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Recap: The Golden Knights hosted the high-powered Edmonton Oilers for their first of two matchups at T-Mobile Arena. Edmonton didn’t hesitate to take the opening lead of the game. The Oilers picked up a goal from former Golden Knight Mattias Janmark 0:45 into the 1st period. Less than a minute later the road team doubled their score to 2-0. Vegas got within one late in the period from depth forward Keegan Kolesar’s fifth goal of the season.

The offense picked up for both teams in the middle frame. Edmonton stretched their lead to 3-1 but Paul Cotter scored for Vegas to climb within a goal. Again, the Oilers took a two-goal lead, but Vegas made a late attack and William Karlsson fired one into the net with 0:42 left in the 2nd period.

Both teams tightened up and limited mistakes in the final period. Vegas had several chances but couldn’t find the game-tying goal.

The Golden Knights’ record drops to 28-14-2 falling to the Oilers 4-3. Vegas will look to bounce back on Monday afternoon as the team prepares to face former coach Pete DeBoer and the Dallas Stars. Puck drop against the Stars is scheduled for 3 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights never stopped pushing to get themselves back into the game after the miserable first two minutes, they just couldn’t outrun their own mistakes. Far too often they made catastrophic mistakes against a very skilled team. That, and VGK’s 1st line was a complete no-show, which is rare.  (Analysis by Ken)

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*** Jonathan Marchessault
** William Karlsson
* Paul Cotter



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  1. Thompson wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer this evening. As good as he has been on shot outs the same can’t be said tonight on the two on one breakouts. In fact.they score on the both they had. Not their best effort against a powerful scoring team. Hopefully monday will be better.

    • Jason Sheehan

      The defensive structure didn’t do Thompson any favors.

      • Howard

        That’s for sure man – PDB for all his faults is a better structured coach than Cassidy IMO, but even then this team is barely (if at all) a playoff team. Not enough depth because front office could not control their child-like spending impulses, not enough tending, and generally this team lacks real identity.

    • Pistol Pete

      $10m guy did not show up either. Very disappointing. Best thing about this game for Thompson might be that he stopped Connor McDavid 8 times. Thompson is just 49 games into his NHL career and is a respectable 2.66 .914. Hopefully he keeps improving in time for the postseason (if they make it which they should). Did not exactly look a playoff goalie this game (other than not allowing McDavid to score). Will be interesting to see who Cassidy puts in the net for the Stars on Monday as they are an even better team than EDM.

      • Hi pistol pete – good to see you have taken off the rose colored glasses at least for a short time – maybe you are more of a realist than people believe – congratulations. Your 10 mil guy sorry to say is not even a close match to McDavid even though as you pointed out be didn’t put one in the net and Thompson denied him. The defense wasn’t particular effective and insisted on passing puck to Edmonton way to often. Let’s hope they step up a notch or two Monday.

  2. Hockey nuts

    Time to burn the black jerseys

  3. Knights fan in minnie

    If jack wasn’t so handsome and sexy, I’d give up on him

    • knights fan in minny

      look they let the dumb fuck fake ass poster out of his rubber room at the mental ward

  4. FG

    The only question now is how far VGK will slide down the standings. Lucky for them Colorado is decimated by man games lost, otherwise it would be a repeat of last year.

  5. THE hockey GOD

    no 3 didn’t do no. 6 leaving him to hang out to dry in the wind, with no clothes on and no. 6 didn’t do himself any favors by playing the invisible man on the 2 on 1s. I would expect the D man to go for the player coming in on his left side with the puck. Make that player make the play. In both instants it was the shooter. If he goes for the shooter it forces the shooter to make a decision 1) get past the d man, 2) rush to shoot the puck increasing chances of errant shot or 3) pass the puck to player which increases the chances of errant pass or errant shot.

    I agree with comment on LT, his save percentage moving average is clearing going down.

    The Devils staved off the surging Kings, giving the VGK some respite of what looks like the pending doom of falling out of first place.

    Say it ain’t so !!?

    “It ain’t so”

    So it is said, so it shall be written.

    Deju Vu ? I blame PDB, clearly it’s his fault for leaving the organization.

    Where’s the captain saying we will bounce back for this next one.?

    Meanwhile Dr howard , Dr fine, and Dr howard are still searching for more COTTON !

    • Obvious

      This idiot is the dumbest of the dumb VGK fans…hey bad ice conspiracy moron, ever occur to you that Edmonton is a better team than VGK and that VGK still in first place?

      • Arnold Rothstein

        only idiot here is you Oblivious to everyone, as usual you are no more than a bad troll trying to imitating someone who is not trolling you. You clearly know nothing about hockey and do nothing more than troll. No value added.

        Poor ice conditions continue to be a concern for NHL players, arenas
        An in-depth look at the number of recent complaints about the ice conditions throughout the NHL and how they are happening.

        Shayna Goldman
        Feb 28, 2017

        There have been a number of complaints about the ice conditions throughout the National Hockey League recently. From Gila River Arena in Arizona, to Rogers Place in Edmonton, and east to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn; the quality of the ice has been discussed.

        Underneath the concrete floors in all NHL arenas is a refrigeration system. The ice surface is made on top of those concrete floors prior to the start of the preseason. Eighteen arenas feature CIMCO cooling systems for ice refrigeration, including T-Mobile Arena which will soon become the thirty-first arena in the NHL. In creating an ice surface, a chiller, compressor, and condenser are required. Currently, NHL arenas use an ammonia refrigeration system. In the future that could be transitioned to CO2, which likely will require more compressors, but will be a more sustainable system.

        • Obvious

          Yet another fan base moron…a quick assessment of wins losses and goals at all NHL venues shows zero relationship between ice conditions and goals, assists, penalties or unusual wins or losses past the relative strengths and weaknesses of the teams playing . That was the result of the “study” you cite, which is on par with “studies” of crystal healing, alien abductions and tin foil pyramid hats.

          Raiders fans are pretty dumb. But the VGK fan base is a new low in ignorance

          • Arnold Rothstein

            you are an idiot, provide a link for your nonsense and STFU.

            you are no more than a troll , stirring the pot. You have no FACTS whatsover.

            “a quick assessment” of your posts shows that you are an idiot.

            The NHL actually made changes, which you completely ignore because you are a brain dead troll.

          • knights fan in minny

            arnold owns you piece of shit fake poster

        • Obvious

          Zero changes you moron. Dumbest fans in the league

    • Howard

      “I agree with comment on LT, his save percentage moving average is clearing going down.”

      For a guy who fancies himself as some sort of hockey guru, you seem to be blaming a tender whose D consistently puts him in terrible positioning to make stops. This is a typical Cassidy coached team – everything is structured in a very basic way. The one thing he seems to have over PDB is not throwing his players under the buss, and also correctly calling them out when they don’t do their basic job. Eichel is a solid Centerman, but worth no more than $7M per. Reality – even if this team makes the postseason, they’re a “1 and done” deal.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ howard, read my post and stop your cherry picking, it starts with “no 3 didn’t do no. 6 leaving him to hang out to dry in the wind, with no clothes on and no. 6 didn’t do himself any favors by playing the invisible man on the 2 on 1s. I would expect the D man to go for the player coming in on his left side with the puck. Make that player make the play. In both instants it was the shooter. If he goes for the shooter it forces the shooter to make a decision 1) get past the d man, 2) rush to shoot the puck increasing chances of errant shot or 3) pass the puck to player which increases the chances of errant pass or errant shot.”

        Which is no praise for the defense.

        Name one time, with link that PDB threw anyone other the bus, other than fabrications in your mind.


        • Howard

          By running Lehner out there knowing he was injured, then implying the guy should “be better” in between the pipes. PDB is an ass – something I would think you would absolutely identify with 🙂

          • THE hockey GOD

            @howard , where is all this hate coming from ??? I agree with you on 90% of your posts. PDB never ran RL out there knowing he was injured. If he did so the players union would be all over this like flies on fly paper. And being the intelligent person that you are , you would know that would be the case.

            You have to do better than making things up and following conspiracy theories.

            Now have a cookie, and relax. VGK to bounce back against PDB tomorrow. Oh no, another player out , no 28. They called up no 46 to replace him.

            Dr howard Dr Fine Dr howard are working OT now.

            deju vu ?

  6. THE hockey GOD

    let’s call this game “the revenge of Janmark”

    do bad he didn’t play like this when he was a Knight. What a schmuck.

    • Emmanuel

      The Janmark Strikes Back.

      Seriously all were at least solid except the 1 st line.

    • Howard

      Again, more shmuckery from a guy who claims he knows NHL..

      It’s pretty easy for Jannmark to use his speed when VGK Dcore doesn’t put a body on anyone and just lets him skate into easy seams. Jannmark wilts when hit. Dcore here HITS NO ONE, plays like pansies as VGK dcore sucks. McNabb is over the hill, Martinez getting there. Hague IMO has no biz being in NHL, as he is REALLY BAD, just horrible on D. His positioning, his lack of using his big body to lay hits, his over skating marks, his poor stick… Team misses Whitecloud (2x the dman than Hague) and then there is Petro (10 x the dman of everyone), who this year is one of the best dmen in the league, but is over worked and will certainly see injuries with his over time on the ice – only a matter of time.

      • Someone else questioning the lack of physically of the vgk defensive crew. Actually referring to them as pansies is being more than kind. Edmonton was a quicker team and allowed to skate around.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ Howard
        Hague wasn’t on the ice for the 2 on 1s, No. 3 and no. 6 were. Stop cherry picking and pay attention.

        no 7 is playing lights out
        no 2 is ok, but he was not consistent this year
        no 23 is one step slower than two years ago
        no 17 is the one who isn’t stepping up.

        but everyone has an opinion, for what they are worth.

  7. THE hockey GOD

    Sakari Manninen
    Henderson Silver Knights
    Position: F
    5-9 / 180lbs
    Shoots: L
    Birthdate: 1992-02-10
    Birth place: Oulu, Finland
    Henderson Silver Knights
    2022-23 Regular Season

    GP 20
    G 2
    A 10
    PTS 12
    PIM 10

    not having a good season to date

    • THE hockey GOD

      minus 7

      • Emmanuel

        Would it hurt to see a Manninen-Eichel-Marchie line for 5 games….you never know…..

    • Henderson's Finest

      ….and hasn’t played in about a month. As a HSK Season Ticket Holder, he has not set the world on fire. Even when he is in the lineup, he is hard to find.

  8. knights fan in minny

    2 periods of vegas slopfest did them in

  9. Danny

    another injury to a key player. unless some quick action is taken, this season is going down the crapper, just like last season did.

    hey Foley, are you going to prod your f.o. to take action, or are you now too concerned about your footsie ballers or your grape stomping to care any more?

    • SMH

      Now this is quite a theory! Apparently, Foley has totally lost interest in the VGK franchise, and thus it is his fault that “this season is going down the crapper” (never mind that we still have the most points in the Western Conference). And by “quick action”, I suppose that means that we should gut the franchise of all decent young prospects and future high draft choices and trade them for Patrick Kane, Bo Horvat, and hell, anybody else that’s available. Then we can bitch (again) later about how we have no high-end young talent coming up through the system, have to shed players due to salary cap, and how the front office is obsessed with high-priced splashy moves. Why does every loss precipitate these knee-jerk panic posts? VGK has stayed afloat incredibly well through a slew of injuries over the past 2 months – much better than some perennial top teams like Colorado and Pittsburgh have done this year – and there is no amount of “quick action” that the front office can take to overcome injuries to multiple key players. Like it or not, our plan is the same as every team’s plan because it is the only reasonable plan – it’s next man up from the AHL when there are injuries, hope that the extended all-star break gives guys some extra time to heal up, and then make 1 or 2 prudent moves at the trade deadline based on the biggest areas of need. In the meantime, I for one will enjoy the roller coaster ride – Go Knights Go!

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ SMH

        imagine if they get back all these players, and they come back 100% in next month; and if VGK doesn’t sink like a rock in the standings. Then they will have one hell of a team based upon games played earlier this season.

        Did someone say grape stomper ??? ROFLMAO. Where did THAT come from ?

  10. Canada

    I thought Logan was ok those two low bottom right shots were pretty good goals . We did a good job on McDavid only one assist . I can’t remember the shots but after two i think it was 3 to 1 in shots for the Oilers . Janmark had something to prove and he did, two points stuck right up where the sun don’t shine. Talented guy but he is only plays to his potential about 20% of the time so good move by our GM. I wonder if the coaches reminded our guys of his revenge before the game . Defense made several fatal mistakes and Logan did what he could . Oilers did a good job on Eichel he was non existent. Stone wasn’t there we needed him . All that and we lost by one goal . I hope Cassidy finally got some clarity on lines . Marshy and Eichle together was a bust again and that cost us dearly in the first two periods . When he finally put the misfits back together in the third we saw the best chances and some good shifts. The bangers and the crashers Cotter, Carrier,Kolesar were our most effective players or it would have been much worse against a average team. Ugly game move on

  11. Tim

    The boo birds are out. I try to be positive but I see with my simple eye test what’s wrong with the team but people get on my case mostly because of rose colored glasses. Didn’t I tell you all about Logan Thompson my route was ( He ain’t that bad but he ain’t that good either ) now people are starting to realize that. Did I also say if Mark Stone goes out the parties over and don’t be naive his injury I’ll guarantee is serious and week to week will turn into month to month. Seven game home stand at the moment 1-2 anyone want to bet on the Dallas game I think DeBoer is chomping at the bit. I cheer for the Knights but live in the real world my wife on the other hand get’s pissed at me because she’s the real Knights fan in our house.

    • knights fan in minny

      go kick your dog mr bitter know it all

      • Knights fan in minnie

        Please send me more dick pix

        • knights fan in minny

          fuck off retard fake poster who has shit for brains you contribute nothing just like your pathetic life

          • Tim

            minny, I have come to the conclusion you are fucked up. Anyone who reads your posts can see you are one deranged mother fucker. To agree or not agree with whoever you are off the charts with your responses.

    • knights fan in minny

      your wife should find a new man

    • Jailbird

      Your rose colored glasses comment is getting old Tim. Come up with something more modern!

      • Tim

        Jailbird, What better way to describe some posters then the Rose Colored Glasses Syndrome. Being a fan and backing the team is admirable but not using the eye test to detect problems is just blind faith. Overall your a positive poster and fairly objective but at 77 I’m from a different generation when performance counted not excuses. Two years ago I said to trade Max Pacioretty he was a one trick pony and and became to fragile and people gave me grief. I’ve stated Logan Thompson it my words Ain’t that bad but ain’t that good and again blowback but if you think he’s taking you to the promised land then yes you or whoever believes that is wearing Rose Colored glasses. Shall we get into our 500 at best home ice record I’ll guarantee you no team has made the playoffs in the modern era with a less then 500 home ice record but magically we will. Mark Stone’s loss is huge not that he’s the greatest scorer but his stick work and stealing the puck and other intangibles can’t be replaced by the common next man up bullshit. There’s a long way to go but I think this team is in trouble hopefully I’m wrong.

  12. knights fan in minny

    what do you want timmy there is half a season left the squad is in first in the west most teams would kill to be in that position why are you so negative about the team y

  13. THE hockey GOD

    @ Tim you realize there is a fake minny posting? versus real minnie ? The fake minny is hater, troll, alex, tS Alex, obvious, etc. Always trolling people here with no real content. He’s a moron , ignore him. Don’t feed the cave troll.

    • THE hockey God

      And everyone knows trolling is caused by bad ice

    • Manny

      I even responded to Obvious once which was dumb on my part. I agree that he has to be a troll because from the things he says it is impossible that it would come from a human that isn’t severely mentally challenged. I don’t think severely mentally challenged people comment on hockey blogs.

  14. Tim

    Latest NHL news Patch who missed half the season with Carolina came back played 2 games out again with lower body injury 7 Million dollar china doll. At least we don’t have to deal with him.

    • Sorvino

      That is true Tim regarding Pacioretty.

      This management team has done a great job of getting rid of players at the right time for the most part as I have mentioned several times..

  15. Sorvino

    Is this the same Howard that last year kept saying how terrible of a coach DeBoer was and that was the reason why Vegas had a terrible powerplay? Then I brought up how DeBoer coached teams in San Jose had great power plays. FYI…. DeBoers Dallas Stars power play this year is currently 6th best in the league. Not too shabby. I think this same Howard guy even implied that the injuries were DeBoers fault because they block shots under his system yet the Dallas Stars don’t have many injuries at all. Whoever that Howard guy was last year did not like DeBoer and pulled baseless theories out of his ass to try to support his argument. Probably a different guy then this Howard.

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