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Recap: The Golden Knights were prepared to end the Western Conference Finals on the road with a Game 6 victory over the Stars. Vegas came out strong and scored the first goal of the game for the fourth straight game. This time William Carrier patiently flipped a puck over a sprawling Stars goaltender. William Karlsson buried a power play rebound to double the Golden Knights edge and few minutes later Keegan Kolesar gave Vegas a 3-0 advantage. 

After an expiring power play, Jonathan Marchessault extended the Golden Knights lead 4-0 heading into the second intermission.

Karlsson tallied another one, his franchise-record 10th of the postseason, in the final period giving Vegas a five-goal lead. Michael Amadio added a 6th for good measure.

The Golden Knights skated to a 6-0 victory, eliminate the Stars and advance to the Stanley Cup Finals. Vegas will host the Florida Panthers for a seven-game series to crown an NHL champion. The finals begin on Saturday night from T-Mobile Arena. Puck drop for Game 1 is scheduled for 5 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: After a pair of games that left many wondering, the Golden Knights came out and put to bed any possible chance they’d lose this series. They played what may have been the best period in the history of the franchise in the 1st and then followed it up with a defensive clinic protecting the house the rest of the way. The Golden Knights are going to the Stanley Cup Final where they are four wins away from fulfilling The Creator’s prophecy. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs Dallas Stars Game 6 at American Airlines Center.

  • Let’s start focusing on Florida!

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Keegan Kolesar
** Nic Roy
* William Carrier


Adin Hill vs Dallas Part VI


Five Years Later, The Same Place With A Much Different Feel


  1. Emmanuel

    A new team will win the Cup……refreshing!

  2. Roberto

    Greatest sport on earth.

  3. Bobby

    So proud of this team!!! The excitement generated in our community like in year one, but this time with a better ending… Man I’m fired up for what should be a great series!!! GO KNIGHTS GO!!!!!

  4. John W


    Played an almost perfect game.

    A team of Destiny. 4 wins to go.

  5. Trip

    Not bad for a team that experts said wouldn’t even make the playoffs. This is the true definition of a team, you can tell they like each other and they play for each other. Bruce has their respect something I think Pete never had. Who knows if they will win the cup but Lord Stanley, we are coming for you. May the best team win, it’s been a hell of a ride!

    • TS

      Trip, agree on coaches. I feel PDB was the WRONG coach for Vegas. Bad Blood from San Jose spilled over to the Fanbase, and that animosity affected the team’s success under him. Cassidy had a great Pedigree, Eastern influence, which is a vital tool in playing the “beasts in the east”, and he immediately had the respect and hope of not only the team, but also the Fanbase. He was a winner the day he arrived in Vegas. We really like Cassidy here– he’s a KEEPER!!

  6. I had my serious doubts entering this game…hockey has broken my heart all too often….vgk played almost a perfect game…it wont be easy against the panthers…but their magic run is up….time to repave the Las Vegas Strip…cause theres a parade coming to town after 6 games!!!!

  7. Richie-Rich

    All of my negativity was washed away when we won the 1st round of the playoffs. The Edmonton series was the biggest hurdle. With Boston’s elimination, I felt that Edmonton was the only other team standing in our way. The VGK has played quite a few 1 goal games this season and have won the majority of those. The Stars lineup wasn’t nearly balanced as ours.

    The Panthers also do not match up well man-for-man, line-for-line against us. Cassidy let Wild Bill off the leash and he was an offensive machine along with Marchy. Eichel made a huge difference.

    I will admit, I had my doubts about the health of both Eichel and Stone this season. Eichel’s turned me into a believer. I still have some concerns about Stone, but his stick handling, puck management and offense is still excellent.

    I think the future is bright in goal. Hill has made the case to stick with this team. He and Logan Thompson are still relatively young.

    I am calling for the VGK to win the cup in 5 games. If the VGK plays “their game” and doesn’t give up too much space in the NZ and DZ they should dominate the Panthers. Too often in this series the VGK gave away too much space falling back into their zone D in the hopes of blocking shots. They did this for about 12 minutes between the 1st and 2nd period, but then threw that strategy away with about 9 minutes left in the 2nd period as Dallas looked to be on a PP while 5v5 for a long stretch.

    Too early for MVP talk? Right now it’s between Marchy, Karlsson and Hill.

    We are already way past the point that I thought this team would be. Credit Coach Cassidy and these players!

    Last words are for the ESPN douche bags, especially PK SUBBAN who probably lost a ton of loot betting on Dallas. These ass hats continued to talk Dallas up even after they were down 4-0. VGK shut them up. Then after it was clearly evident that the Stars were going to lose they started talking about how the Panthers and Tkachuk were going to clean the ice with us. Bullshit.

    You don’t get many chances to even get to a Cup Final. It’s Knight Time.

    I know some of you were down on the VGK after losing game 4 and 5. It wasn’t fun, but if you look back at my posts you will note that I predicted a win in game 6 or 7. I felt really good about moving on the finals. I also feel really good about winning it all this year.

    For all of you who pointed out how wrong I was about Eichel. I was wrong, and I am glad that I was. Eichel’s convinced me that he’s worth what he is getting paid. Even when he isn’t putting up points, he is a force to be reckoned with out there.

    • Sorvino

      Richie-Rich, Stanley Cup Finals are going to be a blast.

    • Karl

      Richie-Rich, your negativity will never be washed away. That’s just who you are and that’s cool because this world would be a boring place if everybody was the same. The very minute that Jack Eichel makes a mistake which he will because he’s a human being and not a robot you will tell us all that he is not worth 10 million. Complaining about Jack Eichel or Alex Pietrangelo is so beyond ridiculous I could never understand it. These are extremely special players that the best front office in the league deemed were completely essential to compete for the Stanley Cup.

      Do you know who else are really good players? Miro Heiskanen and Roope Hintz. Those guys are awesome. Vegas contained them, which was a great accomplishment. I don’t think the Dallas should get rid of those players though.

    • TS

      Subban shoulda taken his act AND his outrageous MTV wardrobe to the Clubs, and kept his opinions to himself. What the hell was he doing on Primetime Hockey, in his clown suits, anyway?? I mean, PURPLE SUITS?? CLOWN.

  8. Frank

    Oh where oh were are the haters now?????? Stanley cup finals here we come… And I like our chances…. And Ken, not to have Karlsson in the three stars with two key goals, is sacrelige…. But I’ll forgive you for that!!!

  9. Lori Thomsen

    What a game! VGKs make us all so proud ❤️

  10. Sorvino

    This is amazing.

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  11. TS


    • TS

      Tim, I truly hope you and your wife watched the game!! You would have missed the best game of the year!!

  12. knights fan in minny

    celebrate sin city well deserved all around good game by everyone hill was sharp as ever blueline six shut the door 4th line was flying wild bill and barbashev had real good games hats off to coach coming to a new team bringing a new system and getting the boys to buy in was golden fo office who held this team together the barbashev move was brilliant i knew they would be good this year but cup no how they did it with all the injuries it was really frustrating seems like evry couple a weeks a guy would go down then the boys they dug deep got it done the cup should be a dandy drop the puck

    • TS

      Kfim, thanks for being a far-away fan of our Knights! You’re always supportive, always upbeat! Enjoy the moment!

      • Daimon Hellstrom

        I second that

      • Daimon Hellstrom

        Hey TS, I agree about Knights fan in Minny but I am from Norway.

        Hell (Urban East Norwegian: [ˈhɛlː], Trøndersk: [ˈheiɽ]) is a village in the Lånke area of the municipality of Stjørdal in Trøndelag county, Norway. It is located in the western part of the municipality, about 3 kilometres (2 mi) south of the town of Stjørdalshalsen. The 1.04-square-kilometre (260-acre) village has a population (2018) of 1. (Me)

        Vegas Golden Knights win Stanley Cup in 7 games.

        • Richie-Rich

          Near Oslo Daimon! Norway, Sweden & Finland are on our future travel plans! What’s the best things to go see for tourists? What are the best things to go see that locals know about and tourists miss?

        • TS

          Now THAT’S a distant fan!! Hockey has fit right in here in Vegas, strangely enough. Enjoy the upcoming battle!!

  13. Pistol Pete

    What a time to play their best game of the playoffs. They were good on the road all season and did you know in the playoffs every single time they went on the road they won the first game of the set? Against the Jets they won both. Against the Oilers and Stars they won the first of a split and then game 6 on the road against each to close out the series. Impressive,

    Second West championship in their first six years. Not too shabby. Before operations commenced Foley said playoffs in three years , Cup in six. He absolutely crushed the playoffs prediction making them in each of the first four years and now has a shot at the Cup one. McPhee and McCrimmon have been great.

  14. Pistol Pete

    Critics of the coaching changes. What can they say now?

    • Richie-Rich

      Cassidy was the best move, but if I had to rank them in order it would be #1 Cassidy, #2 Gallant, #3 DeBoer. I am still not a huge fan of McCrimmon, but he has earned his way back off my shit list with the Barbashev and Blueger acquisitions. Eichel was a major gamble, but that wound up paying off. Eichel’s taken some pretty good hits and he’s been able to continue playing with no issue.

      Lastly, McCrimmon’s other miscue, Robin Lehner, also no longer seems to be a future issue. He is going to have to deal with his salary though. Our goaltending looks solid with two younger goaltenders in Aidin Hill and Logan Thompson. I am hoping that LT’s injury isn’t career ending.

      Boston was likely going to be our toughest competition in a Cup Final series. The Panthers are the 8th seed in the East, but you have to give them credit for getting to the Finals. I think we are the more balanced and deeper team. Control Tkachuk and you win this series. Limit his chances, and Verhage’s. We beat them at T-Mobile 4-2 in October and lost to them 2-1 on their ice.

      Panthers? Are there Panthers in Miami? What a name for a hockey team in Florida! I used to have season tickets to the ECHL Jacksonville Lizard Kings in 1995-1998. There was another minor league team , the Orlando Solar Bears. I cannot recall which league they were in, but it wasn’t the ECHL. The other minor league team in Florida was the Florida Everblades who played in Naples FL I think.

  15. Jailbird

    Not much else to be said. Just like vs Edmonton they came and won that game 6 on enemy ice. Lot of the doubters coming back to the fold, of course. Florida will not be an easy out. They play hard and have a physical edge to their game. Expect some physical shenanigans in the first couple games. I’m happily exhausted! Wow!

  16. Jim

    Kudos to the VGK players for executing the game plan so well all year. the change from a man to man defense to a zone structure was exactly what the team needed because the dmen they have are more that type of player….stay at home dmen.. you will notice that they scored 6 goals, and not one of them by a dman

    Hopefully the long layoff has cooled off Bobrovsky and Tkachuk. they are the guys who have carried Fla this far. If they come back to earth, I predict the VGK win the cup in game 5 at home.

    I loved seeing that SJ Nark DeBore with the angry sour look on his face all night. him and his buddy Spott.

    • TS

      TV pundits say the long Panther rest benefits them. I feel that it’s too long to wait on the sidelines. RUSTY comes to mind. The Knights are “cocked and loaded” for the Panthers now, just need a couple rest days, then back to the business of the SC!! GO KNIGHTS!!!!

      • TS

        Pdb knew his team was gonna lose in that 1st period– he was sweating, eyes darting, panic setting in. I’ll say it: it was satisfying to see!

  17. Sorvino

    Florida will be a big challenge. Bobrovsky had a .971 save percentage against Carolina. That has to be unsustainable. With that save percentage, you have to get 68 shots on goal just to get two goals. If the Bobrovsky has a .971 save percentage in the finals, then the cup already belongs to Florida. It’s as freakish a stat as Edmonton having their 60% power-play. This is going to be fun. Hopefully.

    Vegas in 6.

    They win the cup in Miami. The party starts there and then continues the very next day with the parade in Las Vegas.

  18. vgk21

    Congrats to the Knights for a great game and playoffs so far.

    let’s keep it going one more round.

    Panthers have never won a game at T Mobile arena. let’s hope that trend continues.

  19. Sorvino

    It’s so nice to not hear stupid shit like the front office sucks, Eichel is cancer.

    Stupid shit still creeps in once in a while like criticism of McNabb the other day.

    Let’s support this team. These are human beings and mistakes will be made in the finals as well and when it happens let’s not jump all over the player and demand that he be banished to the bench.

    • Rob S.

      I assume that was directed at me since I had the temerity to criticize McNabb. To be clear: it’s not based on that one game. It’s based on watching McNabb for the last five years! He’s slow. (How many times have we watched him lose a race back to the puck when he has a 10-yard head-start? How many times have we seen only middling-quick forwards turn the corner on him and bear down on our goaltender?) He doesn’t skate well. He’s (my opinion) terrible at getting the puck out of his own end and, worse, he’s slow to process things. So, he makes bad decisions slowly in terms of moving the puck.

      He’s a menace on the ice. He could have badly hurt Hill with that slide a couuple of games back that, fortunately, mostly hit the goal. He *did* hurt Whitecloud late in the season with a totally unnecessary lower-back cross check (away from the goal, toward the corner) that drove an opposing player into Whitecloud’s knee. Pucks he gets in the way of seem to often end up in our net; at least more often than any of our other D-men.

      I love this team and, along with R-R, my negativity was washed away–and, frankly, they exceeded my expectations–when they got out of the first round. However, if we get to the point where we don’t have (sometimes strong) opinions on players, roster construction, and, yes, the front office we are not hard-core fans; we are just fan-bois–and that’s how you get a passive fan base (and, dare I say it, media) that allows the likes of Eugene Melnyk to thrive. No, thank you!

      • Rob S.

        Btw, Ken, I learn a lot from your breakdowns where you really illustrate the finer details of play. I freely admit, having grown up in the South, that I don’t understand “inside” ice hockey the way I do, say, football, which I played in college (*many* years ago). I want to learn and I’d like to have more reality-based opinions. I’d really like you to do a breakdown of McNabb’s play (this offseason, perhaps?) and educate us as to why you think he is an NHL-level defenseman.

        • Love this idea. It’s on the docket. Hopefully I get to it (no guarantees as I have a hard time knowing what I’m going to be doing tomorrow, let alone in 2 months.)

          • Rob S.

            I hear you, but thanks for taking it under consideration!

  20. TS

    Sorvino, ABSOLUTELY! I said it earlier: ALL players have bad games. These guys aren’t PROS cause they bought the ” title” online somewhere. They EARNED it!

  21. vgk21

    oh, and I’m glad the Knights did not touch the trophy. that is a no-no.

    correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Knights touch the trophy in 2018? and that was bad karma.

    I found the answer on google….

    “Two teams have touched the bowl since 2007, and one was the Golden Knights in 2018.” 12 hours ago

  22. knights fan in minny

    who gets the hand off from stone if they win the cup

  23. Awesome win – they play that way in the next series they will prevail and Lord Stanley will be in Vegas

  24. Sorvino

    Got tickets to game 1 and 2. Have never been to a Golden Knights game. Don’t live in Vegas and don’t have season tickets so this is going to be very special for me.

    • TS

      Sorvino, it’ll be a barn- burner! Cheer those Knights on for all of us at home!!

  25. Perhaps someone has an answer to this important question/premise:

    Lehner who thankfully will never suit up for us again…along with Kessel.. but I digress lol…I would think there is a way to void Lehner’s contract due to all these fraud charges.. almost every contract has a clause or clauses of ‘moral turpitude’…hasn’t he turpitudeness enough for vgk to void his contract and free up that money for Hill and maybe even Broissoit??

    • VGK fan


      I was wondering the same thing. I really don’t know the answer but Lehner is going to want to get paid the remaining $5 million per year owed over the next 2 years. I’m sure VGK is looking for away out of his contract.
      I don’t think he is in a VGK uniform next year even if they have to move an asset to get rid of him or buy him out.

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