make it clear that I do not agree with nor support the decision of the Dodgers’ to ‘honor’ the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

    “’But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.’ Joshua 24:15,” Treinen concluded,

    • Dylan Barmmer


      • TS

        I don’t get it either, dylan. Guess it must be Sunday, cause we’re seeing the sermon…sigh….

        • David Thew

          Behold ye sinners of Babylon… LOL. Yeah, that was off the wall. He also began belittling fans for wearing “cheap plastic VGK necklaces”, etc. Guess he became fashion police?

          • THE hockey GOD

            “BEST SC VGK quirky gaudy wear” is not belittling anyone, I got one.

            So take your BS elsewhere it won’t fly here. Problem with the whiners on this board is that jump to conclusions before they even finish reading a sentence because they are all hard wired whenever they see something that is politically incorrect in their feeble minded left wing brain washed little minds. Probably from inhaling too much of the gangi.

    • David Thew

      Huh? Pretty random rant? Stop drinking bottom shelf whiskey, my friend.

      • THE hockey GOD

        not random DT

        everyone here knows that I go off on woke broke BS in sports

        • David Thew

          Granted, politics and religion are often injected into sports, as well as, everything else in life. But most of us don’t read into it too deeply. It serves no purpose. Let them inject their idiotic beliefs and “feelings” all they want. I won’t bite into their reasoning. You said you don’t like them injecting their politics into the game. Yet, you turn around and inject religion into it? Same thing. Like in a bar, there is no room for neither. As for the jewelry thing, you actually did dog them for wearing it. You stated, “BEST SC VGK quirky gaudy wear ? <<<< those gigantic , ahem, plastic GOLD CHAIN with hanging SC ICON. You can't miss it, it says HEY LOOK AT ME I AM A BIG KNIGHTS FAN. But $40 for plastic that is about $2 worth of starting material". My response is, "let people wear what they want, celebrate as they chose". At least they're Knights fans, not Panthers. But every time we wear a jersey, a logo hat, are we not celebrating our love of our team? No difference either with the jewelry. Just fans having fun. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy most of your posts. I just thought the sermon was a bit over the top, is all.

          • THE hockey GOD

            “Yet, you turn around and inject religion into it? ”

            I didn’t, the players did, read the article. I just re posted it.

            “My response is, “let people wear what they want, celebrate as they chose””

            cherry picking my response, you left out ” But hey, knock yourself out.” the last part of my sentence. You can’t have it both ways !

            gkg- peace out bro

  23. Richie-Rich

    NHL N etwork, Sunday morning, is guaranteeing a Florida Panther victory. When asked if Florida can tie this series up on Monday, the answer was “absolutely”. What a bunch of Eastern Conference shrills.

    • TS

      TNT also touted all of Florida’s assets and strengths on Pre- game show, yet seemed to play down our team, . Let’s hear what they have to say NOW???

    • David Thew

      They are just people who were fortunate enough to get paid to voice an opinion. Doesn’t make them right, just arrogant and much of the time, obnoxious.

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