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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to take a two-game series lead with a win in Game 4. The Golden Knights were awarded a power play :26 into the game but failed to convert into an opening lead. After Vegas killed off a Shea Theodore penalty, Edmonton crashed the net and took the first lead of the game. The Oilers didn’t slow down and scored on their second power play opportunity. Minutes later, the Golden Knights gave up another goal and took a 3-0 deficit into the first intermission.

Vegas’ goaltender Adin Hill slowed down Edmonton’s offense with some key saves in the second period, but his defense continued to struggle in their own zone. With five minutes remaining in the middle frame the Oilers stretched their lead to 4-0.

Nic Roy finally got Vegas on the board 5:58 into the final 20 minutes. Vegas made a final push but couldn’t get any closer.

The Oilers defeated the Golden Knights 4-1 in Game 4 and even the series 2-2. Vegas will try and regain their conference semifinals lead with a win on Friday night. Puck drop for Game 5 is scheduled for 7 PM in Las Vegas. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Similar to Game 2, the Golden Knights just could not get the ball rolling in the right direction tonight. A few unfortunate non-calls expedited the process but VGK were never good enough to win this game. It’s the fourth consecutive game in the series where one team has dominated and the other can’t stem the tide. VGK better be sure to be the one that does it in Game 5 at home. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs Edmonton Oilers Game 4 at Rogers Place.

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Zach Whitecloud
** Nic Roy
* William Karlsson



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Vegas Defense Set Early Tone For Game 4 Dud


  1. DL

    No excuses, but the officiating?!?!?!?!
    Bad calls, no calls, wrong calls, missed calls, lopsided calls.

    • Roberto

      ESPN and the NHL want 7 games. And I see why as these are the two best teams still standing.

      Thought after the first VGK did all right, but teams do ease up after getting big leads.

      On to the next one.

      • Steve0

        I’m not sure how you say that with Carolina still standing. They’re maybe the two highest profile teams still standing (excluding Toronto), but Carolina has been outstanding.

  2. A different team on both sides took to the ice tonight, unfortunately for Vegas winning # 4 and going up 3 games to one wasn’t in the cards. With the series now the best two out of three, hopefully Vegas comes out Friday night full of fire to regain the series lead and tilt the ice in their favor. Vegas will ultimately be the winner if the Monday night “A” team shows up. Go Knights Go – make it happen.

  3. Duckboy

    Game wasn’t evenly called and Edmonton is going full soccer dives now as well to get penalties.

    How does Kane not get a major for boarding petro at the end of the game? Don’t blame perto for taking justice in his own hands with that slash at the end of the game. At least he hit someone who matters.

    The knights power play is definitely costing them. If you get 4 power plays in the playoffs you need to be getting at least 1 goal. It’s f-ing abysmal!

    Now to the big topic, can we all just agree Theodore can’t handle pressure in the playoffs? He is a turn over machine in the playoffs. Tonight his meltdown cost us the game.

    We need to get some assets for him next year.

    Want to go to the game Friday to not allow the Edmonton fans to take over again

    • TS

      Duckboy, the big Hague/ Kane fight was a long- overdue payback for us…enjoyed seeing the Big Guy smiling afterwards! It was well worth the penalty!! The boys had finally had enough of Kane’s dirty BS. Petro gets my approval because of the huge hit he took the prior game. If he DIDN’T do something last night, I’d be concerned about our desire to compete with the Oilers. This ain’t no pansy league, and we can’t afford to sit back watching the flowers grow!! ( sorry, gardening humor… )

  4. Mister Mister

    Will be a difficult game 5 without pietrangelo who will probably be suspended. It was clearly intended to injure Drasatil and now Mcdavid calling for a suspension. The league will probably listen

    • TS

      Mister, if they suspend Kane for ALL his mischief, it’ll be worth it. But Kane seems to be immune to penalties…
      The Refs were Homeboys in Canada, called 2 WEAK games. Back to OUR house, and let the BEST team win, NOT REF NO- CALLS!!

      • TS – I am surprised you don’t understand why Kane gets away with his style of play. He is a dirty player and always has been. You don’t have to look far to see why he gets away with it. Hopefully you’re not a rose-colored glass individual.
        I was sorry to see Petro resort to the action he took and hope it doesn’t lead to a suspension – given it probably should. I noticed in the scuffing after that with McDavid, McDavid didn’t even drop his stick which is rather chicken shit to say the least. Vegas, if they expect to win this series, can’t allow Edmonton to get under their skin – that would not be the case if Vegas had a PP which we all know they do not. Vegas has biggest enough players to put some clean hits on Edmonton without being penalized and slow down the likes of McDavid and company. Give them something to worry about rather than just the puck on their stick. Monday night TEAM “A” to the front for game 5 or in all probability it’s all over for this year.

        • TS

          Hdbiker, dirty players are throughout the league. That, I get. Kane is dirty, period. What I DON’T understand is WHY guys like Kane are ALLOWED to OFFEND, again and again, WITHOUT any CONSEQUENCES. This has to change. When Vegas got knocked out of the playoffs vs Sharks because of the 5 minute major call on us, the League made changes to prevent another debacle like ours. I’ve watched Burns( former Kane cohort) play on Hurricanes— he played dirty in San Jose, but I don’t see him playing dirty like KANE anymore. Kane will ALWAYS be a loose cannon— that is, until the damn Refs and the ” safety” guys start checking HIM out of games for his misconduct!

    • TS

      Mister, do you really think Petro was looking to HURT or just STOP Draisaitl’s goal run?? Also, if the Refs have given Kane a pass for all his BS, would Toronto change course and penalize Petro? That would NOT be a good
      look for them.

  5. Bobo

    Wow some of these takes – does anyone actually know the rules of hockey here, and are some wearing tinfoil hats?
    Officiating in playoffs is inconsistent at the best of times, and IMO one of the things holding back the NHL is a penalty in the regular season is sometimes not a penalty in the playoffs. It’s a joke.
    But look at the kinds of penalties that were called. Hitting usually gets more liberal as the playoffs go on. What still gets called is the stick work, and once again our guys played lazy and slow there.
    The oilers have clearly gotten in our heads when Petro double hand slashes an oiler player. Anyone who says “whatever” to that has never played hockey. Any hockey player will tell you that’s not respectful play and would send the enforcer out to get you back in the day.
    The knights are hooking and slashing and looking for cheap shots when they fall behind. That’s not a way to win hockey games. Stick to what worked in 1 and 3, simply try to skate and score
    Bad character look for the knights.

    • VGK Fan


      I think the Oilers know VGK power play sucks and they are capitalizing at every chance which is smart on there part to play on the edge the way they’re.

      The refs putting away the whistle on Theodore taking 4 straight cross checks in the back only to notice his slash a second later is kudos to Edmonton. Also, slashing and breaking Stones stick on the power play credit to Edmonton knowing no penalty will be called and even if one is VGK power play is awful.

  6. Bobby

    With the Maple Leafs failures, League under pressure to have at least 1 Canadian team continue in the playoffs. No doubt Oilers are good, but the officials are giving them the breaks and being instructed to. VGK needs an us-against-the-world mentality for game 5.

    • Bobby – please tell me your not naive enough to believe what you posted. Yes oilers are good but NO officials are being instructed to give them a break. That is reaching for straws. Do officials make mistakes yes, unfortunately that comes with being human. Instructed to do so in all due respect l don’t think so despite this corrupt world we live in. They are far from being perfect like the rest of us.

  7. Jailbird

    Again, no team in this series has put two good games together back to back. Theo has been just terrible. Shame, always liked him, but ….. shit, come on! It’s getting more nasty each game. Not good move by Petro, and notice he did it after Kane was sent to locker room. Still, it’s 2 and 2, we are still right in this!

  8. THE hockey GOD

    The NHL joke of officiating in playoffs is back, No. 27 took repeated cross checking to the back, nothing called. SAme with our captain.

    As for politics in hockey , what does showing an indigenous native Canadian person before a hockey game on big screen in Edmonton have to do with hockey? Nothing. But there it is , in full display. Identity politics in hockey. And some people say don’t talk about politics, when it is shoved into our face at nearly every game. Hypocrites all of you.

    If no. 7 gets suspended, then you know again, that the fix is in.

    • North

      Viewer not participant here so I shouldn’t even bother to reply but I submit you must not be Canadian, which is fine as this is an American site.
      Reconciliation has a huge role in Canada today, and it is present in all levels of life: federal and provincial government, schools, hockey arenas, festivals, everywhere, and guess what? 99% of the people up here embrace it. It’s part of the path to creating the future of the country.
      If you look up Truth and Reconciliation Commission and read the report, that’s the foundation of it.

      As for the reffing, stick work, slew footing, spitting, biting and all that will get called in the playoffs. Anything else who knows. Pietrangelo should know better and that’s a penalty.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @north, everyone with a brain knows that CAnadians are brain washed, socialist, lib tard tools. Look at their loser Trudeau.

        Don’t lecture me about Canada, I know more about it that you will ever know.

        • North

          Given that I’m born and bred in canada and have lived here for over 50 years, I doubt it.
          I’d have some respect for other cultures and their choices if I were you. There’s some great Americans out there but It’s guys like you that give Americans a bad name.

        • Thg – your an ass pure and simple. What makes you an authority of the world- nothing it’s all in your head – that’s obvious to anyone who referrs to themselves as god

  9. Bobby

    Saw the clip on Sportsnet CA, interesting they were more objective about the level of cheap shots Pietrangelo has been taking in this series than much of our “own” coverage.

  10. Vic

    Here’s the problem….The game began well with a decent PP and then an excellent PK. Then Shea turned it over and the air came out of the team. Inexcusable mistake with all the chips on the table. Shea doesn’t score lately and doesn’t hit, so he has to be perfect. Kane shouldn’t have even been in this game, and Leon looked like a little girl falling like a ton of brinks from the slash. Best of three now, and the boys have to let it all hang out.

    • TS

      Vic, Draisaitl performed a perfect WWF fall…did he practice that?? Looked rehearsed, as he laid face down, motionless..
      What a drama QUEEN.

  11. trade

    laughable Sinbin recap with zero mention of Theodore’s pathetic blunders basically Handing the game to Edm in the early minutes of the first period. any MOmentum that Edm got in game 4 was produced and manufactured by #27, the Vgk gutless wonder on D.

  12. Been saying for years, what makes everyone (sports media pundants) hype up Theodore so much? He would be 1st person traded if I had a say in team personel. Last nite was just another example of his ineptness as a top line defender! Those blunders took us right out of the game and put all of the momentum on the Oilers!

  13. THE hockey GOD

    this is type of reffing that caused me to stop watching the NHL for years, it’s pathetic.

    NHL = WWE

    on ice.

    • DL

      Never thought I would respond to you, but since it is strictly hockey related, agreed that the officiating is so friggin inconsistent and frustrating one game or one moment to the next.
      Slashes and hooks and crosschecks allowed one night and not the next or worse by one team and not the other. Such obvious differences amongst the refs and calls is enough to want to turn it off.
      The most blatant of all was the crosscheck by Draisaitl on Roy right before his and VGKs lone goal. Perhaps a refs hand was up in the air at that point then nullified. But nobody has talked about that one.

  14. Tim

    We as you all know have a few problems which will eventually be our downfall. First the PP is almost non-existent, Next as good as our goalies have played and as good as Cassidy has protected them the truth is there both backup goalies and it’s hard to win a Cup with backup goalies. Give Cassidy credit he’s done the best he can with the talent he’s been given. Theadore has been mentioned as a liability and that’s true last night was just another of many pucks he gives back to opponents at critical times. Last in my rant would be the obvious you can’t win scoring 1 goal. Hope next game is different but we put hope back into Edmonton not going up 3-1 so it doesn’t look good with all our flaws.

  15. THE hockey GOD

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    Hear the mighty engines roar, see the silver wing on high
    She’s away and westward bound, far above the clouds she’ll fly
    There the morning rain don’t fall and the sun always shines
    She’ll be flying over my home in about three hours time
    This old airport’s got me down, it’s no earthly good to me
    And I’m stuck here on the ground as cold and drunk as I can be
    You can’t jump a jet plane like you can a freight train
    So, I’d best be on my way in the early morning rain
    You can’t jump a jet plane like you can a freight train
    So, I’d best be on my way in the early morning rain

  16. Tim

    With L. Brossoit, and L. Thompson out and A. Hill your starter it will be interesting to me who’s in goal Friday if it’s Hill then Cassidy has zero faith in J. Quick and he would know watching the team daily. My thought as I’ve mentioned before would using Quick in a hostel environment with his Stanley Cup experience be more beneficial only Cassidy would know but it does bring up an interesting question. I know everyone thinks he’s over the hill but I’m a romantic is there one more chance for glory would make a great story.

    • THE hockey GOD

      I am surprised
      1- Cassidy has failed to use ANY time out effectively
      2- Hill wasn’t pulled in favor of Quick in period three.

      That says volumes there

    • TS

      Tim, you’ re ALSO a Poet!

  17. Karl with a K

    warning, this is going to be a long rant:

    100% the golden knights fault. if they scored on 25% of their power plays, 90% of the oilers bullshit would stop. that being said, lets talk about the refs:

    the refs have not, at any point, had control of this series. there has been no consistency between the 4 games and not even period to period. the players are left to guess as to what a penalty is, even in the lockeroom in the middle of a game.

    lets start with pietrangleo. Piet slashes drai on the inside of the arm after the whistle and he drops to the ice like his legs are broken. the announcers react saying it was a slash to the wrists… but they cant tell what it was since they are calling the game from the same feed we are watching and are not actually at the game (and the feed at rogers place sucks). announcers over-react. the officials see drai on the ice not moving and hear the entire crowd lighting torches and trying to find their pitchforks because somsone took a run at their golden boy… so the officials over-react too.

    lets compare that to game 3: evander kane crosschecks pietrangelo directly to the face after charging him, after the whistle. Piet doesnt brake his legs and lay still on the ice… no outrage and no player safety meeting. to me, these are the same thing; frustration from the officiating boiling over and resulting in dirty plays after the whistle. if pietrangelo’s slash could have broken draisitle wrist if the facts were a little different, so could evander have broken something in piets face/neck. neither one of these would have happened if the officials were in control of the game.

    in game 1 mark stone scores a goal with an edmonton player trailing him. you can see in the replay, that the oiler sees the puck go in the net, stone raises his arms in celebration and then the oiler shoves marks lower back. no call. any time mark is close to the net, he gets a shove in the lower back. game 4, he gets a good look in the crease and he is violently shoved into the post. this is a perfect opportunity for the officials to say “this is where we draw the line. that is acceptable, but this is not”. no calls have been made this series for crosschecking stone from behind. stone however got a penalty for turning around and giving the oiler a slash. essentially the refs have said “it’s open season on mark stone… and stone is not allowed to defend himself”.

    in game 4, the refs continued to make the softest calls… but at the same time refusing to call the big calls. however, if you retaliated in the smallest way, instant penalty. how does that make sense? what the refs are saying is “we do not appreciate the players taking matters into their own hands and retaliating on eachother… that is the officials job. its our job to decide whats a penalty is and what is not. meanwhile, we dont call anything that matters and we are calling everything that doesnt.” its bullshit. if they are unwilling or incapable of make the calls that matter and control the game, they shouldnt punish the players for at the very least sticking up for themselves.

    this obviously favors edmonton… because if theres no clear line as to what the knights can get away with, they are forced to do nothing in fear that they will give up a power play. but this also favors the team in the lead. the team in the lead can afford to give up a powerplay on a random penalty whereas the team trailing cannot afford anything. i think this is why we are seeing these brutal lopsided matches and also why frustration is boiling over.

    the oilers took liberties through that entire game and not one time did the officals say “okay, you took that too far, this is where we draw the line”… instead, they would make soft calls like the interference off the faceoff instead of the blatant open-ice interference that went on the whole game. they miss the slash that broke stones stick off the faceoff, or the roughing on theodore as hes standing 5 feet from the play waiting for it to pop out.. but they definitely caught theos retaliation shalshing.

    rant over: where is the line? is it a line? because right now it seems more like a donut.

    • TS

      Karl, rant for ALL of us— we all feel the same. Home- ice pandering, I mean ” officiating” by refs. Blatant preferential treatment.
      We’ll take care of business Friday. OUR ICE. Our turn to dominate.

  18. VGK Fan

    I guess the first 4 cross checks on Theodore are free? He turns commits a penalty and its called. I’m confused on how Edmonton can commit 4 straight cross check and get no penalty then all of a sudden the referee needs to call a penalty of Shae.

  19. GWNorth

    For all Vegas fans complaining (ranting) about the officiating. I was at the game, did Vegas not get more powerplays than Edmonton in the game? I believe Vegas has had more PP’s in every game. Vegas cant score on the powerplay anyway, so why worry about penalties.

    • THE hockey GOD

      That is not the point, refs were calling cross checks the whole season. Now they are not.

      WAKE UP !

  20. Chips McOY

    Avalanche head coach Jared Bednar expressed his own disbelief at the decision from Player Safety.

    “I don’t know,” said Bednar. “I can’t figure it out anymore. I don’t even try.”

  21. Richie-Rich

    I let this loss sit for almost 24 hours before commenting. I agree with Ken in that Petro deserved to be suspended for that blatant slash. Yes, the Kane stick to Stone’s face with no time left on the clock was nearly as bad, but not as bad. Then there was the vicious cross check to Stone in the upper back that resulted in an Oilers goal on the back end with Mark flattened out on the ice. There was a probable missed boarding call on Petro in this game and multiple cross checks on Theodore when he took that spearing call.

    So enough talk about the referees.

    Ken’s analysis was great, but he missed the fact that the large majority of VGK shots in periods 1, 2 and the beginning of period 3 were all from beyond the circles or from the side boards.

    The VGK didn’t really start getting to the crease until too late in the 3rd period with Roy finally hitting net. Way too late.

    Do we still have to continue talking about the putrid power play? Yes, we do. The strategy is way too predictable. Pass from the Blue line to the left boards, back to the Blue line, pass to the right boards, back to the Blue and then a long distance shot from somewhere beyond the circle or at low angles from outside the circle.


    Whose fault is this? I would go all the way back to DeBoer if I could with his lack of innovation, but that wouldn’t be fair. Cassidy takes the ultimate blame, but so do his Special Teams coaches. This team has the talent to be better on the power play. For whatever the reason, they just suck.

    And that my fellow Sin Binners is exactly why I think that the VGK will lose this series. Opposing teams, especially the Oilers, have ZERO respect for our power play. It’s not a threat at all. That means that the Oilers can commit as many illegal cross checks, holding the stick, interference or roughing penalties as they want to without any fear of consequence.

    IF the VGK loses game 5, this series is over. If the VGK can somehow win game 5 then anything can still happen. But, keep in mind that this team is not built to play from behind. It simply isn’t a team that can make up a 3 goal deficit or even a 2 goal deficit most of the time. This team has a ton of 1 goal victories.

    Ken’s right. The first 10 minutes of period 1 in game 5 might just very well define whether or not the Golden Knights can possibly win this series or not.

    I am very happy with how far this team has come. Cassidy has done a great job with a team that doesn’t have a forward in the top 15 of the NHL. If we fall in the 2nd round there’s hope for next season. If we somehow make it to the Conference Championship round then anything is still possible.

    Overall, I believe that the VGK is the better team, but it’s close. We have to have more production out of both Smith and Theodore.

    At this point, the idea of putting Whitecloud up on the 1st PP unit should be considered. Maybe you bring in a Paul Cotter for Brett Howden? I do NOT think we have a goaltender issue.

    You can bet that the Oilers will be looking to take the head of Pietrangelo in game 5 in retaliation for the slash on #29. The problem is that we don’t have any real enforcers on this team. The VGK has to be disciplined and not take stupid selfish retaliation penalties.

    Prediction for game 5? It all depends on coaching and the ability for the VGK to be their best in this game, especially in period 1.

  22. knights fan in minny

    its pretty sad when you get stapled to the boards by nick bjugstad that’s far from his style

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