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Recap: Up 2-0 in the seven-game series the Golden Knights immediately had to fend off a desperate Stars team. Dallas outshot Vegas 18-8 in the opening period but were only able to get one past Vegas goaltender Logan Thompson. After the opening twenty minutes the Golden Knights trailed 1-0.

Thompson continued to put on a show in net stopping, 29 shots in 30 minutes of action. The Stars were able to double their lead to 2-0 in the middle frame, however Brayden McNabb finally got the Golden Knights on the scoreboard midway through the second period. Minutes later Jack Eichel tied the game with a crucial shorthanded goal. Through 40 minutes, Game 3 was locked in a 2-2 score.

Vegas had several quality chances to start the final frame, but Dallas was able to fend off the home team’s attack. Both teams battled until time ran out in regulation and needed overtime to decide a winner. Dallas would go on to score late in sudden death to secure the game 3-2.

After their 3-2 loss in overtime the Golden Knights now lead the Stars 2-1 in their seven-game series. The series will resume on Monday night from The Fortress. Puck drop for Game 4 is scheduled for 6:30 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights were an utter disaster for the first 30+ minutes of the game. They could not get through the neutral zone and it led to a flurry of incredible chances coming at Logan Thompson. Thompson stood on his head and thwarted so odd-man rushes. Then, in a flash, VGK scored at 4-on-4 and 4-on-5 to strike back and tie a game they should have been down by four or more. They started to defend better in the 3rd and early OT, but the legs started to catch up to them and a fresh youngster came flying through the neutral zone to end it. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Dallas Stars at T-Mobile Arena.

  • So many odd-man rushes. What changed?

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Brayden McNabb
** Jack Eichel
* Logan Thompson


VGK’s Heaviness Contributing To 2-0 Series Lead


What VGK Did Wrong In Game 3 And How They Can Correct It


  1. Cheese Louise

    Way to go Logan!!
    Best I’ve ever seen you play!!
    Sorry that the rest of the team left you hanging out to dry and let the other team pepper you non stop!

    • LT deserves Hazzard duty pay for last night as the team fell down in front of him big time obviously the A team decided to take the night off for most of the game. All they accomplished was letting Dallas back in the series which had they played like the first two games would never have happened. My only hope is they learned something and realize they can’t get away with poor play. Monday night will be a tell tail of what’s to come. They had Dallas on the canvas and let them get up.

  2. Pistol Pete

    Came sooo close to ending it in regulation. First Barbashev and then Hanifin narrowly missing from exactiy same place same shot he scored on game 2. Hopefully LT can build on that stellar performance. Almost had to know it was not going to be that easy to go up 3-0 against a team as good as Dallas.

  3. PJT

    Firstly, great job LT. Next, tweaking the lines when a third of the team just met each other in the post season is a huge brain fart on the part of the coach. By some fluke shot, we manage to find a line combination that worked well in the first 2 games. So why on earth did you want to change it? There were numerous times, guys were looking tentatively at each other to see who should be on ice. During face offs, guys didn’t know where to stand. It got so crazy that Roy was taking face offs with Hertl standing near by. We even saw Howden take face offs a few times. HOWDEN!!!

    You know the team isn’t playing right when McNabb has more shots on goal than Marchy and Karly. From the beginning, VGK was playing like they were stuck on 3rd gear. Very listless, very lethargic, but did a great job in the first period of hanging your goalie out to dry. Losing puck battles, wall battles, lotsa whiffing, bad passing leading to numerous puck turnovers contrasted with the energy and desperation play of the opponent. At least one team knows what they were there for.

    Having said that, I can understand what really happened. No, NHL didn’t rig the game for VGK to lose so they can get more ticket revenue although the way the refs were behaving, a lot of Vegas folks think that’s the main reason.

    The real reason is that 2 day rest which is unusual for the playoffs. Usually we get that one day for travel and the series should have been a Friday, Sunday affair. So we get an extra day and the WAGS haven’t seen their guy in a few days and so nature takes its course and the team shows up tired and sleepy. Case closed.

    Be better on Monday. GKG!

    • Pistol Pete

      Yeah PJT I might have expected Bruce to stay with lines that won both games in Dallas. Looks like he went back to last year’s postseason line of Howden-Stephenson-Stone where Howden was surprisingly effective. I would have preferred he keep Hertl and Stone together for just their third game together but what do I really know?

    • TS

      PJT, you had me agreeing with your post, until you claimed that Vegas Fans feel games are ” Rigged by the NHL” to ensure a better/ more lucrative series… not sure which VGK fans you interviewed for your post, but that is ABSURD. It’s fans from OTHER teams who constantly accuse the VGK of cheating the system!

      • TS

        I re- read your post, Pjt, apologies to you…you weren’t claiming the rigging, you were just commenting on others

  4. I also agree that Thompson and Eichel played their hears out. But there are things you can learn by going to the game. It was quite evident that Stone Hertal and Mantha may be the slowest 3 players in hockey. Also,the rest of the players were gassed by overtime since the had retrieve all the pucks these guys couldn’t get to. Poor overall passing leading to numerous breakouts. May be the worst game I’ve ever seen. Patrangelo also looked very old. Yes we did win two against Dallas but it may say more about Dallas. If this was Colorado would have been 8 to 0. This new group looks slow and old.

    • Pistol Pete

      “I also agree that Thompson and Eichel played their hears out.”

      Hearts I think you mean.

      “It was quite evident that Stone Hertal and Mantha may be the slowest 3 players in hockey.”

      His name is Hertl and Hertal. Stone and Hertl though they are not fast fast skaters are both worth every penny of their salaries. Guess you missed that excellent and plenty speedy enough rush by Hertl as he came out of the penalty box late in the second. He could have scored.

      “May be the worst game I’ve ever seen.”

      Well, the Stars are one of the best teams in the league so a team even a very good one like the VGK are not going to win every game in a series. Furthermore Vegas played better for numerous stretches of this game than you understand apparently.

      “Patrangelo also looked very old.”

      His name is spelled Pietrangelo and you must have missed that excellent look he had early in the game. You should ask Hanifin what he thinks of playing with Petro and report back to us instead of attempting to sum him up on your own.

      • TS

        Pp, you tell him! Set him straight! We don’t throw our players under the bus unless they deserve it! Lol

      • Richie-Rich

        This game was a hot mess. Credit Dallas for coming to play. Pietrangelo and Whitecloud were out of position and were both involved in the Stars scoring. Whitecloud has not been very good, but he’s still only a D3. He was defending our Blue Line because Martinez was pinching up. Makes sense since Martinez can’t be expected to cover the younger and more fleet Dallas forwards.

      • knights fan in minny

        well said pete

  5. JB

    Can’t play like we did in first period and expect to win in the playoffs. Credit to the guys coming back and going to OT. Could/should have won it toward end of regulation. Listen Dallas is good, but I think we are better WHEN we play with determination. We didn’t do that in the first. Ok regroup because I feel whoever wins game four will win the series. Big game!

  6. Tim

    I’ll just never figure out the game of hockey get lucky and go up 2 zip and come home and give it away. Dallas was desperate bull shit how about we were desperate to go up 3 zip. I watch the Anaheim game 82 and they make us look bad and then last nights debacle it’s hard for me to take losing so causally as most of you do. Good news for me my childhood baseball team that I’ve been a fan of since 1950 is 19 and 8 best record in baseball. Is this our year probably not haven’t won since 1948 but at least win or lose every games exciting not like hockey where so many games are unwatchable.

    • JB

      Enjoy your baseball (yawn) and quit watching hockey Tim. You are not cut out to be a hockey fan, especially a KNIGHTS fan!

  7. ThG

    let s do a few more article on how to beat the VGK and jinx the team some more. OK ?

    Stars were not no. 1 in west for a reason, and recent pick ups by VGK beginning to show they need more time to jell with team. Too bad LT played his heart out. Need hague back on D. It is always tough for home team to play in front of their own crowd (at home) after coming off two away games. There is a lot of pressure to perform and a lot of distractions at home. Too many excuses, need to put big boy pants on and play next game.

  8. TS

    Tim, you’re pretty negative, even for YOU. Do you need a hug?? You may want to reconsider all the Vgk bashing you do here. I’m kinda new to Hockey, but I support our team, even when it doesn’t go well. Every team loses games. Badly. Even in the Playoffs. Btw: baseball is a Snorefest. My ex would say that a No- Hitter was awesome— watching a 3 hour game with NO Hits?? Ho- hum, wake me when it’s over!!

  9. TS

    That entire game was a distraction! All of the pre- game spectacles, the noise, the crazy fans who do ANYTHING to get noticed and on camera— lots of excessive noise and BS. That stuff is distracting, even to fans watching on TV! It’s over- the- top, even for Vegas..

  10. knights fan in minny

    you have to win that game for logan h was outstanding.the boys need to clean up the sloppy thy were sloppy for a period and a half step on their throats monday time for mantha to sit

    • TS

      Such a bad end for LT, after his stellar performance and 40+ saves. Such a shame he couldn’t save this game. He did HIS part, but the rest of the team didn’t, unfortunately. Monday, the boys get serious and play Playoff Hockey again!

  11. ThG

    looks like the “heaviness” took a lot out of VGK, or Stars needed extra day to recover from it

  12. Vic

    Credit the Stars for sticking to a plan to limit the VGK high danger chances. The entire OT felt like a Dallas 6 on 5. The VGK tried the dump and chase but there wasn’t much chase. *Refs missed the horse collar throw down of Hertl with 8 minutes left, and a trip of someone with 2 minutes left in the 3rd.
    *Refs left broken sticks on the ice with VGK players tripping over them. Insane that the refs skate right by these sticks on the ice.

    Let’s grab game 4 and move on.

  13. Richie-Rich

    Round 1 Game 3 DAL 3, VGK 2 OTL

    A desperate Stars team came into team mobile and found a lethargic and largely non-interested Golden Knights team that looked completely exhausted for the first 39 minutes of the game. Logan Thompson was outstanding. I have been a season ticket holder since year one and this is the best goaltending performance that I have seen in the entire team’s history. Unfortunately the team took more than half of the game off. For most of this contest, the team looked more like the San Jose Sharks this evening than our Golden Knights. Dallas had 47 shots on goal and 46 others that were blocked. Credit Thompson that the score wasn’t much worse than it was. The fact that the VGK had an opportunity to win this game in OT is due to the goaltending.

    Throughout this contest, one of the problems in this game was pucks bouncing off of VGK sticks and winding up as turnovers to the Stars.

    At 11:11 of period 1 Alex Pietrangelo found himself on the same side of Thompson as Hanifan and a rebound was wristed backhand into the net by Wyatt Johnson.

    At 5:25 in period 2 a stretch pass found Whitecloud out of position allowing for a breakaway opportunity that Heiskanen, uncovered, ultimately wristed past an unscreened Thompson.

    The VGK did not play well at all 5 on 5 throughout this contest, and had to rely on an uncovered Brayden McNabb wrister and a short handed breakaway by Eichel to even the score in the 2nd frame.

    Ultimately, it was a breakdown on defense by Pietrangelo on the 1st goal, and Whitecloud on the 2nd goal that resulted in a 2-0 lead by the Stars.

    The teams face off again in Game 4 on Monday night at the Fortress. It’s apparent that the defense cannot afford to take one shift off or be out of position. The Stars will be looking to even this series, and the Golden Knights still have an opportunity to take a commanding 3-1 series lead headed back to Dallas.

    My 3 Stars:
    #1 Star: Logan Thompson
    #2 Star: Brayden McNabb
    #3 Star: Jack Eichel

    Asteroids Go To:
    #1 Pietrangelo
    #2 Whitecloud
    #3 The rest of the team with the exception of Thompson for 39 minutes of horrible hockey.

    • Richie-Rich

      Correction, It was 32 blocks not 47 which was the number of hits.

      Additionally, the GA/TA ratios can be an indication of how well the team is playing. In game 3 the differential was -6 in favor of the Stars.

      GAME 3 the Stars GA/TA was 6/11 (+5), the VGK GA/TA was 10/9 (-1).
      Differential -6 in favor of DAL

      GAME 2 the Stars GA/TA was 6/2 (-4), VGK 9/4 (-5)
      Differential of -1 in favor of DAL

      GAME 1 the Stars GA/TA was 9/15 (+6), VGK 2/10 (+8)
      Differential of +2 in favor of VGK

      These normally end up with a failed shift for the team losing the puck. A total minus 6 is pretty bad, and really tells the story of how this game went. Keep those ratios as close to zero as possible or positive in your favor!

  14. vgk21

    It was braindead hockey for 30 minutes. When you give, and I mean GIVE, your opponent breakaway after breakaway, and 10 bell scoring chances one after another, it is simply a matter of Vgk playing between the ears poorly, and then getting to their normal game at the halfway mark. Dallas or ANY team can capitalize if you can’t even stay in position, have 2 dmen and a backchecking forward F3 back on every opposition rush, which is the most basic fundamental tenet of hockey defense structure.

    It is too bad that 18 guys for 30 mins wasted the great performance of their goaltender. Hopefully it will be a shaming wakeup call to not do it again.

    Vgk in 6, just like last year

  15. NAM

    My take good and bad:

    1. LT was lights out. What an effort!

    2. By far the worst game Hanifin has had. I cannot tell you how many times his passes ended up on the other teams sticks. Forced passes to defended teammates, bad passes, etc. Very very poor passing all game long.

    3. Hertl was a boat anchor. Ultra slow Hertl and slow Mantha teamed up with the best defensive center on the team Karlsson. It’s almost like Cassidy said, “how bad can we make the 3rd line defensively and still get top quality out of Karlsson”. Well it finally hit its point. I don’t like that combo at all. I am not sure Hertl did anything to better this team tonight. His front of the net presence, his bread and butter, didn’t seem to exists, at least on tv.

    I probably have more, but no energy. They need to figure some things out for next game and not come out like sloths with bad eye sight.

    • knights fan in minny

      how about pav or ammadio with wild bill and Hertl

      • NAM

        I really don’t like Hertl on that line at all, but that means where do you put him? Cassidy pulled him away from Stone, so clearly he didn’t like him there. Eichel line no and Roys line no. I’ll be curious to see what they do next game. Maybe they will just gel better. Mantha has been hit or miss. I didn’t think he was terrible game 1 and 2, but the mix of those 3 just seems like you take Karlsson’s dominance out of play. Hell, I don’t know, maybe Karlsson just had a bad game. He didn’t morning skate, maybe was just off.

    • Richie-Rich

      When you can’t pass you skate, when you cannot do either you back pass to relieve pressure. This was classic VGK during the last 3 months of the season when they simply couldn’t handle pressure very well.

  16. knights fan in minny

    roy was really good in the face off dot

  17. JB

    Mantha needs to SIT! He doesn’t do anything. Put in Pavo or Ammo. At least we know what they can do! It’s like Butch must play this guy because we went and traded for him? Hertl will be good on PP, but right now 5 on 5 he is too slow. The 4th line got our rally started with physical play. I’m telling you we must win game four Monday! The winner of that game will take the series! Big big game!

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    • knights fan in minny

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  19. Incredible Thompson performance…VGK did not deserve to win…but sure as heck would have been nice to see Logan rewarded with the win….but its a team game and the better team last night ultimately won…such a deja vu moment with Hanifin in the exact same location with 11.8 seconds remaining to win the game…sigh.

    Yammering time yet again….when oh when is Mantha going to be a ‘healthy’ scratch’?…he adds zero to the team and worse he gives off every impression he doesnt care…or even more succinct….he doesnt give a shit…i know some of you here feel the same…the only question is when Cassidy will see the same!!!

  20. Jack Hammer

    To knights fan in minny and ThG

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    • ThG

      “to boldly go where no man has gone before”(note the cancel culture morons changed this because, well, they are morons)

    • knights fan in minny

      nobody wants to read your bullshit that belongs elsewhere you fucking moron

    • TS

      Jack, I was told years ago: ” Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. This has been MY governor through life. I occasionally stray, but it usually comes back to bite, and I regret it. You seem young, eager to flex that Freedom of Speech, but SHOULD you be posting this stuff on a Hockey site, or maybe take it to a like- minded site??

      • Jack Hammer

        TS, I will no longer post on this site unless it exclusively has to do with hockey. That is my ultimate promise to you Madam. I will not stray. I have great respect for the way you responded to my post with logic and kindness.

        Wishing you a day filled with kindness, compassion, and joy.

        Lets Go Golden Knights!

    • Richie-Rich

      Jack, Article 19 no longer carries weight in the New World Order! Hate Speech is no longer tolerated!!!!!!!! Be warned, all social media, the internet, and your phone lines are being secretly recorded. Your opinions are no longer even yours.

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      • TS

        Rr, not about free Speech here. If you read my post, it was about posts being highly inappropriate on this site . Nothing more
        .” Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD”.

      • Jack Hammer

        Bollucks Bullocks Bullocks Mr. Richie Rich, Not looking for a fight good sir. I have not insulted any one even once on this forum. I sincerely hope that the FBI and CIA have better things to do then read a post on a hockey site from a Golden Knights fan from from England.

  21. Duckboy

    Shame to waste the best goaltending performance in knights playoff history (Ken went a step further but I can’t remember every game like him).

    Line changes were stupid
    Mantha is just wandering around out there not really playing hockey(like free skate as your local rink)
    Hertl and stone and Petro all look way out of shape (for professional/playoff hockey)

    I would say the team wasnt focused. Almost like they heard Ken imply the series was over after game 2.
    I think the knights beat themselves today from the play on the ice, (except Thompson) coaching and lack of adjustments

    The other thing that was happening was they were letting otteniger play the dump ins
    That was killing us as well could get pressure.

    For next game Can only hope it just simply focus and small adjustments and to never see those lines again

  22. JB

    Ok, after some time to calm down, I feel we are going to be fine. We played a horrible game for 30 minutes, but much better the last 30. We actually had a couple of great chances to win in regulation. The boys won’t make this mistake again, at least in this series. Win game four and we will win the series !

    • Richie-Rich

      JB, I agree. Play inspired and motivated hockey for 60 minutes. Did the pregame show Golden Knight and Dragon steal their thunder? The crowd certainly was into it for most of this game.

      On a separate issue, the refs missed 3 very clear penalties against Dallas. That had a huge impact as well later in the game when they occurred.

  23. RR….2 that were quite blatant were the trip on Stone and a literal hold on Carrier!

    • Richie-Rich

      Who was the Knight that they took to the ice in headlock? That was another no call. Was that the one on Carrier?

  24. I dont recall exactly but it might hae been…or could have been Womantha!…though its unlikely he would ever wish to sully his uniform with any ice!

  25. ThG

    was at practice today, it was optional ! I told Bruce to put a shadow on Johnson. They don’t do this any more. The last time I saw one tried was on Wayne Gretzky, and then the oilers brought in the enforcer, Marty McCorsley who made it difficult for anyone to shadow no. 99.

    The team needs a boost, don’t be surprised to see Amadio, Cotter, Hutton, and/or Davo in the lineup in the next game. That should make the whiners happy, I mean popgun.

    I would go with Praying Mantis !

    • ThG….Womantha is history…Bye bye!!…has not bought into being a Golden Knight and the strive to be the best he can be for the team…Cassidy will tell him he is being scratched Monday night and he will not protest..he will shrug his shoulders and slink away…case closed!

      • Larry. Agree agree agree!!!

      • Gee it seems like Cassidy read my post… and FINALLY has deemed that the one place Mantha should not be is on the ice with his soon to be former teammates that actually care and WANT to win…and strive to be the best they can possibly be!

  26. ThG

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