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Recap: The Golden Knights hosted the Columbus Blue Jackets for a Sunday afternoon matchup. Vegas opened the scoring 5:15 in the first frame. Phil Kessel scored his 12th goal on the season on VGK’s first power play. 

Columbus tied the game 0:37 into the 2nd period but Vegas’ offense exploded ten minutes later. Jack Eichel broke the tie, Pavel Dorofeyev, Zach Whitecloud and Eichel again stretched the Golden Knights lead to 5-1.

The Golden Knights continued to attack in the final frame. Paul Cotter scored his 13th goal off a direct feed from Chandler Stephenson and midway through the period Eichel completed his hat trick.

The Golden Knights’ record improves to 43-21-6 defeating the Blue Jackets 7-2. Vegas will hit the road a for a three game set in Western Canada. First stop will be in Vancouver on Tuesday night. Puck drop against the Canucks is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Some time in the middle of the 2nd period the Golden Knights realized they were playing the Blue Jackets. At that moment, they just started whipping shots on net from any and all angles. Naturally, as they’ve been doing all season, the Blue Jackets goalies did not stop most of them. Thus, VGK won… easily. Patera was pretty good too. And Eichel had a hat trick. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Columbus Blue Jackets at T-Mobile Arena.

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Alex Pietrangelo
** Pavel Dorofeyev
* Jack Eichel


VGK Earns High Respect In Latest NHL Power Rankings


Chasing Franchise Records Down The Stretch


  1. George T

    Okay, we still need Jack to show up in the hard games. Not the games the Sisters of the Blind could win.

    • SMH

      Cute comment, but let’s check the facts. Multiple point games by Jack Eichel this season = 16.
      Opponents were:
      13 of those 16 teams are either going to the playoffs or still fighting for a playoff berth. Truth.

      • George T

        You must’ve been asleep during the games he didn’t show up. Thanks for trying.

        • Sorvino

          Thanks SMH for providing statistical evidence that George T is incorrect.

          I have some fond memories of Jack Eichel this year like when he got two goals against Carolina when they beat them 3-2. I think that was on March 1. I believe two nights later against the New Jersey Devils. He got one goal and one assist in a 4-3 victory.

          George T, i’m not trying to shit on you or anything. I think we’d all like to see a bit more consistency from a $10 million player but I think your comment is lazy, wrong and without any kind of research. I provided some research here and SMH definitely has and you responded to SMH with a negative comment.

          What you are doing is just being negative. The Columbus blue jackets are still an NHL team. Connor McDavid went pointless against Columbus on January 25. I guess McDavid would not make the sisters of the blind hockey team.

      • THE hockey GOD

        you realize only three of four of teams are decent, despite their mediocre run for playoff position for the rest of them?

    • Achilles

      Totally agree with you.

    • Benito

      Fuck off George T

      Are you mad that he got a hat trick you stupid fucking piece of fucking shit?

      Thank you SMH for bringing out the truth.

  2. Achilles

    No love for Patera in the 3 stars? His parents are in the crowd, Ken. Come on, man.

  3. knights fan in minny

    good win pavel with a nice pass on the first goal and then a strong move to the net on his goal he will be hard to take out of the lineup patera with a solid game in the blue paint

    • Rashaad

      Kfim, Patera looked great. I’m thinking they got to buy out Robin Lehner out of his contract next year.

      • knights fan in minny

        you are right rashaad i do not think lehner will be back to much against the salary cap and the other netminders are just fine a 3 game canada road trip coming up keep the foot on the gas

      • Bobby

        Agreed buy out Lehner

  4. Knights fan in minnie

    I found a very nice blue jacket at a thrift store with only a couple of vomit stains for $3.99.

  5. TS

    I figured it’d be a sluggish start bc of early start time, but the team ended up firing on all cylinders. Balanced effort. Nice for the fans there. Good set- up for the road trip ahead.

  6. Pistol Pete

    8-4-0 = 108 pts

    How are our boys up from Henderson doing?

    Pavel Dorofeyev:
    3 G/2 A/10 shots/+1

    Jiri Patera:
    2-0-0 GAA 2.50/SV% .929

  7. Sorvino

    Pistol Pete was 100% correct in being optimistic about Pavel Dorofeyev

    • knights fan in minny

      i think he wil be hard to take out of the line up if he keeps playing good

  8. Jailbird

    Good win, now a tuff 3 game roady in our Div!

  9. Richie-Rich

    For 22 years old, I am pretty impressed with Dorofeyev’s speed, skating and puck handling. He’s -4, but he is showing a lot of promise for his age. He has played decent hockey in the absence of Roy and Carrier.

    We have a very good stable of goaltenders. Agree, buy Lehner out.

    For a while today, I thought the gold helmets were going to be a huge jinx. The VGK played down to their level for most of the 2nd period. This was a must win and they brought home the two points as expected.

    3 game road trip (VAN, CGY & EDM). I am hoping for 4 points on this road trip. Vancouver is another one of those games I view as a must win. We need at least one point, hopefully two for the remainder of this mini road trip.

    CGY gave us a huge ass spanking last time and EDM is always dangerous. Not only is EDM dangerous but they are 6 points back and will be looking to get hot in the last stretch of this season. Winning the division is probably still on their mind.

    • Pistol Pete

      R-R, actually Dorofeyev is +1 since this last call-up and is 0 for his nine games (seven this season two last season). He had three games earlier this season and got injured. He was not bad, Cassidy used him on the PP where he nearly scored a couple times and on a shift or two (or more) with Eichel even. He’s been excellent with Smith and Karlsson. Listen to the last post-game question, it was on Doro and Cassidy goes into a lot of detail. Even when Roy comes back I would not assume Roy takes Doro’s place on that line. Roy is not a winger (in fact Doro is a center but you can see how he’s been doing on right wing). How things go on this week on the road trip may impact Cassidy’s decision on Doro, assuming Roy and Kolesar return. Now with Barbashev and Bleuger on the roster one has to wonder who gets scratched when Roy and Kolesar are back, not to mention Stone and Carrier. Pretty deep, very deep in the forwards group. Personally I’m really liking Dorofeyev where he is. If things go well this week I’m having trouble imaging Cassidy benching him no matter what is going on with the injury list. Doro goes to the net and shoots. Cassidy likes that. He’s doing what he’s supposed to in the D zone as well (per Cassidy).

      • TS

        PP, as always, great post! GLAD you returned to SINBIN! A voice of real HOCKEY knowledge, after all the other CRAP we’ve endured!

        • THE hockey GOD

          TS the only CRAP you endured was self inflicted,because of what is known as hockey is politics DENIER.

          that’s right, I said it, and you know it’s true.

          • TS

            Thg, yup, it’s true to YOU in Crazytown, where you live!! I suppose your non- stop political tyrades are “imaginary CRAP”??? Goofball.

          • THE hockey GOD

            only goofball here are people who can’t handle the truth, and unraveled when their world is rocked with FACTS

            seek therapy

            hockey is politics, you know it, you can’t deny it

            it’s been proven over and over and over, you can’t handle it.

            the truth has been revealed, only crap here is one in your pants when you read about the politics in hockey.

            Clean up your mess, stop your whining, cry baby.

          • TS

            Ok, thg. Let’s make a deal. YOU stop, I stop. If YOU stop the political attacks, then I’LL stop OBJECTING. WIN/ WIN for ALL. DEAL, THG??

          • TS

            Thg…I’ve been giving you the proverbial ” taste of your OWN medicine” here. YOU don’t like it much, and neither do the people you OFFEND.
            Do you get it NOW??

        • THE hockey GOD

          ^^^^ lib tard KAREN alert ^^^^^

          whining cry baby

          waaa waa waa

          get your pacifier out

          • TS

            Oh, Thg, your lack of maturity and insight are hilarious!! You seem to be fixated on BM’s, as I observed befire….WHY IS THAT?? Got MESSES of your OWN TO CLEAN UP??

          • Alex

            Hockey IS politics? What an idiot! Worse than his bad ice garbage! Hockey isn’t even a popular sport! Its regional…hockey will never, has never and has nothing to do with politics. What a moron

          • THE hockey GOD

            Alex the creepy stalker and the karen can’t handle the truth

            “politics and this board is about hockey”= part of a real angry post (Jose, the most mis informed poster on internet , pay attention and you will see that this poster is angry. Something that you are clearly clueless about. You can not discern between angry and factual posts. Deal with it, seek therapy)

            Well hockey is politics and it’s been that way since at least the 1960s when USA played the Soviet Union. Continued into the 1970s with Summit Series, team CANADA, and series with Russian REd ARmy versus Flyers in 1974. And again in 1980 Olympics.

            Translation of snowflake whiner above “this board is about hockey not politics”>>>
            they/ she are saying they only want to hear and subscribe to THEIR version of NHL politics and when they hear the other side of equation ; and what that really means then they have a melt down. When they hear the truth of the matter they cry out “ANGRY PoSTER”, “FASCIST” , they play the evil race card, and throw down one insult after another after another. That is the nature of left, spin , twist, ignore the facts. That is who they are, because they can not defend or counter the facts.

            The fact remains Today’s Bettman’s NHL is mired in POLITICS. Either these people know that is fact, or they ignore it, or like DOC who didn’t even realize he was a liberal they don’t realize that they have been brainwashed.

            The NHL inundates you with their special “Days” like perversity day, butt fuck day, day for sodomites, day for baby killers, day for ABCers (fill in the letters), day for neo fascists, day for gender benders, this race day, that race day, etc. And it goes on and on. Oh they call it fancy names days, use multi color (stolen from Noah and Bible), print up fancy jerseys (which the unknowing pay for with proceeds going to their sick and twisted wOKe agenda. And they gift wrap it with more twisted words like inclusive, or diversity. IT is just another way that the woke agenda pulls and hooks you in. It’s all politics.

            And for those who complain I say you are hypocrites of the highest order. When the facts are shown to you plain and simple, you get angry, you lash out.
            HYPOCRITES. You can’t handle the truth. The anti GOD, Anti AMERICAN, anti Humanity agenda evil agenda is exposed, and the democratic party, via like of Soros (among others) is driving it.

            You have been enlightened, let the whiners and losers who voted for this crap rot in hell as judgement day will soon be upon them.

            So it is written,
            so it shall be done.

            Sez me

            PS REAKING

            James Reimer explains why he’s boycotting warmup skate before Pride Night (aka gender bender nite, aka sodomite nite, aka BF nite) San Jose Sharks goalie James Reimer reads a statement on why he’s deciding to boycott the team’s warmup skate before the game on Saturday due to his Christian beliefs.

            Deal with it you evil fucks out there.

          • THE hockey GOD

            and instead of counter the facts presented

            the whiners and cry babies

            just insult with their fake anger posts

            what a bunch of maroooons they are

            BTW Dr Howard Dr Fine Dr Howard, in case you wondered,
            ran out of unemployment benefits and moved over
            to the Dewey Cheetem and Howe ambulance chaser, errr, liar, err
            lawyer firm as process servers. Can anyone say PAUL POWELL ????

          • THE hockey GOD

            oh yeah
            and the anti AMerican
            kneelers , who kneel during our national anthem


          • THE hockey GOD

            your comments do not offend me, just shows how clueless you are about politics in hockey

            you have been ownd
            slice d, diced,
            rinsed and put out to dry ! on the clothes line !

      • THE hockey GOD

        PP playing good against AHL teams lingering in or near basement in NHL standings is NOT a good measuring stick. LEt’s see what he does against real NHL teams. Some people on this sight go lady ga ga over every new shiny object the VGK brings up from minor team. Then disappointment sets in when they falter down the road.

        Wait for real team play to make a final judgement.

        • Pistol Pete

          I think he has the ability and skill set against the better teams. I’ll admit that contains my customary does of wishful thinking, however Cassidy has a number of positive things to say at this point (did you listen to the postgame?) and just that he put him on that line and not Cotter who has a lot more top six experience tells us something. We’ll see how next week goes. Hopefully Pav surprises you.

          • Pistol Pete

            dose of wishful thinking

          • THE hockey GOD

            at this point I wouldn’t expect the coach to say anything negative, it’s part of the game.

            The coach’s future ACTIONS will speak louder than words. NHL teams are flexible, they can see what’s happening on ice.

            his d play and positioning needs work
            and he goes down like a rag doll, needs to keep his head up.

  10. THE hockey GOD

    7 7 7

    lucky number 7
    Leading NHL teams yesterday

    Knights !!

  11. Pistol Pete

    Agreed ThG. We’ll see how it goes this week. I did notice he goes down easily. Very correctable and he’s not even a small guy.

  12. THE hockey GOD

    from nhl site today !


    William Douglas has been writing The Color of Hockey blog since 2012. Douglas joined NHL dc in 2019 and writes about people of color in the sport. Today, he profiles Hockey Hall of Fame goalie Grant Fuhr, who is a radio and television analyst for Coachella Valley of the American Hockey League, the Seattle Kraken’s affiliate, at home games.

    PALM DESERT, Calif. — Grant Fuhr swore he’d never become a media talking head when he hung up his goalie gear after playing 19 NHL seasons.

    “It’s definitely not the side that I’m most comfortable with,” Fuhr said. “There’s a little blue area down there, the goal crease, I’m pretty comfortable there.”

    But the Hockey Hall of Fame goalie and five-time Stanley Cup champion looks and sounds at home as a radio and television analyst for Coachella Valley, the Seattle Kraken’s first-year American Hockey League affiliate.

    Fuhr, 60, has traded his goalie mask for a headset and a ritual in-game milkshake on broadcasts with play-by-play announcer Evan Pivnick and intermission and postgame TV spots with host Gino LaMont during home games at Acrisure Arena in Thousand Palms, California.

    “I can talk hockey all day, right? I don’t have a problem,” he said. “I’ve been around it since I was 4 or 5 years old, so the game I know. All this other stuff, I’ve had to learn. I actually really enjoy this. It’s a great venue, it’s fun to see a team start from scratch.”

    Having Fuhr on the air has been a boon to Coachella Valley, trying to build its fanbase and establish its brand in a desert region unfamiliar with hockey, save the Canadian snowbirds and U.S. Northeast and Midwest winter refugees who call the area their seasonal home.

    “I don’t have hockey credibility, Evan comes with hockey credibility,” said LaMont, who was an anchor and news director for NBC Palm Springs for more than 20 years. “To sit a Stanley Cup champion, a Hockey Hall of Famer, next to me, first broadcast I had instant credibility.

    “identity politics” on full display here, and some people say there isn’t politics in hockey. !!!

    the woke folk on left are only woke when they agree with woke.
    wokeVERSITY appears to be a ONE WAY street. And it’s the WRONG WAY !!

    sez me

    • Alex

      Your fake god doesn’t exist you superstitious asshole! And as usual, you religious creeps are among the most vile of human beings. There is zero politics in hockey. Its just a game. Sisolak was not defeated in Nevada because the VGK power play stunk. Trump is not getting arrested tomorrow and going to jail soon because Lehner is a terrible goalie. This is by far the dumbest fan base in sports

      • THE hockey GOD

        don’t put words in my posts that aren’t there you evil satanic, creepy stalker psycho nut job, you seem to have a BIG problem with spin/twist and smoke screen.

        Called out once again for your bull shit post.

        it’s not too late to repent your sins, Jesus is waiting.

        The Truth and the LIGHT shall set you free from the chains of eternal damnation.

        A pastor recently returned from the dead. The pastor said he was shown both heaven and hell. He described hell as a forever hot environment in which demon road chained human souls as if they were horses, 24/7 and they played a satanic version of the song “don’t worry, be happy” that was ear wrenching to the ridden souls. Is that your destiny? Not to late to change your evil ways. Google it if you don’t believe me, I never lie.

        • Alex

          HAHAHAHA – you superstitious types are all losers and likely closet homos! Enjoy your tv dinner you lonely old crank!

          • THE hockey GOD

            ^^^sicko demented deranged psycho stalker alert^^^^

  13. Jose

    Good afternoon my friends. Take a deep breath and listen to one of my favourite songs and you will smile.

  14. Jose

    Good afternoon my friends. Take a deep breath and listen to one of my favourite songs and you will smile.

  15. Pistol Pete

    With a spot in the playoffs a virtual lock and with no consideration for the outcome of the upcoming postseason I am bullish where this team sits entering 2023-2024.

    As currently projected by CapFriendly Vegas will have eight draft picks upcoming including two in the third round projected as follows: #28, #60, #76, #92, #124, #156, #188 and #220. So all the draft picks plus one though all in the lower (higher) range of each round due once again to finishing up in the standings.

    The team is showing excellent depth in every area.

    With everybody healthy here is my roster. Now yes, Dorofeyev is highly speculative, for example he may tank down the stretch and get demoted to Henderson where he would reside in my forwards ranking just above Brisson. For prospective future top six forwards my ranking is Dorofeyev, Cotter and Brisson. By this I mean young players (current top age 23) who have top six potential. Of course Roy for example could win a top six spot but due to his age and experience I choose to include him in the top six “prospects” ranking.



    Lehner, Hill, Brossoit, Patera (not necessarily in that order)

    Have not addressed the salary cap which could be an issue, Lehner first and foremost.

    Scratched or gone: Patrick, Amadio, Howden, Kolesar, Kessel, Quick

    • Pistol Pete

      I meant:

      Of course Roy for example could win a top six spot but due to his age and experience I choose NOT to include him in the top six “prospects” ranking.

      • Pistol Pete

        Forgot to add Hutton as the 7th D who could be replaced by Miromanov. I suspect they’d rather Miromamov be getting ice time in Henderso vs. none on the VGK. He continues over there getting points, .70 per game this season, outstanding for a D. He’s turning 26 in July. If ever there was a guy his age stuck in the AHL as an NHL-ready player it’s him. Unfortunate. When his contract is up he should move on to a team that can deploy him.

  16. Sorvino

    TS, you need to just ignore that guy. You are giving him purpose. Who cares if he says anything about Hitler. Consider the source. He keeps calling Jose, the most uninformed person, and Jose doesn’t reply or care. Nobody is reacting to the guy anymore except you. He is literally a moron. He’s probably gonna reply to this post and say stupid shit about me, even though he has no clue who I am. I will ignore the imbecile because I don’t care. He might do it three or four times and then give up because I don’t react. Or who knows maybe he’ll do it for several months and I couldn’t care less if he did that either. You seem like a very nice lady. You and that person have absolutely nothing in common and conversing with that person will not provide anything positive in your life.

    Just my opinion. Have a lovely day.

    • Obvious

      Sorvino is right TS! The THG is a very lonely guy with 9 accounts

      • TS

        Obvious,I know, it’s obvious .Honestly, i’ ve never faced such deep- seeded hatred from a complete stranger. Incomprehensible. Been hearing it for, like, 3 years now. I’ll tie my fingers together, hide my phone and IGNORE my inclinations….

        • Sorvino

          TS, he doesn’t hate you at all. He’s never even met you. I suspect that he is angry at what the world has become. I aldo hate all this woke crap and I hate that the economy is going to shit. However, for some reason he’s taking it out on complete strangers. That’s his way for some reason. Nobody wants to hear it. It’s like someone of a particular religion coming to your door and trying to convert you and you politely tell them that you are not interested, but they keep knocking on your door every single day. Even though I used words like moron, and imbecile, I don’t believe he is either. I take that part back. There are a bunch of people on here that want to have friendly, golden knights conversations with each other and with him as well. If he wants to participate then that’s awesome but if he doesn’t and just wants to fight with people and call them names and talk about things that nobody wants to talk about that’s also his choice. I am just not interested and won’t reply to that stuff. TS, I wasn’t trying to tell you what to do but I don’t see how reacting and replying to his anger will do anybody any good. At this point in time he just wants to fight. A perfect example is when he asked you, “ how do you know if I am a man or a woman?” Literally trying to fight about absolutely anything.

          • TS

            Sorvino, you are a very wise, insightful man. I am a very proud, opinionated( yes), strong- willed woman. I should know better than to engage w/ him. Thanks for the reality check!

          • TS

            Sorvino, I have hung up my horns! I won’t respond in anger to the Hockey CLOWN any longer. He is PERSONA NON GRATA to me.I kinda suspect he’s not human, anyway. A BOT, maybe.
            And, despite his command that I get lost,
            I will be remaining on SINBIN to celebrate HOCKEY. …..
            WHO?? Hockey God WHO?? See— I forgot about him ALREADY!! THANKS!!

          • TS

            Btw, Sorvino, I am, and have been for some time, the REAL TS. My poser moved on months ago, so I am the REAL TS. I just post under TS.

        • THE hockey GOD

          TS I post facts, not hate.

          The deep seated hatred is being fostered by you ilk, my posts prove it.

          Take your lies and bull shit elsewhere, they won’t fly here.

          You can’t even counter a single post except to lie, twist my posts, and again with the presumptuous bull shit.

      • THE hockey GOD

        obvious you are the one with 9 accounts, and you know it !

    • TS

      You’re right, Jose. I can’t hope to get along with him, who has always been the most obnoxious guy EVER here. I hope you’ve given him something to think about, as well, Jose!

    • THE hockey GOD


      are ALL the same person.

      he replies, using one of his ten fake accounts. He even admitted as much in his back n forth with really Minny fan.

      Don’t fall for the bull shit.

  17. THE hockey God

    Trump is getting arrested and I’m losing my shit!

    • knights fan in minny

      fake ass poster alex keep dreaming you gullible p[ece of shit

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