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Recap: It was a game the players and fans had waited a long time for. The Golden Knights and Avalanche met up for their third straight game but this time outside on the shores of Lake Tahoe.

Colorado took an early lead 2:58 into the game. Vegas responded well locking down their opponents and adding pressure in their offensive zone. The game changed late in the period as Mark Stone was penalized with a four-minute high-stick penalty. The Golden Knights’ penalty kill worked hard but wound up taking another penalty for too many men in the ice. Colorado was unable to score on either penalties before the 1st period came to a close. After the opening 20 minutes, Colorado held a 1-0 advantage.

The game was suspended during the first intermission due to sloppy ice conditions. Commissioner Gary Bettman deemed the ice surface was unsafe and the game would proceed at 9P PT.

Once the game resumed the Golden Knights were able to tie the game 1-1. Alec Martinez picked up his first goal of the season jumping on a rebound in front of the net. Avalanche star Nathan MacKinnon broke the tie a few minutes later. Vegas trailed 2-1 after two periods played.

The Golden Knights had several power play chances in the final frame but couldn’t take advantage. The Avalanche added to their lead in third but Alex Tuch got it back with a beautiful spin-o-rama goal. However, Vegas couldn’t catch up and lost the franchise’s first outdoor game 3-2.

With their 3-2 loss to the Avalanche, the Golden Knights record drops to 10-4-1. Vegas and Colorado wrap up their four-game series on Monday night in Denver. Game is scheduled for 6PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: It took a LONG time to get through 60 minutes of hockey, but whether it was day time or night time the Golden Knights were the inferior team on the ice. Colorado’s speed was clearly on display and Vegas struggled with it the entire game. The Golden Knights can beat Colorado, but they need to play close to a perfect game to do it and they certainly didn’t do that today. (Analysis by Ken)

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(Photo Credit: NBC)



(Photo Credit: NBC)


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  1. Daryl

    It’s been obvious watching this series that VGK just isn’t on the same plane as COL. They aren’t far behind, but we can clearly see who the better team is. MAF kept VGK in every game otherwise these games could really have looked bad. VGK still needs to fix it’s PP, forget about 5 on 3 PPs, and find a 1st line Center. THEN we can talk about VGK making it to the Cup

    • Julie

      I see it a lot more clearly now what you mean about getting a good center. Have you seen anyone Vegas could bring in that would help? Maybe a newer player who needs his first NHL game? It seems like now is the time.

      As a side note, I thought any ice concerns would have been better prepared for. There is even a video Tuch did with Fleury where he says the ice is a little soft. That was before the game started with the cloud cover. It was a nice idea.

      39 shots, 36 saves for Fleury. That’s still good and he is still in a hot streak. But the team has to get better quickly. By smarts if not by changing a line. Long way of saying I agree with you.

      Lastly, still want to see the zing with Petro. Maybe it happened when I looked away.

  2. Sullivan

    They’re just so freaking fast compared to us. Until this team gets its elite 1C, the results when playing top tier teams will always be the same. Sakic has done an amazing job putting together that team.

  3. The problem is not the Knights, it’s Colorado. As VGK supporters we sure have a lot to be thankful for. Our team is very competitive, looks tight, is playing very solid d, and we have perhaps the best goaltender in the NHL keeping us in the most competitive of games against the best teams. Of you watch to be entertained, you gotta love the product on the ice. If you are obsessed with the Knights winning the cup well then it looks like we may be in for a very frustrating upcoming 5 or 6 years.

    The Knights are close, Colorado is just closer. And they’re younger, and they’re faster… And they have a single superstar that can create on his own for himself and his teammates, perhaps the only player in the NHL on the same level as Connor Mcdavid.

    We can’t go get a player like Mackinnon. They don’t exist. The only way you get them is by being #1 in the draft. And even then you have to be extremely lucky and have the #1 pick in the one year that comes up every 10 or so when you have a generational player to pick. These are so rare, even for #1’s. It’s like having the #1 pick the year Michael Jordan was available. You got reallllly lucky.

    Not sure what the Knights can do. There are no players that are gonna negate Mackinnon. Gotta keep playing our game and hope for the best. Yes keep trying to improve through acquisition but be careful to not get greedy again and sacrifice your future for a player in the short term. And for godsakes KEEP MAF, don’t even consider trading him!

    Our cup window is so tight, with so little margin for error and it sure looks like we closed it on our ourselves by getting greedy. Signing Lehner for $5mil for 5 may have sealed our coffin on ourselves. That $5mil could have gone a long way to getting a player to get us closer. The faster, more dynamic center’s money you all want is sitting on the bench in a #90 sweater. No criticism to him at all but our management gambled big on that one and may have lost the house and the car in the process….

    We have a lot to be thankful for, just gotta tip your hat to Colorado…

  4. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Big game Monday in this “playoff preview” 4 game series. If the Knights can win this game, we will be right back to the 6 pt lead we had on the Avs, before the series. All close games, very little to separate the two teams.

    Nothing to panic about. We are good and have as good a chance as any team to win the cup this year.

    • “Very little to separate the teams”… In the games the Avs were without their 2 best defensemen and their captain. At full strength, it looks much more like that 1st period outdoors.

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        I’ll repeat, Ken. Right now, very little separation between the teams. The games are played with the players available. We win Monday and we split this good series. We have guys out as well. So what. Happens to all teams. You have no idea what the teams will look like in one month or playoff time. But this is vintage you. Stoke the fires! Thank you for the recognition though, I appreciate it.

  5. Tim

    Ken you were spot on Colorado is clearly the faster and better team. With Lehner’s condition up in the air and Fleury being our best player were between a rock and a hard place. We can’t trade Fleury if Lehner is done and we can’t trade Leaner if he’s injured and maybe long term. We need a Jack Eichels type of center and it looks like that’s out of our grasp. So what you see is what you get and putting a bandage on our third and fourth line isn’t going to make that much of a difference. Speed kills and we just don’t have enough of it so you push on with what you have. Management has to know the problem and as hard as they’ve tried to build this team and they have done a good just it’s just not quite good enough. We can play with most teams but Colorado and Tampa Bay are just better. I like our young D-Men there going to get better and better but Colorado has Bowman and Maker two young D-Men who are better then our young D-Men. Colorado had some early picks to acquire this young talent and we didn’t.

  6. THE hockey GOD

    I thought I saw Fredo’s head bobbing in the Lake at times, during commercial breaks, I swear it………NHL outdoor games should have a timely demise also. Worthless, unwatchable, not safe. Bettman should can these games once and for all.

  7. Ken – you where more than kind in your analysis – Vegas isn’t in the same league as Colorado despite what other posts have indicated. Do I want them to win , absolutely but they have little to no chance unless they get out of low gear and into second and third. The Karlsson line has some speed as does Tuch when he puts his mind to it other than those four they are just no match for the speedier Colorado. You can’t expect Fluery to continue to keep them in the game when they can’t get out of their end all the time – it was a little sad to watch – Colorado probably spent 40 minutes of the 60 in Vegas end –

    • Tim

      hd, So true men against boys but the good news is were not Buffalo. What worries me is management knows they can’t win so are they going to go all in and make a bad trade which they’ve done before? I don’t want them to trade Glass, Krebs, or any of our young D-Men for a quick fix.

  8. Tim – actually young men against old men – an perfect example is the 8,8 mill addition recently – that is not to say I am against older players as there is a lot to be said for experience when it is accompanied with the right winning attitude which at the moment I am not sure unfortunately Vegas has. Reading the posts and and if I recall even the announcers mentioned the need for another center – IMO that is not their only problem. Not sure where they could acquire that center or free up cap space to make it happen which of course lead to the idea, assuming they could fine a buyer, which is doubtful, for the elite walrus. They have some speed in Karlsson line and Tuch when he puts his mind to it but that’s about all and in no way compares to the speedier Colorado bunch. I guess we can always be thankful for something which of course I am – they are a decent team not just a Cup winning team at this time so if everyone lowers their expectations they won’t be disappointed. Get a cheap back-up for Fluery and some help from the boys up front and forget about down the road for a Fluery replacement until he decides to hang up the skates. Mgt is fortunate, the way they treated him he has stepped up to prove them wrong in the direction they had decided on.

  9. Mike StG

    Ken, Agree an upgrade is needed in the bottom 6. I think L3 will develop this season once Roy is back at LW when Nosek returns. Kolesar looks like he has scoring potential on L4 (or L3). Put Glass at C4 with the current wingers and we’ll never see his potential. Carrier draws penalties but just skates around with the puck on his stick uncertain what to do with it. Reaves seems to be a total non-factor esp against a team like the Avs. Vegas PLAYS fast but the Avs do also plus they skate fast. And you’re right – last night felt like Vegas in Year 1 – like Winnipeg said it’s like they had a 6th man on the ice the whole game. Disrupt breakouts in the NZ and right back in to the OZ. Probably 2/3 of the game was played in the Vegas end. If by trade deadline L3 doesn’t develop into a legit scoring threat and L4 doesn’t show big improvement they’ll have to upgrade – Jarnkrok, maybe even Haula. Heck, maybe by TD they’d clear enough cap room to get Getzlaf (ANA) who’s in last yr of his contract.

  10. jason mason

    Uninspired effort seems to me, and that’s not good. Stone and Pac were clearly not a factor, and apparently we need a goalie that can score too. Currently Fleury is the best player on the team…not even a close 2nd until they get their offense working.

    • Julie

      Jason, I like your idea. Fleury should just fire shots as well. The other team wouldn’t even see it coming.

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