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Recap: The undefeated Golden Knights hosted the Chicago Blackhawks for their annual Nevada Day matinee. Vegas jumped on the puck immediately, scoring on their first two shots of the contest. First Pavel Dorofeyev tipped-in his first goal of the season and minutes later William Karlsson deflected Vegas’ second score in the opening four minutes. The Blackhawks fought back and scored two straight to even the score before the first intermission.

Tied 2-2 the Golden Knights drew an early penalty in the middle frame but came up short. Both clubs had chances in the period, but neither could snap the tie.

The visiting team took the lead 1:11 in the final period. Late in the frame the Golden Knights carried the puck the distance of the ice to set up Shea Theodore for the game-tying goal. In overtime the Golden Knights were forced to kill off a penalty which Chicago capitalized on. The Blackhawks break the Golden Knights unbeaten streak 4-3 in overtime.

Golden Knights record drops to 7-0-1 falling to the Blackhawks 4-3 on Nevada Day. Vegas will take their point streak into LA tomorrow. Puck drop against the Kings is scheduled for 7:30 PM.(Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Vegas came out on for to start the game but gave it all back in the 1st period. They played well enough to win the game but couldn’t hit the net and turned the puck over too much in the 3rd. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Chicago Blackhawks at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Back-to-back stats

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Michael Amadio
** Pavel Dorofeyev
* William Karlsson



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  1. TS

    Chicago played the better game. We had to lose sometime, but a point is better than none…

    • Sorvino

      That’s right TS. Glass half full is we got a point.

      They really did play poorly though. Other than the Karlsson – Amadio – Dorofeyev line.

  2. Sorvino

    Want to keep things positive as they have had such a fantastic start to the season. Kaeden Korczak in limited ice time today looked pretty good. Physically imposing out there and made some smart plays.

  3. knights fan in minny

    the boys were.caught off guard a little i thought cotts had a good game start a new streak Saturday

  4. David T

    We all knew that the Knights would eventually lose a game. This should help to keep them grounded. Not the end of the world. Knights will rebound. Let’s start that with a win Saturday.

  5. Jailbird

    This just might be a good thing. Not playing well and still winning can turn into some bad habits. Got a point, just move on and see if we can put three good periods together. We haven’t yet.

  6. Emmanuel

    The low shot total was disturbing. My guess is when they play again they will crush the Hawks out of spite.

  7. Richie-Rich

    What can you say about this game? The VGK played about 12 minutes of excellent hockey. When they went up 2-0 you could literally see the energy drain right out every line. It was if they figured that Chicago would roll over dead for them.

    Once Chicago tied up the energy shifted from the Knights to the Blackhawks.

    The passing became desperate.

    The 2nd period was a defensive slugfest with the Blackhawks outshooting the Knights by 4 or 5 to 1.

    It was the worst game of the year for our Golden Knights by far. We were very very lucky to come away with a point.

    At one point, I don’t know if it was Cassidy jumbling the lines or the billboard keeper not keeping up, but at one point they actually had Dorofeyev and Cotter on the ice at the same time, and at least once or twice they had Eichel out there centering the 4th line.

    It really looked like a hot mess out there this evening.

    Never never ever wear white at home again – Ever.

    • TS

      The 3pm start was also a factor…the team seemed like they didn’t get their pre- game naps!

    • Jailbird

      I agree. When we scored those two goals in first 4 minutes, I think the guys figured this was a done deal. With two more games coming in next three days, they went on cruise control. I’ll admit I thought it was over also.

    • Henderson One

      I agree about the white. They always seem to do it on Nevada Day.

  8. Barb

    I know you lose a lot when you have to listen to the game on the radio but I have two takeaways. Pietrangelo needs to be retrained and Marchy needs a ‘re-boot’

  9. Tim

    In the first 10 minutes last night the score easily could have been 5 nothing but it wasn’t and the rest of the game was a struggle. It’s hard to believe how Chicago flipped a switch after that first 12 minutes but they did. Hockey is a funny sport where Mighty Mo can change like that. Oh well all is not lost we got a point and tonight a tough game in L.A. you know there waiting for us.

  10. Pistol Pete


    Dorofeyev: 1 G/1 A +3 (3 games)

    Cotter: 2G/3 A +0 (8 games)

    Scratching Dorofeyev for Cotter is a very close call imo. Is not Dorofeyev stronger defensively? He’s +7 in 23 games vs. Cotter -4 in 80 games. So far fewer goals against for Pav.

    • Jailbird

      Pete, I think Cotter has certainly earned his starting spot over Doro, who is a good fillin when needed.

      • Pistol Pete

        We’ll see how it goes tomorrow vs. LA. At some point Cassidy will have a large enough sample to know. He does not have it yet.

  11. Mel Hallerman

    One thing bothers me about Shea Theodore. While he is a good offensive defenseman, it seems over the years he has an especially large number of giveaways/turnovers in the D-Zone. Much more than you would expect from a top defenseman.

    Or, am I just imagining things?

    • THE hockey GOD

      to Mel
      no you are not in 2018 and in this past season strat nhl hockey rated Theo the same:

      as 1 intimidater (ability to take away puck, stone is a 10, on a scale of 1 to 20)
      Theo is rated as a offensive 4 (on scale of 1 to 4, superstars like gretzky get the
      rare 5), and on defense he gets a 2 (on scale of 1 to 4, with rare 5 for superstar defensive men) And Theo gets a 1 defensive rating when on the PK.

      So the stats , and your post, don’t lie.

    • Jailbird

      In my opinion watching the Knights the past 6 years+, Theo has never been much of a defenseman. He gained a rep-as a decent d-man scorer. He has always been weak on the boards and giving up pucks when pressured. This we live with because he is good on offense.

  12. THE hockey GOD

    let’s see which players the coach played, and history.
    Cotter get sat by the coach a considerable amount of time
    in the last game, and in this game in period three Cotter only had three shifts, none in latter part of period
    and none in overtime. i
    doro had five, six and five shifts respectively in each period,
    barbashev had 7, 8 and 3 1/2 shifts respectively. 15 min TOI, no shifts for most of period three, and none in latter part.
    korczak played 5, 5, and 3.75 shifts respectively. 14 min TOI , I thought he did well.

    compare to other players eichel had 21 shifts, stehenson 20, amadio 17, kolesar 15,
    petro 27 shifts,

    Three bench players didn’t step up, the coach said so.

    I would say Ken is being kind giving no. 16 a star, because he didn’t play all that well except for the goal. And no one else stepped up, I would have left that star position empty.

    Expect Team to do better in LA, back to regular start time. Team has a history of sluggish day time starts in past, unless I am mistaken.

    Now the world is still on fire, we have an empty suite in white house, and our enemies are laughing at him 24/7. What a shame. GOP demonstrated that sometimes democracy can be ‘messy’, and demopedophile party is whining again as usual.

    still working on d ratings, same bat time, same bat channel.

    Too many mind bending miscues, and not enough of bench players stepping up.

    Petro we can all see played horribly, having missed five games his timing was way off and his play in OT was plainly questionable. After getting caught behind the net instead of going to bench, which was near to him, to allow a player at other end of bench to get into the play faster. He skates all the way down the ice. Terrible decision. And he missed a breakaway. Hockey is like baseball, timing is everything. Expect a much better play. Theo’s gaffe, I can’t explain, Shit happens. Maybe it was the start time, Jason should write another article about start times, or maybe it was the “bouncey” ice. The team overall

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