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Recap: The Golden Knights hosted the Edmonton Oilers for Game 5 from T-Mobile Arena. Vegas committed an early penalty which Edmonton took advantage of and struck first. Less than a minute later, Jack Eichel evened the score, getting his team right back on track. Midway through the frame the Oilers regained their lead with their second power play goal of the period.

The first half of the middle frame was back and forth but neither team could find the back of the net. Late in the period the Oilers committed two costly penalties giving the Golden Knights a 5-on-3 man-advantage. Vegas went on to score twice in the period taking a 3-2 lead. Mark Stone and Reilly Smith added the power play goals and a minute later Nic Haque gave Vegas a two-goal lead. After 40 minutes the home team held a 4-2 edge.

Vegas needed to kill off a Keegan Kolesar five-minute major to start the period which the visiting team got within one. The two teams would swap power plays but neither could add to their score. The Golden Knights fought off a late attack from the Oilers but held off and took Game 5.

The Golden Knights take a (3-2) series lead with their 4-3 victory over the Oilers. Vegas will have a chance to clinch the series on Sunday in Edmonton. Puck drop for Game 6 is TBD. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: As has been the case for most of this series, the Golden Knights got the better of the special teams and the Oilers stayed in the game with their power play. VGK’s power play finally came through in a big way though scoring twice on a 5-on-3 situation and then tallying the next moments later. From there, it was an unbelievable job to defend through the neutral zone and keep the Oilers’ speed at bay. What a game for the Golden Knights. Despite better shorelines, this is the most impressive of the series. (Analysis by Ken)

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** William Karlsson
** Jonathan Marchessault
* Jack Eichel



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  1. Satan

    Satan is very happy with the VGK.

  2. Jailbird

    OMG! What a gutsy win. Just allowing one goal on that 5 minute major, won the game! Our boys just continue to amaze. I’m worn out. That was just f*ckin great!

  3. knights fan in minny

    nice to win i think the boys got lucky where has carrier gone bench that bone head kolesar sunday

  4. Pistol Pete

    How are we liking Jack Eichel this his first postseason? 6 goals 7 assists in 10 games. Does Cassidy bench Kolesar after that blunder? Unbelievable.

    Just a piece of trivia. I believe this series mirrors the Sharks round two season one. Vegas had home ice winning 1-3-5 closing them out game 6 in San Jose. It will be tough to do that this series but would it not be sweet? That we managed this win despite missing Petro and making it through the Kolesar major will hopefully provide additional momentum going into Sunday.

  5. Pistol Pete

    Scratch Kolesar for Amadio? I’d love to see Dorofeyev somewhere.

    • TS

      WHEW!!! Squeaked by last night. Better to get LUCKY, than FOLD.
      McDavid/ Draisaitl NEVER folded, just played, and played, and played. I give the guys credit for SOMEHOW keeping the Oilers to 3 G. A little puck luck kept Mcdavid from tying the score late in the game.
      Time to catch our collective breaths, rest our voices for a day, and be ready to WIN ON SUNDAY!!

  6. John W


    The Kolesar era needs to come to an end.

    I liked what I saw from Blueger, but the comments on Carrier are spot on, just not having an impact. We should consider moving Amadio back in…..

  7. Vic

    Glorious game, and Ken has been spot on with his Game 1/3/5 prediction. Maybe the boys can win game 6 to break Ken’s prediction. Many good things happened tonight, but I have to comment on the one negative. After the huge 3-goal outburst which sets the stage for great things, Kolesar does the unthinkable. You could see Eichel and other VGK players taking deep breaths wondering how #55 could do such a thing. If I’m in charge, #55 is toast. Sorry, but he contributes very little, and almost screwed the pooch. Bench him please.

  8. LVKinghtinArmor

    Kolesar is done! Finally what waste of a roster slot!
    He’s a BUM and a LIABILITY with his stupid okay!
    I don’t ever want to see him again in the playoffs!

  9. THE hockey GOD

    There is no doubt the oilers have gotten into the heads of some of VGK players. I hope it isn’t the bane of VGK in this series. I hope, and expect, the theatrics to end in upcoming game(s).

    The refs finally called penalties.

    Again VGK “living on prayer’, Oiler skilled players are clearly better than VGK players. How many times did they hit the iron? Half way through the game the VGK were flatter than a pancake.

    At end of period 2, I said to myself “self”, “here we go again”. I was ready to label to say change the name from Golden Knights, to Las Vegas BONE HEADS. I was sure
    the OILERS would score at least six goals in five minute span. I was sure LEON would get three and McDavid would get three. It was written in the play book.

    Look at the amount of minutes McDavid and Leon are playing, last minute alone 25 minutes !! This will surely take it’s toll as series moves on.

    Some VGK players are obviously not 100% , you know who they are. Their play is telling. Will coach still play them ?

    So much for QUICK, if QUICK gets in, it’s not a good thing for VGK.

    sez me

  10. LVsc

    headline should be …

    “Knights overcome Kolesar braindead blunder”


    “Petro axe chop slows down Draisaitl in game 5”

    #29 with no pts, minus 1, and 3 giveaways.

    meanwhile 55 is less than useless. he can’t fight, he can’t score, and Amadio should replace him.

  11. Tim

    Hill starting after his last loss tells me Quick is not in the picture. Like I said Cassidy see’s them daily so my thought of one last chance for glory is out the window. It’s just mind-blowing how good there PP is and in the series I think were 3 for 18 which tells you how we’d be blowing them out with just a decent PP. Oh well great win beating Edmonton in Edmonton in game 6 is a tall order those crazy Canadians will be into it. Let’s hope we can close it out.

  12. Bobby

    Agree with all of the above. All the pressure on the Oilers now, VGK with momentum and a ‘free shot’ at winning game six. Just end the series now!

  13. Tim

    No one was happier we won then Kolesar what a gaff. The good news I would imagine he’ll be suspended for a couple of games which won’t hurt my feelings. Just such a stupid penalty a minute before the end of the period. What was he thinking?

    • Tim – he wasn’t thinking and never does – he is playing for one reason and one reason alone and I am certain I don’t have to point out what reason that is. The league will do Vegas a real favor with a suspension, that way they don’t have to make the decision to bench him and put someone in who can help secure a win. It was a wonder the Edmonton player didn’t break his neck. I am all for strong clean body checks to slow down Edmonton, but you have to be smart which by definition excludes KK.

      • Jailbird

        Curious he, what IS that one and only reason you think is why he is playing?

  14. JV

    At this point, the only use for Kolesar is if he can goad Kane into using his face to relieve some stress and take him off the ice for 5-15 minutes. Maybe give Cotter a shot on L4. Can only hope KK gets waived next season. We can find another punching bag for less, because he sure isn’t going to score 15 goals.

  15. Craig

    All the Canadian fans were drinking bud light tranny fluid. Just sayin!!

  16. Jailbird

    Coach Cassidy knows what he is doing and why he starts certain players. That was a great win, period. Now, I hope it won’t go to game 7 where anything can happen. It’s not going to be easy to end this thing in Edmonton, but we can do it!

  17. THE hockey GOD

    satan likes to go down to fremont street and get the “performers” in trouble by pushing them out of their little circles

    purely evil SOB

  18. Richie-Rich

    Game 5 might have been the back breaker for the Oilers. My takeaways from this series are:
    1- The Oilers are taking dives whenever they get the chance in order to try and draw a power play opportunity. The most obvious one was Eichel’s forearm to Desharnais facemask after he was riding #9 along the boards like a mule. Making it worse was the totally fake embellishment right in front of the ref. There were other flops as well (Ekholm).

    2- The Oilers do not have a team built for 5v5 play, especially against the VGK who rolls 4 solid lines.

    3- Our power play has looked a bit better, but it’s not a major threat. That’s one of the reasons why Oilers are committing premeditated penalties. They are hoping for a retaliation by the VGK and for the most part they have been accommodating. Eichel took a bad retaliation penalty in game 4 after obviously getting bashed with a cross check multiple (4) times. The cross check to Stone should have been an Oiler penalty but wound up in an odd man 5 v 4 rush by Edmonton.

    4-I had hoped that the VGK would win a lot more faceoffs with Bleuger in the lineup, but that didn’t work out too well. I would like to see Amadio, Cotter or Dorofeyev on that 4th line. Apparently that isn’t going to be the case tonight as it looks like the game 4 fourth line will roll out in game 5.

    5-I am hoping the VGK will end this second round series tonight since I don’t want to have to pay for a game 7!

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