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Recap: The Golden Knights were trying to take a two-game series lead against the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday night. Vegas committed two costly penalties in the first seven minutes of the game. Edmonton took advantage of their PP opportunities and took a 2-0 lead at the 7:01 mark. Minutes later the Golden Knights were awarded their own man advantage, but the Oilers jumped on a loose puck and tripled the score with a shorthanded goal. Towards the end of the period, Edmonton added another to take a 4-0 lead into the first intermission.

Midway through the period, Jack Eichel was called for his second penalty of the game and the Oilers didn’t hesitate to add to their lead. Connor McDavid slipped in his second goal of the game giving Edmonton a commanding 5-0 lead.

Early in the final period the Golden Knights broke the shutout and scored to climb within four. Ivan Barbashev recorded his 4th goal of the postseason making it 5-1 Edmonton. The Oilers killed out the remaining time and finished off Game 2 with a four-goal victory.

The Oilers even the series with their 5-1 over the Golden Knights. The conference semifinals shift to Edmonton for Games 3 & 4 beginning on Monday night. Puck drop for Game 3 is scheduled for 5:30 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Oilers said they were going to come out and play a lot better than they did in Game 1, and boy did they ever. That being said, the Golden Knights obliged and played about as poorly as they have in their six-year history. Very little offensive zone time led to a wide-open neutral zone and the Oilers flooded chances. From there, the penalty train started and the Oilers power play took over. An absolute disaster of a game for Vegas. The series is tied, ans now it’s VGK’s time to take a look in the mirror and respond on Monday. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs Edmonton Oilers Game 2 at T-Mobile Arena.

  • VGK lost Game 2 in the first 18 minutes. What went wrong, how much is on VGK, and what needs to change?

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** William Karlsson
** Brett Howden
* Laurent Brossoit



VGK Won’t Stray From Plan To Open Periods Despite Oilers’ Firepower


Golden Knights Need Puck Possession, Been Here Before


  1. Jailbird

    Never in the game, totally dominated. Two quick PP goals and so forth. I know it’s only one loss, but shit, it feels mentally like so much more. The boys are really going to have to dig down deep to get their heads right and back into this series. Hill probably starts next game?

    • knights fan in minny

      no way on hill you cant fault lb

      • Richie-Rich

        I look at 9 goals allowed in 5 periods and the fact that LB played the majority of the season in the AHL where he didn’t do all that well. At this point, if Hill is healthy you have to go to him. That 5th goal he gave up was a total softie, the other 4 was a total team shit show.

        Nearly the entire 1st period was played in their own zone. The only time they got the puck deep they failed to establish any sort of forecheck. Very softly played tonight. The Oiler D wasn’t pressured at all like they were in game 1 and that was the difference in this game.

        This game was over at the end of the 1st period.

    • Bobo

      Ya the thing is vegas started to believe they couldn’t keep up with Edmonton. How else can you explain all the stick work instead of simply amping up their speed and building off that?

  2. THE hockey GOD

    coaching staff did not have team ready, could not match intensity level.

    this is on coaches.

    • Richie-Rich

      VGK needs to be better on the forecheck, but they have to find better goaltending than Brossoit can deliver. 9 goals against isn’t going to get it done.

  3. knights fan in minny

    just a good old fashion ass kicking

  4. THE hockey GOD

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    • Richie-Rich

      I think you are really losing it……

      • THE hockey GOD

        hard to “lose” something you never “had” in the first place

        define “it”

  5. Tim

    Well with everything on the line I thought we’d play better I was wrong. To get spanked like that at home was embarrassing but the team did’t seem to mind.

  6. Bobo

    Embarrassment of a game is right. And what’s worse, vegas let the oilers get in their heads for the next game.
    Whenever vegas took a hit from Kane or whomever they rarely hit back, but just swung their sticks around like they couldn’t keep up with Edmonton’s skating and wanted to hail them back to earth. Sticks were chipping oilers everywhere. That’s simply lazy play by the knights.
    Put in the effort and skate. Man.

    • Bobo

      Pardon me I should also add instead of looking for a clean hit back they went for cheap shots and sticks: childish, and it’s if they bought into the belief that they can’t keep up with Edmonton since they choose to hook and chip instead of skate.

    • Richie-Rich

      That is their major issue on the power play as well. It’s something that they have never been able to break. No creativity in the OZ on the PP. Pass left to the Boards, back to the Blue line, pass to the right Boards back to the Blue line, ZERO movement to try and open up any shooting lanes. The PK D simply moves a bit left or right and the VGK eventually tries a shot from the Boards or the Blue Line which is easily caught or deflected and then cleared. It’s the most boring fucking PP strategy I have ever seen and I have seen a ton of minor league games. I have seen better power plays in the ECHL. They really suck at it. Look, I didn’t expect them to even get to the 2nd round, so every minute they are playing is gravy for me. I really like this Coach Cassidy. I feel that if LT was healthy 100% that we’d be even better. I wonder how close LT is to playing? We cannot expect to win a Cup with back up goaltending or a 37 year old who is likely retiring at the end of this season (Quick).

      • bobo

        Yeah good points and I should have said the actual worst part was Vegas acting like children and picking 2-on-1 fights with Kane or whomever if they weren’t swinging their sticks at them.
        Again, beat them on the ice and scoreboard, don’t lose your cool. You could see it didn’t affect the Oilers attitudes at all (McDavid and Hyman on the bench just shaking their heads at the spectacle in the last couple of minutes).

  7. DL


    • Richie-Rich

      I love it when we get spot on to the point analysis!

  8. Emmanuel

    Someone has to shadow Leon or its over in 5.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Emmanual, I like the thought, but it’s hard to shadow leon on the PP, because oilers have too many weapons

      key is to stay out of box, and shadow leon

      • Emmanuel

        No one expects the big 2 to be shut down but this is ridiculous.

        • TS

          Emmanuel, RIGHT?. How about just slowing them down a little! Or tiring them out more so they’ll SIT AWHILE. They were on ice for record minutes, I’m guessing.

  9. Richie-Rich

    Look, if anyone has been down on this team this year it’s been me. That’s history. They won 5 straight playoff games and came into game 2 and laid an egg.
    Put this one behind you and focus on the next one. With that said, I have to say that you cannot give up 6 power plays to Edmonton. Brossoit did not play well and it’s time to put Hill out there. Laurent’s given up 9 goals in 5 periods. That 5th goal was 100% on Brossoit. Time to move on to Adin Hill #33. There is a reason why Brossoit played most of the season in the AHL.
    The refs missed at least 3 penalties against Edmonton all in the Edmonton OZ. With that said, the VGK was still 0 for 3 on the power play.
    We didn’t play well offensively or defensively and the goaltending was pedestrian. In game 1 Edmonton said that the loss wasn’t anything that the Golden Knights did, they felt they didn’t play their game and gave it away. Tonight you can pretty much say the same thing about the Golden Knights except period 1 was a complete shit show with 3 shots on goal to Edmonton’s 19. That first penalty was another bad one.
    I still think that VGK can win this series, but their power play is a complete mess. They have to find a way to fix that but it will be difficult to tweak it during the playoffs.
    Overall, even if they lose to Edmonton in this round they have exceeded my expectations.

    • knights fan in minny

      lb played in the ahl for conditioning. Coming off injury and there was already 2 ahead of him lb got them this far series is 1-1

      • Richie-Rich

        LB is still a career back up goaltender. We are farther than I had hoped we would get this season. If LT is ready it is now time to put him back out in the net.

    • TS

      Rr, I think I needed your realism AND your optimism to balance my disappointment. Cause I’m pretty DOWN right now. Just HOW could the guys have played so poorly after our 1st great game?!?! Oilers are most definitely in their heads now, gonna be a battle of the mind- games from now on, with Kane throwing in a beating
      or two.

      • Richie-Rich

        If someone has to go toe to toe with Kane it’s Hague. Kolesar is a lover not a fighter, and there isn’t another fighter on the team other than Marchy. Come on, does anyone really want to see Marchy give Kane a beat down out there?

        • TS

          RR, Marchy has NO fear of ANYONE, doesn’t he?? He doesn’t check like other guys…he literally LAUNCHES himself at players!!! Making the most of his smaller stature… Love his passion!

  10. It is one thing to lose when you give it your all – it’s something else when your play assists the competition in winning which was the case tonight. LB wasn’t the only reason for the loss as way to often the rest of the team wasn’t doing much on their part. The shorthanded goal by McDavid was one that should have been stopped if LB was on his toes. Bottom line the team played like a bunch of wimps and Edmonton took real advantage of that. If you’re going to take a penalty do some damage to whoever you hit. This is playoff hockey, and you do whatever is necessary to win and Edmonton has adopted that philosophy. Hopeful this game is a wakeup call like the first game in the Winnipeg series when Vegas came roaring back in two and finished it off in five. Monday night will tell the story.

    • Richie-Rich

      Well, I called for a Sweep – but we had to win tonight. This series is a toss up now. Ken thinks we will win games 1,3,5, and 7. Well, I am looking forward to it and hope he’s right when they come back here for game 5.

      • THE hockey GOD

        game no. 3 is ALWAYS the most critical game of any quarter finals NHL playoff series; winner normally take series. You can bet your bottom line that VGK will be ready, and motivated, after yesterday’s barn cleaning royal butt kicking. IF not it’s lights out baby, the party is over. Back to the drawing board Butch.

      • Richie-Rich – I hope Ken is right however I am not terribly optimistic. I sure hope I am wrong, and they clean up their act similar to what they did in game two of the Winnipeg series after the ass kicking they took in game one. They need to adopt the same attitude that apparently Edmonton has adopted and not accept their style of play as demonstrated by Kane. This is playoff hockey and Vegas needs to do what’s necessary to win whether dirty or otherwise. Vegas has some pretty good-size guys that can lay some hits on competition especially down the boards which for whatever reason they appear not wanting to. Road games seem to be more their strength so Monday they have an opportunity to demonstrate what they are made of. Hopefully they can prove Ken right.

    • TS

      Hdbiker, our guys were making ” hits”, like they do against each other in practice—SOFT, SOFT, SOFT. Like they were afraid of HURTING someone!#!
      And the Oilers layed us out on the ice again and again. The ” fights” were the
      Oilers head- lockingb our players, trapping them on the ice, pummeling them with punches, as they struggled to fight back. The fight between Kolesar and Kane was a real eye- opener. Kane was more than happy to try to damage a kidney or whatever he was aiming for…DIRTY POS. SHARK ALUMNI, along with BURNS AND THORNTON, were the ASSASSINS in the league. And Mgmt HIRED PDB, after all that?? WORST MOVE in VGK History.

      • bobo

        all due respect, but our guys were lazy and totally let the Oilers get in their heads. Sure a couple of hits from Oilers, like from any team this time of year. But instead of doing solid hits back and simply trying to outwork the Oilers on the ice and pay for it on the scoresheet, Vegas can’t match Oil’s speed and starts hooking, swinging sticks, etc. which leads to more frustration and eventually more fights. Then Vegas can’t refocus when they need to and let that go, and start 2-on-1-ing Oilers players. Heck, 3 of our guys wasted time chasing Kane and slashing him on one shift, when the rest of the Oilers skated around and made dangerous plays.
        They got in their heads. Rookie moves, rookie attitudes in getting frustrated.
        Time for the veteran players to speak up and remind everyone that they control their own brains, don’t lose it.

      • TS – that’s my point no soft, soft, soft crap if you’re going to take a penalty make sure the competition knows they were hammered. It’s referred to as doing what’s necessary to win or at least go down swinging. Saturday was a shit show plain and simple hopefully they are ashamed of themselves and get their act togther.

      • Richie-Rich

        Yeah, hockey fight etiquette (if there is such thing) call for punches to stop once a player is on the ice. Kane took about 5 or more shots at the kidneys with a defenseless player on the ice. That should have been a game misconduct and reviewed by player safety with a possible suspension.

        • TS

          Rr, Yes sir. THAT exchange was illegal, could not understand REFS allowing it. Tonight is gonna be a different game, bet on it!!

    • THE hockey GOD

      yeah like when no 14 knocked out ghoulie into orbit on that one goal

  11. Richie-Rich

    If we fail to win game 3 and the result is the same as today then I think it’s the end of the road for our Knights this year. We don’t want to come back to Vegas down 3-1 in this series.

  12. Pistol Pete

    Penalties and the VGK special teams was the difference maker this game. Only one 5 on5 goal by each team! Have to hold that EDM PP to its regular season average at a minimum. We have to be men and women and march on up to Edmonton.

    • Pistol Pete

      And yeah I’m open to giving Brossoit a break though I’ll have to watch the game to have an opinion on how much the 5 goals are on him vs. the play in front of him.

      • PP – save yourself the time about watching the game on who to blame – the entire team looked like shit plane and simple. They got their ass whipped and did nothing to retaliate. A real sorry performance all around.

        • Richie-Rich

          When they got down 3-0 in the first period they hung their heads. I think their total shots on goal was 19 for Edmonton and 3 for VGK. That kind of period is the type that can kill a playoff run. It definitely got into their heads as the game wore on. Barbashev gave the team a short lived boost of energy, but it was unsustainable. Edmonton took away time and space and the passing and puck handling got worse and worse as the team confidence evaporated into the last stages of the game. How many pucks were lost or stripped in the neutral zone or in the DZ? Way too many.

          I keep on saying that the VGK sucks on FO%. Bleuger would be an upgrade for this team in this area.

          I also got the feeling that the VGK came out in the first period trying to “not lose” in the first period. They came out with a mindset of defense first and Edmonton obliged by playing 90% of the 1st period in the VGK zone.

    • Gallant

      One 5×5 goal because Edmonton slowed down because the game was over at that point.

  13. TS

    Where the hell were the Knights tonight?? NOT at the game, looked like. The Oilers played THEIR game—and The VGK took a beating. They failed to slow Draisaitl/ Mcdavid down( did those two sit out more than a few minutes?? They Played a LOT.),failed on the PP and PK, failed to stay out of the BOX, failed to score, had NO RESPONSE to all the HITS AND DIRTY FIGHTING BY SCUMBAG KANE!! He’s one of the dirtiest players in the league, and his fight with Kolesar should have ended Kane’s game. Yet, after his penalty, he was right back on ice.
    WE GOT SCHOOLED. WE FOLDED. WE GAVE UP, AND SO DID THE FANS THERE. And NOW the guys have to recover after this debacle, get back to OUR GAME, and make up for this total collapse!!

    • Richie-Rich

      I take exception. I was at that game and cheered them on to the very end. One bad game and a 1-1 tie in the series isn’t something to get too upset about. Yeah, I was hoping for a W in this game. It didn’t happen, it was a shit show with very few positives (other than Barbashev). This Barbashev kid is a keeper. When McCrimmon brought him in I was like who da fuck this guy? One of MacCrimmon’s better decisions for sure.

      I am not seeing the Carrier that I am used to seeing out there. His legs are not under him and the forechecking he is known for is absent. If he can’t step it up then it’s time for my jersey #43 to get a shot!

      We’ve got some very good young players on this team. We still have a great deal of talent on the ice as well. Now, with the series tied 1-1 isn’t the time to start giving up on this team. I won’t start sending out an alarm unless we come out and give a repeat performance. Let’ not see this again in game 3.

      • TS

        Rr, I mentioned the Fans because there were a LOT of empty seats in the 3rdperiod Saturday. I think they gave up at that point. You’ re a loyal fan to Cheer to the end!

  14. Hey Eichel, Petrangelo, want to see what $10m + players look like on the ice, look no further than the dynamic duo of the oilers. Next observation, do we even practice how to pass? Can not believe that we are this inept at passing the puck!! Watch in awe of the teams with numerous tape to tape passes from all areas of the ice, while we struggle time and again to do routine plays to each other.

  15. THE hockey GOD

    Golden Knights Analysis
    VGK Grades: ‘That Can’t Happen,’ Golden Knights Lack Fight, Goaltending

    VEGAS — The Vegas Golden Knights suffered a first-round TKO Saturday at T-Mobile Arena. Before three minutes ticked off the clock, the Edmonton Oilers scored a power-play goal. By seven minutes into the game, another power-play goal made it 2-0. Edmonton scored four times in the first 16 minutes and never let the Golden Knights back into the game, cruising to a 5-1 win.

    The “message sending” began in the second period, though Edmonton probably got the better of that, too, as Evander Kane pounded a defenseless Keegan Kolesar.

    Kane got four minutes for roughing and a 10-minute misconduct.

    “It won’t be forgotten,” said Golden Knights defenseman Brayden McNabb.

    That should be the only thing the Golden Knights remember. The rest of the 60-minute game could be appropriately discarded with a loud flush.

    The difference between Game 1 and Game 2 was a quick pushback. In Game 1, the Golden Knights surrendered an early power-play goal, but Ivan Barbashev scored a minute later to reset the game. Saturday was different as the Golden Knights took another penalty … and another penalty until they were out of the game.

    Vegas Special Teams: F

    It seems not an act of Congress or God could stop the Oilers’ power play. The Oilers’ power play percentage dipped Saturday because they were “only” 3-for-6.

    “I didn’t think it was too bad, but once you get to 3-0, you’re starting to chase it,” winger Mark Stone said. “They scored two on the power play in Game 1, three tonight. We’re doing a lot of good things on the kill, but they’re dynamic, so you’ve got to find a way to stay out of the box. The calls just aren’t going our way.”

    Coaching wrinkle: The Golden Knights PK sagged in the zone, leaving only one forward to cover the points. The VGK elected to pack the slot with three defenders below the dots to prevent scoring chances or rebounds. However, Edmonton merely used the wide-open perimeter to attack from different angles. Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl still scored power-play goals tight to the goal line but from the side instead of in front.

    The speed, precision, and simplicity of the Oilers’ power play are striking. They don’t waste time with the puck at the top of the zone, they don’t get flatfooted, they’re always moving, and they’re always finding pressure points to draw defenders, then immediately slipping the puck to the open player.

    Worse, Connor McDavid scored a shortie late in the first period.

    Unlike Game 1, there wasn’t much of a 5v5 chess match between the coaches. The Golden Knights were in the quicksand after allowing the power play goals. Gone was the nifty triangulation of McDavid. The game devolved throughout the second period.

    Goaltending: D

    Adin Hill started the third period for the Golden Knights, and there seems to be a solid chance he will start Game 3. Laurent Brossoit has been mediocre in the series. The rebounds have been scattershot, and McDavid’s second goal was from a terrible angle, with Brossoit staring at the shooter.

    “The goalie needs to make that save, and he will,” Cassidy said.

    Perhaps the “backbreaker” came early in the first period. Evan Bouchard notched a power-play goal on a blast from the point. It wasn’t deflected. Despite the traffic near the crease, the shot was stoppable. Saves or non-saves like that make the difference.

    The vaunted Edmonton attack has Brossoit swimming in the crease and backing deep. That’s a bad combo against a team with enough sharpshooters.

    Golden Knights Top-Six: D

    In his postgame press conference, coach Bruce Cassidy subtly noted that his top offensive performers needed to do more.

    According to NaturalStatTrick, the Eichel line had only one high-danger scoring chance and two total scoring chances. Ouch.

    William Karlsson’s line was outchanced 5-2 and also had only one high-danger scoring chance.

    Cassidy almost poked his top players but pulled up just before veering into specific criticism.

    “We weren’t hard enough on the puck. Guys we rely on offensively, they need to understand that,” Cassidy said. “And whoever –guys on the fourth line — whatever — you go through any line, we didn’t have the puck enough.”

    Attitude/Team Effort: F

    “(That) was the most disappointing part of the game for me as a head coach. You’re going to have nights when you’re going to get out-executed, certainly by (the Oilers),” coach Bruce Cassidy said. They were more competitive. But we got sort of out “teammated,” for lack of a better term. This should never happen with the Vegas Golden Knights.<<<<<<<>and like i said above, that is on coaching staff,, BTW Kolesar is not a very good fighter.

    Above from vegas hockey now

    • TS

      Thg, our team needs boxing gloves for the next game. To take all those useless penalties, getting hammered on the Oiler PP, and NOT FIGHT BACK WITH ALL THEY HAD WHEN POKED, is like GIVING UP. Kolesar should have had 3 mates on KANE, pulling his ass off Keegan..he was at risk of internal injury, the way Kane repeatedly hit him!
      Cassidy better put the FIRE back into the team, or prepare for an embarrassing end to his 1st year here!!

      • knights fan in minny

        for all the people who did not want to keep reaves i bet they would like to have him now

    • Richie-Rich

      “Kolesar is not a very good fighter.”

      Brilliant analysis God. You just come that conclusion today? I thought God knows all?

  16. TS

    Thg, our team needs boxing gloves for the next game. To take all those useless penalties, getting hammered on the Oiler PP, and NOT FIGHT BACK WITH ALL THEY HAD WHEN POKED, is like GIVING UP. Kolesar should have had 3 mates on KANE, pulling his ass off Keegan..he was at risk of internal injury, the way Kane repeatedly hit him!
    Cassidy better put the FIRE back into the team, or prepare for an embarrassing end to his 1st year here!!

    • THE hockey GOD

      nobody knows how to fight anymore in NHL because

      pantyhose bettman and libtards wokefolks in NHL don’t like fighting, it’s all face washing , and gangbanging the big guy on other team; if you go defend him, you lose faceoff. It’s a bunch of horse shit.

      embarrassing to watch

  17. Vic

    *VGK thought the game started at 7, so they weren’t ready at 4.
    *Team was flat? Are you kidding? The guys play their entire lives prepping for the playoffs, and they are not ready to play a game 2?
    *McNabb too slow for this series. Looks like the Caps finals year 1.
    *Ryan Reaves was born to play in the the first few games of a playoff series. No points but he’ll bang the forwards and he will prevent cheap shots and put some fear in people like Kane. VGK does not have a Reaves. Hague is likely the only one who can knock out someone…if he ever gets angry enough.
    *Early in period 1, Hyman slapped at Bro’s glove after the whistle and no response from anyone. That set the tone.
    *The Oilers can’t be this good. There is a game plan to slow down two elite players, but Cassidy hasn’t figured it out.
    *How can the VGK lose every faceoff on every PK? Oilers cant be this good. Go and beat them, and be ready this time.

    • TS

      Vic, always have felt Reaves was the FIRE on the Vgk. He did indeed give other teams something to worry about, but we have NO ONE now to do it. Hague woke up late this season and pushed back, but he is no Reavo. Like him or not, Reavo added the cockiness and toughness to our team, and we sorely NEED an enforcer to check opponents’ agression!

      • knights fan in minny

        you are so right a lot of people on here wanted him gone saying he provides no offense a waste of money to slow

        • TS

          Kfim, yes, many did. I felt he earned his paycheck with his toughness, his willingness to challenge and answer to opponents’ aggression. He was an asset, not a liability. But PDB hated him. GEE, A FORMER SHARK COACH, HATING REAVO, THE ONE VGK PLAYER WHO CHECKED KANE, THORNTON AND BURNS. Go FIGURE, HUH??The result is the “SOFT” play we see now.

          • knights fan in minny

            the fans love him here in minny keeps the other team honest keeps the boys loose

      • THE hockey GOD

        reaves is too old, past his prime

        a dinosaur, refs would toss him in a new york minute.

        Where is he now ? BTW? gone.

        Team should have gotten Tkachuk of panthers, instead we are stuck with ghost man , no 9.

        Will he show up ??

        • TS

          Thg, he wasn’t past his prime in Vegas, I don’t feel. He was what we needed then, just wish we would acquire an “enforcement specialist” to put some fear into opponents.

  18. Tim

    I’ve been watching or in the early days listening to sports on the radio since 1950 so I’ve seen jubilation and heartbreak. They didn’t want it so why get upset life will go on. 5-1 at home in a playoff isn’t a loss it’s a blowout and Stones answer was ( Well you didn’t think we’d beat them every game ) Now after taking a beating like that candy coating it with that statement tells me all I need to know about the Knights. You should be angry, pissed off, embarrassed, show some emotion but know he makes that statement. So as I said they weren’t to concerned so to get upset as a fan I understand but it’s only a game and to win it all in any sport you need to be hungry and were more into excuses then hungry.

    • THE hockey GOD

      stone is skating like he has 10 pound dumb bells in his skates

      yeah well I have been watching since the 1940s

      your turn

      • Satan

        This is Satan.

        Satan evolved during the height of the Persian Achaemenid Empire (beginning c. 550 BCE) and was living under Persian rule at the time. No disrespect to the hockey god who claims he has been watching since the 40’s but I have been watching long before that. Satan also agrees with knights fan in minny that everyone should get a grip and relax because the series is tied 1-1. Satan knows that knights fan in minny is going to call him a nut job, but he agrees with him anyways.

        Satan has spoken.

      • Tim

        The Hockey Cock, The reality is your just full of shit if you were my age or older you would have been around enough to realize bashing people serves no purpose. You have been nasty to so many people the few years you’ve been on Sin Bin its hard for me to believe you’ve learned the enjoyment of waking up on the right side of the grass. You must think your funny in your deprived mind but I would think must posters have had enough of your bull-shit.

        • Rashaad

          The Hockey Cock!!!! That is funny. Tim is on a roll

          • TS

            Rashaad. I am NOT laughing. . . . OK,I AM. Aren’t nicknames FUN??

        • THE hockey GOD

          with posts like that, now you know why I bust your chops all the time.
          The only people I am “nasty” too, are to people like you who like to stir up the pot.

          I said NOTHING to insult you today on this thread. Now it appears no one changed your depends , again, today, And you go crapping all over your keyboard, again.

          What is your problem?

          It’s on baby, put your dukes up.

          There it is folks, he , once again initiated the fight. I will finish it.
          Wait for it.

      • Richie-Rich

        Stone’s never been a speedster, but he looks slower after 2 back surgeries. After a terrible game 1 versus WPG he went on to play 5 outstanding games in a row. They just came out and laid a turd on home ice in game 2.

        Playoff tickets are not cheap and the VGK definitely sent us home miserable with a bill of $600 for each seat for the pleasure (my price). So, yeah, I am pretty disgusted with the effort, but the series is still tied at one game a piece.

        • THE hockey GOD

          RR the price of a ticket, for any event, has no relationship to the quality of play . Nor to your , or anyone’s for that matter, expectation of the quality of play for either team.

  19. knights fan in minny

    wow series 1-1 calm down people you act like its over teams have bad games get a grip

  20. THE hockey GOD

    once again the vast majority of public agrees that EV , aka coal cars because they derive their energy from coal plants producing electricity, are a really bad idea. From discord between Senator Kennedy and some hosebag biden “energy” official, who knows nothing about energy, and is an ideologue with a bachelor degree in liberal arts. Another loser biden deep state troll

    If EV cars are so swell, why does gooberment have to pay people to drive them? – question by Sen Kennedy

    2 days ago

    • THE hockey GOD

      2 days ago
      If a government put a policy in place,we should go the complete opposite, as we all know the opposite decision is the right decision.
      2 days ago
      If the gov decided to give a check for $15000 to every EV, the price of that EV would go up by $15,000. The manufacturer gets the money and the consumer gets screwed.
      2 days ago

      • THE hockey GOD

        She hit it on the head the first time she spoke, to change peoples behavior.
        1 hour ago
        Like accepting woke policies.
        24 minutes ago
        2 days ago
        Government officials should be required to operate electric vehicles on any trip over 350 miles. When they find out how inconvenient they are to operate they might have a change of heart about them.
        2 days ago
        If this were a sane world, one might suggest this;
        If Congress cannot make these people answer the questions when given an opportunity to explain, then those agents must sit before a completely different board of representatives…. one which consists of us common folk, the taxpayers. They will have the authority to make these agents and their agencies pay for their obvious failures to the slaving “backbone” of this nation.
        2 days ago
        Its NOT Governments CONSTITUTIONAL ROLE to “influence behaviors”. It’s to PROTECT our RIGHTS. Therein lies THE PROBLEM.
        2 days ago
        The other question that should be asked, is why does the US taxpayer have to pay to bail out Ford, GM and Dodge also…
        2 days ago
        Incentivizing people with rebates is paying people to buy them. The rebate is money off the purchase. I agree with the Senator, if these EV’s are so good why do they need incentives to get people to buy them. In many cases people buying EV’s can afford them without incentives.

        • TS

          As EV tech stands today, the vehicles are only reliable in city- use, where EV Charging stations are available and convenient. Taking a long- distance trip is a Crap Shoot, at best, and can catch fire if overheated. Until Battery Tech is perfected, the EV car is doomed to fail, esp when these 10k batteries need replacing…then what?? Who is going to fork out that kind of $$$ for new batteries, only to have to again replace them down the road??
          The desire for less emissions by going EV has been premature. Perfect the TECH, then I may look at EV cars down the road..

          • TS – EVs are a solution to a problem that didn’t and doesn’t exist. It’s all about money nothing else the environment BS is jus try that.

          • THE hockey GOD

            “less emissions” is a hoax, there is a power plant somewhere producing electricity and emitting combustion by products. Just because the Coal car, I mean EV, is not emitting in your hood (NIMBY= not in my back yard), doesn’t mean the process as whole is creating emissions. Not to mention that the production of batteries , themselves, creates a lot of emissions.

            The whole EV thing is a bunch of malarkey.

          • Richie-Rich

            Actually FORD did not take the bail out.

  21. Frank

    Forget that one and move on to the next. Have to be more aggressive and pressure puck on PK. Assign someone like wild bill to do nothing but shadow dry saddle….. Sorry didn’t want to look up how to spell it. LB could have played hai best and that one still would have been a loss.

  22. Rashaad

    VGK just seems to be better and more focussed on the road in their recent history. I don’t know why that is. Perhaps one of you Las Vegas locals can provide some insight as to why that may be.

    • Richie-Rich

      I think the Golden Knights are distracted by the show girls before the game at home. LOL!

      • TS

        Rr, but they ALL have their OWN Showgirls to “appreciate”— their wives and girlfriends! ( no doubt all pretty HOT) LOL

  23. duckboy

    Went to the game.

    While Eichel has shown flashes this season, can anyone believe that he was the second pick behind McDavid? Does Eichel get the “1st playoffs” excuse this year?

    Marchessault is in a huge slump, but he is the only one delivering hits. Listener on the twitter space said what I was thinking “who cares about their 4th line players. Hit their top 6 players (legally of course)”

    So let me take this in a different direction, I know Ken discounted on this the twitter space, but the league definitely did Edmonton a favor by giving them extra day off in Vegas with the late date change. Edmonton top 2 got extra rest away from home. Now that doesn’t explain why the knights had no fight at all, but I think it plays a factor as Edmonton was clearly set. Too bad no one tried to get Kane in a casino on the extra day. Why doesn’t the crowd chant “Pay your marker” for Kane?

    League also did Knights a financial favor as clearly our season ticket holders aren’t buying (or are selling) playoff tickets. Putting the game on Saturday made sure Edmonton fans could come in droves from where ever. sat around a ton of them. Weren’t mean or out of control, but they were arrogant (weird since that haven’t won it all since the 80s) and annoying. Actually find most of the Canadian hockey fans to be annoying at the arena.

    Been pleasantly surprised this season and like this coach. Hoping they can improve 1000% in the next game and win. Dont think Draisaitl and McDavid played at all in the 3rd of game 2 so less milage for game 3. if we don’t keep it close in game 3, we are in big trouble for game 4 as we need to make Edmonton work hard in game 3 at a minimum.

    • THE hockey GOD

      I feel your pain duckboy, it is frustrating indeed.

      I agree with you 1000%. The NHL league always messes with scheduling in playoffs. They did the same thing in red wing-pens finals, putting first two games in Detroit, back to back. It’s a poor excuse of league management

      I said the same thing about no.9 above, ghost man. His wearing of Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull, Johny Buckyk (the chief), Maurice the rocket Richard number is embarrassing. He should change his number. I suggest 725, new vegas area code. Because no one famous , or good, will ever have that number

      • Richie-Rich

        Roy should give Eichel #10 for the $10 million per year he’s getting. Eichel is NOT an elite Forward and is not deserving of his salary. We all know that he is the best C we have, but he’s not worth that price tag. There’s nothing wrong in saying so. FACTS MATTER.

  24. THE hockey GOD



    The Globe & Mail, Canadian National Post, Calgary Herald, Vancouver Sun, Montreal Gazette, Toronto Star, MSN Canada, Edmonton Pioneer Press and Journal, among many other French speaking media outlets; including but not limited to Le Presse, Le Journal de Montréal, are ALL reporting that Edmonton Oiler owner Daryl Katz is officially announcing that the Oilers are changing their nickname. Katz states that in effort to reach a wider expanse of viewers, and trying to downplay the bad image that “Oilers” have in the new WOKE NHL; Gary “pantyhose” Bettman , along with the natives peoples of Canada have asked the franchise change their name. Katz says that the Oilers will change their name to the “Trailer Park Boys; and will forthcoming be known as the Edmonton Trailer Park Boys. And their mascot will be changed to match one of the leading characters whose nickname is “Bubbles”.

    The Canadian based show is very successful in many countries with millions of viewers. The show’s lead trio formerly toured with Our Lady Peace, with whom Bubbles sings his trademark song “Liquor and W()ores”.[38] On January 13, 2017, Trailer Park Boys and Bubbles finally released “Liquor & W()ores” as an EDM track produced by Canadian Multi-Platinum producer, Marc Mysterio on Sony Music.[39][40] The Trailer Park Boys have also appeared in music videos with The Tragically Hip, while Bubbles has appeared with George Canyon and Snow, and they have been presenters at numerous award shows – always in character. Several famous artists appear on the show, such as Alex Lifeson from Rush in “Closer to the Heart,” singer Rita MacNeil in the season four finale “Working Man,” Brian Vollmer from Helix, Sebastian Bach from Skid Row, and the late singer-songwriter Denny Doherty of The Mamas and the Papas in the season seven finale “A S()itriver Runs Through It”.

    The show was a great success for the cable network Showcase, where it was the network’s highest-rated Canadian original series. Internationally it aired in Australia on The Comedy Channel, the United Kingdom and Spain on Paramount Comedy, the Republic of Ireland on 3e, Iceland on SkjárEinn, New Zealand on TV 2, Israel on Xtra Hot, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland on respective local versions of Comedy Central for these three European countries, Denmark on DR2, Portugal on SIC Radical, Finland on Nelonen and Bulgaria on Nova Television. BBC America once aired a censored version of the series in the United States. On February 5, 2009, satellite provider DirecTV began airing the series in the country on its channel The 101 Network uncensored at the rate of two episodes per week. DirecTV aired the entire seven-season run of Trailer Park Boys, plus both specials.[41] All episodes aired on DirecTV are in 16:9 widescreen format (although not in High Definition resolution), as opposed to the standard definition 4:3 aspect DVD releases of the first five seasons. It is also available on Netflix (depending on the country where the service is accessed).[42]

    Katz said the uniforms will be changed from the dark black and bright orange, to a bright purple with yellow trimmings, and green colored skates. The logo will be a trailer park on skates, with a smiley happy face icon in the center.

    Katz also said he’d open the Rogers Centre parking lot up to handle the many expected mobile RVs, and trailer park RVS expected to attend the games.

    Katz is founder and chairman of the Katz Group of Companies, one of Canada’s largest privately owned enterprises, with pharmacy, sports & entertainment, and real estate development businesses. Katz Group owns the Edmonton Oilers, and led the development of Rogers Place and the Ice District.

  25. Rashaad

    Leafs are shit!

  26. Vic

    VGK fans take heart….Jersey hung an 8 spot on the Canes, and the Krax destroyed the Stars with 7 goals, with Oettinger giving up 5 with a .706 save percentage. Two pretty good teams didn’t show up. Must have watched the VGK last night and caught the flu. Come on boys…play your hearts out for a crucial game 3 tomorrow.

    • TS

      Vic, my thoughts as well, as i watched the games last night. I was relieved to see Other good teams screw up like we did.
      Ok, then. We used our MULLIGAN early on, just as we did 1st round. We have 5 more games to MAKE IT RIGHT!! Tonight, we get our PAYBACK!!

  27. TS

    Vic, my thoughts as well, as i watched the games last night. I was relieved to see Other good teams screw up like we did.
    Ok, then. We used our MULLIGAN early on, just as we did 1st round. We have 5 more games to MAKE IT RIGHT!! Tonight, we get our PAYBACK!!

  28. Jailbird

    Yes it’s very simple tonight. If we belong on the ice with these guys, we will show it tonight. I feel pretty calm about game 3. We either come out and f*cking play or we don’t . So boys, you want this thing or not? Show us tonight that our belief in you boys is real!

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