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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to take a three-game series lead with a win in Game 3. Vegas didn’t hesitate to get on the board, scoring the opening goal 1:11 into the game. Less than a minute later Dallas captain Jamie Benn committed a penalty and was called for a game misconduct for cross-checking Mark Stone to the neck. Ivan Barbashev capitalized on the extended power play and doubled VGK’s lead. Seventy-three seconds later William Carrier gave the Golden Knights a commanding three-goal advantage.

Up 3-0, Vegas came out protecting their lead while continuing to pressure Dallas. Deep into the middle frame the Golden Knights drew a penalty which the PP unit wore down the Stars PK’ers. Seconds after the man-advantage Alex Pietrangelo joined the party and extended the visitors lead. After 40 minutes the Golden Knights held a 4-0 edge.

The Golden Knights continued to protect their lead in the final period.

With their 4-0 win over the Stars, the Golden Knights are one game away from advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals. Vegas will try and close out the Conference Finals on Thursday night. Puck drop for Game 4 is scheduled for 5PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Sometimes everything just goes your way. It was one of those nights for the Golden Knights as they scored on pretty much every chance they had to start the game. They chased Oettinger in the first ten minutes and then just buckled down and defended the middle of the ice. From there, the Stars completely crumbled, and their fans did with them. It wasn’t as dominant a performance as the score indicated, but who gives a damn as the Golden Knights are now one win away from a trip to the Stanley Cup Final. (Analysis by Ken)

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*** Adin Hill
** Jonathan Marchessault
* Jack Eichel


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  1. Karl

    5 more wins

    Satan RIP. Say it ain’t so Satan. You are always welcome back. Enjoyed all of your comments and analysis.

    That was fun to watch! Let’s just take this series in four.

  2. Pistol Pete

    Wow this can be an odd game. Vegas scores a 4-0 SO being outshot 34-16. Congrats Adin Hill!

    Failing to execute his renowned bounce back following game 1 and now game 2, we”ll see if Oettinger can do it following game 3. Hopefully not!!!

    0-3 regular season = 3-0 postseason

    Another oddity: both series could be sweeps. Just like this year’s NBA though Boston just denied Miami.

  3. knights fan in minny

    big win complete win all around mistake free sweet backhand from carrier hill the wall with another good performance what a great pick up barbershev quietly with 13 playoff points since bueger came into the line up he has been defensibly responsible and chipping in a couple of points benn and domi are punks benn better get a game suspension dallas fans no class close them out thursday

  4. Jailbird

    After the first shot goal, then Benns dirty penalty, it was over. You could see the life just drain out of Dallas. After we got up by 4 we just shut them down, not worrying about offense at all. So glad Hill got himself a shutout! Ben will surely get suspended for a game at least. What a stupid stupid thing to do, especially from a captain. Now, it won’t surprise me at all if we end it Thursday. I’m not sure how much heart Dallas will have left.

  5. knights fan in minny

    a florida vegas cup will be great

  6. Vic

    Benn should be suspended 2 games and Domi 1. Hague should get an apology from the NHL for the automatic BS penalty. Disagree about the VGK not being dominant. Shots on goal should be thrown out for this game as a barometer. This game was clearly in hand. Coach naturally told the guys to play smart in the 3rd not take penalties and not to wake up Dallas. Masterpiece.

    • Henderson One

      Benn’s action was deliberate and should warrant at least a one game penalty. He tried to hurt Stone.

  7. Bobby

    Good times!!! AWESOME to be a VGK fan right now.

  8. Mike Yebby

    Magnificent win. Pure perfection. First, you score early. Next, their captain is tossed from the game. Then, you score on the Major. Finally, you shut them out. They took the Stars heart and soul within a matter of the first few minutes. You will not see a better road game. Now, sweep them and their garbage off the ice on Thursday.

    • TS

      Well- deserved WIN! A tsunami of goals early, then hold down the fort….D ruled the rest of the game.
      As for Dallas: the STARS have NO CLASS OR SPORTSMANSHIP. Their fans have NO CLASS OR SPORTSMANSHIP. PDB…You FINALLY got the team you DESERVE!!
      Their Captain showed his true hand by his 5 min misconduct against Stone. I am so impressed with our guys NOT reacting to the Stars’ attacks….that took some self- control and composure. A suspension on Benn should be the last we see of him. WE ARE CUP- BOUND, VEGAS!!!!!!!!

  9. Richie-Rich

    Hague got 2 minutes for chirping at Domi, “Smart Play” while laughing and giving him a thumbs up. That was an absolutely ridiculous call. Domi only got a misconduct, not a game misconduct and was seen on the bench chirping at Stone toward the end of the game. I wonder what they were talking about!

  10. Frank

    Could not have predicted this outcome….. Oettinger and whole stars team just imploded. It’s going to be very difficult for them to win a game in this series. VGK should be able to close out in 4. Wow!!!!!!! Go knights go!!! Outstanding team effort and well deserved shutout by Hill!!!

  11. Tim

    I watched the NHL channel after the game. Did anyone watch the DeBoar interview? A lady reporter asked him about losing the room now that was shocking. There must have been some shit going on in that locker room during or at the end of the game. His answer was short and all he said was in what context. Would I like to be a fly on the wall. I’m sure more will come out tomorrow. Anyway hard to believe were one game from the finals I really didn’t believe we could do it kudu’s to Cassidy his defensive scheme is awesome.

    • Roberto

      Saw something about Suter saying if Wyatt Johnson had just scored in the game 2 OT, his mistake with Eichel’s wouldn’t have mattered. Maybe that question was related to that?

      If that’s true, Dallas’s locker room is a probably not a harmonious place. Who knows, but they looked off and in a bad place from puck drop.

      Similar to Edmonton, Dallas thought this series was in the bag. So far, it’s not and that’s gotta be chapping their hides.

      • knights fan in minny

        suter is selfish he was the same way in minnesota

  12. Pistol Pete

    Btw and for all intents and purposes, Petro’s goal was a PP goal because it came well before Heiskanen could get back in the play. It was not a spray and play either. He was double screened and aimed exactly where it needed to go. Officially not a PP goal but in my book 2/6 = 33.33%. Ferraro is right though. Eichel should shoot more on the PP.

    • Pistol Pete

      Having noted that I then saw Eichel’s poster in a period two PP. So close to a goal.

  13. former season ticket holder

    Is it really true what is said that Benn left the arena last night refusing to talk to reporters??? Was it the green stain between his legs? the yellow stripe up his back?

    And Dept of pussy player safety giving him only 2 games? and not even charging Tie, ooopps Max Domi for the PLANNED boarding?

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