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Recap: The Golden Knights were hoping for a two-game series lead with a win in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. Dallas took the opening lead quickly into the game but Vegas fought back. Mark Stone matched the score late in the period on the power play. 

Midway through the second period the Stars scored the only goal of the frame, taking a 2-1 advantage.

In the final period the Golden Knights pushed the pace but couldn’t find the back of the net. With minutes remaining, Jack Eichel found Jonathan Marchessault to even the score and force overtime. Early in sudden death Chandler Stephenson crashed the net and scored the winning goal. 

Vegas takes a 2-0 series lead with their 3-2 overtime victory and are now two wins away from the Stanley Cup Finals. The Golden Knights will have a chance to get even closer on Tuesday night in Dallas. Puck drop for Game 3 is scheduled for 6 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: VGK’s method in this game was turning the Stars over in the defensive zone. The forecheck wasn’t quite as effective over the course of the whole game but the chances kept coming because Vegas dominated along the walls. The challenge was then taking the turnovers and putting them on the net. It took way too long for VGK to do that, but they eventually got enough of them that it secured them yet another come from behind win. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs Dallas Stars Game 2 at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Winning on the walls

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Jonathan Marchessault
** Mark Stone
* Jack Eichel
^Chandler Stephenson for the OT goal



The Golden Knights Forecheck Went After Dallas In Game 1 And They’re Coming Again In Game 2


Adin Hill Securing VGK’s Net Like Postseason Veteran


  1. Pistol Pete

    This team has been doing it all season long and now in the playoffs. Finding a way to win. Unreal pass by Eichel to set up the tying goal. Great rush to win it. Here In Vegas we don’t mess around in OT like they do back east. We take care of business quickly!

  2. Jailbird

    To win a PO game when it’s not our best effort is big! Way to go boys, way to go!

  3. vgk21

    great comeback win. Eichel was outstanding, with 2 way backchecking hockey, and the great setup to 81.

    and Stephenson redeemed himself for his penalty, as did 81 on his goal.

    and how about that great save by Hill to begin the OT, that kept them alive.

    and yes, that ice was choppy and bad ice, which made making plays difficult.

    • TS

      Vgk, homage to THG over the ” bad ice”?? He’ll feel vindicated! I happen to agree, it looked kinda slushy out there!

  4. Rashaad

    Dallas Stars put on a pretty impressive performance. Great road game. They really limited the VGK chances but the VGK stuck to it and pulled it out. Great save by Adin Hill just before the Golden goal.

    • TS

      We were outplayed the entire game, but Lady Luck was on our side at the end. Improbable, undeserved, but HUGE 2nd Win. Better to be LUCKY than GOOD, especially here in Vegas!!! ( my neighbors probably heard my celebration after the W!)

      • knights fan in minny

        enjoy the win TS

      • Rashaad

        Ha ha TS. I think my neighbours heard me screaming as well.

        • TS

          It was the surprising turn of the game that motivated my “cele”!! HOLY COW, WHAT A FINISH!!

      • Scott Yardley

        We’re we really outplayed? Dallas sure didn’t show me anything.

        • TS

          Scott, it looked to me like we were a sluggish…Stars had more puck possession, more SOG, more time in OUR end as Hill defended like the GIANT he is. We played the 3rd more like we wanted it, played hard- hitting hockey, and it paid off in the end, luckily.

          • Howard

            Out played for 2 and a half periods. From 10 minute mark in period 3, vgk dominated the play as Dallas sermed to have run out of gas to me.

  5. knights fan in minny

    the boys had the will and desire to win this one considering this was not one of their best games they have the never give up attitude the penalty kill was good

    • Howard

      Out played for 2 and a half periods. From 10 minute mark in period 3, vgk dominated the play as Dallas sermed to have run out of gas to me.

  6. Emmanuel

    Look at all those OT losses during the season. The stars are chokers!

    • TS

      Emmanuel, the look.on PDB’S face as we literally STOLE the game from him was PRICELESS!! Shock and Awe, VGK style!!

  7. Jailbird

    I guess we all reacted about the same. On that tieing goal I just about ruptured my vocal cords! Ha ha

  8. Richie-Rich

    Dallas had more pep in their step, better skating, better passing and countered the forecheck that was so dominant in game 1. The Stars took the lead on what was a freak goal in the first period.

    I have to admit, the Stars outplayed the Golden Knights for much of this game. That no look back pass to Marchy was like an electric EKG shock to the heart for both the team and its fans! Right? It left me with “Did I just see that I just saw?” moment!

    Well, Richie-Rich, yes you did. This team has had its fans on the edge of their seats for 8 come from behind victories! Is that some sort of record Ken?

    There were quite a few up and down moments in this game. Stone’s goal, Marchy’s tying goal and Stephenson’s game winner in OT were all great. Lost in the glory of scoring was another fantastic performance in net by goaltender Aidin Hill! That point blank save in OT was really the biggest moment in the game for those who love netminding!

    This team has surprised me. I really never thought Eichel would be 100%, I thought Stone’s career was finished with his 2nd back surgery. McCrimmon picking up Barbashev and Bleuger has turned around my opinion of his performance.

    I am now actually a believer, but have been since we took out Edmonton. I think Edmonton was the toughest opponent remaining in the playoffs.

    • TS

      Rr, agreed on all points. I also feel the Oilers have been our toughest opponent in the Playoffs. ( literally TOUGHEST, with Kane aka the sledge hammer) and their potent offense.
      Marchy IS the passion on this team. His goal absolutely ignited the team AND the fans!! Helluva game!!

    • You made some very good observations and if you don’t mind I’ll add one more. The owner of the Knights is as intent on winning as anyone with the team. He saw the Knights eliminated by Montreal and Dallas and noted our inability to score goals. Trading Flury was not going to be popular and he knew it but he allowed moves the Knights used to manipulate the cap and traded a great goalie for more scoring opportunities. Several ML owners can go a decade and not even consider making a move so yes I like our owner and appreciate his enthusiasm.

  9. Bobby

    That was awesome!! What a comeback! Heart, grit, chemistry, the whole package… and solid goaltending too….

  10. Bobby

    Also, good to see the NHL Network showing love for VGK… about fricking time!!

    • All season barely a mention of vgk on nhl network…barely a look at them against the jets…and the oilers were the IT team and the darlings of everyone…this series is not over by any means but our play will simply continue to improve as we move forward….predicated on Theodore awakening from his 2 month slumber as a turnover machine into an offensive force to be reckoned with.. and have I mentioned.. yet again… how our team transformed itself once it was finally realized.. and it only took 82 regular season games and a playoff game to be realized that #8 needed to be scratched out of the lineup… cause suddenly we now had 3 lines that could consistently play without once of its members…#8 holding them back and dragging them down!$

      • Tim

        Larry, it’s simply jealousy. They can’t stand our 24 hour what’s happening town, entertainment, 5 star restaurants, they can’t stand our 6 year success, they can’t stand most players would give there left nut to play here, sun’s always shinning no shitty winters. Its that and every other thing you can think of. Fuckum all and your all Canada final how’d that work out?

  11. Pistol Pete

    i can’t agree with the assertion Vegas was outplayed most of this game the latter stages notwithstanding. So far I have just seen period one and the VGK was definitely the better team with the forecheck leading to the same extended zone time and limited Dallas chances that was evident much of game one. The Heiskanen goal was a freak. I am expected when getting to the second period to see Vegas’ worst of the series, however Dallas was still limited to a PP goal, big deal. Sometimes landed shots don’t tell the whole story. Holding their own most of the game against a deep Dallas team and one of the league’s best goaltenders, Vegas was the better team in the end when it counted the most. I agree with Ken as he tweeted much of the game that Vegas was doing a lot of what they did game one in limiting Dallas’ chances.

    • Pistol Pete

      You hold your opponent to two goals precludes you having been “outplayed”. On to Dallas for game three.

      • TS

        PP, I feel it was HILL who held the Stars to 2 G’s. He was a GIANT out there. So many SOG, so many big saves. We had very few SOG, spent a lot of time defending our end. Dallas played like they REALLY wanted that CUP. We finally played tough hockey in the 3rd, leading to the tie and OT win.

        • Pistol Pete

          TS, the only 10 shots we landed through two periods did not accurately reflect offense generated, not imo. Even in the second period there were zero 5 on 5 goals. It was pretty even (even in period 2). Dallas was stronger on the forecheck and defensive coverage than game one, however the forecheck Vegas did generate (even in period 2) helped limit the Stars’ chances. Forecheck and defend consistently and this team is tough to beat. Cassidy deserves a lot of credit but so do the players for all buying in and playing first and foremost as a team (no primadonnas as in McDavid and Draisaitl). It’s how you win a Cup. Love to see Eichel talking defense. He’s bought in and is applying his speed, size and stick to playing two way hockey, something he was not required to learn to do in Buffalo. I always felt he had the potential for it in Vegas. Don’t know why every GM does not require his coach to build a defensive structure and make it the foundation for how to play. Experts keep saying defense wins Cups yet the Edmontons of the world never seem to get it.

          • TS

            Pp, you ALWAYS give me the right perspective! I use my own ” eye test” every game, but I’m NO hockey expert, to be sure. We got motivated in the 3rd, never gave up!

      • PP – that’s a funny statement as as that is not the feelings of the people involved. They were outplayed unit the last 10 minutes when they kicked it into high gear and pressed. Until that time it was Dallas’s game.

  12. Ice Warrior

    VGK had very little puck luck. SOG were abysmal and although VGK seemed to be quick they were also sloppy. The Stars looked to be a better team until the last 10 mins of the 3rd when VGK finally started to click. The Marchy goal sent a jolt of electricity into the building – I don’t think I’ve ever heard a louder crowd. It was deafening. This team finds a way to win!

  13. Tim

    As Jackie Gleason used to say ( How Sweet It Is ) Pete DeBoar when we were heavily favored against Montreal found a way to lose let’s hope he still has his losing touch. Nothings over until it’s over but I’ll take a 2 zip lead. Let’s go to Dallas and spank them again.

  14. Richie-Rich

    I believe at one point the VGK had 10 shots on goal through at least 30 minutes. It was truly a great display of defense by Dallas and an inability of the VGK to generate offense. Whatever Dallas was doing was working and they almost pulled it off.

    I realize PP always looks at performance through rose colored glasses. That’s fine. I still believe VGK is the better team but not by much. I think Ottinger is overrated. I like our goaltending. The difference is in the depth of our lines. We are rolling four quality lines.

    I just hope we don’t have to sit through too many more comebacks. Let’s get a lead and keep it! My cardiologist is highly recommending this.

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