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Recap: The Golden Knights hosted the Dallas Stars for a battle of the two top teams in the Western Conference. Vegas came out hot, challenging Dallas goalie Jake Oettinger from the opening minutes of the game. Later in the period William Carrier was charged with two minor penalties in one sequence. Carrier’s teammates bailed him out by killing the penalty and limiting the Stars to one shot in four minutes. The game was locked in a scoreless tie after 20 minutes of action.

Vegas jumped on the scoreboard first after killing two early 2nd period penalties. Michael Amadio gave the Golden Knights a 1-0 lead with his 10th goal of the season. Two minutes later the Stars jumped on a rebound and tied the game. The middle frame ended 1-1.

Jack Eichel regained the lead for Vegas, scoring his 20th goal of the season. The Stars kept clawing and eventually evened the score with under a minute to play in the final period. The game needed overtime and a shootout to decide a winner. Dallas ended the game in a SO to pick up the two points.

The Golden Knights record drops to 35-18-6 losing 3-2 to the Stars in shootout. Next up, Vegas will travel to Colorado on Monday night for a conference battle against the Avalanche. Puck drop is scheduled for 6 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: An absolutely terrific hockey game, the Golden Knights just, unfortunately, came out on the wrong end of it. The 1st period for VGK was terrific as they tilted the ice and were all over the Stars. The 2nd was the opposite. The final period and OT were back and forth and both teams played terrific hockey to earn their chances. The story of the night was goaltending though. Both guys were out of this world. (Analysis by Ken)

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Jack Eichel
** Laurent Brossoit
* Laurent Brossoit


Looking Back At VGK’s League-Leading Nine 3rd Period Comeback Wins




  1. Pistol Pete

    The goal post stays put (counting on the deadline):

    15-8-0 = 106 pts

  2. Golden Choke artists

    Another choke job by the VGK. I think it’s time to acknowledge that the Misfits have aged themselves to 3rd/4th line status. Eichel looking a lot better lately with non-existent wingers. Stephenson is a 4th liner without Stone and the rest is history. Congrats for another stellar performance by the golden ring dummies!

  3. Slappy

    If Stevenson had been a little greedier and not pass. They might’ve won the game.

  4. Sad to lose when you play as well as Vegas did tonight. One point better than zero. It could have gone either way, unfortunately it wasn’t Vegas’ night. PK handled their end and PP was better but not successful. Good effort sad result but could have been worse.

  5. Richie-Rich

    A very good game against a quality opponent. Stephenson should have taken the shot instead of turning it over. That’s two points now lost in the last minute this past week. Hate to see that, but the points keep rolling in. The Pacific remains very tight. Calgary is fading leaving the top 4 teams in the Pacific still in the hunt for 1st place.

    Oettinger played lights out in the first period. After that it was a slug fest the rest of the way.

    Eichel is bringing it. Now is the time you want to see your top players begin to carry the load. Petro had a solid game as well tonight.

    On to Colorado who is on a 5 game winning streak.

  6. Pistol Pete

    Of the top 9 teams in the west VGK is now ranked #8 by MoneyPuck to make the CF just ahead of the Kings. Obviously with Stone playing they would be ranked higher. Stone needs a replacement by the trade deadline for Vegas to have the best hope for a deep postseason run.

    • Pistol Pete

      If they make a big move by the deadline I can hear the McPhee/McCrimmon haters now. That’s
      the McPhee and McCrimmon who made the SC finals once and the CF finals twice in their first four years.

  7. Pistol Pete

    Did anyone notice the Ducks beat the Canes in Carolina and the Oilers lost to Columbus? Sound familiar? Also, Dallas 31-16-12 is just three games over .500 if you count OTL as losses. If they had lost in OT tonight, 30-16-13 would have been a single game over .500. The Knights are 11 games over .500 counting OTL as losses, Seattle is 6, LA is 6 and EDM is 4. Teams in the Pacific except the VGK have struggled to win in regulation or have lost in OT. We’ll see how the playoffs go.

    • Emmanuel

      I always count OT losses as losses to get a better idea of the team. I miss ties……

  8. Pistol Pete

    Brossoit deserves a lot of credit for his play tonight and his other starts since being called up. Looking more and more like the hip surgery did in fact correct a problem that has dogged him his entire pro career providing him the flexibility and mobility he never had. All of a sudden he’s emerging as possibly the best of all three goaltenders. Need more games to really know but encouraging thus far.

    Speaking of goaltending you’d think the Oilers’ FO would figure out McDavid et. al. need a good goalie and a more sound defensive structure. Actually I don’t watch them enough to know so I’m guessing on the defending but it has been a problem in past seasons, pretty much the whole time they’ve had McDavid. Does anybody really think if McPhee and McCrimmon had that kind of offensive power they would let the goaltending and five man defense slide?

    McDavid has 113 pts and is only +9? Draisaitl 88 and -2. I doubt that is all goaltending. It’s defensive structure. These guys need to understand it does not matter how many points you score you have play the two way game to win a cup.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i give credit to the goal tender coach(s)

      they have prepared the position as well as they could; under the circumstances.

  9. Pistol Pete

    For Eichel haters:

    Far from McDavid numbers but Jack now has 20+ goals in six of his eight seasons (ok 2022-23 not 20+ yet). 2 G/16 A (21 games) 2020-21 playing with a bad disc in his neck and 14 G/11 A (34 games) 2021-22 are the only two non-20+ goal seasons, both very short.

    He’s shown in Vegas he’s willing to commit to becoming a competent 200 ft. player.

    • Pete – stop, posters on this site are NoT Eichel haters at all. Some and rightfully so simply question the 10 mil price tag associated with him. He is not even close to McDavid caliber so why even bring that up. Is Eichel a good player YES just not worth 10 mil. – that observation does not make posters. haters. The go ahead goal he scored last night was great and nearly didn’t go in. Unfortunately it set the dallas goalie up for the shoot out as Eichel did same move and Dallas goalie was prepared. A different move would have been helpful, maybe same result but at least a different challenge.

  10. Pistol Pete

    This team is showing they’re a good team without their captain and best player. This means you add big at the deadline. Go all in and figure the cap out in the offseason. Assuming Stone’s career is not over (it’s possible it could be—only the FO
    is privy to this), the downside to signing Meier and having Stone and Lehner on next season’s roster is that it will require trading two important players which could affect player morale the remainder of this season. It’s possible Lehner does not impress in camp and Foley buys him out. I know that would cost $10m but it might be better than trading a
    Marchy or Smith to make room for Meier.

  11. Sorvino

    Pistol Pete, if you were to buy out the final remaining two years of Robin Lehner’s contract the salary cap implications would be about 2.5 million a year for four straight years. That’s a lot of dead money. If you really want to move Robin Lehner you probably would have to have him start the season and prove that he is healthy to other teams, and then trade him. Trading for Timo Meier next year would likely mean having to trade Alec Martinez and Jonathan Marchessault and replacing them with minimum wage players. Top-heavy roster becomes even more top-heavy. I’m a NO on Timo Meier. I would prefer that Vegas trade for for 2 or 3 rentals instead. One of Barbashev or Domi plus one of Jeannot or Greenway addresses some scoring issues and toughness. Timo would be great because he is a gamebreaker and this team only has one real gamebreaker with Eichel but I guess in a hard cap system you just can’t always get what you want.

    I really like Jack Eichel, the guy has unbelievable skill, but quite honestly I didn’t really support that trade either because the cap hit hit started making the team too top-heavy. However, I understand managements logic behind the trade as the team didn’t have one single game breaker. Vegas really needed that game breaker because at times the team would go on incredibly long stretches without being able to score and it killed them against Dallas and Montreal in the playoffs. Brossoit has been great lately, but let’s not forget that they don’t win the last couple of games without Jack Eichel either. He put the team on his back against Calgary when they were down 3-1 and scored the great go ahead last night Dallas.

    I support and fully trust this great management team. If they think getting Timo Meier is the right decision then I’m behind it. However, it’s not what I would do if I were in church.

    • Pistol Pete

      Sorvino you are saying if a player is bought out part of their contract still counts in the salary cap? I would not have known that and stand to learn something new. Will look further into but I trust what you are saying. The wildcard in this situation is the possibility Stone’s career is over. It probably is not, however anything short of an artificial disc replacement (ADR) this last procedure and ten gets you one Stone will never be close to 100% ever again. Don’t know what if anything they can do about something like that other than being stuck with a damaged asset.

      • Pistol Pete

        Right you are Sorvino, in fact would it not be just $6.7m distributed over 4 years = $1.675m reduced cap hit per year? I finally understand why buyouts are generally ge worst option.

        Next I need to learn if Lehner can be put through waivers (I assume he can), he is not claimed and goes to Henderson what the cap hit would be.

        • Sorvino

          Pistol Pete, I believe this is an even less favorable option. I couldn’t find the exact rule on what percentage of Lehner’s cap hit saved if he cleared waivers and was sent to Henderson. I might keep looking. I think it went something likes this. Approximately 12% of cap hit plus $750,000. For Robin Lehner that could mean (5 million x 12%) + 750,000) = $1,350,000. So that would mean that approximately $3,650,000 cap hit would still apply to the team.
          (5,000,000 – 1,350,000)

          I found a real life recent comparable. The Boston Bruins placed Craig Smith on waivers and he cleared. His current cap hit is $3,100,000. He cleared waivers but his team only cleared $1,125,000 in cap space. The Bruins were able to include him in their recent trade with the Capitals so they don’t have to worry about that now.

          So in summary I don’t know know the exact rule but VGK would save very little in cap space by placing Lehner in the minors.

      • Sorvino

        In regards to a buyout, I believe the team’s NHL salary cap hit for the player is stretched over a period of twice the remaining length of the contract. If the player is older then 26 like Lehner the Annual Buyout Cost is as calculated at 2/3 of remaining contract divided by twice the remaining years of the contract).

        For example…. Lehner has 10 million cap hit remaining on his contract for two years.

        2023-24 – $5,000,000
        2024-25 – $5,000,000

        I believe buying him out will affect the cap like this.

        $10,000,000 remaining cap hit multiplied by 2/3= $6,666,667 divided by 4 years. ($1,666,665 per year) Buying out Lehner will have the following salary cap implications.

        2023-24 – $1,666,665
        2024-25 – $1,666,665
        2025-26 – $1,666,665
        2026-27 – $1,666,665

        I believe my numbers are very close. The salary cap is so damn confusing.

        I will leave it up to you guys to decide if you think it is worth it.

        If they would have bought him out this summer the cap hit would be spread out over 6 years since he had 3 years remaining on his contract.

        The case for a Robin Lehner buyout seems more reasonable if my calculations are correct. If you keep him you are not resigning Hill or Brossoit.

      • Sorvino

        Puckpedia is an incredible website. They literally let you plug in a players name, choose year of potential buyout and spit out the salary cap implications. Here are the results I got for Robin Lehner if they buy him out this summer the salary cap implications are as follows.

        2023-24 – $750,000
        2024-25 – $2,250,000
        2025-26 – $1,750,000
        2026-27 – $1,750,000

  12. Sorvino

    However, it’s not what I would do if I were in charge, not church. Spellcheck failed me again.

    • TS

      Sorvini, chuckles…I was thinking Timo must be one evil guy, if you mentioned ” church” ! Like, is he an atheist or a devil- worshipper or something?

  13. TS

    Really good matchup. That 3rd period was fun to watch. The ” cartwheel save” by Brossoilt was superhuman! Seeing the replay, I do believe he MEANT to do that! He was impressive…so glad he’s back!
    Tough to lose after that effort, but better than zero pts. Did Eichel finally decide to step up and play like he needs to? Hope so. On to our next foe….

  14. Pistol Pete

    Looks like if Lehner were to be successfully waived to Henderson his salary would not count against the cap.

    I don’t mean to dump on Robin, when he good he’s been very good but when he’s not the team goes down in flames with him like it did down the stretch last year when he told DeBoer he was healthy to play when in fact he had both shoulder and hip issues causing him to have a bad game against the Canucks and an even worse one against Jersey before DeBoer wised up. It was too late and the season was lost. I’m in favor of seeing how he looks in camp but it would be even better if he came in 30 lb. lighter which I doubt he will. If he looks good play him if not waive him.

    Don’t mean to open old wounds but Lehner is one calculated move by the FO that did not pan out. The were correct Fleury was in decline, they traded for a Vezina runner up, he did great in the playoffs so they signed him to term. It did not work out. They became unlucky in a move they knew had risk. All trades carry risk for the most part.

    • Sorvino

      Pistol Pete, Respectfully I think you may be incorrect. I do not believe that 100% of his salary cap could be buried if he were to clear waivers and sent to Henderson.

    • Sorvino

      Pistol Pete, here is another comparable situation and why I believe you are incorrect in saying “Looks like if Lehner were to be successfully waived to Henderson his salary would not count against the cap.”

      On January 15th, 2023 the Detroit Red Wings placed goaltender Alex Nedeljkovic on waivers. His cap hit is $3,000,000. He cleared waivers and was sent to their AHL affiliate Grand Rapids Griffins. This move only saved Detroit $1,125,000 in cap space. $1,875,000 still counts against the cap.

      He is the very best and most relevant comparison. Los Angeles Kings placed goaltender Cal Peteren on waivers. His cap hit is $5,000,000 which is exactly the same as Robin Lehner. He cleared waivers and was sent to their AHL affiliate Ontario Reign. This move only saved Los Angeles $1,125,000 in cap space. $3,875,000 still counts against the cap.

      YIKES. $3,875,000 against the cap. Cal Peterson has even longer term then Robin Lehner.

      I believe we have our answer. It’s pointless to send Robin Lehner to the minors. Better options are to either buy him out at small cap hits for 4 years or keep him and hope he is healthy.

      • Pistol Pete

        Sorvino looks like the Wikipedia article mislead me. I am still learning the ins and outs of the salary cap. The NHL players agreement makes it difficult to just waive a player (even they still get the full salary in the AHL) to avoid the cap hit. Thanks for helping while I complete my learning process.

        • JV

          It is known as the Wade Redden rule that you can’t bury a player’s entire salary in the minors. The NY Rag$ buried Redden’s 6.5 M per year salary for 3 years in Hartford of AHL to stay under the cap until after the 2013 lockout which allowed compliance buyouts. Side note, Redden still has the highest AHL salary ever.

  15. Jailbird

    Next 8 games or so against very good teams. This stretch could decide if we are to be first in the pac/west. LB was amazing. Hope we add Domi and another high motor guy. I say no to Timo, but McGMs like the shiny objects?

  16. Sorvino

    Confirmed by PuckPedia for Robin Lehner if they buy him out this summer the salary cap implications are as follows.

    2023-24 – $750,000
    2024-25 – $2,250,000
    2025-26 – $1,750,000
    2026-27 – $1,750,000

  17. knights fan in minny

    great game from Brossoit jacks’ goal was a thing of beauty stay out of the Damm sin bin regroup tough week ahead. go out and get barbashev and domi

  18. knights fan in minny

    LB save better be up for save of the year

    • TS

      Kfim, most AMAZING save EVER. Gotta be on every sports network’s highlights right now. Best thing: that move IGNITED the crowd like I hadn’t heard in a long while!

  19. knights fan in minny

    according to Pierre labreaun the Meier sweep stakes is down to Vegas and the devil’s speculation continues.

  20. THE hockey GOD

    the Stars were all over the VGK for most of the game, and clearly exposed chinks in their armor. The score could easily have been another rout. PDB clearly has a better team than VGK at this point.

    will FO do something about it, delve into the armory or fortress ? OR perhaps find a misplaced nugget in the dungeon ? Will they have to go to the Lannisters and mortgage a gold mine and their future? Or go to the Iron Bank OR will they just sit pat. It’s pretty evidently what they need.

    The rangers seen to be ones getting all the “shiney new objects”, they are making a serous run this year. Too bad their coaching staff sucks big time.

    • Sorvino

      THE hockey GOD. I agree that the Rangers couldn’t coach themselves out of a paper bag. The Dallas Stars and the VGK have solid coaching staffs.

      • Richie-Rich

        Gallant should not have been fired in the first place. We have been blessed to have 3 very good coaches. Of all of the many fumbles, the chaos beyond the bench was the most avoidable. The Rangers, unlike our team, are valid contenders for the Cup.

        • Sorvino

          I was kidding about the Rangers staff being bad. Gérard Gallant never should’ve been fired. I thought that was a little embarrassing at the time. I also think all three coaches are very good.

  21. Sorvino

    Pistol Pete, so now that we know that they simply can’t remove Lehner’s cap hit by placing him on waivers (3.875 million still against the cap) or buying him out does that change your opinion on acquiring Meier. Adding his 9-10 million cap hit would mean removing 10 million off next years team. Moving Lehner nearly impossible. Something like Marchessault and Martinez moved out and replaced with minimum wagers.

    I am still hoping for a better approach.

    Barbashev or Domi plus Jeannot or Greenway.

  22. Sorvino

    My last post just aged well.

    Barbashev traded to VEGAS!!

    • THE hockey GOD

      your “last post” named at least a half dozen players, and a couple of vegas buffets !!

    • knights fan in minny

      love it

    • Richie-Rich

      Barbashev $2.25million
      59 games played
      10 goals
      19 assists

      Not a game changer but is a better option than Froese I guess.

      • Emmanuel

        No prospect named…..I think his stats will improve in Vegas.

      • knights fan in minny

        he has had good numbers the past couple of years sometimes that change of scenery can do wonders

      • Pistol Pete

        And than Amadio (sorry Michael) which I think is what the move is all about. Amadio has been doing very well but his career stats are not even close to Barbashev.

  23. Sorvino

    Barbashev has just a 2.250 million cap hit. This does not rule them out from going after Timo Meier.

  24. Sorvino

    Barbashev’s wife is smoking hot so you know that he has confidence

  25. THE hockey GOD

    See new Tweets
    Darren Dreger
    My sense…this does not take Vegas out of the mix on Timo Meier. As @PierreVLeBrun
    reported earlier, it’s down to @NJDevils
    and @GoldenKnights
    for the coveted forward.
    Quote Tweet
    Darren Dreger
    Trade: Vegas has acquired Ivan Barbashev from the Blues for a prospect.

    • THE hockey GOD

      a pending unrestricted free agent, which means a rental likely lost to VGK and prospect

      what is FO thinking ?

  26. Sorvino

    THE hockey GOD.

    Aren’t we the same person according to one of the posters?


    • THE hockey GOD

      if we are same person

      than I am screwed !

      I bow to your superior expertise on sal cap issues which I can’t wrap my old brain around !

      (does the abbreviated touching head and bowing down with hand waving down and round the shoulder, to mid belly, don’t know what this is officially called; but people in middle east do it often on TV)

  27. Sorvino

    ZACH DEAN has been traded

  28. Sorvino

    If Barbashev is as described by Gary Lawless, then this is exactly what Vegas needed.

    As per Gary Lawless

    Barbashev plays a physical style and has been a Blues hits leader during his seven seasons in St. Louis. Last year he led the Blues with 160 hits and has 132 so far this season.

    A combination of power and skill, Barbashev can play up and down the lineup on the wing or at center. He can and has contributed on both special teams. St. Louis used him on all three of their top lines at different junctures.

    During the Blues run to the Stanley Cup in 2019, Barbashev led all NHL skaters with 89 hits in the post-season and was considered a key contributor to the team’s victory in seven games over Bruce Cassidy’s Boston Bruins.

    Barbashev can score in transition with his shot but does most of his work in tight and consistently goes to the net.

    • knights fan in minny

      consistently goes to the net .that is what this team needs

      • Knights fan in minnie

        I consistently go to the fishnets to attract other chicken hawks

        • THE hockey GOD

          minnie, you wear fishnets over you head when
          you knock off savings and loans in north las vegas

        • knights fan in minny

          fake ass poster get back in your rubber room you fucking retard

    • THE hockey GOD

      personally I don’t like Russian players, and secondly he should really do a Barbasol commercial

      VgK history with Russians
      shipashev = bust
      valintinov – drug bust
      gusev – skated in circles for GG , bust
      boris dadanov – ok but not great
      two prospects – injured in NHL games early on

      prove me wrong !!

  29. RK

    Lets not forget that fact that Lehners injury may be career ending. I think the odds of a goalie of his size & age coming back from double hip surgery are slim. This would be a win win situation for the Knights.

  30. JV

    Interesting from Sheng Peng @ SJHN regarding Meier, since the 2021 1st round pick zack dean was just traded:

    I didn’t believe it because I have no idea what futures Vegas could offer that would entice the San Jose Sharks.

    “Their system is awful,” an NHL scout told San Jose Hockey Now.

    According to SJHN’s sources, the Golden Knights have no Grade-A prospects and probably only one clear-cut Grade-B prospect in the entire system, defenseman Lukas Cormier.

    Other than that? Well, it’s a desert out there.

    “I would think it has to be centered around one of Chayka, Korczak, Dorofeyev and Brisson. Plus Cormier,” another NHL source offered.

    Defensemen Daniil Chayka and Kaeden Korczak, and forwards Pavel Dorofeyev and Brendan Brisson, are probably Grade-C prospects these days.

    “Dorofeyev is not a sure thing. Chayka and Korczak look like okay stay-at-home guys. Brisson and Cormier are the two with upside, and even then,” the source acknowledged, “I wouldn’t be running to the table [for that].”

    I’m just the messenger.

    • Emmanuel

      Ive always believed you should be competing for the Cup or be rebuilding. If youre not rebuilding C level prospects can hold down the bottom six and a bottom pairing. G are so close in talent level and are contingent on team defense that overpaying them are for suckers. You draft for your top 2 F and top 1 D, everything else you can get for cheap.

      • THE hockey GOD

        he’s (Shin jin, or whatever his name is) is talking down VGK in order to get SJ more value, ignore the schill.

        the devils appear to have inside track

        btw i like the D guy on SJ better.

        • JV

          He is pretty reliable when it comes to Sharks news and doesn’t shill like Lawless. He occasionally does a segment on their pre-game show. His voice doesn’t fit his appearance. It’s almost as deep as Farouq on BattleBots.

  31. Jailbird

    Add Domi to the new guy and we have plenty of toughness and grit!

  32. Sorvino

    The New Jersey Devils have officially acquired Timo Meier from the San Jose Sharks. Done deal.

  33. Sorvino

    As per Frank Seravalli……..

    To set the table for Timo Meier, #sjsharks turned down some big offers in recent days.

    Team 1: 1st rd pick, 2nd rd pick, top prospect

    Team 2: 1st rd pick, recent 1st rd pick, mid-tier prospect

    Both teams had other asks – cap or roster considerations – but this will be sizable.

  34. JV

    Forget Meier, did you see what Nashville got from TB for Tanner Jeannot? 3rd, 4th, 5th rd pks this year, 2nd rd 2024, and 1st rd in 2025( conditional)…..for Tanner Jeannot?!?!?!?!?
    Now I think Barbashev was a steal.

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