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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to wrap up the series with a win in Edmonton. Vegas came out quick, taking the lead :24 seconds into Game 6. Reilly Smith scored Vegas’ goal but Edmonton came storming back. Connor McDavid returned the favor :31 seconds later and his teammates gave the Oilers a 2-1 lead a few shifts after. 

Vegas’ offense got going in the middle frame receiving a natural hat trick from Jonathan Marchessault. Marchessault’s heroics gave the Golden Knights a 4-2 lead going into the second intermission. 

Holding a two-goal lead the Golden Knights played strong defensive hockey in the final frame. Edmonton had several chances but Adin Hill and his teammates blocked shots and swallowed up rebounds. The number one seed in the west preserved their lead and finish the Oilers 5-2.

The Golden Knights defeat the Oilers and advance to the Western Conference Finals. Vegas will now wait to host the winner of the Dallas and Seattle series. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: After a wacky start that VGK found themselves on the wrong side of, the Golden Knights completely took control of the game in the 2nd. They held the puck in the offensive zone for a good portion of the frame and the Oilers could not do anything to turn the game around. It led to a natural hat trick for Jonathan Marchessault which gave VGK a two goal lead to protect to win the series. They played a very conservative style in the 3rd, and despite giving up a myriad of chances, got it done. Adin Hill was terrific, easily the best goalie performance of the playoffs for VGK. The Golden Knights are have still never lost a 2nd round series. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs Edmonton Oilers Game 6 at Rogers Place.

  • Stick to the game plan

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Jack Eichel
** Adin Hill
* Jonathan Marchessault


VGK Put Forth “Best All Around Defensive Game” In Game 5


Vegas Won As A Team By Dominating Every Important Individual Matchup


  1. The Chosen One

    5-2 !! Not 4-2…

    • Kevin

      Pretty sure it’s meant this way …
      – 5-2 was the score
      – They won the series 4 games to 2

      • The Chosen One

        No, how it is supposed to be is game score first, then series score.
        So 5-2 (4-2). Ken changed it by now so I stand corrected.

    • Brian Scro

      The series was 4-2.

  2. Rashaad

    I was going to say some thing that was profanity laden that I was going to regret the next day so I’m just going to try to chill. At least we’re gonna get a break from hearing from people like GW North, telling us how inferior we are to the great Edmonton Oilers.
    At least we’re going to get a break from hearing from Sabres fans that Jack Eichel is a cancer.
    At least we’re going to get a break from hearing from Sabres fans that Jack Eichel is a cancer.

    Enjoy this fellow nights fans.

  3. Emmanuel

    Wellthat was a staement!

  4. Bobby


  5. Pistol Pete

    First, Adiun Hill 39/41.

    Second, EDM was the betting favorite every game.

    Third, exactly like round two season one vs. SJS: home ice 1-3-5-6.

    Fourth, sweet to see the “great” Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl go down in flames once again, this time to the Vegas Golden Knights. So much for offensive firepower alone winning Cups. Can you say defensive structure?

    Just for the record, the Oliers had no fewer than four players a point a game this regular season with the least of them Hyman having more points (83) than the VGK’s most (Eichel 66).

    McDavid: 64 G/89 A = 153 pts
    Draisaitl: 52 G/76 A = 128 pts
    Nugent-Hopkins: 37 G/67 A = 104 pts
    Hyman: 36 G/47 A = 83 pts

    Note that the first three each had more assists than Eichel had points. Offensive firepower. Just so much window dressing without the the core defensive structure. Bruce Cassidy, thank you very much.

    • Pistol Pete

      Oh and as Ken points out, the VGK have never lost a second round series and only one first round to that crazy badly officiated 5 minute major (and Gallant failing to call a time-out).

      • Pistol Pete

        And one other thing as Ken tweeted, that is the fourth conference final in the first six years of operation. Thank you, Bill Foley, George McPhee and Kelly McCrimmon. Those three have taken an unbelievable amount of shit from detractor fans over the years including over the coaching changes.

    • TS

      PP, YOU are a WISE hockey fan!! I so appreciate your informed, unbiased, posts!!
      The VGK did it with superior D, found a way to slow down the Oiler offensive machine, and MARCHY’s fire and tenacity did the REST!!! Absolute GOLD for us last night!!! I have a REALLY GOOD FEELING ABOUT THIS TEAM— MORE OPTIMISM THAN THAT 1ST MAGICAL YEAR. WE HAVE SCRATCHED, CLAWED, AND WON OUR WAY TO THIS MOMENT IN TIME— THE CUP IS THERE FOR OUR TAKING!!!!

  6. John W

    I want to thank all the and experts who hyped the Oilers. I got great odds on the VGK throughout, and cleaned up on all my wagers.

    Happy to not hear about Mc”can’t win” till September.

    Eichel gets the laugh, from class of 2015.


  7. vgk21

    Hill and Marchy really came up superbly big tonight.

    Jack gets the last laugh on McJesus.

    I hope they play and beat Seattle, and then Florida. more likely it will be the other 2 teams.

  8. Vic

    *Misfits with all 5 goals. Great time to rise up and win the series.
    *Adin ‘King of the’ Hill. Speechless.
    *Felt like period 3 was a 20 minute Oiler PP.
    *Felt like Oiler D man #2 Bouchard was on the ice all 20 minutes of period 3.
    *McDavid and Draisaitl looked like they didn’t want to be on the handshake line. The more unfriendly the better.
    *That was very much fun.

  9. Ice Warrior

    I really doubt that horse’s ass GWN will show up. Or if he does, it will be to spin the Wheel of Excuses.

  10. TS

    HOW ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Pistol Pete

    BS coverage by ESPN. No pregame. Coverage delayed by the baseball game missing the first 4-5 minutes and three goals. You’d expect better for a game six VGK vs. EDM.

    • JV

      The game was on ESPN 2 until the baseball game ended, unless you don’t get that channel.

      • Pistol Pete

        Thanks I did not realize that and with the pregame?

        • JV

          You were right about the pre-game. And they really left quickly with no post game either.

  12. Walt

    Eichel and Petro +8
    Draisaitl and Nurse -7

  13. larry
    a little peak into the future…vgk opens the scoring …yes!! vgk opens the scoring 3 minutes in…and then adds another one at the 7 minute mark quieting the once raucous crowd…closing minute of the period referee…small r for sure!!! furlatt calls a ticky tack hold on Marchy…and the oilers capitalize 30 seconds into the second…and feed off that energy for the next 3 minutes with Hill being a rock…at the 9 minute mark Eichel draws yet another penalty and Smith cashes in finally from just inside the dot….5 minutes later kane slashes karlsson in the corner and back on the PP we go…Stone deflects it home and vgk is up 4-1 after 2…oilers come out flting to start the third…but vgk is content with dumping the puck to center ice…rolling 4 lines in 30-40 second shifts….the oilers never get another pp chance even with furlatt as ‘their’ referee…on to face the kraken after their double overime win on Monday….GO KNIGHTS GO!!

    Kinda sorta not too bad of a peak into the future…which is now the past…save for the kraken double overtime vicory monday night…GO KNIGHTS GO!!

  14. JV

    Have to wonder what the ESPN announcers are going to do now that they won’t have McDavid’s and Divesaitl’s balls in their mouths to suck on. A.J. was the only one that seemed to even try to keep it neutral, although she eventually scumed to it as well.

  15. Tim


  16. knights fan in minny

    well done boys it was awesome seeing the sad faces on the oiler fans

    • TS

      Kfim, It was Shock and….what the HECK just happened????? It was extremely gratifying, seeing the dazed look on their team!! Best game of our playoffs!!

  17. knights fan in minny

    hats off to coach cassidy for a fine job

  18. Pistol Pete

    A fiiting last game of the season for Draisaitl who was -4, on the ice for four of the VGK goals. A lumbering poor skating giant who can’t do much except score. Always seems more concerned about racking up his points than his team winning.

    • Pistol Pete

      Not even that he does not backcheck as well as he could perhaps, but in his own end he’s lousy. Poor man on man coverage. To Draisaitl defending is secondary which will make it very hard for Edmonton to ever win a Cup when he’s on the team. I don’t think I’d ever want him playing for Vegas. An over priced hulking monstrosity. Big deal he’s been lethal on the PP which btw is more defendable than it was this year.

  19. Jailbird

    Maybe the sweetest win in Knights playoff history! I’m so proud of this team. Edmonton could only beat us if they had the extra man. 5 on 5 we just so much better. Now who do we really want to face next. I think we match up better against Dallas. The Kraken, like Knights, are a very good 5 on 5 team. They are young, fast and physical. Either will be a challenge. Damn, we did it, IN, Edmonton! Wow!

  20. THE hockey GOD

    yeah baby !
    (and the FO sucks, the coaching staff sucks, and ESPN sucks).

    BTW the VGK were so disrespected this whole series by everyone, the odds makers, the announcers, TSN, ESPN (scum), I than the Lord they pulled it off.

    That game was far from livin on a prayer

    And now I know
    VGK are not just pretty words to say
    I thought I knew
    But now I know that rose trees never grow
    In Sin City
    Until you’ve seen this trash can dream come true
    You stand at the edge while people run you through
    And I thank the Lord
    There’s people out there like you
    I thank the Lord there’s people out there like you

  21. THE hockey GOD

    Leon minus 4

    Leon wears his hockey wound wound like a crown
    He calls his child Jesus
    ‘Cause he likes the name
    And he sends him to the finest school in town
    Leon, Leon likes his money
    He makes a lot, they say
    Spends his days counting
    In a garage by the motorway
    He was born a pauper to a pawn on a Christmas Day
    When the New York Times said, “God is dead
    And the war’s begun”
    Oh, Alvin Tostig has a son today
    And he shall be a minus four
    And he shall be a good man
    And he shall be a minus four
    In tradition with the family plan
    And he shall be a minus four
    And he shall be a good man
    He shall be Leon

    pardons to Bernie

    • THE hockey GOD

      And he shall be Leon
      And he shall be a minus four
      And he shall be Leon
      In tradition with the family plan
      And he shall be Leon
      And he shall be a minus four
      He shall be Leon

      pardons to Bernie

      • Former season ticket holder

        Beautiful & Outrageous
        Love ya man

      • Pistol Pete

        OT: I used to listen to a lot of Madman Across The Water in the early ’70’s, one of John’s better albums. Now if you like rock guitar, excellent songwriting and one of the best voices in rock today I suggest any rocker check out the Danish band Volbeat lead by Michael Poulsen. All Danes except Rog Caggiano, an American who once played for Anthrax a pretty heavy band. Last couple times they toured the U. S. they played what is now the Virgin (former Joint at the Hard Rock). Poulsen is without a doubt one the best if not the very best live singer in rock. On 92.3 they have had about 15 songs get airplay over the years, so if you listen to that station you have heard them without it necessarily registering.

        • Pistol Pete

          For Metallica fanes check out Volbeat’s contribution to Blacklist the tribute album to the Black Album. Of course stuff always sounds better with earphones or plugs if a high-end home system is not available.

        • THE hockey GOD

          i prefer Nilsson Schmilsson

          you put the lime in da coconut and call me in da mornin

          excellent LP

  22. Spiridon Filios

    On to the WCF! Pothier and McKenna can eat crow! And they better smile doing it too! I love it when the VGK prove commentators wrong!

  23. Pistol Pete

    Jack Eichel has, with the inspiration and pushing of Cassidy together with his own desire, diligence, and athleticism, turned himself into a very resopectable two way center. You can really see it in the postseason, making defending as important as scoring. Thank goodness for Cassidy and meeting with Eichel over the summer to discuss his future as a two way player. LIke Bergeron only bigger, faster, and a better scorer. Can you imagine what Cassidy would do with McDavid if he had him?

  24. Jailbird

    So,what do you all think? Who’s better for us, Stars or Kraken? I just think we would matchup better with Dallas. But what the hell do I know!

    • knights fan in minny

      kraken would be a wide open skating game they have plenty of speed and depth dallas plays the same way the oilers play more in your face cheap shot crap lots of crosschecking suter does lots of that love to see the krak and vegas

  25. Jose

    If you have the best front office in the league it isn’t a complete shock to make the semi finals for the fourth time in six years.

  26. LVsc

    note….the Vgk beat the Krackheads in the final 2 reg season games, in a pressure situation, and without Stone…….Thus, I have little doubt that they would beat them in an expansion grudge series.

    Bring on the Krackheads.

    • TS

      Lvsc, absolutely! Dream matchup: the 2 most recent expansion teams, going for the CUP. I do NOT want to face Dallas, and I DEFINITELY don’t want PDB in our house again this season!!

  27. THE hockey GOD

    once again 2-1 lead is hardest to defend against in playoff hockey

    and VGK pk wins the day, once again proving it mightier than PP.

    sez me


  28. vgk21

    stinkin’ ESPN. they are total Vgk haters.

    Vgk Twitter showed the predictions of 26 tv media fakers, and 22 of them predicted Edm Oilers to win, including Buccigross, Ferraro, Levy, Messier, Chelios, Boucher, and Callahan.

    one of the few who chose the Knights was the screaming play by play guy, Bob Wischusen, so good for him. he picked the Vgk in seven. and so did Linda Cohn, so good for her too.

    • THE hockey GOD

      The long haired ESPN “color” commenter in last nite’s game, with initials of AJ, has Jerry Seinfeld noted ‘man hands’.

      • vgk21

        ESPN did not start the game until 10 pm eastern time, and then switched it to their secondary channel because they had to finish a 9-1 baseball snoozer. then, when the Vgk game ended, the first news they covered was basketball, not the game that they just showed.

        • knights fan in minny

          espn is a total shit show very boring tnt is much better

  29. knights fan in minny

    hell of a win for the boys a.hill was oustanding what can you say about marchy has the fire in his gut.jack showed his talents in the series.barbashev had a nice game to need to sign him next year roy is a great fit with wild bill and rieley Amadio in for Kolesar would be nice.a great team effort stoked for the next round

    • vgk21

      I agree. Barbashev is the VGK version of Joe Pavelski. he is an expert at the tipins and deflections. plus he gives that line with Jack and Marchy the needed grit. He made a great re-direction of the puck to give 81 his first goal wide open.

    • TS

      Kfim, I DO believe you’re using Punctuation!! How bout that!!! Lol!!

  30. knights fan in minny

    watching that arena empty out in a hurry was golden

  31. knights fan in minny

    depth kills just ask the sad sacks in edmonton

  32. Vic

    I rather have the Kraken. Both the Dallas and Kraken goalies can be lights out/shutdown, however, both have shown they are human. I have visions of Pavelski standing in front of the net getting knocked around and bingo…power plays for Dallas. Tired of the PDB/Pavelski show from our recent past. Dallas has scorers in the top six, some quality on defense, and the trouble maker Domi. The Kraken have some of the above, but a bit less in my opinion. Anyway, how about 5,6,7 or 8 overtimes tonight.

  33. Richie-Rich

    We’re halfway there!

    I would have given the 1st star to Hill for standing on his head, lying flat, spread eagle, gobbling up chance after chance after chance. That was a career game for Hill. Marchy will never forget his hat trick in period 2 of round 2!

    I wanted to see Bleuger, but now that I have I am not sure he adds much. I thought he would make a bigger splash on face offs but that didn’t happen.

    I still thought that the team gave up way too much space allowing Edmonton to skate unchallenged into the zone. I am not sure if they were in a 1-1-3 or not in this game. Ken?

    I realize that the strategy is to drop 5 deep and to clog up the shooting lanes. They did a good job of that for the most part, but there were still way too many high danger chances in that 3rd period.

    Kraken? Stars?

    Personally, the Kraken would be tougher. Besides, the idea of a Cassidy/DeBoer matchup will be entertaining. They have several very good players, but overall they are not nearly as tough as Edmonton.

    The Kraken FO and Coaching is putting together the makings of a Cup contender. I don’t believe either team can beat us. But think the Kraken offers a lot more barriers to winning than the Stars.

  34. Ice Warrior

    This season feels very much like our magical inaugural season…with the difference that there’s less sparkly magic and more quiet solid confidence. I’m just getting the feeling that VGK can handle whatever is thrown at them. Absolutely loving this vibe.

  35. THE hockey GOD

    i agree IW , I said the same thing a few weeks ago

  36. More peering into the very distant…but hopefully near future….not getting too far ahead of ourselves…but should….when….vgk wins the Stanley Cup in their 6th year as Mr. Foley boldly predicted…and when the ticker tape parade is formulated…how oh how will NDOT further complicate Las Vegas Blvd with their paving and repaving and unpaving and repaving????

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