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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to start a win streak with a win over the visiting Calgary Flames. Calgary opened the scoring on the power play after Ivan Barbashev was called for a slashing penalty. Minutes later the visiting team doubled their lead to 2-0.

Vegas pushed back and controlled the puck for most of the middle frame. Unfortunately, the Flames were able to sneak through the middle and pick up their third goal of the contest. Through 40 minutes the Golden Knights were kept off the scoreboard.

Trailing by three the Golden Knights came out to the final period with urgency. Early on Vegas took several quality shots on goal and eventually found the back of the net 8:54 into the 3rd period. Captain Mark Stone found Chandler Stephenson with a perfect pass to set up a successful one-time shot. Calgary tightened up their defense and finished out the clock with a two goal victory.

The Golden Knights record drops to 24-14-5 losing to the Flames 3-1 at T-Mobile Arena. Vegas will take the ice on Monday for an afternoon matchup against the Nashville Predators. Puck drop against the Predators is scheduled for 3 PM.(Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Battles in front cost the Golden Knights as they went behind by multiple goals. From the 2nd period on they were pretty darn good. Spent a lot of time in the offensive zone and allowed barely anything. But, without a lot of offensive talent and a deep hole, they couldn’t climb out. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Calgary Flames at T-Mobile Arena.

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Kaedan Korczak
** Mark Stone
* Chandler Stephenson


Golden Knights Thriving At Home


“We Have To Find A Way To Score Some Goals”


  1. NHhell

    let the trades begin……..popgun offense won’t cut it

    hollow shell of a team without Jack, Wild Bill, Hilly, Theo and Carrier.

    • Emmanuel

      The D’s are not that great this year, THATS the problem. If healthy theyll be tough in the playoffs though, if they make it.

  2. DeezNutz

    Oh boy where do I start? Well we all knew they would lose without their only goal scorer so the loss is not surprising one bit however if I’m the GM I’m offering Marchy a 5 year extension at 3 million AAV tonight. If he declines then trade him for literally anyone or future considerations because he cannot be your 2nd best goal scorer he has a beyond terrible shot and is way too streaky to rely on for offense. Also, I think it’s time to send Cotter down to the AHL because he’s just not good enough for the NHL he couldn’t finish a chance if his life depended on it. Let him go play with less talented players to see if he can learn to put pucks in the net. This team is in big trouble with Eichel out because I don’t seem them winning many games until he comes back. My honest opinion is just take your Cup win and punt the season, let every player made of glass get fully healthy (I’m looking at you Hill) and just re-work the roster whole focusing on players who can shoot. Barbashev is fucking terrible this guy is pretty good at body checks but has one of the worst shots I’ve ever seen. We can’t surround Eichel with these guy we simply can’t. The “let’s run it back” experiment is over we’ve seen this team struggle to score goals for like 4 seasons now and trust me they will not even sniff another Cup run without skilled players and that Cup run was clearly a fluke (2019 Blues 2.0) Trade everything that moves and try to come back with some fresh ideas in 2025.

  3. David T

    The woes continue. VGK still doesn’t know how play with consistency. This will continue till they start playing with urgency. Stop losing the games you should win, while winning the games you should lose. Stop playing down to your opponents.

    • Simple problem – they lack urgency the bulk of the time which is another term for lacking a winning attitude. It is of little value turning it on when you are already in a hole. It’s sad and frustrating to watch knowing they know better. It’s like all of a sudden they wake-up after the alarm has rung. To little to late won’t win hockey games and one would think they know or should know that. Based on some of the passing, if no one knew better, would beg the question if they had any idea who they’re playing with. They have seconds of greatness and unfortunately hours of poor performance – that is not the recipe for a winning team.

  4. DeezNutz

    They aren’t playing down to any opponents they simply lack scoring talent! They’ve played pretty good in a lot of the games they lost because when it comes to putting pucks in the net they have 1 player who can hit an open net and he’s injured now. Are you blaming the jerseys also?

    • David T

      Why do you have to talk like a smart ass? I layed down my take and you become a smart ass talking smack to other VGK fans? I put out my opinion. If you don’t like it, fine. Explain why, but leave your sparky comments to yourself.

  5. Dagestani Eagle

    DeezNutz is a whiny little sissy bitch.

    • knights fan in minny

      well said eagle

    • David T

      Thank you. I hate people jump on a blog and become smart ass’s. No reason for it. Just computer warriors who enjoy talking trash from their computers.

  6. Richie-Rich

    Game 43 Analysis, CGY 3, VGK 1

    Stars? Sorry, no one gets a star.

    The VGK played 40 minutes of uninspiring hockey. The intensity and effort didn’t kick into high gear until the 3rd period.

    The biggest problem was penetration by the Flames. Thompson had almost zero chance on all 3 goals with the 3rd one going in with 1 on none.

    I know – injuries.

    Got it.

    In the meantime, Vancouver posts another win and the Kraken put up 7 goals today. But, yeah – injuries and it’s the toughest part of the season. Excuse after excuse after excuse. I can tell you that Cassidy and the players won’t use any of it. The intensity simply isn’t there.

  7. Richie-Rich

    The team has played 6 games in 2024 and have 6 goals.
    Not a recipe for winning.
    2-4-0 in the New Year.

    • David T

      Yeah, too much spiked eggnog. They are not playing with any urgency. Injuries have put other players in the line up which has altered it’s chemistry. Definitely not the same team.

  8. Simple problem – they lack urgency the bulk of the time which is another term for lacking a winning attitude. It is of little value turning it on when you are already in a hole. It’s sad and frustrating to watch knowing they know better. It’s like all of a sudden they wake-up after the alarm has ring. To little to late won’t win hockey game and one would think they know or should know that. Based on some of the passing, if no one knew better, would beg the question if they had any idea who they’re playing with. They have seconds of greatness and unfortunately hours poor performance – that is not the recipe for a winning team.

    • David T

      I agree 100%. They have shown no consistency, no urgency. The new faces in the lineup have been unable to play in that extra gear. The energy level is missing. Confidence is achieved by winning. The Knights lack confidence. They have not played in sync with each other. That takes time and familiarity with each other.

  9. Richie-Rich

    Don’t look in the rear view because you will see the Oilers on a 10 game winning streak and the Kraken on 9. In the meantime break out the binoculars because the Canucks are 8 points out in front leading the Pacific with 61.

    They’d better get things in gear or they could find themselves in 5th or even 6th place in a week or two.

  10. DeezNutz

    Besides our magical (and clearly flukey) Stanley Cup run I feel like I’ve been watching a mashup of the Vancouver/Dallas/Montreal playoff series over and over and over again for years and there are still a bunch of players on this team who were in those series so it’s obvious that their lack of scoring talent and 20 game long goal droughts that there are players whose time have expired and need to go. We can do 2 things here:
    #1 – honor the players who brought us a cup and sign them to long overpriced extensions as a reward for catching lightening in a bottle at the perfect time


    #2 – start making some trades and shift focus from having all shutdown defensive forwards in exchange for players who can score goals.

    I’m fine with either scenario but let’s just figure it out because being stuck in between both options is just spinning tires and going nowhere. Do we want nostalgia or possibly another Stanley Cup? This season has show that you can’t have both. There are fans still crying that we traded Fleury when in reality we wouldn’t have won the Cup with him. I already know where the GM’s mentality lies so hopefully we see some changes soon and I can start watching goals again instead of this putrid boring defensive hockey that doesn’t even work half the time unless you have a good goalie and lights out D-core.

    • Emmanuel

      You dont win flukey cups…..luck and hot streaks help though.

    • Richie-Rich

      Deez sounded goofy a few weeks ago, but now his pessimism is starting to make sense. I don’t believe the Cup was a fluke, but the boys definitely are coasting and thinking that teams are going to bend the knee to them. And they are getting their asses handed to him as a result.

      The bad news is that every single one of them know it, but yet they can’t figure out how to turn in a 60 minute effort. Sure, you can still lean on the key injuries. Sure you can convince yourself that it’s the same as last season. But, it’s not.

  11. JB

    I’m not ready to throw away the season yet. Not thinking about winning another SC. Just thinking about making the playoffs. Do we need to make a trade or two to shake things up? Maybe. But I still believe if we could get our injured layers all back after the all star break, then we will make a nice run to lockup a PO spot. Once there anything can happen. As a fan, that’s all I am thinking about. Just make the playoffs.

  12. Tim

    From the posts today people are finally realizing what I’ve been saying for the last two months this team even without injuries is flawed. I don’t want to spread doom and gloom but as I’ve said many many times we need a sniper. With every one back especially, Carrier, Karlsson, Eichel, Theadore, and Hill we still lack scoring punch. To many AHL players in the lineup it’s good experience for them and it shows management who looks like they have a future and who doesn’t. Looks like Vancouver, Edmonton, and L.A aren’t going away so we could end up in fourth place with Seattle on our ass. Waiting until March to make a trade is ludicrous we may be out of it by then. I still have faith in management they won’t let the season go to shit.

  13. NHhell

    “Waiting until March to make a trade is ludicrous we may be out of it by then.”

    exactly right.

    wtf is the mindset with some posters about trades? Hey, wake up, most of the entire roster of the Vgk were acquired from another team in trades or the expansion draft.

    The key players on the Vgk were acquired from another team. Eichel from Buffalo, Stone from Ottawa, Hill from SJ, Petro was a free agent from the Blues. and others were acquired from another team in the expansion draft, like Marchy, Karlsson, Theodore, McNabb etc

    and the draft picks they traded were all flops except for Suzuki.

    You wanna wait 13 years and counting like Buffalo, or be a perennial loser like Anaheim, Columbus, Ottawa? or do you want to acquire players to improve your team?

    You can bet that Foley, McCrimmon, and McPhee are not going to stand still and watch their baby go down the drain.

    If it wasn’t for the trades that brought Eichel, Stone, Hill and Petro, there would be no Stanley cup in Vegas.

    • Tim

      NHhell and I get an amen on our last thoughts. It’s time to make a move if you snooze you lose as the saying goes.

    • Niggles

      Maybe. But, ‘CUP IN SIX’ has been achieved. You realize Foley has purchased a couple other teams now around the world that require attention too.

  14. knights fan in minny

    does the vegas d put a body on anyone in front of there.own net coleman stood there untoched forever on his goal

    • Jim


      When the D does not box out in front of the net, and when they play stick check instead of playing the man, taking the body, that is where I disagree with Stevens system.

      The Vgk goalies life would be a hell of a lot easier if the dmen boxed out more.

    • That’s a huge problem they seldom if ever check anyone. They let players cruise down the boards where they could lay a body check instead watch him go by. Most the checks they try you do see they miss the guy. They are soft period the same goes for their lack of net presence in the ozone

  15. ThG

    same old clowns come out of the wood work, no wonder Ian called his board filled with most unsophisticated fans. This game could easily have gone in VGK favor, they played well enough to win. Cotter made a horrible mistake, his days as Knight may be numbered. But he’s a fifth round pick, and plays most nights like he’s well a fifth round pick.

    Trade , trade, trade, trade.

    Trade what ? (most of their good players are hurt, who wants to trade for an injured player ?_ and what happens when all the players come off the IR??

    The same thing happened last year, and year before, at this same time frame !
    Bunch of wagon jumper loser whiners. First they ask for trades, then fire the coach, then FO . Rinse repeat. Nothing new to see here folks.

    • ThG

      Meanwhile in the real world in North America we have those carbon dioxide molecules, about one in a million , aka parts per million causing the “green house” effect. Wait a minute , what is the theory on “green house effect”. That causes a warming effect. Yet that molecule is an inert gas, with strongest double bond in chemistry world. And yet no computer simulation model, equations of state, or any other reaction kinetics model supports this theory. Here it is in full view, these parts per million of molecules causing massive temperature rises in North America. Like in Kansas City yesterday, wait a minute. IT was so cold that the helmet of QB for one team cracked. Yet the climate cult has no comment. Here in Vegas we have seen progressively colder winters the last few years. TURN ON THAT SOLAR PANEL, hold on, there isn’t enough sunlight in day to power your home. Let’s get on the grid. There is that big space like solar plant, right by state line. The one with the out of world towers. Taking up miles and miles and miles of on the ground dishes, the ones that kill the desert wild life, including turtles. All that square mileage and it powers only a few thousand homes. The best part is that they are making money, hold on. Nope the facility is bankrupt.

      Liberalism = mental disorder, led by likes of climate change cultist clowns.

      don’t buy the hype. the recent consumer electronics show had over 150,000 attendees. Most went to the central hall. The EV crap was in the West Hall, a major disappointment. The public is not buying this crap. FACT? Ford recalled tens of thousands of EV cars last year because the AMERICAN public is not buying it.

      PS thousands of people protested WH yesterday yelling F Joe Biden, and Genocide Joe. Not a pretty sight, and main stream media was silent. As usual.

      • David T

        Wrong blog. Politics are for political discussion on a political blog, not here.

        • ThG

          hockey is politics

          did you miss all the “diversity” , rainbow, bull shit hockey night on road to perdition nights ? ? WAKE UP, hockey is WOkE, and BROKE

          • David T

            Wrong, hockey is a sport. It only becomes political if you allow it to. I talk politics all the time on political forums. But I try to separate the 2 when it comes to watching a game. Not easy, but I learned to shut out the unnecessary chatter and enjoy the games.

  16. Trade….trade …trade….the intrigue of a trade…the hope of a trade…the conjouring of a trade…the prospecst of a trade….did i mention prospects??…sadly outside of Cormier who showed his skating and puck-moving skills despite an understandable case of nerves….the prospect pool is barren at the HSK level…which sadly seems to be the case with Brisson as the FO refuses to give him even a sniff of being promoted…maybe some of our recently drafted 18-19 year old will eventually make it to the club…but there are no apparent ‘phenoms’ on the near horizon…we simply have no assets to move at this point…our best hope is to crawl to the all star break with a .500 record over the next 2 plus weeks….get healthy and try to stay healthy for the last 35 games!!

    • ThG


      I blame those horrible Winter Crapy sweaters, they should burn them. Never see the light of day ever again. And the vomit colored yellow, err , golden ones, are even worse. Hope they never get into a game. EVER.

  17. Jim

    Vgk just called up Brisson, so that is the last move to get some goalscoring. If that does not work, then it will be the trade route next.

  18. JB

    It’s amazing what little respect some of you have for our boys who won the Cup! We must get health, yes, and then we DO have enough scoring to move forward. Our team has been about defense and goaltending. NOT trying to win by out scoring everyone, such as Edmonton. Oh yea, they are on a run right now, but we all know, their approach is not successful in the playoffs. You need a more balanced team than just some scorers. We WILL have that balance once/if we get all our layers back.

    • David T

      I hope you’re right. I just see a team that has a lot of injuries to key players. The plug and play has caused a different type of caliber of play. They lack urgency. Too many gaps in their game. Not sure what it’s going to take to get them motivated?

  19. Im not sure whether its player safety or player fraternization…but its one of the reasons the game overall has gotten softer over the years…im an old time hockey guy who got out of watching after the rangers broke my heart repeatedly against the islanders in the late 70’s/ early 80’s…i didnt start watching again till season 2 of vgk and saw all of the rule changes that had gone into effect…want to do away with fighting…i disagree but whatever on that point….but….taking the body and clearing the crease should be a primary weapon and done by everyone on the ice…as fast as players are every body check plays an imprtant role as it wears down the opponent and makes that player think each time they handle the puck…outside of Carrier….who throws the hardest body checks on the team?….well its the smallest guy with the biggest heart…yes Marchy as he tries to fire the team up…i guess the lack of true rivalries where a team would play 8-9 times against teams in their division also lessens the tenacity until at least playoff time arrives…in the olden but golden days…the front of the net was sacred territory that must be kept free of opposing players anywhere near their goalie…but sadly we..and a lot of other teams try to tie the stick up rather than removing the perpetrator from in front of your goaltender who then has his vision obscured!

  20. knights fan in minny

    jack on ir

  21. Henderson Knights

    After sending him down earlier this morning to make way for Brendan Brisson, the Vegas Golden Knights have recalled forward Byron Froese on an emergency basis due to the possibility of Chandler Stephenson missing time with an illness . Producing a 3-7-0 record in their last 10 games, the Golden Knights’ depth continues to be tested, as more and more of their top players continue to miss games for the team.
    In more news coming from Vegas, both Adin Hill and Jiri Patera are not ready to return to the team, although both goaltenders are currently skating.

    now Stephenson is out too.

    remember when they said that Karlsson would only miss 2 games?

    Remember when Hill came back after a long absence, and then lasted all of 6 minutes?

    nah, they don’t need no stinkin’ trades…just play that NHL all star center Byron Froese….. sarc…

  22. Pistol Pete

    Injuries have set in and remaining roster could be playing better overall. Shades of last year when they went into the All-Star break 29-18-4 after suffering injuries and a general malaise. After the break they came out and played their best hockey of the regular since the 13-2 start and bear in mind did it without Stone. Let’s hope for a repeat of that. Last 30 games is when to cement that “hard to play against” identity going into the playoffs.

    9-4 last 13 for the Flames? Damn this league can be tough to win at times against just about any team.

  23. ThG

    it’s MLK day, and genocide Joe is remaining on top as worst White House resident in last fifty years.

    Can Nov 2024 come any sooner ?

    HSK lost 7 to zip, in their last game; don’t expect much help from the AHLers. Maybe they should be looking at the Savannah Ghost pirates for some players ??

  24. And suddenly today’s game against the Preds has become a 4 point game.. someone might want to pay attention to where #9 is at all times!!

  25. JB

    I’m going to quit worrying about the injuries. They are all professionals, getting paid to play their best, no matter who is on the ice.

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