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Recap: The Golden Knights and Edmonton Oilers dropped the puck for Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals. The series got off to a quick start with both teams totaling three goals in the opening 10 minutes of the game. Edmonton took the initial lead on their first power play opportunity, but Vegas came storming back. Less than a minute later, Ivan Barbashev tied the game and minutes later Michael Amadio gave VGK a one-goal edge. With under two minutes to play in the period Mark Stone deflected in a power play goal to give the home team a 3-1 advantage going into the first intermission.

Both teams had multiple chances in the middle frame, but neither could find the back of the net. Six penalties combined were called in the second period but the score remained 3-2 after 40 minutes of action.

The offense picked up again in the final 20 minutes. Edmonton tied the score early on a 3rd period power play, but Vegas regained their two-goal lead with two goals in under a minute. The Oilers got within one midway through the period but Jack Eichel iced the game with a final minute empty-net goal.

The Golden Knights take a 1-0 series lead, defeating the Oilers 6-4 in Game 1. The conference semifinals will continue on Saturday night from T-Mobile Arena. Puck drop for Game 2 is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: An absolute masterclass of a first 40 minutes from the Golden Knights defensively. They started the game giving the Oilers all sorts of issues on the forecheck, then they paylayed that into tremendous entry defense. A few power play goals and a trick shot from Draisaitl had the Oilers tied in the 3rd, but Ivan Barbashev’s perfectly timed goals saved the day. A lot to learn from a wild Game 1 in which VGK walk away with a massive W. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs Edmonton Oilers Game 1 at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Entry defense. When on, VGK dominant, when not, look out.
  • Oilers put blame from Game 1 on their own shoulders.

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** William Karlsson
** Mark Stone
* Ivan Barbashev



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How The Golden Knights Successfully Slowed Down Edmonton’s Zone Entries In Game 1


  1. Rashaad

    They played about as good as they could play, especially in the first 40 minutes and still barely squeaked out a win. This is going to be a long, frustrating series.

    • Pistol Pete

      Draisaitl can be better addressed is one positive way of looking at the situation! I expect the matter to come up in a team meeting before game 2.

  2. Emmanuel


    Looks like Barbashev and Carrier were assigned to reign him in…..
    They should try Smith. 4 goals….holy hell!

  3. Pistol Pete

    Like to think that was a confidence builder setting up a second game win Saturday. Going into this series I figured Vegas has the edge 5 on 5, don’t take unnecessary penalties, play tight 5 on 5 defense and they win the series. Still feel that way. Please please Petro no more unnecessary penalties especially ones after a period ends. Nice to see Barby pick up two and that elite 195 ft. empty netter by Jack who now has 4 G and 3 A in his first six playoff games. Don’t see why Draisiatl can’t be better addressed next game and for the rest of the series. This game showed where there is a will there is a way.

    • Pistol Pete

      Should have mentioned how key the forecheck is to the VGK playing 5 on 5. Forecheck and beat any team.

    • VGK Fan

      You are correct, but to be fair if you watch the replay Petro only makes contact with his shoulder never touches the head Edmonton player grabs his face and does his best Joe Thornton impression.

  4. Herby

    Phooo….was an amazing game. Vegas dominated the Oilers 5 on 5. But they have not been able to stop the double headed monster nor their PP and this is a concern moving forward as Vegas will not score 5 g or more goals every game, but the double headed monster can score 4 or more very game.

    • Pistol Pete

      Draisaitl and the EDM PP in general is addressable. They have been on a run for way too long!

      • PP – I admire your optimism “Draisaitl and the EDM PP in general is addressable.” They can address it all they want but question and doubt that develops a solution.
        Great win strong effort on the part of Vegas – they appeared a little tried during the second but picked it up in third when it mattered. When your competition is over 50% on the PP that speaks volumes. Saturday will be interesting before they head to Rogers Place for Monday’s game. I will be surprised if we see 10 total goals per game going forward.

        • Pistol Pete

          hdbiker my optimism is drawn from how the VGK defended the second PP and admission by Cassidy that an assigment (presumably on Draisaitl) was blown on the first. The third was much tighter with Draisaitl able as it was winding down to win a puck battle around the net. I would say to keep the EDM PP down to its regular season average of whatever it was (low 30%) or even less is achievable. Why not?

  5. DL

    Ken, hate to continue to be critical, but once again not en entirely accurate Recap…check the score going into the first intermission.

  6. Vic

    The 4 goals by Draisaitl mean as much as the 4 by Pavelski last night….zero, zilch, nada. Eichel steals it from McDavid and bullseye. No OT and game one in the bank. Now coach can work on how to slow the big two (even a little) at the same time knowing his team needs 4, 5 or 6 every game. Just the way it is.

    Excellent performance by the VGK with the exception of the penalties and resulting goals. The snipe by Draisaitl at the end of period one was a dagger, but not fatal. Onward.

    • Klay

      Fully agree. Four goals mean nothing with the L..and even more so I’d be livid that I did all that great work and NOBODY? else on my team could help me out? The pk will improve as the series progresses as well imo. Keep up under 40% and I’d take that as a win. Also to address someone saying vgk not gonna score 5 a game….do you know what their average Gs against EDM is this season? Or this playoffs? Look it up lol. No blocking by them means more offense from us. Gonna continue til they start dropping to block like Martinez does.

  7. Frank

    Great game by VGK. Took punches from the oilers and kept coming. 5 on 5 we’re the superior team. Gotta keep off the penalty kill. Good start. One concern; we played a damn good defensive game and they still scored four…. Something to clean up moving forward.

    • Pistol Pete

      Two of them were PP goals. Stay out of the penalty box and defend against the PP when they are on it.

  8. Defense was spectacular….and that was the case even though yielded 4 goals to #29…kept #97 under wraps..for the most part…a nearly impossible feat to fully contain….we need to get Marchy and Smith going and then our top 3 lines will really be producing….oh and someone needs to remind Jack that passes should go to a teammates stick on a more frequent basis…as well as perhaps winning more than a very occassional faceoff.

  9. Mark

    Way, way too top heavy, teams never win with that formula. . I’m worried about Stone though, he’s hurting , but he’s still producing, if we can, he needs to sit a game here and their, we got guys that can fill in. I don’t want to lose him permanently. Our defense is like a pack of wolves, we have tremendous defensive players, thieves on the ice, pickpockets. They would swarm McDavid, I was at the game. Martinez is as game as they come. The Oilers haven’t lost in regulation since March 3rd, think about that !!

    • TS

      Mark, great post! I also noticed Stone wincing, pretty stiff out there. HE is such a huge presence, would cry if he got hurt again. Your description of the Vgk defense is so appropriate– like a pack of wolves!!

      • Mark

        Their was a play just before the empty netter where McDavid was making a rush at the goal, their where 4 Golden Knights that just collapsed on him, stole the puck and we’re headed the other way, it was beautiful to see, Cassidy has a way of teaching defense that is awesome to see.

        • TS

          Yes, sir!! Stifle those Oilers!

        • Klay

          It’d be a huge loss to hockey in general to lose stones emphatic celebrations. Can’t help but smile and scream with him sometimes.

  10. Satan

    This is Satan.

    When Satan saw the footage from practice, when Mark Stine left early and was walking in pain, Satan started to cry.

    Satan has spoken.

    • knights fan in minny

      man up boy there is no crying in hockey

    • TS

      Satan, I was at the practice. Stone left the ice after maybe 30 minutes…I figured he had tweaked his back. And he looked hurt in the game– stiff, even slower than normal…
      Is he going to rest Saturday, i wonder?

  11. Bobby

    My thoughts exactly, well stated! Cassidy is just what VGK needed….

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Bobby, and when VGK goes into a slump, wagon jumper PP will start trashing the FO. There’s a lot of hate in PP post, and no one calls it out. This is no time to be hating on other NHL teams or their fans. A terrible hockey vibe. VGK
      fans are self indulgent fools. Look at how they dress up like idiots. TsN folks were laughing like crazy when the male/female Elvi were falling out of their clothes. Like Jerry Feinfeld wearing that man purse and his super saying “Jerry, walks around, look at me, look at me, I am a pretty boy”. Grow up people.

      • Ice Warrior

        After having lived in Boston for 5 years, I definitely agree on your assessment of their fans. Their only rivals are the ones from Philly.

      • TS

        Thg, so, your thinking is: be nice talking about OTHER fans, but you trash our OWN? I don’t get it.

        • THE hockey GOD

          TS some people here don’t get much of what is posted on the internet (look in the mirror). Furthermore trash talking other fans on this forum is not acceptable behavior. Trash talking our own lame fans is Ok. Because everyone in NHL knows how lame VGK fans are. Look at how they dress, look at all the drum pounding, and silly pre game show. It’s not hockey, and it borderlines on entertainment. IT’s a joke. Every fan back east knows how lame the fans are here. It’s a fact JACK, and you can take it to the bank

          enuf said
          call ed

  12. Jake

    Three keys:

    Vegas power play goals!

    Eichel steals the puck from #97 and makes a long goal. No last second magic!

    Oilers looked frustrated!

  13. TS

    Pp, you’ve got some FIRE in that post! Usually, you’re the most diplomatic, polite guy…GLOVES ARE OFF!! Give Boston HELL— They deserve it!!

  14. Jailbird

    Lots of great comments, for a change. We dodged two big mistakes. LB not sealing the side of net on that goal at end of first. Then Petro stupid penalty at end of second. I said earlier to strap in , as this will be an exciting and rollercoaster series. Way to go boys!

    • THE hockey GOD

      shades of RL , when puck went off his head, no .7 did not have a great game. Needs to be smarter and fast with puck/passing. Overall VGK had trouble at points in game getting puck out of their own zone.

      “livin’ on a prayer”

  15. THE hockey GOD

    i warned you all about Leon, and McDavid . I have never seen a player go through defenses like this, except for Bobby Orr. And I have seen all the great ones.

    The tSN announcers from Edmonton call him the German Gretzky! Let them expend their energy, by game four they will have run out of gas. Hopefully VGK have some left in tank for game 2. Game 2 is critical, it’s going to be a barn burner. The barn was rocking for once last night !!

    “He was born a pauper to a pawn on a Christmas Day
    When the New York Times said, “God is dead
    And the war’s begun”
    Oh, Alvin Tostig has a son today
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    He shall be Leon”
    -bernie Taupin, revised.

  16. THE hockey GOD

    “The tSN announcers from Edmonton call him the German Gretzky!” — Leon that is, not mcdavid

  17. Craig

    Great game thru 2 and way to hang on.. But you gotta get rid of the Bud Light Lounge…

  18. THE hockey GOD

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  19. Tim

    No one has mentioned the obvious Edmonton’s goalie can’t beat us. He’s had a good year but he is a rookie and were in his head after that game. Kudos to our defense they made them work for every inch of ice.

    • THE hockey GOD

      no one mentioned it, because no one wanted to jinx the team

      why bring it up ? it was pretty damn obvious (not to say the one off our goalie wasn’t)


  20. VGK Fan

    In need of clarification of penalty rules.

    With 10 minutes left in the second period Eichel is cross checked and draws a penalty he then is called for tripping Kane one or two seconds later and a penalty is called on him. I was under the impression once Kane touches the puck the play is dead and there is no penalty for tripping. I always thought that was why teams pulled there goalie when a penalty is drawn because they blow the play dead when the defense touches the puck. What am I missing here?

    • THE hockey GOD

      VGK FAN
      ‘NURSE cross checked the day lights out of stone on PP, bam bam bam, kept hitting him in back

      refs made two ticky tac interference calls, and ignored oilers cross checking all nite

    • Mackenzie Gans

      Very good point VGKFan, that sequence of events didn’t make sense.

  21. Tim

    Think about this back to Stewart Skinner the man with the weight of Canada on his shoulders. Canadians want an all Canada final with Toronto and Edmonton and they want it bad if there wasn’t enough pressure on this kid I think he’ll fold like a cheap suit. I think Brossoit goes Saturday and if we win I can see Quick going Monday for one last chance at glory.

    • THE hockey GOD

      />>>>>????? Quick isn’t even backing up, Hill is.

      Get some nodoz when you watch the games.

      • Tim

        You are just such an asshole but that’s the way a sick fuck like you likes it. We all have an opinion and mine is Quick plays over Hill if we win game two. Hill hasn’t played in a while and Quick has two Stanley Cups and I believe he’s chomping at the bit for one last chance.

        • THE hockey GOD

          you are whiney little lib tard that can’t handle the truth when you are called out

          such a whiny cry baby, waa waa waah. Cry baby.

          there is no way in hell Quick starts.

          Most unsophisticated fan base in NHL, Ian said it , not me.

  22. Jailbird

    I have to disagree. I think Quick is done, unless an injury. Hill HAS been backup in POs so far and I think he would be next up. But, I think Cassidy will stick with LB as long as we are winning.

    • Tim

      Jailbird I’ve just got a gut feeling which may or may not happen but I like the script the way he parted ways in LA comes to Vegas and helps us win a Stanley Cup. You can’t make this shit up. I know it’s a long shot but sometimes you have to think outside the box. Our version of the movie Hoosiers.

      • THE hockey GOD

        “I just gut feeling”

        maybe it’s time for Colonoscopy, or lobotomy as the case may be?

        This thread nominated for the dumbest comment of day on the internet.

  23. Jailbird

    Respect that Tim. You never know what could happen in the playoffs. I would love to see a great ending for him. Just not sure he’ll get his chance?

  24. Pete

    Can we talk about Petro being an idiot there? How dumb was that elbow? Then to bitch about it to Linda in the intermission. Come on dude!

    • Rashaad

      Pietrangelo will not make those same mistakes again. The elbow angered me because of that ridiculously potent Oilers power play.

  25. Satan

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    Satan respectfully disagrees with Tim as well as he believes Jonathan Quick is just not very good. However, who knows? Goaltending is so unpredictable at times. Maybe Jonathan Quick has a couple of great games left in him. I do not believe he will get a sniff of action though. Satan would like to see Adin Hill get in a game eventually,

    Satan has spoken.

    • THE hockey GOD

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    • TS

      Satan, well spoken! For a HOT GUY, you seem amazingly diplomatic and respectful! I, for one, appreciate your attitude…CARRY ON!

      • Satan

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      • THE hockey GOD

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        • TS

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          • THE hockey GOD

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          • THE hockey GOD

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      • TS

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        • THE hockey GOD

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          “anyone “good with someone who identifies with SATAN” is likely sick in head, and probably an evil witch.”

          Learn to read english !!

          So in reply , you acknowledge you are a minion of satan and an evil old witch ? So be it.

        • THE hockey GOD

          comment is generic, praying for evil old witch, if I was calling you out it would say pray for TS’s redemption, who is an evil old witch.

          learn to read english, ex so called teacher.

  27. knights fan in minny

    great win great game by the boys sweet little tip in goal by barby sweet play by wild bill on the ammadio goal buckle up folks this is going to be a racehorse series you need to be on your toes every second when your on the ice vegas is not getting much love from the national media which is bullshit

    • THE hockey GOD

      “vegas is not getting much love from the national media which is bullshit”

      national media is fake news, made up of liberal arts “students” educated by
      our failed “public education system”. Most of them couldn’t pass a math, chemistry, or science class. They are the dredges of society, the scum , the low brow. Like that satan/ts alex/jose/obvious/knight fan in minnie creepy psycho nut job poster here on this forum. And they are all democrats too , with few exceptions. SAys all you need to know.

      • Karl

        I guess Republican Fox News is real and not fake news. You dummy. Uh Oh. I disagree with you. That must mean I am another one of the personalities you speak about.

        Also, what you said about abortion a few days ago was disgusting. How dare you tell women what to do with their bodies you loser. Maybe one day you might actually get to touch a woman if you show them some respect and kindness..
        I didn’t respond to you initially when you posted that shit because you’re an idiot and I didn’t want to hear a response. I wish that that Satan guy did not respond to you, even though he was just telling you to be nice to people.

        • THE hockey GOD

          Karl, I am not a big fan of FOX NEWS, I don’t keep tabs on them and don’t watch them. What news about FOX NEWS I gather from other sites who report on them.

          Know this though. They have done conservatives and GOP no favors. Sean Hannity literally cost the GOP the state of Georgia in 2020 when he endorsed Doug Collins to run for Senate , when he had no chance, due to the rules in Georgia rules. If they didn’t have that 50% rule in election, the GOP incumbent would have won and there would have been no run off. And the GOP would have retained control of the SENATE. FOX NEWS fired Tucker, and FOX NEWS refused to take DOMINION to the task in their lawsuit to prove that DOMINION machine/ Dominion employees had issues during the election. They could have but they didn’t. Furthermore after mishandling of Tucker Carlson FOX NEWS ratings have crashed. Murdoch and FOX news is a RINO network. FOX news called AZ in 2020 well early, when polls were still open suppressing the vote. They do nothing for conservatives.

          Satan is a sick and twisted individual with a long history of trolling people on this site. He is not kind, he makes a mockery of this forum.

          As far as abortion is concerned. Your post above is DISGUSTING and completely ignores the millions of WOMEN (and MEN, and STRAIGHT MARRIED COUPLES) who value life, who choose life, who value the innocent babies, who have family values, and find killing innocent babies abhorrent. Funny thing, when a pregnant women is murdered the law calls is a double homicide when the baby is killed. When a women miscarries they call it “losing a baby”. There are many more examples. Even the Latin definition of FETUS (a latin word) defines is as giving life. And it is a FACT that women who abort their babies have psychological problems in dealing with it. That is well established. And just because you are so brain washed to think otherwise, and so misinformed to know otherwise; is more of a reflection of YOUR ignorance than anything else. The evil liberals are left are desperately trying to marginalize all this, and normalize it. They will only happen if the blind and stupid people fall victim to their lies. Satan never sleeps in this regard.

          Birth control begins in the bed room, not on surgical table or with a kill pill.

          Satan guy is evil, anyone identify with SATAN is evil, anyone sticking up for satan is evil. Get a clue. Satan is not kind, Satan knows the history on this site, and I responded to his disingenuous spin attempt above. Don’t fall victim to Satan’s hypocrisy and lies.

        • THE hockey GOD

          “How dare you tell women what to do with their bodies you loser. Maybe one day you might actually get to touch a woman if you show them some respect and kindness..”

          I have worked with, and counseled, many women AFTER they have had an abortion. A few have said they wished they they didn’t do it if “they’d known what is was like (mentally)”

          So take your presumptuous ignorant statement and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  28. knights fan in minny

    so karl guessing your a democrap what do you think about your idol joe blunder not wanting anything to do with his granddaughter little navy joe is sure a piece of shit

    • Karl

      Kfim, i’m not a Democrat. Far from it. I think American politics are embarrassing, to be quite honest. It’s too divisive. I would say that my thought process and values are closer to conservative / republican. But old Republican, not the joke that that party is now. Does it really fucking matter anyways? We still have to go to work and make a living no matter if the president is a geriatric sleepy Joe Biden, or a horrible parasite in Donald Trump. These politicians don’t give a fuck about you.

      If I would’ve answered to you, that I was a Democrat, you would instantly dislike me, even though you don’t even know me. That’s part of the real joke and problem and why the country is so divisive.

      I’m not even going to ask you what your political affiliation is because I couldn’t care less. I think it’s obvious but again I don’t care, and I respect you as a human being, regardless.

      • TS

        Karl, I appreciate your post. We are on this site for ONE reason: our love for sports, hockey and our team. We’re NOT here to attack others over hated POLITICAL BS. Yet it goes on every day. So many have tried to end this, but FREE SPEECH Is the default response.
        All the politics has done is piss a LOT of people off, me included.

        • THE hockey GOD

          TS hockey is politics, you never go to rainbow , sodomite game days ?

          GET A CLUE. The only people who can’t handle the posts here want to silence people who don’t agree with their own sick and twisted views. Your attempt at censorship is repeatedly rebuked. That is the only reason for you a making bull shit post like you did above.

          • TS

            Honey, yet YOU are the guy who is doing precisely THAT!! You attack anyone who posts anything you disagree with!!
            AND BTW: I have my OWN political and cultural views and opinions. I choose to keep them to myself, rather than shove them down other hockey fans’ throats on SINBIN. I am more insightful and MATURE than that.
            What’s YOUR problem?? No INSIGHT or MATURITY??

          • THE hockey GOD

            Honey, yet YOU are the guy who is doing precisely THAT!! You attack anyone who posts anything you disagree with!!

            Once again, putting words in my posts that are not there. I do not attack “anyone who posts” I post in respond in reply to their posts, when they respond to my posts.

            Learn to read English, most ignorant people post on the internet. No wonder Biden got into White House, there are a lot of stupid people in America who can’t read plain English.

      • THE hockey GOD

        Obama started the decisiveness. Although Trump says a lot of bombastic things, he was not out for himself. He didn’t take a salary, he actually has donated millions of his own money (something obama and dems do not do ) to those in need after disasters. Like that tornado in Tennessee, the flood victims in florida, and many many many others. The reason you think the way you do about Trump is because of FAKE NEWS, they don’t report on any of this humanitarian gestures by Trump, and other GOP reps as well. Because they HATE YOU, they HATE it.
        I have little respect for people who believe everything the media reports. The media is controlled by the DEMOCRATS, they are a propaganda arm of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Much like the Nazi’s controlled the news in 1930s. America is 1930s Germany all over again. The neo FASCIST Democrat party controls everything. Note how BIDEN and DEMS get EVERYTHING they want.

        They are following alynsky’s play book

        — Capture one or both political parties of the United States.

        — Get control of schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism, communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Control teachers’ associations.

        — Use student riots to foment public protest against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

        — Infiltrate the press. Get control of book review assignments, editorial writing and policy-making positions.

        — Gain control of key positions in radio, TV and motion pictures. (The network news stations along with Hollywood are nothing less than the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party).

        — Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, movies, radio and TV.

        — Present homosexuality, gender bending, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural and healthy.”

        — Discredit the American Constitution, call it inadequate, old fashioned, out of step with modern needs.

        — Discredit America’s Founding Fathers.

        — Transfer some of the powers of arrest from police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand or treat. Defund the police.

        — Create the impression that violence, insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition. Students and special-interest groups should rise up and use united force to solve economic, political or social problems.

        get it yet, get your head out of the sand, man

        • TS

          Thg. Oh my God. Obama??? Next you’ll blame JFK for all the infidelity in the world! Blame the Founding Fathers for a defective CONSTITUTION!! Blame ALL HUMANITY FOR THEIR SINS, JUST NOT REPUGNANTS, CAUSE THOSE FOLKS ARE PERFECT!! Just HOW LONG have you had your “GOD- COMPLEX”??

          • TS

            Btw, I would GLADLY defend you, if there was something to defend, but YOUR NASTY POSTS ARE SIMPLY INDEFENSIBLE!!

          • THE hockey GOD

            yes OBAMA
            anyone with a brain, seeing OBAMA’s actions and his words
            clearly know that OBAMA was one of the most decisive people in the WHITE HOUSE.

            Boy your posts clearly show you have been brain washed.

            Obama divided america with-

            attacking police
            creating class warfare
            destroying our once highly qualified health care system
            putting men in women’s bathroom/sports
            gender bender
            set race relations back 40 years
            fostered race baiting

            From AP , and published in Denver Post, Jan 16 2017

            WASHINGTON (AP) — More Americans feel Barack Obama’s presidency divided the country than feel it brought people together, a new poll shows.

            Eight years after Obama’s historic election, just 27 percent see the U.S. as more united as a result of his presidency, according to an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll conducted after the 2016 election. Far more — 44 percent — say it’s more divided.

            “It’s one of the few regrets of my presidency — that the rancor and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better,” Obama said last January in his final State of the Union address.

            Just 43 percent of African-Americans say Obama made things better for black people, while roughly half say they see no difference. Six percent say Obama has made things worse.

            So once again your ignorance is exposed, why don’t you do some research before you post garbage on the internet ??

        • TS

          Thg, you are describing the very things that THE REPUB PARTY has done!! You’re once again PROJECTING!! Every point you made is precisely what your OWN party has done!! Are you REALLY that mixed up?? DO you have DYSLEXIA of the BRAIN??

  29. TS

    Ok, thg. Why don’t YOU do some REAL research b4 you attack the ” others” as being the “EVIL ILK”?? DO you know me? Nope. Do you have a spock mind- meld with others, that you seem to know what’s inside their heads?? Nope. Yet you RANT AND RAVE about the ” OTHERS”, as if you know EXACTLY how they think! So, just WHAT RESEARCH DID YOU USE TO HONE YOUR MIND- MELD SKILLS??? HMMMMMMMM CURIOUS……

    • THE hockey GOD

      your posts say it all

      you stick up for Satan
      you stick up for baby killers
      you stick up for gender bending , sodomites, sick/twisted persion
      you stick up for sexual abuse of our children being exposed to gender benders in our public education system
      you stick up for the biden train wreck that brings high inflation, proxy war with Putin high taxes, out of control spending, coyotes smuggling illegal aliens across our borders , who rape women and children, and kill them in the process.

      I speak out against all these things, and you say nothing.

      You certainly don’t say anything against all of this, except “i don’t want to hear about politics”. Yet you say nothing about the identity politics at play every day in NHL.

      By saying , and doing, nothing, you are complicit in all these evils.

      Your words speaking volumes, and leads to only one conclusion. The path is clear.
      Repent and redemption. See the light.

      I reported a clear article from AP. And you go all Karen, that says enough for all to see. You call me out for Obama decisiveness with no knowledge whatsoever. I posted an article from AP – which bTW is a left leaning organization.

      Once again you are rebuked. Repent and seek redemption, the path is still yet open to you.

      We are clearly at different levels of enlightenment, you wallow in the pits of satan and his demons. You need to do a lot better if you are ever to see the light. Your hypocrisy, spin, and disingenuous posts have been exposed. Just like satan’s have been above.

      • TS

        Lord, give me strength to resist the Pull of the Rabbit Hole.

    • THE hockey GOD

      my replay was to Karl, it says in first line KARL

      so mind your mindset, rude busy body butting into other people’s business.

      Only a minion and follower of Satan would behave this way. Are you ready to repent your evil ways ?

      Redemption and salvation awaits you. See the light. Do not follow Satan, he is evil.

    • TS

      -Book banning= book burning=:Nazi Germany= local city councils/ government banning books .
      -Trump: the Enemy is the press= Hitler=Nazi Germany=THE RABBIT HOLE
      -Jews= the ” Others”=Nazi Germany= LBGQ/ ” OTHERS”=The Right’s condemnation of the ” Others”( code for different from Them)
      -Abortion bans=control over WOMEN and their OWN bodies=loss of freedom for WOMEN, when it is MEN who IMPREGNATE THE WOMEN
      -Elections can’t be trusted= elections are fraudulent= control election results by restricting /preventing voters from voting= Nazi Germany/authoritarian countries= the RIGHTS election Strategy

      Who’ trying to control Americans’ lives????

      • TS

        I’ve studied Germany and my family’ history there, and what I see are STARTLING similarities between Nazi Germany and the trends in America today. Cases in point: Hov Desantis and Florida.countless states restricting voter rights, women’s rights, LBGQ rights, human rights. Trump poisoned the Party and our nation’s integrity and reputation. He loved and envied Dictators. Attacked FBI and many FED Agencies, damaging our global standing.And we are all paying the price.

        • TS

          White Supremists creed: ” YOU WILL NOT REPLACE US”!! THAT is their call for elimination of the ” Others” that they fear so much. That is classic NAZI playbook intimidation. The White Supremist Movement in America is alive and very dangerous, and I guarantee that these White Men are NOT PAYRIOTS. Trump used these groups to attack the Capitol. Remember ” Stand back and stand by”?? The rise of these groups, along with trump’s rise politically, is NOT a coincidence.
          Consider all the small MILITIAS across America…they claim to be legit according to the Constitution, but in reality they have become the OPPOSITION to our government. They train for their WAR against our OWN government. That’s the Incitement to insurrection these traitors are being convicted of. Are these traitors ?? We all know the answer…TRUMP KNOWS WHAT HE STARTED. CHAOS AND HATE IN AMERICA UNLIKE ANY OTHER TIME.

          • THE hockey GOD

            as usual you are full of shit

            like all the other left wing brain washed turds.

            The real insurrection was on NOV 3rd, 2020 and days afterwards when the dems, knowing they were behind by millions of votes; cheated massively. In 2020 there were 133 million registered voters in AMerica. Trump got 71 million votes, there is no way Biden got 80 million legit ballots. A simple , so called, ex school teacher like yourself can do that simple math. Can’t you ?

            The DEM party is party of Fascists, BLM,
            Antifa, student protestors, Etc. Get your facts straight before you post bull shit on internet.

            Oh yeah, hypocrite ! Your post is not about hockey. Another ranting post by a karen , hater of all things AMerican.

  30. THE hockey GOD

    TS lives in fantasy land completely ignoring
    – massive inflation
    – spat of big bank failures
    – high energy costs
    – non affordable housing
    – indoctrination of children in public education into sick/twisted world
    of gender bending, and liberalism
    – massive invasion of southern border
    – high crime
    – high homelessness

    and instead posts a bunch of unsubstantiated garbage.

    Not only are the ilk, that TS , supports living in fantasy land, so is their leader Herr Biden.

    “As President Biden prepares to meet next week with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other congressional leaders to discuss raising the debt limit, The Washington Post’s Jeff Stein reports that the White House has been surprised that business groups and budget hawks that it thought would be in its corner in this fight are instead siding with Republicans.”

    perverts, first amendment censors, and anti constitutional , anti american scumbags
    are losers. You have nothing by karen like ranting lies that are laughable at face value. Can’t even address all the issues raised earlier, instead spin out, twist and spin, smoke and mirrors.

    • TS

      THG, I simply choose NOT to address your utter nonsense directly . There is NO RESPONSE to INSANITY, DUDE!! The ONLY thing I can hope for, is that your pastor/ priest/ reverend is aware of your issues and gets you the help you so desperately need. Your church is there for you, dude. Reach out– seek a new path of acceptance and just be NICE, NOT NASTY. No matter your age, it’s never too late to REPENT. God would want it that way!

    • TS

      Is Herr Biden anything like Dictator Desantis??? Or maybe like Authoritarian Trump?? Please. Be HONEST.

    • TS

      Btw: I can count just fine. And so can ALLLLLL those voting machines across the country. Machines don’t lie OR cheat. And they counted MORE votes for Biden. Jeez, dude, 2 1/2 years later, and you’re STILL crying FOUL??? Get over it, Whining REPUGNANT!! NO AMOUNT OF WHINING AND FALSE PROTESTATIONS WILL CHANGE THE ELECTION RESULTS. TRUMP LOST. PERIOD. THE CORRUPT POTUS WAS DEFEATED. AMERICA HAS SPOKEN!!!

    • TS

      Do you actually know what ANTIFA is, dude? It is ANTI- FASCIST. Yet, you claim the Dems are ANTIFA AND FASCIST. So, WHICH ONE IS IT, DUDE? YOU CAN’T HAVE YOUR INSANE RANTS BOTH WAYS!! Forked tongue, by chance??

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