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Recap: Game 2 began with several quality chances for Dallas, but Vegas goaltender Logan Thompson kept his composure and held the game scoreless through most of the period. With under three minutes remaining in the opening frame the Stars took a 1-0 advantage. The lead wouldn’t hold as Jonathan Marchessault tied the game before the first intermission.

The game locked down in the middle frame with only 15 total shots on net. With :67 seconds left in the period Vegas defenseman Noah Hanifin wristed the puck into Dallas’ net for their first lead of the game.

Vegas came out firing in the opening ten minutes of the final frame. The Golden Knights launched eight shots in the first half of the period and controlled play in the second half. The reigning Stanley Cup champions locked down and finished off the Stars 3-1 in Game 2.

The Golden Knights take a 2-0 series lead by defeating the Stars 3-1 in Game 2. The series will now shift to Vegas for Game’s 3 and 4. Puck drop for Game 3 is scheduled for 7:30 PM on Saturday night. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights entered this series with a very specific plan against an opponent they know well. They wanted to keep their structure defensively and limit transition chances from the Stars. Through two games, they’ve done exactly that and they’ve completely taken the air out of the 3rd best scoring team in the league. VGK are making the Stars look hapless offensively. It’s been impressive. The Golden Knights are coming home with a 2 game advantage. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Dallas Stars at American Airlines Center.

  • VGK’s structure leaving DAL searching for answers… again.

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Logan Thompson
** Jack Eichel
* Noah Hanifin



Hertl, Hanifin, Stone Have VGK Power Play Exuding Confidence


0 Shots, 5 Minutes


  1. knights fan in minny

    logan was outstanding petro and martini were real good great assist from jack to marchy even batter backcheck from barby to start the play

  2. Rashaad

    Wow indeed DeezNutz.

    If anyone has read my posts in the past, I always called this front office, the best front office and professional sports and that includes obviously the coaching staff.

    Obviously, this is a discussion forum and we’re all going to have our opinions, but at the end of the day, they just simply know what they are doing.

    How many of us have been why Pavel Dorofeyev was not in the lineup? Howden had a great game! They all did!

    • knights fan in minny

      howdy was good

    • Pistol Pete

      McCrimmon has been very very good. His latest move in acquiring Hanifin and Hertl in part to boost the PP is a stroke of genius. And of course picking Cassidy. Acquiring Stone, Petro and Eichel. Guy knows what he is doing. Four Conference Finals in six years.

      • knights fan in minny

        time for Kelly to win gm of the year

      • ThG

        well Hank Kimbal is back, aka popgun pedro
        put davo in
        put cotter in
        put davo in
        put cotter in

        don’t put them in, keep line up the same.

        rinse and repeat.

        • TS

          Why do ypu make fun of PP and others?? Does it prop up your ego? Come on, man, play nice, or take your ball and play somewhere else!

          • Pistol Pete


            TS, in my opinion (speaking as a to-be-this-year 71 year-old) the older we get the more nuanced, understanding, compassionate and open minded we should strive to become. Not the opposite i.e. all the more stubborn, intractable, vindictive, narrow minded etc. etc. This can be very hard to do but really I do think about it quite a bit. Trying to be more understanding and considering of things with which I most vehemently disagree
            (the views of rock guitar hero Ted Nugent comes to mind). Obviously one has to draw the line. There is a very wide range of normality and then there is evil e.g. Adolf Hitler. I don’t mean to say anybody that posts on this board is evil nor is Ted Nugent.

          • ThG

            i think his post below would be something Hank Kimball would be very proud of, and this guy too


          • TS

            Pp, ,i’m a few months shy of 68, I find I appreciate the decent, respectful, just plain NICE people so much more as I age. But, I also find I am less patient with the other BS. I figure age and experience should have taught us all to respect one another, but some refuse to be nice. You, have always been respectful. Most are. Only takes one ot two to up, ruin it for the rest. Dang those Party Crashers!!

        • Emmanuel

          Its not just about YOUR lineup, what if the OTHER team mixes lines or adds drops, shouldnt you also ice the best combo’s especially at home.

          The “we won, dont change anything” line is perplexing to me.

          Interestingly im convinced the coach trusts Howden not to do anything stupid, thats gotta be the reasoning over playing him over Amadio/Doro.
          Seems to me like ‘trying not to lose’.

          • ThG

            nope seems to me like the coach feels that Howden (who wore the A once this year, and wore C on earlier teams before the NHL) is more trusted, proven, he’s more experienced than Doro. And Amadio was there last year too. You got to amke your bonesIf it is a long playoff run, expect either of these two to get in a game or two. Why fix something that isn’t broken, is better way to look at it. Don’t you think?

            To ” make one’s bones ” is an American English idiom meaning to take actions to establish achievement, status, or respect. It is an idiomatic equivalent of “establish [ing] one’s bona fides “.

  3. Rashaad

    Some broken English in there, but I was typing too fast because of my excitement.

  4. knights fan in minny

    mantha let old man suter man handle him somebody needs to give benn a shot

    • Niggles

      This is the time when Benny comes to Vegas and cross checks someone to the throat.

      • Emmanuel

        Benn & Seguin are two of the creepiest players in the league… sure we will here a LOT of stories after they retire.

        • TS

          Emmanuel, Maroon is my pick for most nasty player in the league. He takes the Enforcer thing to new lows!

  5. niggles

    Super impressed by the defensive play. 36 was outstanding tonight. 15 came through clutch with the game winner. I’ll be at the Fortress in section 12 Saturday night. Let’s go!

    • knights fan in minny

      enjoy niggles cheer like a madman

    • Richie-Rich

      I am in 11 Row M 14, that’s my season ticket seat. See you at the game. Hopefully they continue to take this Stars team seriously and not let them get a win in our house. Finish it early so they can rest for round 2. The Kings won tonight and the other round 1 games look they may go deep.

  6. PJT

    I liked how we control the tempo of the game and roll all 4 lines.
    I liked how we stuck to the experienced disciplined players we have instead of adding this and that shiny new player like someone suggests. If it’s working, don’t change the chemistry. Winning 101.

    I hope we keep this attitude up back in T-mobile. I still remember how we lost2 back to back to dallas last season. We cannot let that happen.

    Once nice streak we got going so far is that we win against Dallas in the playoffs when Jamie Benn is playing. When he is not playing, we lost twice to them.

    Roll 4 lines, discipline playing, keeping it simple. Play the right way. Tempo, tempo, tempo.
    Play like a champion, win like a champion.


  7. knights fan in minny

    you have to love the save on theo

    • TS

      Kfim, I felt Theo had a commanding game. Played like a true D hero.what a way to start the series! Hope we dominate Dallas on home ice– No need to return to Dallas, period!

  8. Richie-Rich

    Stanley Cup Playoffs, Game 2 Round 1

    GAME 2 Recap VGK 3, DAL 1: The Defending Stanley Cup Champions were heard loud and clear across NHL fandom as they took a series leading 2-0 lead over the Dallas Stars. All of the pre-playoff chatter, including Ken Boehlke’s analysis of the Stars achievements got shut down and sunk like the Titanic tonight. Dallas only had 2 or 3 high danger chances off the top of my head and Thompson handled them all.

    The Eichel-to-Marchessault goal was a thing of beauty, and Hanifan has proven to be the cherry on top of the LTIR Cap-Busting Cake! Yeah, let’s take a poke at all of the fans whining about the LTIR rules that a dozen other teams “worked”. Don’t get me wrong. I think Stone’s lacerated spleen was legit, and it was amazing that he was able to come back for these playoffs. Even more surprising is that he doesn’t appear to have lost a step at all.

    The Knights employed their shot blocking defense and were able to limit the Stars chances all night long.

    My 3 Stars
    #1 Star goes to Jack Eichel – what a pass play!
    #2 Star goes to Noah Hanifan
    #3 Star goes to Jonathan Marchessault

    My Asteroids go to
    #1 Pete DeBoering just because
    #2 Zach Whitecloud because he has regressed and turned a puck over at his own blue line that almost resulted in the tying goal
    #3 Nicholas Hague because he has also regressed this season. He gets the asteroid even though he was a scratch. Keep playing Alec Martinez because he’s much better.

    This entire team is playing great with the exception of Hague and Whitecloud.

    • Pistol Pete

      R-R I have not given up on Whitey and Hager, They were awesome in the playoffs last year. I must say though one of them may have to sit out for Martinez ultimately. That guy always manages to be impactful in the postseason.

    • Emmanuel

      I remember when signing Hague was like THE biggest thing ever…..
      Never get attached to players.
      I think Jonathan Marchessault flew under the radar, was +3.

  9. Pistol Pete

    LT is pulling an Adin Hill so far. Gotta like how he rebounded this game after allowing that bad goal #3 the first game.

    First two games: Eichel 1 G/3 A-Marchy 1 G/2 A.

    Hanifin gets his first postseason goal and exactly how we want to see it with him coming down into the slot.

    This team is beginning to play the kind of defense and overall game that wins Cups. Now, keep building and getting better. As Eichel said (paraphrasing), moving in the right direction but need to improve certain areas.

  10. VGK played freaking lights out defensively tonight.. wow!!… yes I agree on that scary as bleep turnover.. but everyone was tuned in to their defensive roles tonight!

    I’m a little concerned about Barbashev as he seemed to have hurt his hand or wrist and did not play the last 5-6 minutes.

    • Larry, I noticed that too about Barby and that he didn’t play the last few minutes, wonder if there might be an update today?

  11. Richie-Rich

    By the way my electrician, Brian is selling his game 1 tickets in 120 for $200 each. If you’re interested I will post his contact info here.

  12. David T

    Proofread your story before printing. VHK won 3-1, not 2-1. That being said, I’m glad that VGK is healthy again. Now come home, keep the peddle to the metal and sweep Dallas.

  13. David T

    Lol, meant VGK. Guess I should follow my own advise?

  14. Vic

    *The look on coach Pete DB face most of the game. Priceless.
    *55 hits two nights in a row. Are you kidding me?
    *The ticky tack penalty to Roy with Robertson taking a dive and then the quick PP goal.
    *Admitting I was wrong time…Thought the Stars would be much more trouble at home.
    *Regular season only good for getting to the playoffs, and forget the reg season stats.
    *It’s obvious the team saved it all for the second season when it’s all on the line.
    *Stay on the roll peaking again at the perfect time.
    *Nice to have depth with players waiting in the wings when someone falters.

    • TS

      Vic, I think I saw several Stars embellish a ” hit” by one of ours— BAD actors… the refs caught it once. Desperation from Dallas, it’s clear.

    • knights fan in minny

      pete had that look on his face most of the night

  15. Pistol Pete

    Kings have home ice for game 3 downing EDM in OT.

    • Emmanuel

      The Oil have 3 of the best players in the league, 3 more OK players and a pile of hot garbage……

  16. Pistol Pete

    LT first two playoff games: 2.00/9.20

    Oettinger last two playoff games: 3.10/.850

  17. Pistol Pete

    You just know Cassidy made the correct decision putting Howden on the Karlsson-Mantha line rather than Dorofeyev. Howden remains a harder hitting checking player though Pav is gaining ground. Howden showed last season he can skate on a top six postseason line. That is why Cassidy put him in. Nice to have a young scorer waiting in the wings should something happen to Howden and then Amadio (probably). Amadio too is battle tested and proven in the playoffs, a hard checking heavy player.

    I know it’s silly to look towards next year when we are in the postseason now but when Stephenson is gone this is my prediction and Dorofeyev will keep getting heavier and harder checking:


    • ThG

      hey everyone, Hank Kimball is alive !!


      • Pistol Pete


        ThG didn’t ever occur to you many of these posters are not familiar with Green Acres?Guess you figure they might google him? Btw one of my favorite characters in the show. Never at a loss for words. In spite of all, definitely not slow-witted! My Haney was another quick-witted favorite.

        • Pistol Pete

          Here ya go ThQ the Motor City Madman speaks!

        • TS

          I just remember ZA ZA and her amazing….wardrobe and and exotic accent. Oh, and I still sing the Green Acres theme song occasionally
          .Don’t repeat this….

          • TS

            Or was that EVA gabor? I get them mixed up..

          • Richie-Rich

            Green Acres is the place for me……. Wow. Were you around for Sky King, Lassie and RinTinTin? Great shows.

          • knights fan in minny

            what about eb or arnold mr drucker

          • knights fan in minny

            farm living is the life for me town square fresh air i like they had to climb the telephone pole to use the phone

          • TS

            How about the Andy Griffith show? .Mayberry is a real town, isn’t it?? Great characters in that one. Lassie was everyone’s best friend! My cocker thinks she’s Lasdie– always ” showing me things”!

          • Ts

            Other favs: Bonanza ( I went to Lake Tahoe to see Ponderosa Ranch a few times) IDK how much filming was done there, tho. Little Joe was….dreamy!!

    • Emmanuel

      If you take stock in advanced stats Howden is terrible defensively (or at least in relation to the rest of the F’s), hence my constant anti-Howdenite rants.

      Theyve done studies in the past teams that “hit hard” in the playoffs end up getting minors and softening up their opponent for someone ELSE in the next round.

      • NAM

        2-0 and you still won’t stop about Doro. I am a big fan of Doro, but Howden needs to be playing in his place, right now, period. He is much better at doing what is being asked, right now, of that line and he is much better in the insanely good system they are running.

        • ThG

          plus howden can player center, and take faceoffs

          opps some people around here say faceoffs don’t matter, really ?
          I remember one series in which the Sharks center, I believe he is on Dallas now, took a brutal hit off faceoff. Drew a five minute major, and poof, MAF let in a bunch of goals in waning minutes of SC playoff game costing the VGK the series. POOF !! Just like that POOF ! FOM, faceoffs matter. say it !

        • Emmanuel

          Nope I wouldnt want Doro there and I didnt say so.
          My 3 points are:
          1. Howden is the 14th or 15th best F on the roster
          2. Hes NOT good at “whats being asked”/“the system”
          3. The 2-0 series lead is not because of him.

          I also understand a change wont be made unless theres an injury.
          I also understand the 3rd line is what it is because of a desire to ice that specific 4th line combo.

  18. JB

    Great win! As I said we are in the heads of Dallas. We play that type of defensive game we will be very tuff to beat.

  19. ThG

    Marty played a good game, made excellent diving d play, probably saving a quality scoring chance

    meanwhile genocide Joe sent arms in his proxy war against putin, without congressional approval. I asked over a year ago “Mr Genocide, what is your plan to quickly end your proxy war with Putin?” He has no response, no reply, no plan. Another endless war , spending our tax dollars without a plan, started on watch of demopedophil party. He is an empty suit, not a Christian, belong to a church that he doesn’t believe in their doctrines. An immoral, unprincipled, soul less being.
    But then again, that defines most democrats, doesn’t it ? They believe in killing babies, and belong to a church that doesn’t believe in that. Bill Maher one of their own admitted that abortion is murder, last week. And lib tard heads exploded. Maher is right, then he tried to marginalize it by saying something stupid like there are too many people in world so it’s ok to kill innocent victims who have no say in the matter. Liberalism is truly a mental disorder. Now look at AOC giving the go ahead to protest for her fellow anti jew party members at Columbia University. The democratic party is new Hitler party, neoFascism on full display. Just like BLM and anitFa (which is rally a fascist organization using fascist tactics). Meanwhile our justice department is letting them go, going after real patriots who saw massive cheating by dems in last election. I guess our system is now based upon who can cheat more at ballot box, because the courts won’t hear any cases. This is owned by obama and biden, destroying our nation turning it into a banana republic

  20. knights fan in minny

    martini was out in no mans land when he lost his blade most guys usually crawl to the bench h did a great job getting off the ice

  21. I yammered on and on about Kessel last year until Cassidy finally got the message… apparently I will also have to do the same about Mantha until Bruce opens his eyes and realizes there are better and more suitable replacements.. Amadio Pav and even Morelli!!

    • knights fan in minny

      i agree on mantha dont see much

      • JB

        Yea, I’ve been saying it for awhile now. Don’t see much in what Mantha contributes. Big guy but is not physical. Not a great skater or shooter? I would play Pavo or Ammo above him!

        • Emmanuel

          Mantha had 4 hits in game 2, thats more than Stone Karlsson & Marchessault combined. Hes not physical?
          He also has 142 and counting career goals…..

  22. ThG, I dont want to get riled up …AGAIN…..about something that happened 5 years ago…but that sharks player who now resides in a stars uniform did not take a ‘brutal hit’…he was pinballed and fell to the ice with his protective bubble on and mysteriously started bleeding all over the ice….maybe he was emulating an old time wrestler having a blade handy to cut himself…that is and was never a major let alone a minor…watch the replay and see the referee looking directly at the play and NEVER raise his arm signifying a penalty!!

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