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Recap: The reigning Stanley Cup champions wanted a chance to continue defending their title by eliminating Dallas in Game 7. Each team had early chances but some shots missed the net or hit the iron. The Stars eventually took the opening lead off a turnover by Shea Theodore. Dallas took a 1-0 advantage into the first intermission.

The game locked down in the middle frame with each team breaking up scoring chances. Late in the period Michael Amadio found Brett Howden on Dallas’ doorstep for an easy tap in game tying goal. After 40 minutes, Game 7 was locked in a 1-1 battle.

Dallas had several early rushes on the final period and eventually took the lead on a screened backhand shot by Dallas’ Radek Faksa. Vegas pulled Hill late in the game and had many chances to even the score. However, the defending failed to tie the game and we’re eliminated in seven games by Dallas.

The Golden Knights fall to the Stars in Game 7 and are eliminated from the 2024 playoffs. It was another great season for Vegas and we can’t wait for the 2024-25 season to begin. Go Knights Go! (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights are no longer reigning champions of the NHL. They didn’t play a bad Game 7, but they just didn’t have enough to get over the hump in the most important moments of the game. Marchessault’s open net chance hit the post, Eichel’s backhand slipped just wide, and everything else came up just a bit short. The Golden Knights remain and always will remain 2023 Stanley Cup champions. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Dallas Stars Game 7 at American Airlines Center.

  • What’s next?

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Jack Eichel
** Michael Amadio and Brett Howden as a team
* Noah Hanifin


Cassidy’s Neutral Zone Adjustment Helped VGK Win Game 6, And Maybe Game 7 Too


VGK’s Deadline Overhaul Impacted By Lack Of Chemistry


  1. Emmanuel

    Next years Cup run begins tonight

  2. JB

    Still proud of our Cup champion team. Could have gone either way.

  3. Alex

    As I told you fake out of state trailer park types, you weird fake TV whore preacher types, you well meaning but know nothing old bag types, this was as I said months ago a one and done season…
    Breakdown – barely make the playoffs, two minor league goalies, bad defense , horrible power play, can’t hit open nets, take bad penalties, and out coached by an idiot PDB…total disaster season.

    See the dumbest fan base in the league next year.

    • TS

      Alex, let’s hope not.

      • TS

        Btw, this ” old bag” would surprise the hell outta you. Never underestimate age and wisdom… It’ll bite you back when YOU are a pile of bones, yourself!

    • Rashaad

      Alex. Funny. There definitely are a lot of freaks on this forum

      But who cares they still won the cup. Nobody can take that Can Stanley Cup championship away

      • Culf

        People who pay attention to hockey will always have an asterisk on only two cup “winners”: Tampa that one year and Vegas last year.
        The only way they could hope to win is by spending more than is alllowes in the regular season to fill their roster and go over the regular season cap. No other team had to do that in the cap era.
        Is it currently legal? Grey zone yes.
        Is Vegas one of only two teams to have to do it because they’re not good enough otherwise? Yes.
        Always an asterisk by their “win”

    • Pistol Pete

      Alex, there are two types of people in the world. Those who are assholes and those who are not! See y’all next season though I may be lurking more than posting lol.

      • Richie-Rich

        PP – a well played game 7 by both teams. Puck luck did not favor the VGK. I believe that the VGK will be just fine next season. Some tough CAP decisions to be made.

    • knights fan in minny

      fuck off you piece of shit nig nog loser

      • Tyler Durden

        Fuck you piece of shit pillow biter. Alex can say whatever the hell he wants. He is absolutely correct that VGK is the dumbest fan base in the league even at the end of year 7. And it gets proven every day by you and Da hockey dog. You two are the dumbest people on the internet.

        • Wingenter

          Tyler Durden, why are you so angry? Do you know these people? Aren’t they just posting stuff on a hockey site? You got to chill or you are going to give yourself a stroke.

        • Wingenter

          Tyler Durden, why are you so angry? Do you know these people? Aren’t they just posting stuff on a hockey site? You got to chill or you are going to give yourself a stroke.

        • knights fan in minny

          here we go again another piece of shit loser turden with nothing smart to say go back to your pathetic life dip shit loser

    • Hans

      Someone needs to get laid or something lol. Jackass

    • Tyler Durden


      • knights fan in minny

        turden the clueless piece shit who comes on here to be a jack ass

  4. Richie-Rich

    Round 1 Game 7 DAL 2, VGK 1

    Analysis stolen from Ken’s X post…..

    No longer reigning champions. The Golden Knights are still forever Stanley Cup Champions.

    There’s nothing left to say. Let the off season discussions about personnel begin. The better team has moved on to the 2nd round.


  5. Richie-Rich

    By the way, someone remind me. What will be the CAP ceiling next season or is that still to be determined? Ken?

  6. Pistol Pete

    Marchy hitting the post on that wide open net about 14 min, into period one hurt especially that as fate would have it Dallas scored when the puck went back into the Vegas zone and Theo flubbed the break-out pass. Possibly the whole game on that turn of events. Oh well take the good with the bad. Marchy must feel horrible along with the rest of the team.

    Pete DeBoer is now 8-0 in game sevens but has never won a Cup in two Finals attempts. Guess they were not game sevens lol. Anyways Pete, good luck to you in going all the way. You deserve it! Btw it’s not easy to come back from 0-2 in a series, in fact I believe that is the first time Dallas did that in many tries and Vegas was 4-0 when leading 2-0.

    That’s it for me until next season.

    • Jose

      They lost clean, no shame in that. Right back at her next year. Have a nice summer Pistol Pete.

  7. TS

    We could, shoulda, woulda…but, we didn’t. Guess we pass the CUP on. Feel bad for the guys.
    The good news: golf has a long season in Vegas!! So until next season, TEE IT UP, BOYS!


    This sucks , lots to digest . Eichle gets paid a lot of money ,disappointing . We didn’t win the battlels we didn’t finish checks. I don’t want to hear about how good Dallas is. Maybe we move number 7 to right wing 🙂 That’s it Heading back to the great white north.

  9. Emmanuel

    This may sound counterintuitive but I see two BIG issues:

    1. The team is too deep it should be top heavy, guys like
    WK are wasted C the 3rd line. The vaunted 4th line was
    a weak link & to keep it together the 3rd line is diluted.

    2. Marchie has to be signed cause there are many set up men, not enough finishers.

    • knights fan in minny

      i know thy might lose Howden and Amadio but those 2 are good role players you cant have all super stars

    • ThG

      yes Emm, coach didn’t have WK out there, in waning moments, Instead opted for do nothing Hertyl. The team has gotten older and slower. The jinxing of the team twice by so called “local” writers, getting over 12,000 hits telling the other team how to beat VGK is not only bad karma but in poor taste. Note there were no videos or articles about how to beat the stars set up. Education is one thing, but fans here for most part can figure out what is going on. Some need to be hit upside the head a few times. But eventually they get it.

      • Emmanuel

        What im saying is that the myth of “we roll four lines” is actually hurting at this point to the extent that to keep that 4th line unit together the 3rd line is diluted.

        Its a misunderstanding of why they won a year ago. They won because some players got hot scoring streaks. “Depth” had nothing to do with it. Even if they had the “best 4th line in Hockey” which is not true, the difference btw 4th lines in the league is miniscule.

        Move WK to the 2nd line & Roy to the 3rd.

        • ThG

          Emm, their fourth line was better than our fourth line, in the final game that counted

          The Fifth Line.

      • JB

        Do you honestly think the coach for Dallas sets and reads comments by sportswriters on how to beat the Knights? Grow up and quit being stupid!

        • ThG

          there were over 12,000 hits, you better believe they get the scoop from local writers who only detail one team’s play instead of other one. Pretty bad karma there, ignore the whole picture. Quit cherry picking you lib tard putz.

          • JB

            That’s it call names when you get called out. You are so easy to figure out. “The sportswriters” cost us the series. Oh brother are you reaching now! Ha

          • ThG

            you started it jack ass, dont’s start bull shit that you can’t eat, moe

  10. knights fan in minny

    its tough to repeat stars had good goaltending and there fourth line was good in all the games go lanche

  11. Earl the Replanted Transplant

    Not that the VGK are out all I can say is “Go ‘Murica!” Can’t have a commie Canadian team break their losing streak. I don’t care if it is the Avs or Stars that take down either the Nucks or Oilers, but I especially do not want McPrideTape to get closer to a cup.

    I also want to say the VGK management need to ditch the dragon.

    Let’s go Knights in 24-25!

    • Tyler Durden

      See? Dumbest fan base in the NHL

      • knights fan in minny

        turden the dumbest fuck poster on here

      • TS

        Tyler, yet her you are again, on this Hockey Site, offering NOTHING but ignorance. Curious, huh??

      • ThG

        and Tyler you are the head of the dumb shits that post here

        nothing of value ever, just bull shit and hate posts.

        • JB

          Says thg, the king of bullshit and hate posts, so funny!

          • ThG

            JB I post the facts, the hate all comes from you lib tard brain washed Biden underwear sniffers.

          • TS

            Jb, you KNOW you’re in trouble when you’re accused of sniffing underwear! I do wonder why the fixation with all things smelly and Unmentionables, though. Quite odd.

    • ThG

      yes EArl the dragon sucks

      gave them bad karma, this is GAME OF HOCKEY not stupid woke broke GAME OF THRONES, this is house of the GOLDEN KNIGHTS

  12. Earl the Replanted Transplant

    Words from queers don’t bother me. Go bite your pillow.

  13. David T

    Guess they just weren’t hungry enough. Season’s done. Being originally from CO, I suppose I will now root for the Avalanche to win the Stanley Cup.

  14. Jason Sheehan

    I think lack of conditioning had a lot to do with it (due to injuries and guys just coming back that aren’t in game shape yet). We wore teams out last year. This year, the Knights looked worn out since the Winter Classic.

    • Gary Dadey

      Great take….The problem was that they couldn’t bring back the LTIR guys( Stone and Hertl) back in the regular season to get them some actual game time before the playoffs. They had no cap room in the regular season…

  15. We should all be happy that we won the championship and have ownership who wants to win. Sometimes things don’t go well Tatar,Mantha,Hertal. Also age or injury has hit Petro, Stone clearly in decline.There are some good spots Hanafin Eichel Amadio and Howden and Mc Nabb Marchy was excellent during regular season. Hopefully management will make the moves to make us more competitive next year. But, won’t be easy we have Hertl for another 6 years at 6 million. Hopefully Hill will play better since it’s a contract year. But as a whole we went from world champions to an 8th seed and lost 4 out of our last 5 to Dallas disappointing. Other teams would have beaten us as well Colorado Edmonton Rangers ect. A lot on management’s plate.

  16. NAM

    VGK made a series out of it, but they lost to the better team. Sure if only Vegas hit that, didn’t allow this, stopped that, did better here, etc etc, then they would be moving on, but they didn’t and Dallas never went a way no matter what Vegas did. Tip your hat and wish them well. EDM is rolling and the AVS and VAN are not push overs. I hope DAL can beat them all.

    As for next year team? Who knows. As a fan I am pretty nervous. Probably some key changes coming with UFA’s. Everyone a year older for the older guys. Should be an interesting next few months.

    • Game 7 – a 20 year old and a 30 year old sent the veterans packing. Thru out series we had a number of defensive screw- ups. Theodore giving the 20 year old a wide open shot on one Hill should have stopped as he had clear view and a couple of stupid penalties in earlier games that cost big time. Seeing Stone skate was painful obviously not 100 percent etc. Could go on but it doesn’t change a thing and a waste of everyone’s time. Personally l hope Dallas gets wiped out by whoever and the Stanley Cup is won by a Canadian team. So in Vegas absence will be cheering for Edmonton and Vancouver.

      • NAM

        Personally I take pride knowing the biggest crying fans in the NHL (fans of canadian teams) haven’t won a cup in forever. So fuck all of them and their creepy gay prime minister. You and me are just going to have to disagree.

      • JB

        What does the age of goal scorers matter? Just curious on your latest thought process! Ha

        • NAM

          Age = risk. The older you get the more wear. Kind of feels like I am explaining common sense stuff as my reply here. This team already can’t stay healthy. Add another year to Petra, Stone, Mcnabb, Karlsson, Marchessault, etc they may turn into Pacioretty. Fine…fine…hurt a little bit…fucking gone. I mean he had 4 goals in 47 games this year, ouch. Stone to me is quickly approaching this level of concern. Marty was pretty solid for the cup run and not all that great this year and even healthy scratched for the playoffs before Hague’s injury. Some players defy age, other do not, but regardless the risk is higher the older you get and therefore long contracts on older players is risky.

          • TS

            Nam, hasn’t Patches been traded a couple times since he was here? That scoring stat is horrible…was his record as bad on the other team(s,)?

          • NAM

            TS – he has been hurt since we traded him (Huricanes). He came back and played for WAS this year, but only 47 games. I don’t know how much he played or anything like that. Just his stats, which are really bad for him, but a good example for how age can bite good players.

  17. ThG

    well I don’t like to toot my own horn, just a reminder my last post was “I see stars in my eyes”, wager responsible.

    This was a no brainer. A team waning, beset with injuries. Barely limping in the playoffs, not enough time to jell. They put up a good fight, but came up short against a very skilled PDB team that seems to have it all. They were always a step ahead of VGK, who seemed slower. Blocking their shots, and slamming our players into the boards repeatedly. Stone looked hurt out there. Hertyl looked really slow. Theo hasn’t been the same since he came off IR. FO will make the appropriate changes in off season. Don’t be surprised if Marchy is gone. Marty is likely gone too. He was looking at the ice and fans in what may be his last game at the end. But he still has some hockey left in him (it looked like Marty deflected more than one shot that went into our net). Mantha is on the line, although he was playing hurt in the playoffs.


    • NAM

      I would list Dorofeyev too. He is an RFA with arbitration and put up 13 goals and 11 points in 47 games. Half point per game. What is that going to cost? I would imagine more than his current 825k. It is definitely one more mouth to feed with an empty pantry.

      • Emmanuel

        Resign Marchy BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.
        Bring back Doro at a low price.

        Carriers career is close to done.
        Stephenson is a passer, doesnt score, probably should be on Wing.
        Amadio is the opposite score 15G but no assists.
        Mantha was scratched for the guys above!

        • NAM

          I disagree. You only sign Marchessault if it is a reasonable signing. The more you pay him the worse it hurts your team as a whole. Plus the guy is 33, so long term contract only hurts you. Plus he is going to want a no move clause, only further adding to the wall this team will hit at some point. What is the value of having Marchy if you can’t field a better team as a whole?

          So sign Marchessault if reasonable or let him walk and work on a couple of new pieces to better the whole team.

          • Emmanuel

            Yes of course:

            “only sign Marchessault if it is a reasonable signing.”

            He deserves it more than Hertl.

  18. Erik d

    One thing with Hertl no one seems to bring up is as a shark, he’s probably in recovery mode where he knows he’s not coming back this year no point. Then he gets traded and needs to change that direction, gotta wonder how soon he knew he could be traded to a contender considering his injury

  19. ThG

    The Knights now begin an important offseason earlier than expected. They have several key questions to answer, like what will happen with pending free agent Jonathan Marchessault.

    The defending Conn Smythe winner did not score a goal in any of the final five games of the series. He had just one point and a minus-3 rating in that span.

    Knights quotable

    “We have a lot of good people in this room and the longer you play, the more you appreciate the people. You obviously like playing the game, but it’s the people that make it fun to come to work every day. It’s an unfortunate part of the business, but there are a lot of good people in here and we’d like to keep everybody together.”

    — Defenseman Alex Pietrangelo

    from lvrj

  20. Tim

    Breaking down the season it’s not rocket science. We ended up the last wild card for 2 reasons (1 ) lost to to many bottom feeders. ( 2 ) If mother nature don’t getcha father time will and our older stars hurt again didn’t help. Hertl looks as slow as Stone and That’s not a good thing. After all the lackluster games this year and lack of scoring we still made the playoffs. The biggest blow was beating Dallas two games in Dallas coming home having them on the ropes and losing games 3 and 4 at home. Didn’t have the killer instinct all year and gave away games 3 an 4 at home. Good for Dallas they whethered the storm and game out victors.

    • ThG

      you left out the major FACT that VGK led league in man games lost, now get back on that lazyboy

      you also left out fact that your buddy, or is it hank kimball, also known as pete and repeat, and popgun pedro aka “put in doro” “put in pavel” “put in cotter”, ? where was my train of thought, oh yeah, Theo played like shit coming down the stretch. At one point BC didn’t put him on the ice in waning moments, then he put him on in final seconds. Theo obviously came back too soon, hope he gets his shit together in off season.

      now get over to Aviators game, nothing like watching a BB game in 100 F heat, with 60 mph winds, sun blinding your sight, and hot dog wrappers flying all around.

      was it just me, or did all the “fan watch” parties just peter out; hardly anyone went to DT summerlin, and DT Circa swim/sports area was much less than full. It looks like the ‘new shiny’ object in town, has dulled. Even the ice rink isn’t selling out. The dragon bull shit is keeping people away and stole the mojo. Foley knows it, and can see it.

      It’s up to FO to turn things around. This year they went BIG (and slow) and got burned by a faster, bigger, more skilled team and by vengeful coach PDB who knows this team inside and out. Not to mention the bad mojo, bad karma, and jinxing by locals mentioned above. Not good.

      meanwhile slo Joe is having problems standing up again, and mumbling his words, looking for someone ‘s hair to sniff. What a creep.

      • Tim

        Actually THG my childhood team Indians / Guardians are having a good year and your right about one thing every day I’m in my recliner watching the game. Yes for me there is life after hockey. Bye the way Slo Joe doesn’t do much to impress me on the other hand Trump isn’t a bargain either. So pick your poison America unless another name emerges I’ll pass on both these dudes.

        • ThG

          timmah,, trump is 1000000x better than throw americans under the bus biden, he’s lesser of two evils. Good the more ex Biden “ballots” on the sidelines, the better for america !

          BTW what’s a guardian ?

          Guardians of Galaxy were cool. I liked the blue guy and the green bad ass chick.

  21. Knight fan in Ok

    Does anyone have the capability to look over games and see how many times a shot from an opposing team has gone off of a VGK player? It seems that it happens an awful lot against us, and not very often for us. Is this just puck luck or do you think it’s something opposing teams do because of our defensive structure? It’s a question that makes me go hmmm!

    • knights fan in minny

      you have a hell of a good point thats called getting traffic in front of the goalie

  22. vgk21

    I expect a major trade or 2 at the draft. the draft is in Vegas, and the Vgk will be looking to make a big splash and improvement while the hockey world is gathered.

    Go Knights go next season.

    • Emmanuel

      a BIG trade with perennial 1st round losers that cant get over the hump.
      Im looking at YOU Toronto.

    • ThG

      do they have anything left in the tank to offer as trade bait, or draft bait ?
      GMKM seemed to have spent his wad ?

  23. LVsc

    The Vgk need to change from a team that passes way too much, to a team that shoots more, gets more traffic in front of the goalie, and scores more greasy goals than pretty ones.

    iow, become a meat and potatoes team, as opposed to a fancy perimeter team.

    Playoff hockey is grind it out hockey.

    • knights fan in minny

      they always look for the cute pass on the pp

  24. JB

    A tuff season and tuff game 7 to lose. But shit happens. I hope a Canadian team dies not win the cup. The Canada fans have lead the way with comments against the knights. I hope they suffer another 30-50 years. PDB was giggling like a high school cheerleader after the game. I hope they get their ass kicked by Colorado! Beyond that would rather see a west team win it again, just not Edmonton or Vancouver! Guess that just leaves the AVs. In east Carolina deserves a shot. Not a Boston fan but hate Florida. Rangers, maybe. Lastly, keep Marchy, Ammo, Howie, Pavo. The rest can go.

    • NAM

      Howden isn’t UFA so you already get to keep one. 🙂

    • ThG

      i like PDB, VGK should never have fired him, he’s a great coach.

      I hope the Stars go all the way to the FINALS and PDB gets another shot.

      The AVS are a much hated team around the NHL fan base. I think if the PAnthers get back in , they will have a big chance to win.

      The AVS and Stars are best SC contenders in the West. Oilers and Canucks need to do a lot more.

      In the east the Bruins and PAnthers seem to have veteran cup pressence. Next up the CANES. But as we found out last year anything can happen in the EAST. The Rangers have a good team. I will say the EASTERN teams have a slight edge over the western teams this year at this point in time. IT all comes down to defense and the goalies.

  25. knights fan in minny

    they always look for the cute pass on the pp

  26. Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

    Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest; there is no God but Allah, and Allah is the Greatest; Allah is the Greatest and all praise belongs to Allah.

    Subhana Rabbe yal Aa’la. Inna lillahe wa inna ilaihe raajeoon.

    Death to America.

    • knights fan in minny

      fuck you loser you need your skull thumped

    • JB

      Yea sure. And goodluck with those 1000 virgins you get whenYOU die freak!

    • knights fan in minny

      who ever runs this site if you put up with the allah bullshit your worse then him

      • TS

        kfim, I suspect this guy and some others are disruptors, trolls. But this latest troll should be DELETED by Ken. by Ken..
        talk about inappropriate!! Don’t engage with guy, ok?

  27. Jose

    Call me crazy but I’m getting over this loss very quickly and I can’t wait until next year. Excited for what they do in the off-season.

    Hats off to Dallas, who deserved it.

    • TS

      Jose, I feel bad for the guys, more than anything. I thought i’d feel bummed myself, but it just wasn’t gonna happen this season…I kinda prepared myself for this, was a bit surprised we squeaked into Playoffs. On to Season 8!

  28. Jose, I’m kinda feeling the same way, maybe cause I’m on a cruise and didn’t have to suffer through the excruciating minute by minute small details that a hockey game is, I really was confident in a Game 7 victory. Time to turn the page, figure out how to fit all these high-priced players under a salary cap that is likely increasing., and accept our team will look quite drastically different, no Marchy in all likelihood nor Stevie or Marty, it’s the price that is paid for doing everything the FO can to win NOW, which most VGK fans are totally on board with. One demerit though, the acquisition of Mantha was a terrible move, with DuClair Kuznetzov and others that were available.

    On to the beginning of next season, hopefully stay healthy and strive to be the VGK we all hope they will be.

    Lastly I’m still vested in the playoffs, I will be 100% behind the canucks to send the oilers packing!!

    • NAM

      I took the loss in game 3 and 4 worst than game 7. I think after game 1 and 2 wins I developed this false confidence only to be smashed the next 2 games. Game 6 and 7 I knew could be the last so was a little more emotionally prepared. Both good games though and I am glad they pushed it to 7 games. I can at least feel like it was close and not a 4 straight loss negativity fest.

  29. JB

    I’m hoping Nucks, AVs, Beaners and Canes. We’ll see? Could be a heavy hitting affair tonight Boston vs Florida.

  30. knights fan in minny

    i got nucks and canes for the cup

  31. ThG

    this proves that Batman was the original John Travolta, or at least Vince Vega and Lurch was Elaine from Seinfeld. Copy cats.

  32. Sulf

    There will forever be an asterisk on only two cup “winners” in the cap era – Tampa Bay and Vegas.
    The only way they could win is by exceeding the maximum allowable salary cap in season, during the playoffs.
    Was it technically legal? Yes.
    Are they the only two teams that had to do it because they couldn’t win properly? Yes.
    Enjoy the “win” last season Vegas. Here’s hoping this entitled American way of “winning” will be eliminated soon.
    Plenty of other American teams in the cap era won cleanly.
    Vegas? Not so much.
    And what fans leave with 5 minutes to play in the 3rd In a playoff game anyway?

  33. ThG

    Confirmed surgeries:
    Mark Stone
    Alex Pietrangelo
    Jack Eichel
    Shea Theodore
    Tomas Hertl
    William Carrier
    Zach Whitecloud

    The other two were never announced as surgeries but likely William Karlsson
    Ben Hutton who were each out over a month and described as week-to-week.

  34. Tim

    Hot off the press Stone out for the 2024-2025 season. We all new when he got hurt with that light back check and he bent over in pain. He was about done anyway as much as we loved him you can’t stop Father Time. The good news is 9.5 million to play with add Martinez 5 million and I know you all love Marchy but he’ll want a raise and at 33 you see how fast a player can decline add his 5 million plus the cap raise of about 5 million that’s about 25 million and I’m sure there’s some other fat they can trim. We need to get younger and faster.

  35. Richie-Rich

    I feel for Stone. He obviously loves the game but cannot remain healthy enough to be productive. Marchy should retire a Golden Knight. There’s no income tax here, so he pays no income taxes on all the games he plays here at the Fortress. Does he deserve a kicker? Sure he does, but if he wants to play here he needs to reasonable with the salary and the term. A 3 year deal with a small kicker might keep him here. I don’t really see any other team giving him a 2 or 3 million long term 5 year contract. He’s better off staying right here in Nevada.

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