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Recap: The Golden Knights were back home to face the Edmonton Oilers for a second straight game. Jonathan Marchessault quickly gave Vegas a 1-0 lead 1:12 into the opening 20 minutes. Edmonton responded 37 seconds later. Towards the back end of the period, the scoring picked up. The Oilers took a 2-1 advantage but William Karlsson evened the score with a shorthanded goal. However, Edmonton regained the lead on the same man advantage. 

Trailing 3-2, Vegas got right to work in the 2nd period. Michael Amadio added his 13th of the season to tie the game but minutes later Edmonton’s office took control. The Oilers scored three unanswered goals to take a 6-3 advantage into the second intermission.

Edmonton took a commanding 7-3 lead early into the final frame. Marchessault registered his second goal of the game to get within three but the local team couldn’t get any closer.

The Golden Knights’ record drops to 46-22-6 losing to the Oilers 7-4. Vegas will try and bounce back on Thursday night against the Sharks. Puck drop from San Jose is scheduled for 7:30 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: It was a game played at a very high pace and the Golden Knights just couldn’t keep up with Edmonton. VGK wasn’t bad at all when they had the puck on the attack, they just couldn’t find their gaps when EDM had it and it led to all sorts of issues. Couple that with Edmonton’s power play being unreal and Quick having his worst night as a Golden Knight and it was a bit ugly. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Edmonton Oilers at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Goalie Interference

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Alex Pietrangelo
** Jonathan Marchessault
* Ivan Barbashev



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  1. Richie-Rich

    Edmonton 3/3 on the power play. VGK 0 fer…..

    Was Quick the right choice for this evening? In hindsight, no!

    Not much to say about this game.
    Moving on….
    We play the worst team in the NHL next and that has to be a MUST WIN.

  2. Bobby

    My FuboTV didn’t have the game, that ESPN plus crap. Back on AT&T Sportsnet on Thursday. Didn’t miss anything.

  3. Pistol Pete

    Good luck everybody breaking the points record (109) and wins (51) which will require winning six of the remaining eight this season and win a Cup some one of these years. Good luck in the playoffs this season!

    • Richie-Rich

      Since the break VGK has received a beat down only 2 times, Colorado 7-2 about a month ago and EDM 7-4 last night. I can’t say much about the game because unless you had ESPN+ you didn’t see it. Sometimes I can see the games on NHL66 but they’ve locked that down geographically now as well. If you do use NHL66 you now have to VPN and spoof your location to the United Kingdom. That works on just about all other games being played each night except for ESPN+ carried ones.

      I actually had the VGK losing in EDM and winning at home. That prediction was based on EDM coming off of a back-to-back. But, from what I heard it was EDM who had more pep in their step last night.

      Of major concern is the health of Shea Theodore who was listed DTD.

      This team is going to either rise to the challenge or fall back into third place in the Pacific. I simply don’t see CGY making up enough ground in the remaining games, but I don’t think they are mathematically eliminated from 3rd place at this point.

      The VGK still has another back-to-back scenario @MIN then @NSH. MIN is rolling. Every team in the hunt is in playoff mode and has been for several weeks.

      As a critical fan, everyone on Sin-Bin knows that I am a realist. As a season ticket holder, I am an idealist and cheer for VGK. With that said, this Season Ticket Holder is hopeful that we can get to the Cup Final and win it. As a Critical Fan, I don’t see us getting past either COL or EDM in a series.

      Prove me wrong Knights!

  4. TS

    All I have to say is I’m glad I didn’t get the game tonight…

  5. Jose

    That sucked! I’m just gonna throw that one away and out of my mind.

  6. THE hockey GOD

    That was a BATMAN game

    commissioner GORDON ” light the bat signal, give me the bat phone”


    quick called for tripping going after the puck


    oilers going for the NHL SEASON RECORD for power play goals
    passing the likes of 77 Habs, great 80s islander teams


    Theodore going out, last time he was out for any period of time
    the team sucked rocks


    couldn’t clinch a playoff spot


    not looking good for the mudville nine now.

    Hopefully no. 27 is back soon (although his play in last two games
    quite frankly was a bit lacking- maybe he was nursing a lingering injury)

  7. Jailbird

    Threw my radio across the room when it became 6-3 ! start LB thur and hope LT is coming back soon. Hope Theo isn’t hurt bad? Kings lost also, so still in first, but Oilers now just 3 back. Gonna be fun!

  8. bobo

    Wonder where those folks are who said Edmonton is horrible in their own end and they’re a good match against us during the playoffs.
    Never underestimate an opponent, especially with Draisatl and McDavid on the other end. And they made some good changes over the past year.
    Vegas can do it, but it’s going to be a tough out.

    • Richie-Rich

      A bit of a reality check. EDM went 100% on 3 power plays and two of those calls were questionable. EDM isn’t horrible in their own end, but on average they are not going to beat the top teams. I think they are ranked at about 11 in the NHL overall. The VGK is much better in their own end 5on5 than EDM.

      Never underestimate any NHL team, but especially any of those that are in the top 16. If the VGK can stay out of the box and put Thompson and Hill in net they are the better team. If they keep on getting penalties (deserved or not) and are forced to play Quick and Brossoit they’ll be one and done.

      The nightmare situation for VGK is if they slip to 3rd place in the Pacific. They need healthy goaltenders and play crime free hockey.

      I haven’t given much thought to EDM, other than what you hear on the radio or in the news, which is that this is one line team (top 3 and bottom 9). I have to dig deeper into the stats, but I believe that VGK’s roster is better suited to a long playoff run than EDM. The playoffs are brutal. Can McDavid and Draisatl continue to play the same or more (TOI) as they have all season long against the top 8 teams in the Conference? When you look at the VGK, it isn’t an Eichel/Marchy or Eichel/Smith team. When you look at EDM the first thing that comes to mind is that this team cannot be top 8 without McDavid and Draisatl. I give the EDM coach a lot of credit for the success of making a run for the playoffs with such an unbalanced roster. Good Head Coach. The Golden Knights have been blessed with three great Head Coaches. I hope the merry go round has finally come to an end as far as that goes.

      I’m not trying to bash EDM. I am just laying it out as I see it. Can the VGK get past EDM in a playoff series? That all depends on the points I made above.

      • Jose

        Richie Rich, You are 100% correct that Edmonton is ranked 11th worst in goals against, but they are actually the very worst in terms of teams that are in a playoff position.

        The 10 teams that are ranked worst than Edmonton in goals against are Montreal, Columbus, St. Louis, San Jose, Florida, Anaheim, Vancouver, Buffalo, Chicago and
        Arizona are not in a playoff position.

        So if the playoffs started tomorrow, of the 16 playoff teams, Edmonton would rank dead last in goals against. They are where they are in the standings right now, because they rank first in goals for and try to outscore all of their mistakes. Nobody here disputed whether they could score or not.

        Comments were made on how they were not very good in goal prevention. I’d still like someone who disputes that to provide me some factual evidence that would prove me wrong or have me change my mind.

        Can Edmonton beat Vegas in a playoff series. Of course they can. Anybody can beat any team in this league. If we all knew exactly who is going to win, we would all make large bets at the sports books and we would all be rich.

      • bobo

        all good points, but since the trade deadline the Oilers have lost once, and won 11 times (Vegas had a very close 10 win 3 loss record – not counting OTW/L for either team). Edmonton’s been +21 in goal differential and Vegas +11.
        We had a rocking start to the year and Edmonton didn’t get going until recently, so it’s closer than we might like to think.

  9. Jose

    You are wondering where those people are who said Edmonton is horrible in their own end. They are right here. It was Pistol Pete and myself, and we actually have already commented on yesterday’s game just above your comment here. We didn’t go anywhere.

    Why would we go anywhere. Edmonton has allowed the 11th most goals in the league and the 10 teams that have allowed more are non-playoff teams. So if the playoffs were to start tomorrow, Edmonton would have the worst goals against average of all the teams that qualified for the playoffs. Are you in dispute of that? It is factually, correct, as you could check for yourself on any sports website on the Internet.

    VGK played very badly yesterday. They still scored four goals on Edmonton because the Oilers are so bad defensively and they barely created much offense.

    Seriously, Bobo are you telling me that the Oilers are not bad at goal prevention?

    I’m not looking forward to playing the Oilers in the first round because of the two superstars. I’m also not looking forward to playing the Kings either. I would like them to claim top spot in the division and take their chances against the wildcard team. But there is nothing in Yesterdays game that has changed my mind in regards to Edmonton being very bad at goal prevention. Again Bobo, are you disputing that?

  10. LVsc

    the Vgk PP and the Vgk PK are both terrible. and THAT is one of the most concerning things going into the final stretch and playoffs, along with the injuries of course. The Vgk PK forwards do not block passes thru the seams, they do not block shots from the point, and their passive lack of effort is helpful to the opponent, not the Knights.

    also, the game went south when Roy overskated the puck and gave Hopkins a free goal, and when Quick gave up that horrible goal to Nurse from the side angle. and of course the pathetic un-special teams play by the Vgk.

    even #81 Marchy criticized the team’s lack of effort in the last half of the game.

    is it an outlier, or was Saturday an outlier? since Edm got 7 out of 8 pts vs Vgk it does not look good for a playoff meeting. the goaltending has to be extra topnotch vs Edm, and the PK has to be extra good, not soft, passive and crappy like it was last night.

    yes, they have played very well since the all star break before last night, but they were winning by rope a dope defensive play, bend but don’t break, but against Edm that style won’t work very often because they have the offensive firepower to overwhelm it.

    • THE hockey GOD

      they were also somewhat lethargic in morning practice, maybe the long season
      is taxing on them

      which was sort of a tell for this game

  11. knights fan in minny

    pure ugly not much good in this one the stick save by quick as pretty sweet the shorty by wild bill was nice otherwise it was a crap show move on

  12. Frank

    Out played and out worked. Plain and simple. Throw in ill timed penalties and questionable goaltending and we got what we deserved. Still put up 4 on Edmonton tho. My concern is the PK. They play way too passive and far off the puck. Look at other teams PK against us – it’s all pressure forcing us into making poor puck decisions. We need to be more aggressive on the PK. IMHO that is on the coaching.

    • LVsc

      “My concern is the PK. They play way too passive and far off the puck. Look at other teams PK against us – it’s all pressure forcing us into making poor puck decisions. We need to be more aggressive on the PK. IMHO that is on the coaching.”


      exactly right. the Vgk PK forwards are nothing but mannequins, or statues for the opponent PP to crap on.

  13. Before throwing in the towel like all is lost despite the beating they took last night they remain in first. Now being a realist that probably sounds funny coming from me however they can and do win when team “A” shows up. Obviously not necessarily the players but the players attitude. They are missing Smith which is a huge loss on pk and of course their pp leav s plenty to be desired. You can’t give up three pp goals and expect to win especially when you can’t score on the man advantage. Hopefully Thursday night will be a better showing. A point to keep in mind any team can win anytime you can’t underestimate any opponent in this league.

  14. Vgk fan

    Very disappointed as a season ticket holder to see so much orange in the stands.
    That game was exciting for the first period but the penalty kill and power play were awful. The only silver lining is the refs tend to put the whistles away in the playoffs, on to San Jose.

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