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Recap: The Golden Knights hit home ice for their first game back since the All-Star break. Vegas hosted the Edmonton Oilers in an attempt to snap their historic winning streak. Edmonton took the opening lead with an early shorthanded goal. Vegas’ Nic Roy tied the game later in the period, scoring his tenth of the season.

The 2nd period featured strong goaltending by both teams. Adin Hill made several key saves to keep Edmonton from taking a lead. After 40 minutes the game was locked in a 1-1 tie.

It didn’t take long in the final period for Vegas to take their first lead. After a big stop by Hill, Chandler Stephenson went the other direction and scored on a one-time pass in front of Edmonton’s net. William Karlsson added an empty net goal to give the Golden Knights two-goal cushion. Hill continued to frustrate the Oilers in the final minutes and preserved Vegas’ 3-1 win.

With the win, the Golden Knights record improves to 30-15-6, and ended the Oilers 16-game win streak. Next, Vegas will hit the road to face the Arizona Coyotes on Thursday night. Puck drop is scheduled for 6 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: In the first game after the All Star break it took VGK a bit to get their sharpness back but they had their defending legs from the beginning. Edmonton pushed and pushed and pushed but they couldn’t ever get enough chances in close. Even when they did get good opportunities, Adin Hill was there to stop them every step of the way. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Edmonton Oilers at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Cassidy’s decision to use Karlsson with Rondbjerg and Amadio pays off

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Jonathan Marchessault
** William Karlsson
* Adin Hill



VGK’s Path To Winning The Pacific Division


William Karlsson Passed An Impossible Test, Keying The End Of The Oilers’ Streak


  1. knights fan in minny

    hilly was outstanding sweet shot by chandler roy with another strong game screw edmonton

  2. Pistol Pete

    And to think they did that without Eichel, Theodore, Carrier and on Karlsson’s first game in five weeks. Adin Mountain and kudos to Cotter for assisting on the game winning goal and getting himself out of the minus column after being on the ice for McDavid’s shortie. McDavid being a bit of a baby at the end getting all mad on the bench.

    • Pistol Pete

      Nice to see Roy doing so well at 1C. This will make him all the more dangerous with Carrier and Kolesar. Best fourth line in the league.

      • Emmanuel

        Ive said for years Roy is wasted on the 4th line, he doesnt score there.

        • Pistol Pete

          Yeah but that is not the point. Cassidy has Eichel, Stephenson, Karlsson and Roy down the middle. No point in putting Roy on wing. We already know that does not work. The better Roy gets the more the fourth line will score. I would not expect to see Cassidy break that line up. It’s one reason he won the Cup.

          • Emmanuel

            See Teddy Blueger last year. If they get a pure checker at 4th line C, Roy can C a top 3 line and Stephenson can play at LW. They need to find offense and its already on the roster.

            It would be interesting to get a PPG breakdown of Roy when used on different lines……

  3. vgk21

    the CHAMPS vs the chumps. Goodbye Oil slick.

    Unlike the games in Toronto, this one actually had checking and defense in it.

    Hill was top of the world once again.
    Karlsson welcome back.

    Now they just need to get Jack and Theo back and develop some semblance of a Power play.

  4. Emily51

    I’m impressed at how fast you had this article up! the game had barely ended and already it was in my email. And there are no political comments, either. I guess it pays to read your column early, before the stupid infighting and swearing starts!

  5. Richie-Rich

    Game 51 Analysis VGK 3, EDM 1

    Richie’s 3 Stars
    *** Stephenson
    ** Karlsson
    * Hill
    (A rare sync with Sin Bin!)

    30-15-6, 66 pts and maintain pace with Vancouver who leads the Pacific Division with 73 points after beating Carolina this evening.

    Except for the short handed goal, the VGK played almost flawless hockey for 60 minutes by stripping pucks and keeping the Oilers boxed out. The NZ play was also very very good.

    Stone missing a 1-0 breakaway late in the 3rd period was frustrating, and when Karlsson missed his first empty net Doubting Debbie was creeping in.
    Wild Bill with a signature move to free himself up for the empty net completely deflated Doubting Debbie. Huge sigh of relief.

    Keep in mind that the VGK beat a surging Oilers team without Eichel, Carrier, Dorofeyev and Theodore.

    Next up, Arizona Coyotes away. Should be 2 points in the bank. I think this team knows that it doesn’t get a night off regardless of which team their facing.

  6. DeezNutz

    I just love watching McDummy cry like that it feeds my soul. Adin Hill was outstanding for us and without our 2 best players.

  7. Rashaad

    That was a blast! What a team! Can’t wait for Eichel, Theodore and the rest to come back.

    The blessing in disguise when there are injuries is seeing other players get heightened roles and seeing if they can hack it. Nic Roy has been amazing but I think we all knew he was better than a fourth line centre.

    Shout out to Jonas Rondbjerg. You heard it here, but don’t be shocked if he earns himself a spot in the starting lineup even when everyone returns to health. You heard it here, but don’t be shocked if he earns himself a spot in the starting lineup even when everyone returns to health. So very good defensively and you can tell that Cassidy likes and trust him.

  8. As I suggested.. regardless of whether VGK has home ice advantage or not… THE CUP goes through Vegas!! Go Knights Go!

    mcdavid all pissy and moany…if you look closely on the empty netter he simply stopped hustling and gave up on Karlsson!!

  9. Pistol Pete

    The VGK become the fourth reigning Stanley Cup champion to end an opponent’s win streak of 10+ games going back to the ‘78-‘79 Canadiens.

    • TS

      Great stat to have, PP! I’m bummed the game was not available to me— really wanted to see this game, dang it!

  10. Tim

    Kudo’s to the team and Adin Hill nice start to the second half of the season. You know were in there head after last years elimination in the playoffs and now ending there streak. We beat a team at full strength and we were missing Eichel, Theadore, and Carrier and they know it. Kudo’s to the young guys there holding there own. Vancouver and Edmonton have made trades to get better and I wonder if we will. Looking for help I’ll play GM and my number one target is Boone Jenner. His 3.5 million contract with two more years is doable, the Blue Jackets are in sell mode and being there captain he must be of good character.

  11. JB

    Yes yes yes. Fuck Edmonton !

  12. NAM

    There was so many good things from so many players tonight. The Karlsson/Ron/Amadio line was great! I thought Wild Bill looked really fast. He has more elite speed than I gave him credit for. Stevenson/Stone were great! Even thought Brisson had some good deep zone driving shifts as a time limited 4th line. The defensemen unit was very active with good sticks, blocks, and getting the puck out.

    Rondbjerg has been really impressive this year. If I am not mistaken he has not had a goal against yet this year, taking over for Carrier. No one gives him credit because he doesn’t score, but that is damn impressive.

  13. ThG

    key takeaways
    – seemed like more oilers fans in building than VGK
    – Oilers were rusty and hit the post at least three times missed wide open
    net as hilly was floppy back and forth, VGK
    were lucky to come out with this one. Could easily have
    gone other way
    -Oilers dominated for vast amounts of o time
    – Rondjberg easily was a top star in this game
    – Hilly is a flopper, he was good, but flopping vs Oilers goalie style
    was clearly a difference
    – Genocide Joe has no quick plan to end his proxy war with Putin. World
    is on fire as GJ drops one cow pie after another after another after another.
    Can November come soon enough. And GOP HOUSE is a mess, they
    had the head of border out in left field and left him in place? Goes
    to show you that there are many RINOS in GOP who are demopedophile
    party operatives.

    • ThG

      adder: no 19 is not ready for prime time

      • NAM

        While I don’t disagree overall with 19 he showed good speed and a couple of good stick plays last night getting or keeping the puck in deep in the O zone. I thought 55 looked the worst for that line. Not that they saw a ton of action. I doubt 19 was Cassidy’s favorite option there, in this game, but I think Rempal was the only other option after moving Rondbjerg up. So either way you had to bury somebody on the 4th with limited time. However you look at it, it worked out. Easier to do at home with line choice. Away game that could have been ugly.

        • ThG

          yeah NAM
          they both , 19 and 55, less than 10 minutes, 19 was th eonly VGK
          player that was minus. A minus 1, he was on ice for the first goal when the oilers had two on none break. AFter that Bruce didn’t give him another shift for awhile. I saw him weak on puck , and not showing enough to have coach put confidence in him with more ice time

    • JB

      KEY takeaway is. We won! Two points! That is what’s KEY!

  14. Bobby

    That espn+ coverage was pretty unbiased and neutral, right? And how pleasant listening to the delightful voices of that broadcast team. Yes i know lol.

    • knights fan in minny

      espn sucks very boring to bad the cup is on that station

      • Jim

        it gets worse. they just announced a giant new 3 way sports streaming agreement between ABC-ESPN, Fox, and Warner Bros. Discovery.

        They will control almost all sports streaming beginning this fall. no prices announced, but you can bet it will be higher than anything currently offered.

        The joint venture would be offered directly to consumers and will include ESPN+, plus access to 14 linear networks: ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, SECN, ACCN, ESPNEWS, ABC, FOX, FS1, FS2, Big Ten Network, TNT, TBS and truTV.

        What you get on those channels would be available on this app. That includes the NFL, Major League Baseball, the NBA, WNBA, NHL, NCAA basketball tournament games and the PGA Tour. Commercials would be included, too.

        • ThG

          more woke broke bull shit

        • Bobby

          Sounds like a sports streaming monopoly. I like the Dan Patrick show at 6am before work, on Peacock $5.99. And espn+ at $10.99 for hockey coverage, and Vegas34 free air channel. I get by for under $20 a month.

  15. In response to Emmanuel… I can’t impress enough that Roy must return to the 4th line predicated on Carrier returning 100 percent healthy.. his shoulder needs to be completely healed in order to throw his thunderous checks which energize his line.. his teammates and the fans!!…and which makes THAT 4th line the best in hockey!!

  16. Ken…. a question about potential playoff seedings…if 5 teams make it from one division how are the seedings done…just looking/hoping to avoid a first rounder with the oilers lol.

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