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Recap: Both teams were looking to take a 3-2 series lead with a Game 5 victory. Vegas opened the scoring four minutes into the game on the power play. Captain Mark Stone buried his second goal of the postseason quickly into the period. Sixty-two seconds left the Stars tied the game and took the lead a few shifts later. William Carrier’s evened the score with his patented wraparound shot. After 20 minutes Game 5 was locked in a 2-2 battle.

The middle frame was very tight with only 13 shots combined. Deep into the second period Alex Pietrangelo committed a roughing penalty that lead to a Dallas scoring play. The home team took a 3-2 lead into the second intermission.

Vegas had several close scoring chances in the final frame, but Dallas and goaltender Jake Oettinger stopped any threat. The Golden Knights pulled Hill with 1:45 remaining in Game 5 but couldn’t find the game tying goal.

The Golden Knights drop Game 5 and fall behind in the seven-game series 3-2. Vegas will have a chance to even the series on Friday night. Puck drop for Game 6 is TBD.(Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Vegas got a quick goal on the power play yet again in this series, but they just couldn’t make it hold up. The Stars continued to be the better team at 5-on-5 and VGK’s offense dwindled as the game went on. The changes were the big story coming in, yet none of them really made a difference one way or the other. Dallas’ best players have been better than Vegas’ and their depth is staying right with VGK’s. Vegas’ 3rd period push once again came up short. This time it was a bit more dangerous, but Jake Oettinger was better than Chandler Stephenson’s breakaway.  (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Dallas Stars Game 5 at American Airlines Center.

  • They tried changes… now what?

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Brayden McNabb
** William Carrier
* Noah Hanifin


Reaction To Lineup Changes Before VGKvsDAL Game 5


It’s Time For Vegas’ Best Game


  1. Emmanuel

    Somebodys got to step up & score darnit!

  2. John Meyne

    They look tired, no effort, no attack, no energy. I hate to say it they will hand off the cup next game.

  3. Pistol Pete

    Basically each team defended a one goal lead twice with the other game decided in OT. Close series, the careless Petro penalties games 4 and 5 notwithstanding plus two god awful puck luck goals by Dallas game 4. Which goalie starts Friday?

      • Frank

        Yes. It needs to be LT going forward. Hill was not the answer.

        • ThG

          hill was not the problem in this game

          learn to watch the ice and see what’s going on.

          Hill actually played very well.

          • Emmanuel

            AH is not the problem but in a must win game id go with LT.

          • ThG

            LT has issue covering short side, hill was fine

          • Frank

            Hill was decent – although rebound control was fairly poor and he did get lucky on a couple of shots. I played goalie for about 30 years – so perhaps I know what I am looking at. I think LT deserves the start solely based on play. Hill was not the difference and don’t think he’ll make the difference on Friday (all things being equal, the goalies are not the problem). We’re getting outplayed 5v5 and scoring has dried up – those are our biggest problems.

  4. Richie-Rich

    Round 1 Game 5 Anal-y-sis…..

    Sorry, I am no mood to continue to critique just how bad #7 Putzangelo has played in games 4 and 5.

    Line changes didn’t work. Dorofeyev ineffective.

    It’s going to really suck to have Dallas celebrate round 1 on our ice.

    No stars, Just 1 big asteroid goes to:
    #7 Alex Putzangelo

    • Emmanuel

      Hes got years left on contract, is this an indication hes a 2nd pairing D now?

      • Pistol Pete

        Nope. Think Petro needs a good talking to by the coach on these careless penalties. They may have cost the last two games.

      • Duckboy

        No one is getting traded


        Ivan Barbashev (8-team no-trade list)

        William Karlsson (10-team no-trade list)

        Adin Hill (8-team no-trade list)

        Robin Lehner (5-team no-trade list)

        Jonathan Marchessault (5-team no-trade list)

        Alec Martinez (8-team no-trade list)

        Brayden McNabb (5-team no-trade list)

        Shea Theodore (5-team no-trade list)


        Jack Eichel

        Alex Pietrangelo

        Mark Stone

        • NAM

          You can add Hertl to the NO-MOVEMENT CLAUSE and really Marchessault and Marty don’t matter as you can’t trade them before they go UFA.

          I think the no trade or limited trade clause is stupid and hurts the spirit of the game and hurts some teams from getting players to better themselves and be competitive. The NHL should do away with it.

      • Richie-Rich

        Pietrangelo may be the reason why games 4 and 5 were lost, but he’s still one of the top 4 defensemen on the team. I think McNabb is 33 years old, Petro is 34. Hanifan is younger at 28 or 29.

        This is likely Martinez’ last call as a Knight. He’s 37 and still a solid defenseman. I don’t think the VGK will be able to afford to keep him for another year unless he signs a bargain basement 1 or 2 year deal. I do mean bargain basement. Who knows, he not likely to get a huge offer elsewhere at his age. So, it’s not 100% that he will be gone.

        Petro, on the other hand is being paid $8.5 million a year through the 2027-2028 season (or maybe the next one). He’s not going anywhere and likely will be a Knight the rest of his career. Whether he stays at D1 is another story altogether.

        McNabb’s been rock solid and improved year after year. Doesn’t take stupid penalties, isn’t a turnover machine and is very solid on D. I could see him moving up to D1 with Hanifan next year.

        Hague, I am not sure what his injury is. He’s D3 with Whitecloud at best. He has great size and he is still very young at 24 or 25. Very high ceiling for him, but he’s not ready for a greater role yet.

        Whitecloud? Solid D3 defensemen. Still relatively young himself. Will be challenged by Korczak and others like Cormier next year.

        Hanifan, solid D1 …. needs a good partner with him and I think McNabb would be that guy instead of Petro.

        Maybe Hanifan and Theodore on the PP1, Hanifan and McNabb on the PK1. I like Petro and Hague possibly as PK2

        • ThG

          hey hank kimball
          what part of PEtro’s gfive minute major, reduced to two minute penalty, leading
          to goals in last two games DID YOU MISS ?? He’s not a ‘top four’ when
          he is giving games away in the playoffs . Get it yet ?

          And your buddy Theo ? Where has he been ? No where.

          Both have played like shit since coming off IR. You know it, say it. Come on say it !

          wake up HANK !

          • ThG

            and your buddy doro was a no shoe, no shots, no hits, no knowing.

        • Emmanuel

          As Pietrangelo goes so do the VGK. He is their most important/irreplaceable player (even w/the Hanifin add).

        • ThG

          vgk started losing this series when hague went down (along with the jinx on this board)

          and he still hasn’t started skating

          PDB targeted two key players, hague and no. 71

          so far it is paying dividends

    • Pistol Pete

      Maybe put Kolesar back in and scratch Dorofeyev putting Barbashev as LW on the Stephenson line. Too bad Stephenson could not score on the breakaway to potentially go to OT. He has not been very impactful this series. He’s just a bit more than a half a point a game player overall anyways. Looks great out there speed and all just too streaky on the scoring.

      • Duckboy

        Stephenson has been very impactful.


        2nd player that needs to be health scratched

        • TS

          Duckboy, could it be that Stephenson knows he’s done as a Knight, and has stopped trying to win?

          • Emmanuel

            Stephenson is what he is. A great passer who can get 15 G’s and so-so defensively.

            That breakaway shot attempt was embarasing….

          • knights fan in minny

            no way

  5. Pistol Pete

    Can’t really say Dallas deserved to win that game more than Vegas. They were handed one more PP which they capitalized on for the winning goal. Shots 27-25 VGK. Hits 47-34 VGK. Takeaways/giveaways basically a wash. Lack of effort by Vegas? Would be naive to think/say so.

    • Richie-Rich

      Let’s see what the high-danger chances were before calling this a closely evenly played game. Dallas defended the NZ and their own zone extremely well. The VGK didn’t have many high danger chances. I believe they had more last game than this one. It’s becoming clear, at least in this series that they have to keep Dallas under 3 goals because they simply don’t have the offensive punch to score 4 or more.

    • Duckboy

      Are you high?

      Dallas sat on the lead in the 3rd
      Killed us in the second. 0 high danger chances as Ken says. That’s killing us.

      They missed an open net on a 3-0.

      Open your eyes! They should have won 5-2.

      I can’t believe the takeaways/giveaways were even. If they were, Dallas’ were WAY more dangerous.

      Series is over. What moves can we make from here? Hertl and stone not ready.

      Petrangelo has been our WORST player.
      He needs to be healthy scratched.

      You don’t bitch slap a dude in the playoffs.

      Wonder how many people will chime in on how we can’t do that

      Obiously the knights philosophy is your salary dictates whether you get a game or not; not your performance.

      Just ask Thompson

      2nd goal hill could have saved instead flopping his legs like a fish out of water.

      I really hope they turn it around but there’s no moves left.

      Team looks spent.

    • Frank

      VGK played a good game but came up short once again. Puck luck has not been ours the last 3 games.

      • Richie-Rich

        The stats show just how poorly we played tonight. Crushed in just about every statistical category. Double the high danger chances for Dallas.

        • Duckboy

          thank you for posting something objective. Was looking for something like that. Was on moneypuck but that site wasnt updated.

    • VGK Fan

      What about the 3-0 breakaway where Dallas didn’t score.

  6. knights fan in minny

    dumb fucking penalty by number 7 us e your head chandler to your a center you know the rules hill was alright put your hard hat on and score some goals like carriers goal the magic is gone ottenger is on his game

  7. JB

    I won’t give up hope until we are eliminated. This was a pretty even game. Again we had our chances to score but just didn’t do it. If we could just win here Friday then pressure goes back on Dallas. You never know!

    • Pistol Pete

      Lot of whining going on here and layperson critiquing. This has been a close series and is not over yet. I am fully aware Friday could mark the end of the season for our Knights but I prefer to not to just toss in the towel with the negative Nellies.

      • Richie-Rich

        On to game 6 PP. Win that one and live for a game 7. It’s just what this team needs to lift them to round 2, or send them to the golf course early. There is very stark difference in play between this year and last. I can go back to early in November around game 15 of the season, which is when this team started to slide. Credit Cassidy for getting them into the playoffs as a #8 seed. Credit McCrimmon for making some good moves at the trade deadline.

        But, I am not going to sugar coat what we’ve seen in round 1. This team has yet to play a full 60 minutes of good hockey. There’s been glimpses of sunshine but it’s been mostly cloudy since game 2.

        For me, in game 6 Kolesar plays and Dorofeyev is scratched. I am not sure where Stone should be because he’s not looked the same out there. If he’s a scratch then you play Dorofeyev.

      • Duckboy

        Lots of denying reality on here.

        Ignoring the facts doesn’t make you positive, it makes you delusional.

        Get your head out of the brown hole it’s in.

        Prepare for the end Friday.

        Then prepare to run the same team back next year.

        • Richie-Rich

          There’s quite a few free agents next year and next year’s team will unlikely be like this one.

          Martinez FA
          Marchessault FA
          Carrier FA

          Who know whether Stone will retire or not. Playing half seasons isn’t looking good and not helping the team much. It’s going to be a completely different looking team next year.

          • Duckboy

            Ok likely worse team next year

          • Emmanuel

            None are crucial except Marchie. I think Stone’s cap hit counts even if he retires unless there is an injury issue.

            Slow your horses it aint over yet though!

          • NAM

            @Emmanuel While under contract if a player retires the team and them can mutually terminate the contract. No money is owed going forward and no cap hit is recognized. The player doesn’t get paid. I guess this is actually rare in the NHL.

            What usually happens is a player medically retires due to injury. They then are placed on LTIR and are paid normal salary (mostly paid by insurance company, like 80%). LTIR as we know isn’t counted against the cap. This is Lehner currently or like Shea Webber’s contract we were carrying for a while as part of a trade.

            I guess there is a rule that if a player is 35+ years old when signing the contract and retires. This money counts towards the cap regardless.


    Nothing new Dallas wants it more than we do. Winning all the battlels . Are they faster than i thought as well as heavy or are we just that slow . Liked the changes Cassidy made maybe try to get your lines figured out and playing together before playoffs next year . Enough excuses about injuries. Maybe Hertel in goal or defense thats the only slots he hasnt tried him in .LOL Maybe the Petro lovers will have had enough after this year . Both him and Theodore were major playoff contributors last year nothing since they came back… I am a Theodor fan but he is either hurt or maybe they both are to old to slow, time to go . Cassidy finnaly sat the pair in last 2 minutes . I thought Hill was solid for having not played. Dallas has Logans number good move to play Hill. Hill NEEDS TO give us a miracle on Friday. Hail Marry

    • Richie-Rich

      Theodore is only 29, Putzangelo is 34. Neither should be worn out. Both were out for lengthy periods on IR this year.

    • Stuart Cohen

      Pains me to say this, but this series was 50% over with the Game 3 loss. Then completely over with Game 4. Winning both games on road showed incredible heart and determination when most had counted us out and the team just stopped.
      Can hope and pray and wish all you want, they have been chasing Dallas ever since.
      Can’t hold a lead, where is the lockdown defense? No offense late in games.
      Logan has played great. Hill was a 1 year playoff run.
      Stone has been non existent only recording point 2 tonight.
      Petrangelo with multiple stupid penalties all leading to goals.
      All this is hard to say despite Dallas’ terrific season but this team expected Dallas to give up and played like the strangeness that has plagued them since the New Year.

      Hill, Martinez, Stephenson, Whitecloud, Carrier, Roy, Theodore all probably gone due to salary cap.
      Article out today about NJ taking a few off our hands.

      I would love to be proved wrong, but it’s the playoffs and zero intensity left. Not even close to team from last year.

      Why? just no idea. Can feel the frustration with fans.
      Again I hope I’m wrong, up 2-0 on road and now lost 3 straight.

    • ThG

      actually THeo was on ice in last minute, and shot puck wide at the buzzer

  9. PP – effort maybe, intensity when they needed it most – no. A positive they didn’t give up an empty netter for a change . RR’s favorite player didn’t help the cause again. LOL. Sad loss – disappointed after strong start. If by chance they win Friday which l hope is the case not sure Stone can handle another series if they happen to win Sunday. Question just how well he actually is – shower than usual. Well let’s win Friday and see how it goes from there.

    • Pistol Pete

      Mostly agree hdbiker just don’t see how a team goes into such an important game lacking intensity. Makes no sense. Lack of execution loses games not usually lack of effort and intensity per se. Fatigue can be a factor though I am not saying I see it here. This is close series up to this point and Dallas has got the better of it thus far. Slightly better execution overall especially first 30 min, game 3.

      • PP – Just an opinion you can have effort but that doesn’t necessarily equate into intensity. They had moments of such but near the end when they needed it the most I didn’t see it. Funny I got a number of texts near the end suggesting they didn’t appear interested in winning – they put a push on in the third, but Stephenson’s miss seemed to take the wind out of their sails and things slowed down. Like I said early let’s see what happens Friday, I sincerely hope we don’t see the final handshake for the year. If you watched the other games last night that’s the intensity I am referring to.

  10. Jake


    Idiotic penalties x 2

    Loser hockey

    If Vegas loses four in a row and all three home games does the Kraken coach end up in Vegas?

    • knights fan in minny

      butch is not going anywhere

      • Richie-Rich

        I am not going to talk off season until it’s here. But on the matter of Cassidy, he’s going no where. Great coach.

  11. Jason Sheehan

    Marchessault needs to get going and start generating offense. He’s the engine and the heart of the team.

    • TS

      Jason, March has been too quiet the past few games, and we see the result: 3 straight losses. I worry that he knows about his future, and with no contract is in his hands at this point, does he know what we have feared: that the VGK is letting him go?? I have a bad feeling about him…

  12. TS

    Penalties. Star breakaways. Outplayed again. This is NOT the Stanley Cup team of last’s a tired, dejected, beaten team. Hard to watch . I realize Cassidy has been searching for the right lines for months, moving players around like chess pieces as injuries occurred, but all the shuffling this season has resulted in creating inconsistency in the players. Lines need time to gel, but were changed again and again. Too much movement? Too many adjustments? Is Cassidy too impatient, quick to make radical changes? Maybe.

  13. Pistol Pete

    If the VGK can win this close hard hitting intense series I am going to make a point to come back to this thread and call out the choicest of today’s negative Nellie posts. Looking forward to having the chance. Vegas deserved to win game 5 as much as Dallas. A hard fought game where Petro’s undisciplined penalty made the difference, an OT outcome notwithstanding. No reason, none at all, why this series is not going back to Dallas.

  14. Cheese Louise

    I’m really fed up with the bandwagon hate of our team and it’s fans by a bunch of idiots online.
    I’m beyond fed up with Dallas’ fan base, and all the talk of LTIR abuse even though there own team is over the cap and using the LTIR rules to there advantage as well. When you take into account that 5 mil of our ltir cap space goes to Lehnor who hasn’t played in years and will never play again so if you take that out of the occasion we are only over dallas by like 3.5 million. The way the retards online make it seem, vgk doesn’t deserve to even be in the league cause we are cheaters.
    The hate goes all the way back to first year with the whole leagues fanbases but I’ve REALLY had
    enough with the Stars fan base and their constant crying about this.
    Still upset with the way that Jamie Benn drove stones head into the ice with his stick last year and then throwing stuff on the ice and the way they suckered punched one of our fans and put him into the hospital and they are crying about Petra backhanding Seguin and is just a horrible human being and should be kicked out of the game.
    Tired of coach Peter Deboar. Hated when we took him on as head coach. He just has always annoyed me.

    I give Dallas it’s proper respect. They have outplayed us and deserve the games they have won.
    Our team is just not as good this year. We could theoretically win the next 2 games but odds are not in our favor. They sure made a point to explain all game long that we only have a 21% chance of winning this series or actually that Dallas has a 79% chance of winning the series.

    I hated to see all the chest pumping our fanbase did after we went up 2-0
    Surefire jinx and now we’ve lost 3 in a row.

    Tired of seeing most of the team being absent. What has Day Fucking 1 done this series?
    Petra, Martinez, Theodore, why again did we hire Mantha and Hertl?
    Tired of Marshy not having a contract.

    Not giving up yet but i guess just plain tired. Maybe they’ll be playing golf soon and I can forget about it for the summer.

    • TS

      Cheese, well, maybe a good long nap would help! Lol..
      I do feel much the same, have to say. We are losing to DeBoring, damn it! This CANNOT happen!!

  15. Cheese Louise

    And let’s not discuss the performance bonuses in the playoffs. That doesn’t count and is a way to circumvent cap too.
    Try explaining that to a Stars fan that there own team is circumventing cap too, doesn’t matter.

  16. Pistol Pete

    This is the marquee round one match-up. No other is even close. Nobody is a tougher opponent in round one than Vegas, possibly all rounds. Dallas wins this series they have no excuse to not go all the way. They have the depth in four lines, D corp and goaltending, however so does Vegas except Stone, Pietrangelo and to a lesser extent Hertl are, to quote Cassidy, “rusty healthy”. Definitely does not help to have Stone recovering from a serious internal injury, Petro out up to the beginning of the postseason to have his appendix removed and Hertl needing a few more games ahead of the postseason plus getting used to the system and the coach finding the right line for him. Not excuses folks just reality. Despite these disadvantages Vegas has kept the series close going up 2-0 and losing three close games in a row all winnable. Question this if one wants and we’ll see what happens Friday.

    • Pistol Pete

      Should have mentioned besides Dallas better rolling four lines (like Vegas) than last year, DeBoer has them playing better five man defense (like Vegas). Vegas locked down period three in games 1 and 2, both did game 3, and Dallas did games 4 and 5. Despite first 30 min. game 3 this remains a very close series.

    • Emmanuel

      Rolling 4 lines is a myth, nobody has that many good F’s since the salary cap
      and it gets fans attached to replaceable players who thru rose colored glasses became “keys to winning”.

      After “Stolen Bases are important” that has to be my biggest Sports Pet Peeve!

  17. Pistol Pete

    These two teams have played their asses off the whole series which is what all teams do in the postseason. Very physical, tons of hits. Injuries take their toll in the playoffs (is Karlsson playing injured?), look at Florida last year. Let the best team for the moment win.

  18. Pistol Pete

    Think I like Hertl with Eichel. I thought Dorofeyev was fine but needed his linemates especially centerman Stephenson to better drive the rush.



    Perhaps Cassidy liked Dorofeyev and will leave Kolesar out keeping Barbashev on the fourth line which worked quite well. We’ll see.

  19. JB

    Will our guys have the pride and desire to not just fold up Friday and go fishing next week? Certainly we can’t go winless on our home ice ….. can we?

  20. canada

    Last year they came up with the slogan it hurts to win, i don’t hear any of that coming out of the dressing room . There is a distinct possibility that several of the knights who never thought they would win a cup need to either reset their goals or be traded to allow for players who want a ring . They need to want to win so bad that they are prepared to sacrifice their bodies i don’t see that. They came out and threw a few checks and within 30 minutes regressed to cross-checking and cheapshots instead of moving their feet. Hill is the key in my mind if he is not strong we have no chance Logan spends to much time on his knees . lets see what happens but god help us . Cassidy doesn’t wear skates he has done what he can .

    • TS

      Canada, Like your last comment,” Cassidy doesn’t wear skates….” He can’t PLAY for them, for crying out loud!

    • ThG

      @ canada 1-I don’t think they team has jelled this year as quickly as they did last year. A lot of players on IR, theo – 47 games, Stone – nearly half the season, petro -21 games among others, VGK lost the highest man games in entire league. We have new players in the mix and it takes time to come together.
      2-local writers jinxing the team giving away valuable information to opposition that they used to figure out how to beat VGK
      3- as a result of no. 1 , poor discipline leading to untimely penalties.
      4- introduction of satanic devil dragon that does nothing for the franchise, NOTHING. This is GAME OF HOCKEY , not GAME of THRONES. I hate the dragon and the symbolism to many that it represents, which is nothing but pure evil.

      Good news is this is good, veteran team, and if coach can get their heads into the game there is still one more game left to turn this around.

  21. ThG

    ever since this board jinxed the VGK after first two games there has been nothing but three straight losses.
    where are the videos showing stars d ? No where? I question the loyalty and common sense of the local writers giving information to the opposition. That jinxed them.

    Not to mention the bone headed penalties. The sports media nation wide and in Canada is bashing petro unceasingly. They are giving him the business. He should know better. But he’s a hot head. VGK are in deep hole against a very good team.

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    • Vic

      THG…I remember after game two Ken and others were discussing who the VGK would play in the next round, and some were worried about facing the Jets and Hellebuyck. You and other wise people pointed out that the team needed to finish the current series, and I mentioned any series could turn on a dime. Well, the dime was Petro helping to lose two games by getting tough when he rarely throws a check all year. Poor Hellebuyck gave up 5 goals a game as the Jets were killed off. Now the VGK need to suck it up and win two games. Not impossible, but need divine intervention.

      As far as the rent-a-mob riots (preview of what things will be like after the election), my advice to the young people is to go into the trades and avoid college.

    • `REDD~

      hmmm…really could have sworn this was about hockey..NOT POLITICS..this is not the place

  22. Tim

    The dumb shit that I am and really no where near the fan most of you are but I do have a set of eyes and since November I’ve been telling you all we need a sniper. I realize they don’t grow on trees but our scoring has sucked all year. All you computer nerds check out of the 82 games and 5 playoff games how many win or lose we have scored 2 goals or less. It’s been a problem all year and if you like low scoring snoozers the Knights are the team for you.

    • ThG

      marchy is a sniper

      theo is a sniper

      barby is a sniper

      mantha WAS a sniper

      eichel is a sniper

      • JB

        Marchy is the top goal scorer on our team. I imagine he doesn’t feel too good being on the second PP unit! What’s up with that anyhow? Anyway, I don’t know what the hell is going to happen in game 6. Buy I do feel that if we make it to a game 7, then we will move on to play the AVs! Do the boys want it or are they satisfied with last years ring? That is the question!

  23. ThG

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    • ThG

      and a lot of people prescribe to the term ‘separation of church and state” which isn’t in the constitution. Most of the above are examples of church, or religious beliefs. Held by any reasonable religion. Well so much for that “separation” as Biden is trying to circumvent that “ideal”. Pretty obvious.

      • Mel Hallerman

        The first freedom guaranteed in the First Amendment:

        “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” Known as the establishment clause

        • RIchie-Rich

          Let’s post the full quote, not just a portion out of context.

          Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

          “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…….”. That means that no law, no legislation can be passed that prevents or prohibits in any way the right to exercise their religious beliefs. There is no limits on this. That means if a group wants to pray before a baseball game, football game, or before a government proceeding, they can do so without prohibition.

          The right to “peacefully assemble to protest” does not include blocking traffic (not at all peaceful, disruptive and not safe), or trespass (which is going on right now across the nation on college campuses. Peacefully protest! The “peaceful” adjective is a limitation built right into the amendment.

          • ThG

            “congress shall make no law’

            that excludes Biden and the courts, and the states.

            “separation of church and state”?

            Congress is not “state”. So much for that ideal.

  24. NAM

    Lots of reasons and blame going around. If so and so didn’t do this or if Petra didn’t punch a guy or if they would only play Doro etc etc, but the bottom line is in the 2023-2024 season Dallas is a better team than Vegas, in the regular season and right now in the playoffs. Vegas can still win the series and I will be rooting for them, but Dallas is the better team on the ice. Dallas is playing 5 dmen, has 3 starters missing, and has a bunch of kids in their lineup and are bettering Vegas at just about every step. I got to call it like it is.

    • Pistol Pete

      NAM that is all well and good but both teams are tied with PP @ 33.33% (VGK 3/9–DAL 4/12) which gives the same PK of 66.67% except Eichel had an SHG thus VGK has a small edge in special teams through game 5. DAL has one more PP goal thanks to Petro and possibly two more overall thanks again to Petro. One can point to the expected goals stats which are superior for DAL yet VGK has 12 goals to 10 for DAL including PP, SHG but not EN (each one has one EN). So for real stats this is an even series, game 3 OT being the difference.

      • NAM

        You pulled up the dumbest stat to try and convince me this series is close? Never mind high danger chances and 5×5 hockey, its all about the 3 goals in 9 PP we had in 5 games. Sorry I watched the games. How about we calculated it all per embarrassing cap dollar?

        • Pistol Pete

          So you don’t consider actual goals scored meaningful? Who gives a hoot about high danger chances? Most don’t result in goals anyways, right? Sure high danger chances are an indicator of effective offensive aggression but do not assure that goals are scored and actual goals scored is the bottom line. In this series VGK has scored two more goals than the Stars. As for the special teams forget the sample size one series is tiny but special teams are often impactful in a series and in this one Dallas does not have the upper hand with them. Just saying the consensus around here seems to be the VGK is being crushed because Dallas’ advanced stats have been dominant. I say big deal who cares? Except for the first period of game one and the first 30 min. of game 3 this series has been tight because both teams defend. In fact each team has successfully defended a lead in the third period for two games and the other went to OT because neither team could score in the third. If you still think the series is not close because of high danger chances fine show me the goals. If you want to bet against the VGK in Friday because you like the Stars high danger chances in the series, be my guest.

          • Richie-Rich

            Ken put out a great article before this series started regarding just how much improved the Stars roster is this year. Losing 3 straight after a 2-0 series lead is quite disappointing.

            Everyone who has posted here is spot on correct. The stats tell one story, the scoring tells a slightly different version. The fact that the Stars have won 3 straight close hockey games also tells a story.

            Given all of it, the Knights still have an opportunity to tie this series tomorrow night and force a game 7. Pietrangelo has played a huge part in games 4 and 5. We cannot afford a repeat performance of undisciplined hockey. Mistakes are made all of the time, but the major ones he has made have been glaring game deciding major ones. He needs to have a clean game tomorrow night. So does Theodore who has been caught out of position and has made some seriously poor decisions himself resulting in turnovers.

            Credit Dallas for putting the pressure on, getting under the skin of Pietrangelo and forcing major game changing mistakes. The VGK can do better. Unlike the Capitals, the Golden Knights are much more talented and I am not counting them out yet.

            Win tomorrow and force game 7 in Dallas.

  25. stats

    The series turned when Hanifin’s shot in game 3 with 13 seconds left was luckily stopped by Oettinger. the shot was exactly the same as the one Hanifin beat him on in a previous game. It was above the pad and below the glove, but Oettinger just barely got the bottom of his glove on it, and it went straight down instead of trickling forward into the net. Dallas pure luck.

    That lucky break for Dallas was the turning point in this series.

    Then don’t even get me started on the stupid penalties by veteran Vgk players who should know better. 7 and 20 blew last night’s game, and 7 blew game 4. I guess 2 cups were plenty for him.

    and remember last year when he got suspended for slashing in game 4 vs Edm, and Hutton filled his spot in game 5 at home, and the Vgk won without him.

    • Pistol Pete

      stats, good post. Agree Hanifin could have won game 3 in the final seconds and Barbashev just before him, yet this board has at least one poster who has gone on to sell this team down the river following games 3 and 4, the height of naïveté imo. They just don’t know two closely matched teams when they see it. Don’t realize how penalties can throw a game as they did games 4 and 5. The VGK could actually have swept this series
      if not for a shot that nearly went in with 13 sec.
      left and a stupid penalty but nope this series has not been close. Go figure.

  26. I’m totally enjoying my cruise to the Caribbean, but not the fact I can’t see the games to comment on them, but I also know there WILL be a Game 7 on Friday, as the saying goes’you can take it to the bank’!

    • TS

      Larry, say what? On a cruise during Playoff time? And NO satellite TV aboard? Demand a refund!
      And enjoy yoursrlves!

  27. Sorry, meant to say Game 7 on Sunday.

  28. Wingenter

    Anybody noticed that it’s been all downhill for Vegas ever since Jack Hammer stopped posting here.

  29. TS…too funny lol…it was either cruise now or during hurricane season…NOT Carolina…as it is turning out it’s saving me a lot of heartbreak and aggravation…though I will be following their win tonight and on to a decisive Game 7!!

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