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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to take a 3-1 series advanced with a victory in Game 4. Coach Bruce Cassidy revised his lineup and slotted in Michael Amadio which immediately paid off. Amadio opened the scoring by following up his own shot on net. Dallas evened the score minutes later taking a 1-1 tie into the first intermission.

Three minutes into the middle frame Jack Eichel gave the Golden Knights a 2-1 lead. The Stars were awarded a penalty midway through the period, leading to the game tying goal. Dallas took a 3-2 lead with under :90 seconds left in the second period.

Vegas put on heavy pressure to start to the final frame creating several scoring chances. With time winding down the Golden Knights pulled their goalie but the Stars found the open net.

The Golden Knights fall 4-2 as the Stars even the series 2-2. The series shifts to Dallas for Game 5 on Wednesday night. Puck drop is scheduled 4:30 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The game started off pretty well for the home team, taking a lead and controlling the play for a good portion of the 1st period. An unfortunate shot and bounce off Thompson got the Stars back in it. Then, in the 2nd, VGK had a bundle of 3-on-2 rushes and they were able to grab the lead again. Again though, Vegas turned the puck over and gave the Stars a chance again, this one they took twice to grab a lead. In the 3rd, the Stars went into lockdown defense mode and played it to perfection. (Analysis by Ken)

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*** William Karlsson
** Jack Eichel
* Brayden McNabb


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  1. Well pistol Pete give us your rose colored glasses assessment of yet another loss

    • Pistol Pete

      Not really all that surprising you come back to gloat the loss hdbiker. Don’t you think it’s time to give your rose-colored glasses cliche a rest after I was right on Eichel? Stone and Pietrangelo too for that matter. Correct me if I’m wrong but were they not shiny toys too? No Stone, Petro, Eichel, no Cup.

      • Not gloating just disappointed and angry -they are a better team than what has been going on the last two games. Your patting yourself on the back about eichel, stone etc. doesn’t address my post concerning assessment. Dallas isn’t better than Vegas just more desire to crash the net like most teams other than Vegas. Go watch some games opponents always have one or two guys screening goalies – not Vegas for the most part. Vegas does not do a great job of clearing out the front of their net either. Two fluke goals was the deciding factor – That doesn’t make Dallas a better team which l have noticed many allude too. If they were that great they would be dominating the series not on par.

  2. Emmanuel

    Close game. Only minor adjustments need to be made.

      • Emmanuel

        The usual tinkering with lines, maybe the 3rd pairing.
        My concern is IF they win they might be tired as the other series seem to lopsided and they had a short summer last season.

        • Come on Emmanuel – short summer was months.ago. What kind of BS is that. They don’t need any excuses they are big boys go out and play like they are paid to do. They are a better team than you give them credit for.

      • Pistol Pete

        C’mon hdbiker you can’t be that clueless going back all the decades you do with this.

        • PP – what clueless are you referring to, besides is your name Emmanuel also. I smile at all the Monday morning quarterbacks that post and all those who have difficulty dealing with facts.

  3. Rashaad

    Not a bad game, other then the result unfortunately. Dallas did to them tonight what they did to Dallas in game two. I give tons of credit and respect to Dallas for a very well played game. Vegas played well also just came up short. Next three games are going to be fun.

    • Rashad – what makes you think there will be three more games??

      • Pistol Pete

        Coming back here 3-2 would be nice (obviously).

      • Rashaad

        Well, I think there will be three more games. I can’t predict the future just like you can’t when you kept saying that Jack Eichel was a locker room cancer. But these are two excellent teams going at it and I always figured the series would go to seven or maybe minimum six games. It’s no surprise that this is the only series in the NHL that is tied after four games.

    • Pistol Pete

      Good point Rashaad the Stars were able to lock Vegas down in period 3 as I believe we did them. The EN killed the game. I am going to go back and check just to make sure I am right our defending equaled theirs. Btw Dellandrea’s go ahead goal was a puck luck one where Smith’s shot bounced off his shoulder. Fine. Throw it up in front of the net and good things can happen.

  4. Vic

    Pretty easy analysis…..VGK looked great and played well UNTIL Logan decided he was in church and stayed kneeling so Dada could beat him. Then Petro (who threw only a few checks all year) decided to get tough and then of course the PP goal. Air out of the balloon and the rest of the game was history. On to game 5.

    • TS

      Vic, maybe LTt was exhausted from the prior game’s 40+ saves! It WAS a grueling game for him, as he had to fend off dozens of Star SOG’S…I won’t blame the player who has single- handedly saved our season. Any player can have an off- game— just look at the rest of the team!


  5. Jose

    I believe it’s Dorofeyev time, however I don’t know who he would replace. Other than Mantha, the others are all deserving of a spot in the lineup. It’s a bad look if you sit the kid for two straight playoffs. Long term that could kill his confidence.

    • Jose – the last thing to be concerned about is killing Dorofeyev confidence. Ice the best team to win regardless of feelings and confidence that is what they are paid to do.

  6. DeezNutz

    I told myself if VGK made the playoffs this season I wouldn’t be negative. They have done what I needed them to do to avoid getting dunked on by the rest of the league so I’m just here to tell minny mouse to kiss my ass and lick my nuts. Have a good night everybody.

  7. Jose

    DeezNutz, I always knew that you wanted your nuts licked by a man. I could tell what your lifestyle decisions are by your past posts. I am a bit surprised that you got so specific and requested that knights fan in minny lick your nuts. kfim has already turned you down. I think you are looking for something he won’t do.

  8. Richie-Rich

    Round 1 Game 4 Analysis.


    I was going to take the time to watch this game over again. I wanted to see just how fucked up Putridangelo’s penalty was behind the play before commenting on it. But then, he went fucking brain dead and turned over the puck for the Stars game winning goal.

    I know I am pissed off right now, but fuck it. The team played fucking great tonight and Putrid completely wasted the effort.

    I give all 3 Stars to the rest of the team and one Big effing Asteroid to #7.

    Check the stats, he’s regressed this season and not by a little bit. Sir Alex needs to be demoted to D2 and Sir Brayden should be up on D1. I may feel a bit better in the morning but right now I hope the players aren’t as pissed at #7 as I am.

    That’s it. That’s the analysis. If the VGK ultimately get eliminated by the Stars they can look to this game and the fact that one guy was responsible for this loss tonight and his name is Alex Putridangelo.

    Go ahead and rant all over this PP. I know you’re going to come back with all of this flowerly positivity. Maybe tomorrow after I sleep this off and have a cup of coffee I won’t be as pissed off as I am right now.

    • SMH

      Oh please, you’re not pissed off at all. In fact, you are in seventh heaven beating your little meat because you feel you can finally blame something on one of your all-time least favorite Knights. You have always been infinitely more interested in bitching & moaning about your pet peeves such as Eichel, McCrimmon, and Pietrangelo than actually rooting for the team, and it still kills you deep down that you turned out to be dead wrong in all of your troll-worthy “analysis” and the Knights won a Stanley Cup with your 3 arch-enemies all proving to be superstars. And so glad to see that you still haven’t matured enough to stop with the puerile name-calling. As for Sir Alex, he waves back at you with the hand wearing 2 Stanley Cup championship rings and looks forward to his future enshrinement in the Hockey Hall of Fame, while you continue to call him names as the true mighty keyboard warrior that you are.

      • Richie-Rich

        Your attempt at shaming lacks true effort. My post focused on last night’s game and last night’s game alone. Pietrangelo is a star, and has been a star. Last night’s performance was not championship caliber. He deserved to be called out for standing out as the #1 asteroid in game 4.

        On to game 5.

    • Pistol Pete

      Nope R-R not going to sugar coat it because his penalty did lead to the tying goal. He was +/- 0 and Hanifin was -2. Petro is 0 for the four games, Hanifin is -4. Hanifin has 3 pts, Petro has none. Not sure that helps.

      • Richie-Rich

        If you’re the reason that your team is on the PK and the opposing team scores you should get a – as well. I know that isn’t how it works, but it’s fair.

    • ThG

      the penalty was a bit of ticky tac call, no. 7 did get his stick up as the smaller star foward was checking him, refs easily could have let it go

      however the cross check penalty by no 20 was unnecessary

      the many sloppy turn overs, unnecessary

      the goal off the noggin , mimicking RL was unnecessary

      they need to remain 60 minutes of play

      • Thg – l notice you watched the same game as l did. Petro penalty was questionable and probably would not have been called if the guy was of similar size. That said yes he has two sc rings but that is history and doesn’t address his play of late which has regressed.

        • ThG

          yes HD no.,7 and no 27 play seemed to have regressed since their stints on IR. (don’t tell timmah !!!!!)

          ice minutes are clearly closing in on them as they have limited time to get their games together, if cassidy can’t figure this out I think it’s time to give the youngsters on the bench some valuable playoff time experience as these games rapidly slip away.

  9. David T

    No sustained energy and boneheaded penalties. That’s what cost them the game. Oh, turnovers don’t help. Now they put themselves in a bad spot. smh

  10. TS

    I’m not gonna blame specific players. I’m not gonna blast other posters for their bad feelings right now. I’m pretty sure we ALL feel the same: disappointment. We KNOW the team can do better. The ENTIRE team. Sniping at each other is absurd!

  11. I made my observations on the game yesterday. Not out of malice but as a concerned fan. I thought we had a problem due to lack of speed because of Stone who is coming back from injury, Mantha who was a bad pickup and Hertl who at this point isn’t a shell of what he used to be. We corrected one problem by putting Amadio in Manthas place and that line performed well tonight. The problem is what do you do with Hertl since coach abandoned the line with him and Stone. But to move him onto the first line and bring Barb to the second line doesn’t seem smart. The first line has been your best line. You could move him to the 4th line and bring Roy to the second line. Otherwise you have to bench him and put in Doro on the second line. Unfortunately I don’t think our coach will be allowed to do that. I thought Petro was more active tonight but made a couple of costly mistakes. Unfortunately with Hague out can’t mix up the defense right now. Could have put Hague with Hanafin and play Petro with Whitecloud or Gonzalez. Just some thoughts.

    • Richie-Rich

      Here’s my lineup.

      Barbashev, Eichel, Marchy
      Amadio, Hertl, Stone
      Howden, Karlsson, Dorofeyev
      Carrier, Roy, Kolesar

      D1 McNabb, Hanafin
      D2 Pietrangelo, Theodore
      D3 Martinez, Whitecloud

      PP1 Barbashev, Eichel, Marchy, Amadio and Hanafin
      PP2 Amadio, Hertl, Stone, Dorofeyev and Theodore

  12. JB

    Tuff loss after playing so well up to Danos goal. Series tied. With what I have see the Knights do in the past, I’m sure not going to count them out.

  13. Erik d

    This series feels like a microcosm of the regular season m, this season it felt like many games they would get up 2-0 or whatever and just expect the other team to keel over and give up, it didn’t happen then and isn’t happening in the series

  14. ThG

    VGK imploded with undisciplined penalties
    LT pulled a RL letting one in off his noggin, in play off game yet !?
    these short side goals are getting tedious. Notice how the other goalie
    covers the complete short side. Where is the never ending videos?
    Steve Spot who many crucified endlessly here for PP coach has been redeemed.
    And Stars were best road team all year. Back to Dallas , pivotal game five, whoever
    wins game five wins the series IMHO.

    And petro ? where was he ? making one gaffe after another.
    Theo is no where to be seen.

    Meanwhile the neofascist arm of the demopedophile party is on full display with
    the rioting and rampaging, these anti hebrew scum bags take over Columbia Dean’s office. And Jihad Joe, their leader, condemns Israel’s leaders. AOC and Jihad egg them on. The DOJ is no where to be seen. And an innocent man is stranded in court unable to speak about any of this. Banana republic anyone?

    • ThG


    • Richie-Rich

      Epic rant ThG. The Palestinian people, these innocents cheered the rapists, murderers and hostage takers when they returned to Gaza on 7 October. Women and children raped and murdered, and a baby microwaved alive. This is exactly the same sort of mentality, the appeasement of the 30s that led to the Holocaust. Burn Gaza to the ground. The world will be better off to get this conflict over with after 75 years of bloodshed, mayhem and lost treasure. Iran cannot be appeased. Its a cult religious fanatical state.

      • RR – just a question are you an old military man or just an individual smart enough to know what has to be done. ? Based on your post you must really be pissed at what’s going o.n in this country with the demonstrates etc. All Americans should be for sure but unfortunately not sure that is the case

        • ThG

          H D based on his on line profile, it appears RR has some experience in that regard, but I will let him speak for himself since his profile is public and I don’t want to step on his personal life, just trying to be professional here and respectful of his service to our nation.

          • Richie-Rich

            TS – There are very few Democrats that I cannot talk to and find common ground. There is one here where I live who has stated she would plunge a knife into DJT’s heart if she could! She has some serious issues!

            I support Trump, not because of his rudeness but because he isn’t a part of the two-party Cabal that is screwing this nation up. I actually believe that some Democrats mean well, but their idealist and unrealistic approach comes without a long term vision or plan. Republicans have a more realist approach to issues but again not long term planning. For both political parties, it’s all about the next election and getting reelected. Long term plans are sacrificed because they aren’t attractive to get votes. Social Security, for example, will go bust by 2035. Everyone knows it, and everyone knows that something drastic will have to happen in order to “fix it”. That fix is going to be very painful for everyone. It doesn’t have to be, but it will because the only thing Democrats and Republicans care about is the vote. I am a Republican out of necessity, not choice. I don’t believe that our nation is going to survive long term because all of this short term planning is going to end up badly. Eventually, the two party system will implode and I truly believe that a tyrant will eventually rise from the ashes of our Republic. Hopefully that dictator will be a good one, and not a bad one. Yes, there’s a history of great Emperor’s in China, Rome and elsewhere. Benevolent leaders who have done well by their people. That cycle is coming back and we have to hope for the best. For me, I have short term hope for the best, but not a lot of faith in the political system on either side of the aisle.

        • Richie-Rich

          I spent 30 years in the US Navy submarine force. Missile Boats (Nuclear Weapons), and fast attack submarines. I’ve been around the world and I have seen conflict having to serve in an augmented status in some areas on the ground as well. I have a unique perspective on military strength and how it should be used. I believe that our “for-profit” military industrial complex (Lockheed, BAH, General Dynamics and so many others) requires a huge part of our budget to “stay afloat” and for our military to be cutting edge and modernized. It’s gone way beyond just national defense though. Forever wars, regime change, Iraq & Afghanistan, and now Ukraine are all examples of misuse and overreach. The funding requirements now are more important than the defense posture. Sad. Ukraine is an example where NATO and the west has pushed itself east and have worked to topple neutral and pro-Russian leadership (CIA). It’s a disgrace and a discredit to us. Do we really want another Iraq and Afghanistan in Ukraine? I don’t. Our real enemy is ourselves, the divisiveness, failure to work together to the point of hatred. There can no longer be a common sense debate on the issues. Republicans bad, Democrats good and vice versa. We are all Americans and I know for a fact that we all have common values. There is no doubt that all Americans want secure borders, low taxes, a good economy, strong family values, low crime and equal opportunity for everyone. But we never talk about these things because the media forces us to take sides and fight one another over nonsense, most of it lies. Be good to one another, treat others the way you want to be treated. Rinse and repeat daily.

          • TS

            Rr, I agree with you! ( imagine THAT!) When
            we can approach the problems America has WITHOUT naming / blaming parties as the ” Others, or the ” Enemy”, I believe we can work again to FIX Anerica’s problems. You are taking that step–and I certainly applaud you for it!

          • TS

            Rr, ” do unto others” is the way to live our lives. Just how do WE want to be treated?? Rinse and repeat, indeed!

          • ThG

            so putin is not at fault ? Missing the elephant in the room.

            What is Jihad Joe’s plan to quickly end his proxy war with putin? Know this, if the “other guy” was in office none of this would be happening.

            Biden the great uniter? Look at colleges now (what possible common value do we have with these neo Nazi scum bags?) , this is Biden’s J6 which will lead to landslide in November, and not for the woke broke numbskull demodedophile party of misfit morons.

          • TS

            Thg has a great point, rr: what about Putin’s push to topple Ukraine? What’s next– Poland?. Should America just stand back and let Putin March through Europe, as Hitler did?? How can Nato and the World ignore Putin??

          • Richie-Rich

            ThG – No, there’s no evidence that Russia wants to invade Poland, NATO or Western Europe. The exact opposite has been true since the fall of the Soviet Union around 1992. On the other hand, Putin has installed himself as President for life. He’s a tyrant, but there’s historical evidence that support Russia’s fear of the west. That history goes back hundreds of years with invasions from the east long ago, Napoleon in the 1800s, and Hitler in the 1940s. On the other hand, if it hadn’t been for the Soviet Union, it is skeptical that we would have been able to defeat the Nazi regime. Do your homework, many many more lives were destroyed in the Soviet Union than anywhere else. Their military paid a much higher price as well.

            Am I a Putin lover? Hell no. But I am a realist and don’t look at history in terms of simply the past 4 years or 20 for that matter. I am no supporter of communism or dictators, and I find it hilarious that Trump is labeled as one when all the historical factual evidence points to tyrant executive orders being issued unconstitutionally by Bush 41, 43, Obama and Biden, and it is our representatives in Congress on both sides of the aisle that continue to allow it.

            Take a look at western democracy today. Is it working, or not. Ask that question before calling out Vladimir Putin. Mass unchecked migration due to open borders, involuntary massive wealth distribution, inflation, homeless, crime, the destruction of traditional values. Is it any wonder that Russia wants no part of this globalist New World Order mess? Do we really have a democratic republic that supports its citizens? Look at just about any issue and the answer is no. The government is in bed with the military industrial complex, Big Pharma, Tech, and Corporations and the elected are grifting off of supporting them, not us.

          • ThG

            I never said Putin was going to invade Poland. He likes to flood an area with Russian speakers, then goes into those areas under guise of protecting Russians. Note how he only acts when a Democrat is in office. He took parts of nation of Georgia when Obama was president, and he took Crimea when Obama was president, and when Hillary gave him radioactive nuclear material. Biden, and democraps, in general have weak foreign policy. Rest of your post I have no issues with. Stand tall, stand proud, Stand AMERICAN !

            now go KNIGHTS !
            PS I hate the new dragon, I see no reason for it. Nor what it stands for. I have no clue. Is it supposed to scare the opposition, it certainly isn’t protecting anything. Why can’t the humans and human knight spirit protect the fortress. WE don’t need a satanic symbol in our house. It is pathetic, it needs to go.

          • Richie-Rich

            ThG- More Russian speakers appeared in the northern, central and eastern territories of modern Ukraine during the late-17th century, following the Cossack Rebellion (1648–1657) which Bohdan Khmelnytsky led against Poland. Thirty-five percent (35%) of the people in Ukraine speak Russian. There was no “flood” of Russians being sent to eastern Ukraine.

            Forty one million people in America now speak Spanish. Is this a reason for Mexico to invade Southern California, Arizona and Texas? These states only became part of the USA about 175 years ago or so.

  15. Thg

    The team has obviously been jinxed, I called it here.
    the DRAGON must go!

    Let the exorcism begin !

    oooga booga oogga

  16. NAM

    It fucking sucks to lose. It extra fucking sucks to lose in the playoffs.

    I am not going to cry about the penalties, passing, etc. Frankly, they need to get straight or Stars are moving on. There is one thing no one is talking about that seems pretty obviously an issue to me…Hertl.

    • Richie-Rich

      Hertl’s face off % is outstanding. For some reason he wasn’t used in that role very often in this game. Sometimes I wonder WTF Cassidy is thinking.

  17. knights fan in minny

    remember people its hard to repeat before you go flying off the handle we learned 2 things amaddio brings more speed and offense then slo mo mantha and throw the puck on net from everywhere and anywhere as we saw on the winning goal

  18. Raahaad

    HD biker, what the hell is wrong with you?

    So what if they lose this series to Dallas, it’s the second wildcard versus the number one seed. Dallas is a very good team. Why do you act like its some kind of failure? Actually, please don’t answer that last question just answer the first question. What the hell is wrong with you?

    You make the fan base sound like a bunch of idiots. Stanley Cup or nothing every single year???

    • Richie-Rich

      HDbiker is correct. It is expected that the Stanley Cup Champions will at the very least get to the 2nd round if not the Conference Championship round 3. The performance this year has been disappointing. On the other hand all the other teams currently in the western race improved their rosters significantly. I think it’s more disappointing because we had a 2-0 series lead and couldn’t at least get a split here in Vegas.

      Based on the regular season wins against Dallas, and going up 2-0 it is a major disappointment. Win tonight and the chances of getting into the next round goes up significantly. I would hate to face them here being down 3-2 in this series.

  19. Rashaad

    HD biker, what the hell is wrong with you?

    So what if they lose this series to Dallas, it’s the second wildcard versus the number one seed. Dallas is a very good team. Why do you act like its some kind of failure? Actually, please don’t answer that last question just answer the first question. What the hell is wrong with you?

    You make the fan base sound like a bunch of idiots. Stanley Cup or nothing every single year???

  20. Rashaad

    HD biker your stupid ignorant negativity is actually wearing down on me. You do realize that since 2017-18, the year they entered the league they played the second most playoff games only behind Tampa. And this was
    a fucking expansion team. Not only have they far exceeded expectations, they could be the best expansion team in the history of professional sports.

    I ask again, and I say it with respect and curiosity. What the hell is wrong with you?

    • Rashad – nothing wrong with me, how about you?

    • Rashad – l don’t live in yesterdays, that means nothing. I am well aware of their success and also their failures that is not the point of these discussions. Their is no question about their success and probably the best in expansion history, so what that doesn’t address today. I am a loyal fan probably greater than you but yesterdays have no bearing on today.

  21. Mel Hallerman

    And, of course, Shea Theodore fumbles another puck to give away the empty net clincher. It seems that, whenever someone is near him challenging him, he tends to give away the puck.

    • NAM

      Stephenson definitely helped him, saying, “Here have a terrible pass!!”

  22. vgk21

    Darren Elliot, a former goalie, pointed it out. and it is obvious. LT needs to stand up and face the puck when it is along the goal line. he is deep on the goal line and butterfly kneeling and facing the center of the ice when the puck is along the goal line, and he is totally susceptible to those shots bouncing off his head and into the goal. Dallas has discovered a flaw in his technique, and they are purposely exploiting it.

    Sean Burke, the goalie coach, used the same technique when he played, BUT he was a big stocky guy with a completely different upper body than LT, who is a skinny guy who does not cover as much net when he butterflies.

    of course, the way the team in front of him is playing at home, LT is not getting any offensive support at home. Vgk just forcing pucks back to the point and tossing soft 60 foot muffins into the Dallas shot blocking forwards is a useless strategy, and it also results in no penalties drawn either. no PP.

    • Richie-Rich

      Allowing Dallas too much zone time and giving them space for shot after shot after shot is a recipe for losing. Sure, you’ll block a bunch of shots but what was working in period 1 was body slamming Stars into next week. Exploding the play and blowing the puck off the stick was working. They then fell back into the same old routine of flailing away and poke checking as Stars skated right around them. Take the body!

      We definitely got a lot of hits, but many of those were not key shift changing hits.

      PP – you point to Petro’s +/- but he was in the box on the PK that he caused. Lifting his stick and taking a shit penalty behind the play like that was avoidable. Demote him and promote McNabb to D1. McNabb’s been fantastic. Big body, not afraid to hit, solid on D and his IQ and passing skills are much improved.

      I am not taking anything away from Petro’s career, or his performance during the cup run. That’s history. His current performance is going to lead to an early playoff exit.

      • RR – critical negativity and no one is jumping down your throat. Posters on this site have difficulty accepting anything other than a love affair with the Knights. I know you are a loyal fan or you won’t be a sth but also a critic which is refreshing. Reading some of the posts would have one wondering what game they were watching. Hopefully we can pull it together tomorrow night and leave town with a win

    • knights fan in minny

      the boys were not getting any traffic in front of Ottinger h was seeing everything

      • Kfim – unfortunately that’s been their problem most of the time and doesn’t appear to be improving. Apparently very slow learners l am sad to say. Watch any opponents and guys are screening goalies all the time, not Vega however.

  23. Frank

    VGK played a very good game overall. Two bad/lucky goals by the Stars and we are where we started (series tied). LT needs to keep on his feet when the puck is in the corner. If he is in proper position, no way those two shots have a prayer of going in. I know the current style is to butterfly and take away shots down low…. however, if something is not working, change it up. This is a talented Stars team, but on any given night, think we have the edge. Hertl needs to be with Stone and taking draws. Doro should also get the call in game 5. Oettinger was decent in game 4 but is beatable. Can’t have the silly, flukey goals go in.

    • NAM

      Frank is putting Doro in Game 5, who is Frank taking out? How does that change your lines?

      My guess is you will say Howden goes and Doro plays with Ammo and Karl. I will then come back and say they were your best line in Game 4 on defense and also looked damn good on offense. Scored a goal, had more looks yada yada.

      Maybe you want to say Ammo. Then I know you didn’t watch the game and you should refer to my comments about L3 being pretty much the best line in game 4.

      So then who? Stone, Stephenson, Hertl, Barb, Marchy, Eichel. Or are you going to draw from line 4, Roy, Carrier, or Kolesar? If so what happens to the lines? Doro on a checking line doesn’t seem like an improvement.

      I am being a little bit stupid in this post, but my questions are legit. Mantha was a no brainer and Ammo was lights out better for this team. Good move. Doro isn’t that easy. So *my* answer to this is harsh. You sit Hertl and play Doro with Stone and Steph. The Stars have negated Hertl’s front of net play and they don’t really get penalized much. Is he worth his detriment to the Cassidy system, is the question. I could go either way, but Cassidy would get lynched if he made this move and it didn’t pay off.

      • I agree with you, either you move Roy up to second line and move Hertl down to 4th line easier for coachs job and could still use him in limited minutes or on power play. The other option is to put Doro in to replace Hertl and play the way Cassidy likes to play. That line is faster and will score more. That’s why Cassidy is so stressed management brought these guys in and there failing. Similar to first year knee jerk management move to bring in that guy from Montreal Tatar and our coach had to put him on the bench.

      • Frank

        To answer your question, I think putting Doro with Amadio and Karlsson would be the best bet. And they still may be the best line….. Nothing against Howden, although, I give the edge to Doro in the scoring department. But who knows, I am not the coach. But we need more goals, that is for certain.

  24. TS

    Someone mentioned this morning after the loss, that despite this happening, the VGK have a pretty good record at away games, and since we could potentially play 7 games, TWO of them.are away.It could actually benefit us! I checked the record, pretty close with the wins… Okay, it’s a stretch, but Vegas has defied the odds a time or two in its short history, so…..

  25. JB

    If our boys really are cup contenders, then they will not lose three in a row! I expect us to figure out their goalie in game five!

  26. niggles

    We’re being out coached and outplayed. Dallas is a very good team this year. Simple as that. Onward.

    • knights fan in minny

      wow that’s probably the first time that was said about debor

      • niggles

        They’ve won two games in a row in our house. Coach D made appropriate adjustments to win. You can’t blame it all on poor execution. Give him some credit.

  27. He’s Deboer’s agent – yes outplayed at times which happens and two fluky goals didn’t help.

  28. PJT

    Last night I wrote a very long angry post about the team’s performance on the ice and how disappointed we the fans were and how they don’t seem to want this series anymore and that they’ve basically given up….but then I didn’t hit the post button and instead gave it a day to think it over.

    Much as I like to blame the loss on a particular player or coach, I’ve decided to just let it go and blame it entirely on puck luck. Everyone is entitled to a bad day at the office and VGK just had 2 pretty bad ones. But lady luck is tricky and you never know how she may turn in our favor. The last 2 games were close and in essence a one goal parity. Both sides put in their workman’s share of effort and the results came close.

    For perspective, if you think we’re having a rough time, think about Nashville Predator’s game earlier before ours. The Preds were up 3-1 vs the canucks in the 3rd. It was pretty much over when at 1 min 51 secs to go, Pred’s Sissons. had an empty net shot 10 feet away from the Canucks empty net and hit the right post and bounced off. Preds was still up 3-2 and they only need to hang on for 1 min 45 seconds and victory is theirs on home ice. However, 10 seconds before the final whistle, Vancouver scored the equalizer. 3-3 final. Went to OT and Vancouver won.

    Having watched that happened to them, I don’t feel so bad about our loss. Series for us is tied 2-2. The Preds are going face elimination in their next game. I’m sure they’d rather trade places with us so don’t lose hope guys. GKG!

    • JB

      It wasn’t a bad performance by us at all in game four. As mentioned a couple of bounces went their way instead of ours. I still believe we can win this series! And yes the Preds up two with three and a half minutes left. What a back breaker!

  29. I’ started on a cruise last night and couldn’t see the game and thusly cannot comment on it except to obviously state my disappointment and hope for a better result tomorrow night.

    And I don’t know why….BUT…my gut is telling me Hill will be in net…I wonder what’s in Cassidy’s gut??

    • JB

      I had the same thought on playing Hill. We’ll see?

      • TS

        I think.ya gotta give LT rest and time to recover from.the 2- game onslaught. Hill needs to be involved. No team can win the Cup with one G.

        • Richie-Rich

          I think Hill is nursing a lower body injury. We’ll see.

        • Well somehow my gut got this one right about Hill and even better Cassidy finally listened, at least this time was not a pained delay…see Mantha lol

          I wish my gut could predict the future and final score in tonight’s game but sadly it can’t, though it is liking the Barbashev move to the 4th line!!

  30. Tim

    I had it right on the tips of my finger but I let it slip out of my hand. An old song that kind of emulates the Knights playoff series against Dallas. Coming home 2 zip and letting them back in the series and now back to Dallas has been the team MO this year. It’s frustrated me since November but it’s only a game and if they don’t want it not much we as fans can do. My wife a much bigger hockey fan then me watches all the playoff games and is hoping for a Canadiens Stanley Cup since it’s been 30 years. I’ve got a baseball game same times as the Knights game so you know what I’ll be watching. The difference with my wife is she’s so discussed with the Knights she’s watching Survivor tonight instead of the Knights game. So good luck beating Dallas 2 out of 3 I hope it happens but when they didn’t at least split the series in Vegas my frustration I’ve felt since November tells me they would rather be golfing.

    • JB

      That a boy Tim. Go watch that baseball. We would appreciate it!

      • Tim

        For all you who think baseball is a snoozer really don’t know the game. Last night my Guardians lost 10-9 to Houston but action plus in an extra inning loss. The night before an overtime loss to the Braves we let slip away but again an action packed game. Really the whole season so far has been very entertaining which is more then I can say about the Knights snoozers. Look at the Knights this year how many games win or lose have they scored 2 goals or less and then tell me how entertaining that is. Our defense is deep but our offense just hasn’t clicked and if we get eliminated by Dallas there will be major changes before next year.

        • Richie-Rich

          Baseball was my first love. Then wokeness destroyed it. It’t the Cleveland Indians, not Guardians. At least they haven’t been sucked in over in Atlanta.

          Today’s game is all about home runs and hitting. The small game is nearly non-existent. The DH infection has now gone over to the National League and in extra innings they have brought in socialism by granting a 2nd base runner. Making it worse is the huge sums of money paid out, and the disparity of it all. It has spread somewhat to the NHL, but it isn’t as bad as the NBA or MLB.

          I am a huge fan of a pitching duel. The situation, what pitch and location is chosen, and of course the small game. I love the home run as well, but I miss tradition. Next up – electronic umpiring. Sorry, but no.

          And, by the way, it’s the Washington Redskins.

          All of this butt hurt by team names, and the inability for comedians to make people laugh creates hatred and division and chokes the fun out life itself. I am a season ticket holder for the Las Vegas Aviators, farm team for the A’s. But I haven’t watched an MLB or NFL game in at least 5 years.

          YANKEE FAN HERE.

    • Wingenter

      See ya Tim. Go Baseball. Please don’t come back. But I know you will.

    • Richie-Rich


      I am a realist. This team’s performance and consistency is not championship level. They have the talent, but that championship motivation is not there on a consistent enough basis. I’ve been watching the other series and I have serious doubts that the VGK can beat anyone in the next round. Blowing a 2-0 series lead is bad for the team and its’ fans. Win tonight and they have a chance. A loss tonight likely means a first round exit. I don’t believe the VGK can come back from a 3-2 series deficit.

      • Tim

        Richie Rich, Finally a realist observation on the Knights. You made my day as old Clint would say. Or are you feeling lucky?

  31. Rashaad

    Richie Rich, hdbiker7851, knights fan in minny, JB, ThG, Pistol Peter and others.

    We all want the same thing.

    Let’s hope we are all happy this evening.

  32. knights fan in minny

    6:30 cant come soon enough logan will be in net

  33. PJT

    That’s 6.30pm central. 4.30pm Knight time here in Vegas.
    Hill is first goalie on the ice in morning practice. Keeping DeBoer guessing. If the Stars have figured out shooting at the goalies head is the way to go, then it makes sense for VGK to start the bigger, taller goalie in net. Hope we get some puck luck going this time in Dallas. GKG!

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