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Recap: The Golden Knights hosted the Stars for Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals up 3-1 in the series. Ivan Barbashev opened the scoring with a great individual move in front of the net. Minutes later the Stars evened the score after deflecting the puck past Adin Hill. In the waning moments both teams had quality chances, but the goaltenders stepped up in net. Going into the first intermission the game was locked in a 1-1 tie.

Early in the period Shea Theodore found an open Chandler Stephenson and the top-six center wristed a puck into Dallas’ net. A couple of minutes later the Stars matched the score 2-2.

Dallas’ offense heated up in the final period, scoring the first two goals of the frame. The Golden Knights attempted a comeback, but the Stars held on to thier 4-2 advantage.

With their 4-2 win over Vegas, Dallas forces a Game 6 back in Texas on Monday. Puck drop is scheduled for 5PM  (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The game started out quite choppy and the Golden Knights seemed to be the beneficiaries of it, scoring first and posting the first seven shots. Then the Stars found their way into the game and started creating dangerous chances all over the place. Adin Hill was terrific once again but the dam eventually broke with a pair in the 3rd. VGK will now head back to Dallas where they’ll have a lot more pressure than they’ve had at any point in this postseason. Time to really react. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs Dallas Stars Game 5 at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Depth of Dallas beating depth of VGK, offsetting impact of VGK’s best players

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** William Karlsson
** Jack Eichel
* Adin Hill



Adin Hill’s Outstanding Run Between The Vegas Pipes


Battle Of Depth Tilting Towards Dallas


  1. Brian Scro

    Can we please just end the Deboer/Pavelski monster once and for all? And stop making the fans pay these exorbitant prices for tickets just to watch you lose. Win and close out the series in Dallas Thursday. If not, do it tonight. If this goes to game 7, we’re done.

  2. Jailbird

    Speechless ….. other than to say, where is our captain and #9 at? This is the time we need them.

    • Jailbird – you were so sure they would win tonight. Don’t be shocked if they don’t make the finals for the Cup. I personally will be very disappointed but unfortunately not surprised. You never let your opponent up once you have them on the ropes and that’s exactly what Vegas had done as proven this evening. They very well could be playing golf sooner than later. These are facts not bashing their performance. They need their A team effort Monday or they will be asking themselves what happened. Obviously slow learners as they have been down this path before . I sincerely hope l am wrong but this looks all to familiar.

      • Scott Yardley


      • Richie-Rich

        This damn retreating to zone D is a bad strategy. Another point was the complete lack of hits. What was the hits? At one point the scoreboard read Dallas 22 and VGK 6.

        One of absolute worst games of this season.

  3. Michael

    Cue the bedwetters saying the series is over despite Vegas having a 3-2 lead. VGK are still going to win the cup!

  4. Emmanuel

    Im not sure Smith should line up against Robertson…..

    Amadio out Blueger in….

    The Vegas 4th line was overused at home.

  5. Ken – please tell Cassidy to wear the label pin on the left label not the right. Go back you will notice many losses he has pin on wrong side. Name badges go on the right because when you shake hands that is were the eyes go. Label pins belt ng on the left.

    • DOCDG

      Thank you, FINALLY a logical explanation of why we loose games.

  6. Jason Sheehan

    This game really pisses me off.

  7. Richie-Rich

    Lack of urgency understates the effort. It was much worse than that. The I want to win meter was full tilt to Dallas tonight.

    Truth? Dallas outplayed us in games 2,4 and now 5. We’re extremely lucky that we aren’t down 3-2 going back to Dallas.


    Dallas wins on Monday to force game 7.

    Not much good to talk about. Stars fans were loud and proud at the exits.

    #14 will be back for game 6.

    Someone wake this team up.

  8. DeezNutz

    This team has choking baked into their DNA at this point. Maybe a 3-0 reverse sweep will be the embarrassment they truly need to elevate their fragile mentality but you don’t go up 3-0 and play this way all of a sudden if it’s not a mental issue. They have given up already we just won’t see it until Wednesday.

  9. TS


    • TS

      Forget about BURYING these past 2 losses— the team needs an EXORCISM to banish these playoff demons!!

  10. Jailbird

    I have always said that if they lose playing well, then thems the breaks. But playing soft with no emotion sucks. They allowed the Stars to make a home around our net. Three of the goals were scored there. Our d- men not moving anybody out. I still think law of averages will prevail and we will win this series. But it won’t happen without playing like hell. Playing like you are supposed to in the friggin Stanley Cup playoffs!

    • TS

      Jb, the Stars owned THEIR net A-N-D OURS! We couldn’t get close to theirs, and they ran us over at ours. If not for Hill’s netminding skills, it would’ve been UGLY. Pretty disappointing…

    • Jailbird – that’s beginning to sound like me and when l post such things you are critical and accusing not being a Vegas fan. Lose playing well. Ok lose not playing that way is unacceptable.

      • Jailbird

        Not even close to sounding like you pal.

        • Better re read what you post – you may think differently. You may hate to admit it but that’s to be expected – it’s never easy at times to accept the facts.

  11. Jailbird

    I might add that with Benn back for game 6, it seems almost impossible the Knights could win this game. Maybe, just maybe as they have done so many times, the boys will surprise us? If not we will see a game 7 back here, where all the pressure is then on us. I said in the beginning this would be a 6-7 game series. After game 3 I was hoping that was not true. But it is. The Knights will get what they deserve at the end of it. Right now, playing like the past two games, they don’t deserve much. It’s up to them, either play like you want it or go fishing next week!

  12. Arnold Rothstein

    the VGK, cluck cluck, are reeling, the label of golden choke your chickens is clearly in place. The last two games were money in the bank, and unless Cassidy (who is being outcoached in this series so far, and looking like that inebriated drunk at end of bar) comes up with an ace up his sleeve, this series is all but over. He has NO ANSWERS the last two games. Completely outplayed.

    The stars were playing rope a dope, the first three games, Mohammad Ali “float like a fly, sting like a bee”. The VGK are expending all their energy and have nothing left in the tank. Memorial DAy in DALLas? Hockey in 90 degree heat. The ice sucks, the players don’t want to be there. It’s Dallas in three straight. Then game 7, at home, anything can happen.

    The stars are shining now, Cassidy needs to find something in his magic bag of tricks or VGK will drive another coffin in their box. The gravestone marker will read “RIP HERE LIES THE PERENNIAL GOLDEN CHOKE YOUR CHICKENS”.
    Not a good moniker for a newly spawned franchise, and a very hard yoke for future teams to get that monkey off their backs.

    Arnold the Brain
    hasn’t been wrong yet. you know it, I know, you all know it. The vgk are reeling. They need a huge first period in Dallas , and that is what we all want. Will we get it ?

  13. Donald J Trump

    cluck, cluck , cluck
    bawk , bawk bawk

  14. How embarrassing, in our home with your rabid fans, against our old coach who we said wasn’t good enuf to win big games and didn’t have a PP plan, and that’s the effort that you guys put up in our house!! Getting pushed all over the ice, out hit again, out shot again, etc etc! How pathetic!

    • TS

      I’ve been kind of mourning all day. Mourning the lost momentum, lost confidence, lost production, lost MOJO. IDK what Cassidy can do to inspire the team, but ultimately the players have to step up and PLAY LIKE THEY DESERVE THAT CUP!!

      • Richie-Rich

        We have the deeper and more balanced team. This is the Conference Finals people. We are up 3 games to 2 and have 2 chances to win this and move on to the Cup Finals.

        Stop the mourning!

        I am announcing today that we will win game 6 in Dallas in front of their popcorn throwing fans. Nicholas Hague with series winner.

        • TS

          I’m OK today, RR. spent yesterday lamenting our situation, but TODAY?? WE FIGHT LIKE HELL, JUST LIKE WE KNOW WE CAN!!!

  15. Richie-Rich

    I missed game 2 because of a commitment I couldn’t get out of. Those tickets sold for $950. I also had a conflict for game 5, but couldn’t get a single person who wanted them. We wound up getting to the game at the end of the first period only to watch this team totally give away the puck over and over and the game as well. Actually the VGK players who were performing were Eichel, Marchy and Barbashev. The rest were just awful. Dallas brought the passion, desire, hits, skating, intensity and play making. VGK played that way in game 1 and 3. Last night was a game to forget if you are a VGK fan.

  16. Tim

    When your up 3 zip and then lose the next 2 trouble is a brewing. Playing the last 2 games without your captain and still win tells me Jamie Benns will come back with a vengeance. It’s a given they’ll be hard to beat in Dallas now the series is tied 3 – 3 who would you put money on for game 7 the team that blew a 3 zip lead or the team that crawled back fro 0 -3 deficit. Like I said we choked in the San Jose series giving up 4 goals in 5 minutes and losing to Montreal when we were heavy favorites. This will just be another choke job. We’ve got a nice team just can’t put the last nail in the coffin year after year.

  17. CHRIS

    It seems some of our players aren’t producing. Smith has done nothing to help the team. His passing is terrible and he gives up the puck in the O zone. Roy has also contributed little. Mcnabb is a liability on defense. He continually out of position and falls down a lot. He clears the puck from behind the net by hit hard around the boards right to Stars defense man in the zone.
    Most of the Knights play hard but a few seem to lack commitment.

    Be interested in hearing your comments.

  18. Jim

    incredible. all 6 dmen look like nervous shit, fanning on simple passes, and with a definite subpar effort and lack of box out aggressiveness around their own net.

    and the Vgk forwards with the usual playoff scoring dry up as the series gets late is happening once again to Stone etc

    with “leaders” like these guys, the big choke is on the horizon.

    Sure, it is a hell of a lot better to get this far than miss the playoffs like they did last season, but the SJ Narks style playoff chokes are no fun either.

    • Jim

      National Hockey League
      In Stanley Cup Playoffs history, 204 teams (as of May 7, 2023) have faced a 3–0 deficit in a best-of-seven series. Of those, only four teams successfully overcame them – a success rate of just under 2% – and only one of those did so in the Stanley Cup Final.

      will the VGK become the 5th team to choke in NHL playoff history?

      and, it has Never happened in the conference finals……

      let’s hope that continues.

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