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Recap: The Golden Knights were trying to snap their two-game losing streak by hosting the Detroit Red Wings. Detroit got off to a quick start scoring on a tipped pass that VGK goalie Adin Hill couldn’t get to in time. Late in the period, Alex Pietrangelo evened the score at 1-1.

Detroit regained their one-goal lead early in the middle frame after Nic Hague committed a tripping penalty. Midway through the 2nd period the Red Wings extended their lead to 3-1, frustrating fans at T-Mobile Arena.

Vegas attempted a comeback in the final period, but their offense continued to struggle. Detroit blocked several shots in key moments to suffocate VGK down the stretch. William Karlsson made it a one-goal score with 0:47 left in but Vegas couldn’t find the game-tying goal. On the road, the Red Wings handed the heavy-favorited Golden Knights their third straight loss.

The Golden Knights’ record drops to 28-16-2 losing to the Red Wings 3-2. Vegas will next hit the ice on Saturday evening against the Washington Capitals. Puck drop is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Different game but similar story. Inability to score first followed by a lack of forechecking pressure, and an unwillingness to get to ice in front of the goal. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Detroit Red Wings at T-Mobile Arena.

  • VGK power rankings update

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Alex Pietrangelo
** Paul Cotter
* William Karlsson


The Anatomy Of Cassidy’s Continued Line Shuffling Amidst Injuries


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  1. TS

    CURSES!#!#!#! ( is it Groundhog Day??)

  2. Emmanuel

    Theyre losing close games so the teams not a total mess. It might be time for a trade?

  3. Knights fan in minnie

    This is more embarrassing than the license plate on my triple wide with the expired tags

  4. THE hockey GOD

    “Sticky Ice”

    When I got home I watched re broadcast of the game on the Red Wings, Bally channel. The TV announcers were Ken Daniels with color commentator Chris Osgood (evidently homer color commentator, the great Mickey Redmond does not travel any more on long distance stints.). On the first goal here is the play by play.

    “and the VGK have puck in their own zone, they push it up the far boards and
    the puck is stuck in the ice. The VGK player over skates the puck and it’s turned
    over to the Red Wing player Larkin swings wide, throws the puck to front of net. Raymond scores, gives Red wings 1 zero lead early in the game.”

    Chris Osgood “oh boy, the the puck stuck to the ice, that is unfortunate event for the VGL”.

    Sticky ice ? At T Mobile rink, one of the “best” ice surfaces in league, in dead of winter? Who would have thought.

    Don’t believe me, it’s on NHL site right now, watch the replay and listen very carefully.

    Where’s the cave troll? No where, as usual.

    • Alex

      Absolute nonsense! Only applies to one team? You are a total moron and the biggest troll of the 11 people who post here – you have at least 3 accounts and like to post “people” agreeing with your nonsense

      • THE hockey GOD

        bring it up with the NHL and announcers, cave troll mole, it is clearly stated in the audio. You would hear it if it weren’t for the shit in between your ears and “brain”.

        I put “brain” in quotes, because it is questionable if you have one in the first place.

      • THE hockey GOD

        i only have one account, and you TS ALEX, OBLIVIOUS, fake minnie and fake hockey god is the one with multiple accounts. Your icon outs you ALL THE TIME. MORON.

  5. Danny

    without Mark Stone and Carrier this team has no fire, no desire, no energy, no hustle, no muscle, no leadership, no battle, no chance.

    just like last season. rinse and repeat. and miss the playoffs…… as Seattle, LA, Edm and Calgary will all soon be ahead of the Vgk within a couple weeks, if not sooner.

    meanwhile, Manitoba mgr sits on his fat ass and does nothing to bring in Carrier type players who will go to the net and battle. No, he just loves those perimeter softies who float on the outside and throw 60 foot powder puffs toward the goal.

    Looks like 81’s talk to the team had zero effect, on them or on him, and why would it when they won’t change their ingrained habits.

    losing is one thing…..but going down meekly and weakly without a fight, game after game, in front of your home fans is totally unacceptable.

    comparing this VGK team to season 1 team is like Knight and day.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @Danny , funny thing is that if RL was in net, and PDB behind the net you would
      hear non ending comments from rest of losers in this forum’s
      ” ”

      gallery. When will the tide turn on these two positions ??


  6. THE hockey God

    There is also “bad wood” which makes it’s way into sticks, and “bad rubber” that makes it’s way into pucks. Adversely affects all the last place clubs …there is a study on this

  7. Tim

    It all comes down to firepower we just don’t score enough goals. I’ll bet that locker room is getting a little tense. We like our team and we think there pretty good but what if were wrong and the individual players aren’t that good. Cassidy pointed out in his after game interview to many passengers in other words players not playing up to there potential. Washington up next then a tough road trip. We have no cap room unless they declare Stone out for the year, we have no talent to trade so management has there hands full trying to figure this out.

  8. Roberto

    Hockey is a fluky game with small margins between success and failure. Stone not only operates, but dominates in those margins. The dude is so good at that stuff, he made Amadio look like an All Star when paired on the same line. That’s Hall of Fame work.

    With Stone healthy, the team is a top ten contender. Without him, they’re a bottom ten scrapper. Analyze, strategize, mesmerize, whatever you want to do about last night or whatever you want, moving forward, but none of it matters without him healthy.

    Hopefully Dr. Seravalli is wrong, which is not often on this stuff, given his sources, and Stone can return. If not, might be it for him, with a focus wisely shifting to post-career quality of life with his back. He’s earned a pain-free as possible Hall of Fame acceptance speech.

    • Tim

      Roberto, very good post no doubt Stone is the man without him it’s going to be a long painful ride to the end of the season.

    • TS

      Yup, Roberto, Stone is the glue and fire behind our players. He leads by his amazing playmaking. A true captain is. But, without him? Cassidy has a real challenge now: can he inspire the guys to reach deep and play INSPIRED HOCKEY? Fingers crossed here….

  9. stats

    After just five games, Max Pacioretty is back on injured reserve. The Carolina Hurricanes moved the veteran winger after he suffered a non-contact injury last night to the same leg that underwent surgery to repair a torn Achilles tendon last summer.

    • TS

      Holy cow. He sure has earned his China Doll name,unfortunately. Better their problem than ours, I guess….

  10. Derek

    This is an aging team that scores on rush chances. They are too slow for that kind of hockey now it’s time to unload anyone of value and rebuild. I’m tired of watching these guys get embarrassed.

  11. Nicky D

    The other nite at the HSK game you had the whole front office there as well as Bruce… Maybe we smell a Trade package coming just saying

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