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Recap: The Golden Knights didn’t wait long in Dallas to begin their Stanley Cup championship defense. Nic Roy drew a penalty in the opening :30 seconds of the playoffs setting up for Vegas’ first goal. Subsequently, in his first game back since February, captain Mark Stone gave the reigning champions a 1-0 advantage. Jonathan Marchessault gave Vegas a two goal lead at the 8:27 mark of the opening period. Dallas cut the lead in half but newly acquired Tomas Hertl scored the Golden Knights second power play goal of the game. The Stars scored late in the period to keep within one.

Leading 3-2, the Golden Knights quickly came out to start the middle frame. Brayden McNabb ripped a puck from the blueline and regained Vegas’ two goal advantage. Dallas battled towards the end of the period but Logan Thompson was able to fight off the Stars attack.

Midway through the final frame the Stars beat Thompson to cut the Golden Knights lead to 4-3. Vegas did a great job down the stretch of blocking shots and steering Dallas wide. It was a full team effort to seal Game 1.

The Golden Knights take a 1-0 series lead with their 5-4 Game 1 victory over the Stars. Both teams will resume their seven-game series in Dallas on Wednesday night. Puck drop for Game 2 is scheduled for 6:30 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: This was not exactly VGK’s most impressive playoff game. The 1st period was a wild back and forth contest that was highlighted by the Golden Knights’ power play. They got a couple other chances off the rush and buried one. From there, a nice minute to start the 2nd extended the lead to two goals for the third time. There was very little by way of attack the rest of the way. They were solid though defensively, especially in the 3rd period. Not sure that’s the way to beat this team four times in seven games,   (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Dallas Stars at American Airlines Center.

  • Late local start did VGK a favor (maybe)
  • Turning on the defense

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Jonathan Marchessault
** Tomas Hertl
* Brayden McNabb



Same Teams, Different Depth


Team Defense Helped Make A 15 Shot Offensive Effort Look Like Plenty


  1. Rashaad

    One down. Three to go. I’m just taking this series by series.

    Shitty goal let in by Thompson but he gets a win in his first ever playoff game.

    • Pistol Pete

      I believe he made a number of keys saves also though.

      • Frank

        Yes indeed, the rest of the game saved his night… However, those types of goals cannot go in…. This is playoff hockey and we need the best goaltending we can get.

  2. Pistol Pete

    VGK will have home ice advantage for game 3.

    LT: 27/30 = .900
    Oettinger 11/15 = .733

    Stone and Hertl each get PP goals. Special teams were perfect tonight. Perfect.

    C’mon Bruce give Pav his first playoff game (Howden was not that great this time)!

  3. Rashaad

    Pistol Pete, they usually say never to break up a winning lineup however they went long stretches without generating scoring chances so I wouldn’t mind seeing Pav get in there for game two.

    • Pistol Pete

      Dorofeyev-Karlsson-Mantha saw quite a few games I say put Pav in he might just score or set one up plus he’s defensively responsible. I guess a knock on Cassidy has been he over favors veterans. I really think we would see Pav out there being as playoffs heavy as he can be. He knows it’s the side of his game he has to prove.

  4. PJT

    Stone misses the empty net twice just like game 5 last year against FLA. Could he not work on that to improve his accuracy? Just saying…

  5. Vic

    55 hits might be a VGK record. Wow. Ken being negative is out of place here. They won game one against a very good team, and grab home ice. Logan made it more exciting with his muff, but victory regardless. If there was a negative it was too few shots at Oettinger.

    Nice to see the all star lineup on the ice. We will enjoy it while we have it.

    2 Cups in 7

  6. Pistol Pete

    First game ever for Stephenson-Hertl-Stone. Should get stronger. Much stronger!

  7. Richie-Rich

    RD1 GM1 Analysis VGK 4, DAL 3

    I was surprised at the team chemistry in game 1. Even more surprising was how well both Stone and Pietrangelo played after a lengthy time on IR. The VGK won all 3 games it played against Dallas this season. Coming into this game, the VGK had played inconsistently on defense and the goaltending was not very good down the stretch. They struggled to get into the playoffs and the final 18 points of the season were mind boggling numbing to watch.

    We know that the Golden Knights can play much better than what they showed in the regular season. There’s a champion team in there somewhere. Just maybe they can turn it on!

    Thompson made some very good saves, but 2 through the 5 hole and a very poor miscue on a shot that he should have easily handled made this game a lot closer than it needed to be.

    I believe we will see Hill in net in game 2. But, neither goaltender has been playing great hockey of late. We just have to hope that one of them catches fire soon.

    I didn’t get the news, but what is the story on William Carrier? I also agree with PP. I too would like to see Dorofeyev out there on the Karlsson line.

    Stars of the Game
    *** Marchessault
    ** Hertl
    * Stone (unbelievably great play in his first game back)

    Asteroids of the Game
    *** Thompson
    ** PK Subban
    * Pete DeBoer

    • We started strong but as expected line chemistry wasn’t great. Surprised he didn’t use Hertal, Stevenson, and Dorofeav they played well together. I think Stone and Hertal may be two slow on same line. I’d like to see Stone ,Amadio and Howden on same line. I also think Hanafin with Hague were better because it allows Hanifin to run the show more. Also would remove Mantha and Whitecloud.

  8. Pistol Pete

    Vs. Dallas 5 out of the last 7 playoff games 8 out of the last 10 overall.

  9. Duckboy

    Watched most of the game. Dallas never looked super dangerous. 1st goal was Benn cherry picking, second was stone turn over (rust), third was Thompson abomination.

    I think given the situation, they played safe playoff hockey with a 4-2 lead for the second and 1/2 the 3rd period to keep the lead. Obviously howden scores his chance in the 3rd it’s over.

    Last time they had this few shots was the 4-0 win last playoff.

    I think is they can get up 2 goals and sit on it they will be fine with that again.

    You can’t pull Thompson despite us horrible goal. Give him the next start (almost zero risk given we took the game we needed to) as pulling him next game may destroy his confidence. Another disaster and you have the excuse

  10. David T

    Unfortunately, I missed the game. Being originally from Colorado, I watched the Nuggets/Lakers game. That being said, it sounds like our goaltender struggled. They need to step up. Glad Stone is back. Glad he had a good game.

  11. Mister Mister

    The Vegas golden cheat strike again .

    • knights fan in minny

      rad th e fucking rules

      read the fucking rules fuck head and quit crying like a little bitch

    • Richie-Rich

      Go get some cheese to go with that whine.

  12. Mister mister

    Of course Stone is back , it’s part of the grift and cheat

    • Duckboy

      Sounds like someone is jelous.

      Go get some tissues and a pacifier.

    • TS

      Mister, do you YET understand other teams do the SAME? IFf it was “cheating”, the league would do something about it! GET OVER IT!

    • Earl the Replanted Transplant

      Sounds like a whiney McDavid fan

  13. knights fan in minny

    you cant make it up.stoner with the first goal.the boys were pretty good in all 3 zones.nabbr blocking shots right and left.logan was good except for the e-6 he had barby throwing his weight around i still do not get it mantha to slow to b on this team throw pav or ammadio in at least ammadio has decent chem with wild bill game 2 cant wait

  14. TS

    Good to get those first 2 quick goals. We needed them. Hertl is a real MAN out there. He not only gets the face off, but 3 seconds later he’s at net, getting the G! He’s the “everywhere man”..LOVE his play!!

  15. knights fan in minny

    4 on ottenger is a good night

  16. JB

    Big win. LT not very sharp. Played nervous. Did Mantha do anything? Would put Pavo in for him. We are only team in playoffs to win game one on the road. Here we go!

  17. ThG

    stars fans booing stone? Because he got hurt ? They are as dumb as some of the silly posters here.
    Speaking of which pete and repeat and repeat, one half track doro on his mind.
    And where’s Timmah, someone call 911 get his sorry butt off the floor ! Wait a minute, I got a phone call. He’s ok, he is watching, no say it ain’t so? Basketball? And
    baseball. Someone had a Doc sighting ! What’s up Doc.

    Cassidy is stuck in his ways, don’t expect line up changes unless a player can’t go. Although I would like to see some of other players, like marty or hutton get into a game for old times sake. Amadio and Cotter too.

    meanwhile hertz is selling it’s fleet of EVs, which it bought over 100,000 due to
    extremely high maintenance costs. Hey Joe, EVs are not clean, stop shoving this shit down our throats !

    • knights fan in minny

      another epic veggie joe failure evs

    • TS

      Please, thg, stop shoving YOUR shit down our throats! It’s the Playoffs, dude, let it rest awhile!!

  18. vgk21

    That win looked more like last year in one aspect…..the rope a dope was working fairly well.

    The Vgk were opportunistic on offense to say the very least, but the offense and Corsi must be improved a lot going forward.

    There was rust as expected from the returning players, but that will get better too.

    LT made some good saves in the second period to help win that game, but his gaffe on the 3rd goal gave life to Dallas that was not necessary.

    The most positive result is that the Vgk are the only team this year to win game 1 on the road, which is notable since their recent play on the road has been terrible.

    Overall, a good start to the playoffs because winning and fun must be always.

  19. A few random thoughts:

    I told the wife before the game the one thing that cannot be done is letting any soft goals in, and what happens but the softest goal ever!….I wasnt thrilled with the Benn goal either as I think that needs to be saved…the Robertson goal was virtually unstoppable…my main problems with the whiff was the fact he did not even put his body in front of it…we were taught in Little League to ALWAYS put our body in front of a batted ball as a way of playing true defense…the goal gave life to a team that was completely stifled…a fan base that had already resigned itself to a Game 1 loss…very much like Game 4 against the Panthers until the deflections off of McNabb and Theodore gave a dead team life…I think Logan will learn from it and be better in Game 2 as the Stars will no doubt be throwing the kitchen sink at him!

    Mantha?….i dont get and am not getting his insertion into the lineup…going further back I still dont understand why we dont have DuClair or even Kuznetzov on our team rather than him…i understand the big body but what i see is a slow and lackadaisical approach to the game…and even worse a perceived coolness he seems to want to convey during his style of play…it doesnt fly and wont fly either…Pav should be in in his place..and unlike some posters here there is zero reason for Howden to come out of the lineup…Mantha an almost $ 6 million dollar man will be lucky if he is actually in the league next year cause he will receive no offers even close to that overpaid amount!

    • ThG

      mantha has a good shot, if allowed to unleash it

      in last nite’s game he played a solid 13 minutes, had four hits was a zero in plus/minus
      and had one shot on goal; steady eddie. No rookie mistakes.

  20. THG, I will grant you if he uses that body for physicality he might be somewhat of a small asset, but Pav DOES have a shot that can be unleashed and HAS unleashed it as well as a nose for the net!

  21. Larry, that was a well composed random thoughts type post!!

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